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badger chemist,Building on Our Legacy, Farrington Daniels Joseph Hirschfelder Howard Zimmerman These are just a few of the many. names that come to mind when I think about our department s research contributions over. the last century But we have also been adding to another equally important list the ever. growing group of faculty who are truly dedicated to our tradition of excellent teaching. Professors Ned Sibert and Tehshik Yoon were just awarded the UW Madison Chancellor s. Distinguished Teaching Award for 2013 Thanks to these and many other professors and. staff in the department we are on track to innovate in the classroom while remaining. committed to our history of,excellence in teaching and research. Our 103 5 million Chemistry Instructional Addition and. New Badger Chemists 2 Renovation project is now among the highest building priorities for. Chemistry News 5, Awards and Honors 11 the UW System Board of Regents see page 15 This spring the. Alumni News 14 Wisconsin State Legislature will have the opportunity to include. Chemistry Building Project 15 the first phase of this project in the 2013 15 biennial budget This. Meet Our New Faculty 17 building project would provide the instructional space we need. WISL 23 to accommodate our current students and growing enrollments. In Memoriam 25 And when combined with our focus on teaching innovations. Retirements Ieva Reich Stephen Nelsen 29 this project would give us the tools we need to prepare the next. generation of chemists for their own notable industrial and. Badger Chemist is an annual publication for academic research contributions. alumni and friends of the Department of Chemistry,at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Time flies when you re having fun This is my third and last. Managing Editor message to you as department chair I will hand the baton to. Matt Sanders msanders chem wisc edu Professor Bob McMahon in July Although I ve truly enjoyed most. aspects of my time as chair I am quite eager to spend more quality. Editor and Designer, Libby Dowdall ldowdall chem wisc edu time with my research group in the coming years.
Designer Enjoy the Badger Chemist in its new format And best wishes for a. Cameron Carey ccarey chem wisc edu,great 2013,Please send items for the Badger Chemist to. badgerchemist chem wisc edu With very best regards. To update your contact information please visit,ls wisc edu update html. Contact Us,1101 University Ave Madison WI 53706,chemdept chem wisc edu. James C Weisshaar,608 262 1483,Professor and Chair. 2013 Board of Regents of the University of weisshaar chem wisc edu. Wisconsin System, PS Please plan to join us at our social event at the ACS Meeting.
in New Orleans on April 7 from 5 7 p m at the New Orleans. Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center,badger chemist. New Badger Chemists,August 2011,Reto Frei Blackwell. Development of Metal Mediated SPOT,Synthesis Methods for the Efficient. Construction of Small Molecule,Macroarrays II Design and Synthesis of. Photo by Jeff Miller University Communications,Novel Bacterial Biofilm Inhibitors.
Melissa Marie Galloway Keutsch,Mechanisms of VOC Oxidation and. Aerosol Formation Atmospheric,Organic Chemistry of Glyoxal. Stephanie Ruth Hogendoorn Hamers,Functionalization and Electrocatalysis. on Carbon Nanofibers, Michael A Ischay Yoon and Evaluation of an Online Student Unnatural Peptides. Visible Light Photocatalysis of 2 2 Portal as a Textbook Replacement in an Alexis Miyuki Johnson Nathanson. Cycloaddition Reactions Advanced General Chemistry Course Collision and Reaction Dynamics at. Almaz Jalilov Nelsen Jenny Belle Werness Tang the Surfaces of Sulfuric Acid Aerosols. Through Space Pi dimeric Long Preparation of Functionalized Allenes and Jet Fuel Droplets. Bonded Interactions of Organic by Intramolecular 1 4 addition to Jagannath Mondal Yethiraj. Radical Ions Unactivated Conjugated Enynes and Multiscale Computer Simulation Study. the Application to the Total Synthesis of Amphiphilic Macromolecules. Corinne Elizabeth Lipscomb,of kumausallene Kem Alyce Sochacki Weisshaar.
Mahanthappa,Lena Ashley Yurs Wright Quantitative Fluorescence. The Development and, Characterization of Degradable Multiresonant Coherent Microscopy on the Escherichia coli. Poly vinyl ester and Poly vinyl ester Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Cell Envelope Protein Diffusion. PEO Block Copolymers Quantum Confined Nanomaterials in the Periplasm and Attack of the. Andrew Gerrit Lohse Hsung Human Antimicrobial Peptide. Divergent 4 2 and 4 3 December 2011 Rebecca Anne Splain Kiessling. Cycloadditions Utilizing Allenamides Benjamin Paul Bratton Weisshaar Synthesis of Galactofuranose Based. Amanda Kae Musch Long Berry Dynamics of RNA Polymerase and Acceptor Substrates for the Study of. New Diruthenium Nitrido DNA Foci in Live Escherichia coli Galactan Biosynthesis. Compounds and Intra and Kevin James Dawson Ediger Wei Xiong Zanni. Intermolecular Reactivity with Aryl Exploration of Molecular Packing Development and Applications of. Carbon Hydrogen Bonds and Vapor Uptake in Stable Shaper Based Two Dimensional IR. Christine Elizabeth McInnis Blackwell Glasses of Indomethacin and Tis and SFG Spectroscopy. Design Synthesis and Mechanistic naphthylbenzene Isomers. Characterization of Non Native John Bruce Feltenberger Hsung May 2012. Quorum Sensing Modulators Thermal 2 2 and 4 2 Sayani Chattopadhyay Raines. Justin Matthew Shorb Moore Cycloadditions of Vinyl Acetals Collagen Mimetic Peptides for Wound. Development and Implementation of an Enamides and Allenamides Assessment and Healing. Empirical Frequency Map for Use in MD Michael William Giuliano Gellman Kyle Austin DeKorver Hsung. Simulations of Isotope Edited Proteins Complementary Strategies for the Palladium Catalyzed and Thermal. and Development Implementation Design of Protein like Structure in Rearrangements of N allyl Ynamides. chem wisc edu 2,badger chemist, Joshua Paul DiGangi Keutsch Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Synthesis and Characterization. Formaldehyde as a Probe of Rural Colloidal Lead Selenide Quantum Dot of Inorganic Semiconducting. Volatile Organic Compound Oxidation Structure and Dynamics Nanocrystals for Solar and. Holly Suzanne Haase Gellman Benjamin Richard Caes Raines Spintronics Applications. Alpha Beta Peptide Inhibitor Catalytic Systems for Carbohydrate Jay Daniel Steinkruger Gellman. Development for the Disruption of Conversions Exploration of Sequence Stability. Protein Protein Interactions Studies to Weifeng Cao Li Relationships in Model Proteins Using. Target VEGF and Bcl 2 Family Proteins MS Informatics Using Bioinformatic Thioester Exchange and Lipid Cubic. Limei Hui Li Tools to Enhance MS based Mesophase Crystallization Attempts. Probing Neuropeptidomics by Mass Neuropeptidomics and Proteomics Using Helical Transmembrane Peptides. Spectrometry Xin Chen Hamers George Henry Timmer Berry. Aaron Robert Ledvina Coon Chemistry at the Organosilicon Based Quantum Chemical Investigation of. The Development and Implementation Electrolyte Electrode Interface in Metal Metal Bonded Paddlewheel. of Novel Peptide Fragmentation Lithium ion Batteries Complexes Electronic Structure. Methods for Proteomics John Aaron Crapster Blackwell and Reactivity. Fu Li Skinner The Design and Construction of Yevgeniya Turov Berry. Vibrational Spectroscopy of Ice Ih Discretely Folded Peptoids New Axial Reactivity of Trimetallic. Juana Du Yoon Compounds,Jayashree Nagesh Sibert, Enones in Visible Light Photocatalysis Lu Wang Skinner. Spectroscopy and Vibrational Dynamics, of Methoxy and D Methoxy Radicals Brian John Esselman McMahon Theoretical Vibrational Spectroscopy.
of Proteins, Thanit Praneenararat Blackwell Computational and Spectroscopic. Investigations of Species of Margaret L Wong Kiessling. New Chemical Tools and Methods for, the Modulation of Quorum Sensing Astrochemical Relevance Chemistry for Probing Protein. in Gram Negative Bacteria Guanhua Hou Cui Protein Interactions. Thomas Joel Preston Crim QM MM studies of Phosphoryl Zhe Wu Cui. Formation and Relaxation Transfer Reactions in Alkaline Understanding Peptide Induced. Dynamics of Condensed Phase Phosphatase Superfamily Membrane Curvature New Coarse. Polyhalomethane Isomers Laura Anne Kopff McMahon Grained Force Field Development. and Its Applications, Aaron Tyler Smith Burstyn Matrix Isolation Photochemistry. and Spectroscopy of Benzothienyl Shu Yao Berry,Spectral Characterization of. Thiolate Mediated Metalloporphyrin Diazo Compound Part I The Quest of the Chalcogen. Protein Interactions and Their Kacie Marie Louis Hamers Chalcogen Half Bond with Traditional. Functional Implications Organometallic Synthesis and Modern. Surface Functionalization of TiO2,Spectroscopy Part II Synthetic Design.
Olivia Eve Watkins Brunold Nanoparticles Photo Stability and. of Metalloporphyrins Heterobimetallic, Spectroscopic and Computational Studies Reactive Oxygen Species Generation. and Heterogeneous, of Biological and Synthetic Nickel Systems Jason Dale Russell Coon. Ann Marie Woys Zanni Strategies for Protein and Peptide. Characterization and Quantification B S and B A,Developing Two Dimensional IR. Spectroscopy as a Quantitative Probe using Electron Transfer Dissociation. for Protein Structure Mass Spectrometry and Intrinsic August 2011. Fluorescence Dettmann Melissa Eileen, August 2012 Rose Emily Ruther Hamers Fank Michael Robert. Andrew Eric Berke Crim Molecular Interfaces to Electronic Johnson Kevin Charles. Materials Lee Han Kyung,Reactions Near Their Energetic Limit.
Joan Widin Schroeder Mahanthappa Lesi Adeyinka Ahmed. Methane and Monodeuterated Methane,Manipulating Phase Behavior in Block Messineo Jay. with Chlorine and Bromine Atoms, Copolymers Using Polydispersity Patnode Scott Thomas. Stephen Benjamin Block Wright Tran Tuan Minh, Picosecond and Femtosecond Coherent Rachel Sarah Selinsky Jin. Vrana Justin Dane, 3 University of Wisconsin Madison Department of Chemistry. badger chemist, December 2011 Budoff Greg Elliott Schwarzman Garrett Reiss.
Carey Thomas James Segar Maxwell Brinson,Aasen Amanda Leigh. Chen Xinyu Sijan Zana,Brady Kevin Fitzpatrick,Collins Jack Walter Tessner Joshua David. Brekke John Charles,Denton Brent David Turner Maximilian Ivan. Clermont Josh Michael,Denzin Nathan Jacob Valenti Hein Gabrielle Leigh. Hoganson Andrew Jon,Eide Jacob George Wadzinski Tyler Joseph.
Kwon Min Ah,Fleischman Anna Mary Walton Mary Catherine. Frazier Stuart Marshall Wiseman David Alexander,Markwardt John. Gong Justin Ziyan Wu Yufan,McMahon Timothy Mark,Harris Nicholas Andrew Yun Hyun Gi. Narayan Riju,Hensen Broderick Scott Zhu Haoyue,Nguyen Anh The. Holley Ryan Matthew Zywotko David Richard,Schumann Cory Brent.
Kreitinger Jordan Anthony,Scott Matthew Walter,Krejci Austin Lee August 2012. Slukvin Jr Igor,Langel Thomas Patrick Baker Brooke Ashton. Tepper Michelle Dawn,Lin Terri Chai Becknell Nigel Hajj. Turner Isabel Faith Edel,Linzmeier Peggy Ann Chen Sylvia. Weber Stephanie Marie,Livingston Matthew J Feick Kevin James.
Zhang Weicheng,Markus Charles Richmond Fern Joshua Louis. Maza Andrew M Goodman Samuel Martin,May 2012 Meis Alan Ronald Kortuem Charles Ray. Ackerman Lauren Ann Mihas Matthew Michael Li Rebecca. Ament Michael Stephen Mischler Adam Paul Luzhansky Igor Dmitry. Arunrattanamook Nattapol Mueller Brandon James Scifo Daniel Joseph. Bayer Amanda Rose Oja Stephen Matthew Tantitham Tharn. Benedict Alex Edward Oskowsky Jordan Ross White Aaron Christopher. Betts Bradley James Peacock David Matthew,Brummond Jacob William Prehn Jr Frederick C. Buckley Lauren E Rodriguez Antonio James,Stay in Touch with Your Fellow. Badger Chemists, Find out news about the department UW Madison and upcoming.
alumni events by signing up for our new Alumni E News Visit. bit ly UWChemAlumniENews to sign up today Then watch your. inbox for our first issue which will arrive later this spring. You can also connect with fellow alumni by joining our. University of Wisconsin Department of Chemistry Alumni group. on LinkedIn by visiting bit ly UWChemAlumni,Find us on Facebook facebook com UWMadisonChem. Follow us on Twitter twitter com UWMadisonChem,Photo by Bryce Richter University Communications. chem wisc edu 4,badger chemist,Chemistry News, Crim Begins Leadership Role at NSF to lead a multidisciplinary team of researchers investigating. next generation cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. In January Professor Fleming Crim began to serve as. Dow selected UW Madison as one of 11 strategic, assistant director for the National Science Foundation NSF. universities with which the company wants to establish. Directorate of Mathematical and Physical Sciences MPS. closer relationships through joint R D grants Dow has. MPS supports core research in astronomy chemistry physics. provided a 2 7 million five year grant to Hamers Professor. materials research and mathematics Crim will lead a staff. Mahesh Mahanthappa Professor Tom Kuech chemical, of 160 and administer an annual budget of 1 3 billion We.
and biological engineering and Professor Dane Morgan. greatly look forward to Crim s contributions to NSF We. materials science and engineering to develop new coatings. have tremendous confidence in his ability to keep MPS and. Badger Chemist is an annual publication for alumni and friends of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin Madison Managing Editor Matt Sanders msanders chem wisc edu Editor and Designer Libby Dowdall ldowdall chem wisc edu Designer Cameron Carey ccarey chem wisc edu Please send items for the Badger Chemist to

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