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WHAT IS COMPOSTING , YOUR GUIDE TO, BACKYARD COMPOSTING. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH COMPOST , Amend your garden soil by working A typical household throws. away approximately, 474 pounds, compost into it, Sprinkle compost on your lawn to. foster healthy and robust soil top , of food waste per year . Improve the soil around trees and, or 1 3 pounds per person.
shrubs by spreading compost near the,WHAT IS COMPOSTING per day . base of the tree trunk, Composting is the process of turning kitchen and yard waste into usable . nutrient rich soil through natural decomposition Inside the composter organic. waste is broken down through a controlled process by micro organisms By WHERE SHOULD YOU PUT. utilizing the correct material these micro organisms will create a soil product. YOUR BACKYARD COMPOSTER , Place The Earth Machine on. that is incredibly nutrient dense and great for your garden plants . exposed soil in a dry shady or, WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS moderately sunny spot that is. OF COMPOSTING near a source of clean water , Diverts food and yard waste from Use the four provided plastic.
the landfill leading to reduced screws to secure the backyard. greenhouse gas emissions composter to the ground . Creates an enriched soil which can of the municipal Make sure it s convenient to. solid waste, be used in your garden get to the composter as you ll. Suppresses plant diseases and pests comprised be taking your food waste out. Saves you money by reducing the of food waste and often . need for chemical fertilizer yard trimmings Recycling and. composting are good ways to, keep material out of the landfilll . COMPOSTING 101,WHAT CAN I COMPOST , Composting requires a mix of nitrogen and carbon to create the proper environment for decomposition Green waste. such as food scraps bring nitrogen whereas brown waste leaves and paper products add carbon to the mix . GREEN BROWN NO LIST, Fruit and vegetables Shredded cardboard Nuts shells bread grains Meat Bones. Crushed egg shells Fats grease lard oils, Coffee grounds and filters Yard trimmings leaves Dairy butter milk eggs .
Shredded black, and white newspaper Dryer vacuum cleaner lint Diseased plants. Charcoal ashes, Toxic materials, Hay straw wood chips Nonbiodegradable materials. Grass clippings Shredded cotton wool rags Hair and fur Cat or dog waste litter. Houseplants, STEPS FOR COMPOSTING HARVESTING YOUR SOIL. HOW DO I COMPOST , Beginning a home composting project can be easy fun and educational by. following a few simple steps , 1 WASTE TREATMENT 4 ADD YARD WASTE.
HOW DO I HARVEST THE SOIL , Compost can be harvested after about 4 to 6 months You ll know it s ready. Cover fresh food waste with a layer when the soil is a crumbly moist texture and gives off an earthy aroma . of leaves other dry yard trimmings , Chop shred or tear items into SMALL HARVESTING LARGE HARVESTING. smaller pieces This will help speed Use the harvest door If you would like to. up the decomposition process , 5 ADD WATER at the base of The access the whole pile . Earth Machine and simply unscrew the, 2 KITCHEN COLLECTION Your compost. should be the, remove as much soil four anchoring screws.
as you need using and lift the container, moisture of a shovel or garden over the pile Place. a wrung out trowel any large and intact, sponge food scraps back in. The Earth Machine, 6 STIR AND HARVEST to begin the next. composting cycle ,Line your container with newspaper. to soak up liquids and when you, TROUBLESHOOTING YOUR PILE.
PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION,empty the bin into the composter. Rotten egg smell Insufficient air or too much Turn pile and incorporate. the newspaper can go along with it moisture coarse browns sawdust leaves . Ammonia smell Too much nitrogen Incorporate coarse browns. 3 EMPTY INTO COMPOSTER Periodically stir the container to. Pile does not heat up or, decomposes slowly, Pile too small. Insufficient moisture, Add more organic matter, Turn pile and add water. Whenever the bin is full simply aerate the compost and encourage Lack of nitrogen Incorporate food waste. empty the container with the decomposition After a few months Not enough air Turn pile. newspaper into The Earth Machine the soil will be ready for harvest Cold weather Increase pile size of insulate. RECYCLE, YOUR GUIDE TO, RECYCLING LOCALLY, The City of Orlando uses single streamTogether we can. recycling somake a difference , Together we can make a everything.
help us to recycle difference possible , of your recyclables into the cart Large boxes can get stuck. Juntos podemos, Please help us tohacer unaeverything. recycle diferencia possible , Por favor ,and cause recycling to stay in your cart Break. ay danos a boxes, reciclar down, todo lo posible . Juntos podemos hacer una diferencia Por favor , so they come out of the cart easily Items accepted .
ay danos a reciclar todo lo posible , Office Paper Brown Paper. Steel Tin Aluminum Cans Plastic Bottles Containers 1 5 7 Bags Newspapers. Latas de acero hojalata y alumino Botellas y envases de pl stico Office Paper Brown Paper. Bolsas de papel marr n papeles de, Steel Tin Aluminum Cans Plastic Bottles Containers 1 5 7 oficinaBags Newspapers. no confidenciales peri dicos, Latas de acero hojalata y alumino Botellas y envases de pl stico Bolsas de papel marr n papeles de. oficina no confidenciales peri dicos, Paper Cardboard Dairy Flattened Cardboard Junk Mail Magazines. Juice Containers Paperboard Revistas correspondencia no. Paper Cardboard , Envases Dairy , de papel cart n Flattened.
Cart n Cardboard, y cartulina , aplastados Junk Mail Magazines. solicitada, Juice Containers, productos l cteos y jugos Paperboard Revistas correspondencia no. Keep fooddewaste , Envases plastic, papel cart n bags Cart n. polystyrene foam cups, y cartulina aplastados containers aluminum. solicitada, productos l cteos y jugos, pans and other plastic film out of the recycling cart Plastic bags harm recycling.
machinery empty the recycling directly into the cart . NO INCLUYA Comida desechada bolsas de plastico o vasos y contendores de goma de poliestireno. To INCLUYA Comida, recycling desechada , carts bolsas de. and dumpsters orplastico, for moreo vasos y contendores de goma de poliestireno. information, please email swcustomersvc cityoforlando net . To order recycling carts and dumpsters or for more information. please email swcustomersvc cityoforlando net , Solid Waste Division 1028 Woods Avenue Orlando FL 32805. 407 246 2314 8 a m 5 p m Monday Friday, SWcustomersvc cityoforlando net cityoforlando net solidwaste.
YOUR GUIDE TO BACKYARD COMPOSTING of the municipal solid waste stream is comprised of food waste and yard trimmings Recycling and composting are good ways to keep material out of the landfilll A typical household throws away approximately of food waste per year or 1 3 pounds per person WHAT IS COMPOSTING per day

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