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The University of Mississippi,is a notable and energizing. place to study literature and,creative writing Oxford is a. town for book lovers with,a cultural vibe that can be. experienced through lively,music art and culinary,scenes Home in the past. to authors from William,Faulkner to John Grisham,the impulse to write and read.
is in the air In the Department,of English we see ourselves. as heirs to the rich literary,tradition that permeates the. atmosphere on campus and,in town and as educators for. a transformative future, English majors go everywhere English is a relevant and adaptable undergraduate degree. In this new information age analyzing and interpreting complex information for a specific. audience is a crucial skill Gaining interpersonal and intellectual proficiencies sought in the. workforce empowers students to navigate changing and diverse futures. English majors build careers in journalism education marketing professional and creative. writing entertainment business information technology editing and publishing medicine. public relations law communications politics activism and more. My experience as an English major is one of,absolute acceptance and support There s never.
a bad idea or interpretation and I m learning,a lot about myself just from the different ways. my professors and peers read the texts in class I,constantly encounter new ideas and new authors. which enriches the experience even more,MALERIE LOVEJOY BA English and Linguistics 19. English majors learn to,research read and think,critically and make clear. written and multimedia,arguments about complex,and expressive texts These.
are the most desired skills,according to employers. These skills are useful for,almost any profession and. are pivotal for meaningful,participation in a thriving. economy and society, THREE REASONS WHY English majors do just about everything. Our grads include Law School Professors, you should study English at at UM and Elsewhere a Judge for the.
the University of Mississippi US Court of Appeals Celebrity Business. Managers the Director of College Sports, 1 Acclaimed literature and Marketing for Nike a Business Developer. for the New Orleans Saints Doctors of, creative writing faculty Dermatology Optometry and Orthopedic. Surgery a Flight Surgeon for the US Navy, 2 Small upper division Several Chefs Teachers the Principal. of Jackson Prep the Chief of Staff to, seminars with talented and Mississippi s Governor a State Trooper. Entrepreneurs like the Owner of Oxford s, creative students Square Books College and City Librarians.
Pilots Pastors a PR Officer for the March, 3 Location in Oxford a town of Dimes Song Writers and Journalists VP. of Design for Land s End Publishers and, for book lovers with a legacy Bestselling Novelists and the Prime Minister. of Dominica,of great writers,ENGLISH OLEMISS EDU LIBARTS OLEMISS EDU. THE ENGLISH MAJOR,The Department of English with around. 500 majors and minors offers a wide,range of literature courses from Beowulf.
and Shakespeare to African and Native,American literatures blues culture. environmental studies film prison studies,literary theory and Southern writing We. also have beginning and advanced courses,in the writing of poetry fiction creative. nonfiction and screenwriting Our junior,and senior level classes are small only. 15 to 30 students allowing for a close,working relationship between students and.
professors Talented research faculty teach,literature classes and widely published. authors lead our creative writing classes,Seth Blackledge. BA English 18,ENGLISH AT THE,UNIVERSITY OF,MISSISSIPPI. The English program is,one of the hallmarks of,the university My way of. thinking about complex,subjects and dilemmas has fundamentally changed.
Consider a degree in English if you want to challenge. your perspective while studying interesting topics. grounded in history and contemporary eras,THE ENGLISH MAJOR. The Bachelor of Arts degree with,a major in English consists of 12 RECENT COURSES. Lines of Resistance How to Read an,Two literature surveys. American Poem,A foundational course in literary interpretation. At least one course from each of the Nature Writing. following categories,Literatures of the Medieval Period.
Gender on Film Interpreting Jane,Literatures of the Early Modern Period Austen. Literatures of the 18th and 19th Centuries,Why are people still reading. Literatures of the 20th and 21st Centuries,Counter Canons and Critical Issues Shakespeare. A capstone course with a significant research God and Science in Antebellum. and writing component,American Literature,English electives to explore other interests. like film gender and sexuality studies African American Science Fiction. environmental studies linguistics the South,literary theory world literatures and popular.
Pursue an optional creative writing emphasis by,taking four creative writing courses to develop. your voice in writing poetry screenplays fiction,and creative nonfiction. Students read from,Shakespeare in,Professor Erin Drew s. introductory British,literature class,STUDENT LIFE. Being an English major is exactly what you make of it. Whether that s stoking your love of reading at the local. independent bookstore Square Books enhancing your, writing skills by working with our campus Writing Center.
or just bonding with like minded English students there. are so many opportunities to explore your passions. J O S H UA MAN N E RY BA English 21,Founding President of Cover to Cover. a social and service organization,for undergraduate English students. STUDENT LIFE, Creative writing and academic essay Student Organizations. contests carry scholarship awards Cover to Cover, W Alton Bryant Award social and service organization for majors. minors and all undergraduates who love,Fayssoux Corneil Campbell Award.
reading and writing literature,Elmo Howell British Literature Award. Rebel Writers, Virginia Morgan Scholarship a peer creative writing group for. undergraduates looking to publish,Evans Harrington Creative Writing Scholarship. Sigma Tau Delta,The Ella Sommerville Award,a national English honors society. Jacqueline Knirnschild English 20 shares her poetry at our undergrad reading series lowercase. ENGLISH OLEMISS EDU LIBARTS OLEMISS EDU,OUR ALUMNI.
Julie Dhossche English and,Biochemistry 11,Pediatric Dermatologist Oregon. Health and Science University,The study of English is multifac. eted you re learning literature,language culture art philosophy. and you re honing your skills in speaking and writing. The ability to communicate is so valuable in life and. what better place to learn than in Oxford The English. department is stellar and something about this place in. spires development and creativity,Tametrice Eckols Strickland. English 95,Vice Principal Quitman County,School District.
UM faculty are so advanced in,preparing students that methods. and resources introduced to me, decades ago are still effective in the classroom today. English is global and it opens the doors to unlimited. opportunities and career paths,Taylor Sledge English 07. Owner and President of Sledge,Company Financial LLC. I realized when I started working University of Mississippi English Alumni at Work. in finance after graduation that A Panel Discussion was part of Next Chapters Career. the main thing I needed to do Networking with English Alumni a career advising and networking. alongside learning more about program designed specifically for our English majors and minors. Panelists included,money is to be considerate and, thoughtful of peoples problems to really listen and take Campbell McCool Entrpreneur and Developer Oxford.
in what they need Having a degree in English has been Kent Jackson Senior Product Manager at Core Logic Inc Oxford. incredibly powerful to my career path because it taught Nicole Tisdale Subcommittee Staff Director Homeland Security. me how to be a better communicator and learn more Committee of House of Representatives Washington D C. That s what a liberal arts education does in my opinion Kayleigh Webb Associate Publicist at HarperCollins New York. it puts you on a track of learning how continuously to Kimbrely Dandridge Associate Counsel at Gap Inc San Francisco. take in ideas and learn and grow Lindsey Neyman Production Talent Manager at FuseFX Los Angeles. OUR ALUMNI,I have been a high school,teacher and a software. developer and am now,an education coordinator,for a software developer. training program Excellent,communication skills were. required for each of these,disparate positions and. the skills I developed and,the projects that I produced.
as an English major stood,me in good stead for each. opportunity,Melissa Smith BA English 06,OUR ALUMNI. Other notable English majors,Greg Iles BA English 83. Best selling novelist,Iles studied creative writing with University of. Mississippi faculty including Writer in Residence Willie Where are our. Morris a revered writer and editor who brought in, friends William Styron James Dickey John Knowles Alumni Working.
and many others to enrich his classes,Higher Education. After years playing in the band Frankly Scarlet Iles wrote. his first novel Spandau Phoenix 1993 about Nazi war. criminal Rudolf Hess that became the first of thirteen. New York Times Best Sellers With his third novel, Mortal Fear Iles began setting his novels in Mississippi. and in The Quiet Game his fourth he created Penn,13 9 12 8 K 12 Education. Cage and placed him in Iles own hometown of Natchez. on the Mississippi River His novels have been made into. Arts Culture, films translated into 20 languages and published in 35 Business Media. countries Finance,Glen Ballard BA English 75,Six Time Grammy Award winner 7 7 STEM.
One of popular music s most accomplished producers. and songwriters Ballard s records have sold 150 million Community. copies worldwide His production company AUGURY 6 6 Services. Non Profit, develops original music driven content for television film. and stage During his diverse career Ballard has worked. Hospitality IT Telecommunications, with the biggest names in music from Barbra Streisand. Personal Care 4 9 Science Engineering, and Aerosmith to Dave Matthews and Katy Perry Manufacturing Energy. He produced and cowrote Alanis Morissette s Jagged. Little Pill 33 million sales worldwide four Grammys Healthcare 4 4. and named Best Album of the Decade by Billboard,Magazine wrote and arranged Man in the Mirror. for Michael Jackson and cowrote and produced the,Trades Agriculture.
Grammy winning and Oscar nominated song Believe,Transport 2 3. Josh Groban for the feature film The Polar Express. O U R FA C U LT Y, Author and screenwriter Chris Offutt s work includes True Blood Treme Weeds and Country Dark. The forty plus faculty members in the Department of English are invested in their students. educations and futures They are connected to communities across the university Oxford the state. of Mississippi and beyond They are award winning scholars and creative writers who have been. recognized with prestigious fellowships and leadership roles in their professional associations. What I appreciated most about being an English,major were the opportunities I had to meet and. learn from well known award winning authors,With my degree the possibilities are endless. ALLIE JONES BA English 19,ENGLISH OLEMISS EDU LIBARTS OLEMISS EDU.
F AUCRU FL A,O TCYU LT Y C O N N E C T E D, Southerners in general and Mississippians in particular. are known to have produced many of our nation s greatest. writers It gives me great joy to work with students who. will shape and create the writing of the future FACULTY AFFILIATIONS African American Studies. Gender Studies Southern Studies Medieval Studies,WHY STUDY ENGLISH AT THE. Environmental Studies,UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, I can t imagine a better place for a young writer to live. than Oxford It s not just that we have rich history with. Patrick Elliott Alexander s, the ghost of Faulkner still roaming the streets It s that From Slave Ship. the present is so rich and diverse Students can attend to Supermax. readings on campus thanks to the John and Ren e Patrick Alexander received the. Grisham Visiting Writers Series or attend readings at Mississippi Humanities Council. Square Books or attend the student run reading series Humanities Educator Award. Broken English They can take workshops on campus or in recognition of his work as. share their work with the Rebel Writers Club This is a cofounder and codirector of. place where literature is currency where books matter the Prison to College Pipeline. and the energy is palpable and welcoming Program at two state prisons. B E TH A N N F E N N E L LY,Karen Raber s, Professor of English and Mississippi Poet Laureate Shakespeare and.
Posthumanist Theory,Karen Raber is executive,director of the Shakespeare. Association of America,O U R F A C U LT Y AWA R D W I N N I N G. Kiese Laymon,multiple prizes,including the,Carnegie Medal. Mississippi s Governor a State Trooper Entrepreneurs like the Owner of Oxford s Square Books College and City Librarians Pilots Pastors a PR Officer for the March of Dimes Song Writers and Journalists VP of Design for Land s End Publishers and Bestselling Novelists and the Prime Minister of Dominica THREE REASONS WHY you should study English at the University of Mississippi 1

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