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2017 ADMISSION ONWARDS,COMMON COURSE,ENG3 A05 SIGNATURES EXPRESSING THE SELF. Prepared by,Smt Smitha N,Assistant Professor on Contract. School of Distance Education University of Calicut. Smt Sreedevi D,Assistant Professor of Contract,Department of English. University of Calicut,Smt Sabina K Musthafa,Assistant Professor of Contract. Department of English University of Calicut,Layout H Section SDE.
SIGNATURES Expressing the Self Page 2,School of Distance Education. CONTENT PAGE,Autobiographical Writings and Memoirs. MODULE 6 12,1 Pablo Neruda Excerpts from Memoirs, I 2 Annie Dillard Exerpts from Pilgrim at Tinker creek. 3 Jeanette Armstrong I Stand with you against the Disorder. 4 Nellie Wrong When I was Growing Up,Speeches and Testimonies. MODULE 13 20,1 Harold Pinter Art Truth and Politics.
II 2 Charlie Chaplin Final Speech in the Movie The Great Dictator. 3 Svetlana Alexievich A Solitary Human Voice From Voices from. Chernobyl The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster,4 Janie Miri Kitani Breaking Silence. Diary Entries and Letters,MODULE 21 32, 1 Anne Frank Excerpts from the Diary of a Young Girl. III 2 Sue Townsend Excerpts from the Secret Diary of Adrian Mole. Aged 13 3 4, 3 M A Rahman Letters from the Mothers of Nenjamparambu to the. Supreme court,4 M K Gandhi Letters to Adolf Hitler. SIGNATURES Expressing the Self Page 3,School of Distance Education.
SIGNATURES Expressing the Self Page 4,School of Distance Education. INTRODUCTION, Signatures Expressing the Self is an interesting collection of personal narratives of the. great personalities in the world This text is designed to introduce the students to the personal and. political life of world renounced personalities and enable them to understand how personal. narratives interest with the larger social realities and go on to realize that personal narratives are. not about individual stories but encompass the collective self. The course is divided into three modules the first module entitled Autobiographical. writings and Memoirs include the writings of Pablo Neruda and Jeanette Armstrong all inspiring. writers who have connected with their times Module Two Speeches and Testimonies is an. interesting blend of the narratives of actor Chaplin dramatist Pinter poet Janie Miri Kitani and. the disturbing voices of Chernobyl The last module consists of Diaries and Letters that. reveals the heartbreaking experiences of Anne Frank Adrian Mole and the mothers of Endosulfan. victims in Kasaragod District in Kerala, Dear students wish you a happy reading experience and we are sure that these valuable. words from the enlightened hearts will definitely enrich your knowledge. SIGNATURES Expressing the Self Page 5,School of Distance Education. AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL WRITINGS AND MEMOIRS,Introduction.
Autobiography the biography of oneself narrated by oneself Autobiographical works. can take many forms from the intimate writings made during life that were not necessarily. intended for publication including letters diaries journals memoirs and reminiscences to a. formal book length autobiography, Formal autobiographies offer a special kind of biographical truth a life reshaped by. recollection with all of recollection s conscious and unconscious omissions and distortions The. novelist Graham Greene said that for this reason an autobiography is only a sort of life and. used the phrase as the title for his own autobiography 1971 The line between memoir and. autobiography is a fuzzy one especially in this modern literary era where writers are constantly. blurring the boundaries between genres to create a new exciting one As an autobiography. a memoir is a narrative that reveals experiences within the author s lifetime But there are obvious. and practical differences between the two similar genres. In essence an autobiography is a chronological telling of one s experience which should. include phases such as childhood adolescence adulthood etc while a memoir provides a much. more specific timeline and a much more intimate relationship to the writer s own memories. feelings and emotions Now let us have a look at an excerpt entitled The Word from famous. Latin American poet Pablo Neruda s Memoirs,Excerpts from Memoirs. About the author, Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto Pablo Neruda the internationally acclaimed Latin. American poet was born in 1904 in Parral Chile In 1920 he went to Santiago to study and. published his first book of poems La Cancion de la fiesta 1921 and his second collection. Crepusculario 1923 brought him instant recognition In 1924 he published the enormously. popular Veinte poemas de amory una cancion deseperada Twenty Love poems and Songs of. Despair From 1927 to 1945 he served as Chilean counsel in Rangoon Java and Barcelona and. was writing continuously Greatly influenced by events in the Spanish Civil War Neruda joined. the Communist Party after the Second World War and his changed attitudes registered. themselves in his poetry From now on he regarded poetry not as an elite pursuit but as a. statement of human solidarity addressed to simple people Canto general one part of which is. The Heights of Macchu Picchu translated by Nathaniel Tarn is a poem of epic proportions. tracing the history of Latin America and evoking the grandeur of its landscapes Always a prolific. poet Neruda continued to write poetry throughout the fifties and sixties and in 1971 he was. awarded the Nobel Prize for Poetry From 1970 to 1973 he served under Allende as Chilean. ambassador to Paris Pablo It is reported that Neruda died in 1973 due to cancer but it was. interpreted by many as murder,SIGNATURES Expressing the Self Page 6. School of Distance Education, As the name suggests Memoirs are about his entire life literary influences on him.
A major portion of his Memoirs details his political birth and subsequent political career which. simultaneously influenced his poetry In fact Neruda began to use poetry as a medium to express. his political beliefs as well as detail the momentous political occurrences happening all around. In his memoirs Neruda talks about several themes such as his politics. patriotism nationalism communism socialism local politics regional politics world politics the. literary circles Neruda had moved in all the writers poets editors he met throughout his life. These are the major themes of the book and by extension his life. About the Text, The excerpt from the Memoirs of Pablo Neruda The word proves the multitude. potential of words and his intimate affiliation with words that portray his personal and political. life Words can manifest vivid expression whether in poetry or prose words sing and descend. and the poet even bows to them He expresses his intense love towards words He always clings. to words and try to tame it while writing Sometimes he runs after words and all his acts of life are. closely associated with words, Sometimes words come like unexpected rain and he waits for them greedily to drop. down He loves vowels and compares it with vivid objects in nature like coloured stones. silverfish foam thread metal and dew While writing poems he often runs after beautiful words. to make them fit into his poems He compares his encounter with words to the everyday activities. in a human life He deals with words like dealing something edible for he says he cleans them. peels them and make them his meal, He finds words from everything that exists in this world The words gather its meaning. through long journeys from country to country and that carry the inheritance of ancient culture. and history Neruda is so proud of the language that inherited according to him from the brave. Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru In this small extract he brings the memory of his great. ancestors who struggled to build up a civilized culture Amidst of these struggles they paid special. attention to literature and arts Luminous words were left here They carried off the gold and left. gold glittering words for the future generations He believes that the words are the gift from. the great ancestors, 1 Discuss the domestic images that surface in the passage. 2 The Word is Neruda s tribute to his uncontrollable passion for poetry Discuss. Agates a mineral of the quartz family used as a protective stone. Conquistadors a conqueror one of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru. Barbarians Uncivilized people,Voracious unquenchable greedy.
Cordilleras A chain of mountains,For further reading. Memoirs Pablo Neruda tr by Hardie,SIGNATURES Expressing the Self Page 7. School of Distance Education,PILGRIM AT TINKER CREEK. Annie Dillard,Introduction, Annie Doak known as Annie Dillard is an American poet and naturalist She was born on. April 30 1945 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States Getting inspired by the writers like. Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman Dillard writes compressed lyric poetry and prose. Dillard s essays of contemplation on the world of nature made her popular in the mainstream. literature She is also a naturalist theologian collagist and a singer Her major works are Tickets. for a Prayer Wheel 1974 Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 1974 Holy the Firm 1977 Living by. Fiction 1982 and An American Childhood 1987 An American Childhood is her. autobiography, Dillard s essays were highly poetic and deeply philosophical She puts together her ideas.
as a theologian and naturalist when she says strange things become familiar and vice versa She. had a very joyful childhood and she used to read on a wide range of subjects such as Geology. Natural History entomology poetry and so on Her mother influenced her a lot to shape her. holistic approach to nature She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for general notification in 1975 for. her work Pilgrim at Tinker Creek,Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. This book details the narrator s explorations near her home and various contemplations on. nature and life The title refers to Tinker Creek which is outside Roanoke in Virginia s the Blue. Ridge Mountains Dillard began writing Pilgrim in the spring of 1973 using her personal journals. as inspiration Separated into four sections that signify each of the seasons the narrative takes. place over the period of one year In Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Dillard looks at the marvels of. nature and searches for God She is undertaking a pilgrimage into nature and observes nature with. a microscopic eye This book has been described as a naturalist classic It portrays the personal. experience of Dillard during a whole year in her neighborhood in Tinker Creek She carefully. crafted this by observing and researching the natural world. Outline of the Text, In the opening paragraph of the excerpt she begins with the common experience regarding. the frogs and their invisible positions The frogs would hide somewhere and jumped over your. feet and splash into the water We would yell in the panic obviously For the narrator it is always. an amusement She even observes the changes in texture of the light reflected from the mud bunk. water grass or frog The frog looks like a schematic diagram of amphibian When she keep. closer the frog begins to shrink like a deflating football Suddenly the frog she saw was being. sucked by a giant water bug She describes how does water bugs eat their prey These. descriptions make us think about how the biological cycle of this organic world has created in. such a manner, Then she gives the minute details of the eating style of animals There are different. methods of eating by animals Some carnivorous animals eat their prey alive The common way of. defeat the prey is to down or grasp and then eating at the whole or biting Frogs stuff their preys. on the tongue which is sticky, These small wonders in nature drive her thought to God and his creations She quotes. from the Koran to talk about the creation In the Koran Allah asks The heaven and the earth and. SIGNATURES Expressing the Self Page 8,School of Distance Education.
all in between thinkest thou I made them in jest She invites our attention to the very act of. creation and the existence of God The term Deus Absconditus was used by Blaise Pascal one. of the greatest Christian apologists physicist and writer to describe the notion of the creator It is. a Latin phrase means the hidden God Einstein describes God as subtle but not malicious He. says that nature conceals her mystery by means of her essential grandeur not by her cunning. For Einstein God was a metaphor for nature and natural order. Dillard believes that God has not absconded but spread as a fabric of spirit very subtly and. we can only feel blindly of its hem She wonders however if our consciousness has evolved to. that point,Answer the following questions,1 What is the meaning of Deus Absconditus. 2 Who made the statement God is subtle but not malicious. 3 What is the sight that continues to amuse Dillard. 4 What is the shrinking frog compared to, 5 Describe the transformation that the frog underwent. interesting blend of the narratives of actor Chaplin dramatist Pinter poet Janie Miri Kitani and the disturbing voices of Chernobyl The last module consists of Diaries and Letters that reveals the heartbreaking experiences of Anne Frank Adrian Mole and the mothers of Endosulfan victims in Kasaragod District in Kerala

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