Bagel Bagelery Smoked Meat and Deli as the Jewish Part

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In this article we adopted a simple three step process that can be presented very. Firstly we will identify the main facts that make bagels bagelries smoked meat. and delis artifacts of Montreal s culinary heritage for that we will mobilize both. our own experience as a consumer and stories and essays around them. Secondly we will chose a theory that will enable us to understand what type. and grade of hybridity are present in bagels bagelries smoked meat and delis. in Montreal we will borrow the theory from the study of religio using it to treat. questions of religious and cultural hybridation, Lastly we will specify what kind of hybridity is present in bagels bagelries. smoked meat and delis and what they signify we will formulate hypotheses. which we will submit to different tests,1 Some facts about bagels and. bagelries smoked meat and delis, A bagel is a sort of rounded bread with a hole in the middle Yet. Montreal s is a specific bagel with a unique taste. The authentic Montreal bagel is a sweeter less chewy bread than it s. New York cousin Balinska 2008 185, Smoked meat is a dish la mode de Montr al the result of an. intercultural recipe adopted as much as adapted It is indisputably. Ashkenazi familiar to multiple Central European countries. While Montreal smoked meat s origins may lie in Romania Lithuania or. even the Lower East Side of Manhattan it is now Montreal s own Outside. the city it is always referred to as Montreal smoked meat but in Montreal. it is simply called smoked meat or le smoked meat and is earn with. religious devotion Sax 2009 195, Where are bagels and smoked meat eaten Delis and bagelries thus opened on.
a Saint Laurent boulevard that was at once fault line and meeting point between. Francophones and Anglophones between immigrants and Montrealers. 2 Types and grades of,hybridity a theory, To evaluate the presence of hybridity in bagels and. bagelries smoked meat and delis we think appropriate. to apply the same typology as is used in the response. to a gastronomical intrusion in this case the way,Montrealers responded to the arrival of Jewish. gastronomy in the first half of the twentieth century Of. the eight responses put forward by Jaenen we think. that the theory of culinary dimorphism generally, describes best the way Montrealers both adopted and. adapted bagels and bagelries smoked meat and delis. When the Canadian historian Cornelius J Jaenen,examines the Amerindian responses to French. Missionary Intrusion between 1611 and 1760 Jaenen,1985 185 he distinguishes eight categories.
4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4, Hostile and disinterest Affirmation of More positive. Aggressive Religious Full,derisive and dichotomous results than Syncretism. response dimorphism conversion,rejection indifference universe rejection. 3 The signs of hybridity in bagels and,bagelries smoked meat and delis. 3 1 Culinary syncretism and,dimorphism, Bagels and smoked meat are the result of a hybridation like all culinary preparations they are.
the result of a mix of distinct ingredients that form a new dish But this hybridation is not a. true dimorphism since the distinct ingredients are not or not anymore compartmentalized. Eating a bagel is eating in the same bite flour malt honey and eggs Eating smoked meat is. eating beef and spices all together In consequence on Jaenen s scale we would rather. categorize bagels and smoked meat within the syncretism category seeing as they are the. fusion of elements to form a new food different from either of its ingredients. But if moving on to the next level we are not concerned with the ingredients anymore but. with the cuisine itself which means in the actual manner of preparing the ingredients then. the answer is positive Bagels and smoked meat do give evidence to a hybridation of Jewish. Central European and North American cuisine It forms dimorphism Within the two generic. types bagel and smoked meat coexist multiple distinct forms within the bagel type. there exists at least the Polish obwarzanek the New York and Montreal bagel and within the. cold meat type there exists at least the spiced and smoked pastrami and the spiced. marinated and smoked Montreal style smoked meat,3 2 Patrimonial dimorphism. But dimorphism does not only take into account the food. itself but it also integrates the culinary heritage We must. then put our hypothesis to a second test and take back. Jaenen s question and adapt it to our own topic We must. examine how Montreal responded to the arrival of bagels. and smoked meat in the first half of the twentieth century. Should we find that Montreal is enshrined in its culinary. heritage foods coming from Jewish cuisine that Montrealers. also buy bagels from bagelries and eat smoked meat in. delis then we will have demonstrated that the hybridation of. Montreal s culinary heritage truly corresponds to dimorphism. 3 2 1 Geographical,dimorphism, Many Montrealers lived their first significant contact. with Jewish culture when they travelled to the Main to. taste the dish King 2002 115, On Jaenen s scale Montrealers responded positively to. the arrival of bagels and smoked meat They,responded through dimorphism confining bagelries. and delis to a distinct part of town and coming there. according to circumstances needs and wants,3 2 2 Gustatory dichotomy.
and dimorphism, The Gallic passion for food is just as prevalent in French Montreal today as it is in Paris. While Anglo Canadian cuisine reflects its bland British influence Francophones are gaga. over fat salt garlic herbs and strong flavor Sax 2009 201. This way of radically distinguishing between two cuisines French and English gives the. impression that in taste Montreal does not show dimorphism Qualified negatively it. corresponds more to a dichotomy the exact opposite of dimorphism on Jaenen s scale. where two universes coexist without meeting in this case a British culinary universe for. the Anglo Montrealers and a French culinary universe for Franco Montrealers. Therefore bagels and bagelries smoked meat and delis form part of the Franco. Montreal culinary heritage In this dichotomous universe we then should classify. smoked meat and delis within the Franco Montreal culinary universe all the while. inscribing it within the Judeo Montreal culinary universe But to think them at the. intersection of those two heritages means reintroducing a kind of patrimonial. dimorphism,3 2 3 Hostile and derisive,religious rejection. They can be eating smoked meat and completely disassociate it with. Jews Jews are the crazy ones in black hat les Maudits Juifs and. they ll say it while eating a smoked meat sandwich Smoked meat. and Deli are removed largely from Jewish influence Morton Weinfeld. quotation in Sax 2009 202, We can then conclude on a slightly bitter note that it was precisely. because they were not identified with Judaism that Montrealers. adopted bagels bagelries smoked meat and delis They are a sign. of no religious hybridity On Jaenen s scale we situate the. Montrealers response to the arrival of Judaism at the third negative. grade of response that of a hostile and derisive rejection. 3 4 How did Jews respond to the implantation,of bagels and smoked meat in Montreal. during the first half of the twentieth century, Thus to qualify the Jews response to the implantation.
of their bagel and their smoked meat in Montreal and. taking for one last time Jaenen s scale we place it on. the second negative grade of response that of,manifest disinterest and indifference. Bagel Bagelery Smoked Meat and Deli as the Jewish Part of Montreal s Culinary Heritage Pr Olivier Bauer olivier bauer umontreal ca Faculty of Theology and the Sciences of Religion University of Montreal Method In this article we adopted a simple three step process that can be presented very brie y Firstly we will identify the main facts that make bagels bagelries smoked meat and

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