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Table of Contents, Introduction to the ASWC 1 Interface and Wiring Harness 4 5. ASWC 1 Installation,Connections to be Made 6 7,Programming 8 9. Auto Detect Mode Overview 8,Auto Detect Mode Steps 8 9. Remapping the SWC steering wheel control Buttons 10 11. Button Assignment Legend 11,Changing Radio Type 12 13. Radio Legend 13,Dual Assignment Instructions 14 15.
Dual Assignment Legend 15,ASWC 1 Troubleshooting,Auto Detect Mode 16 18. Manual Programming Mode 19 21,Manual Programming Legend 21. Resetting Original ASWC 1 Settings 22,LED Feedback 22 23. Caution Metra recommends disconnecting the negative battery terminal. before beginning any installation All accessories switches and especially. air bag indicator lights must be plugged in before reconnecting the battery or. cycling the ignition,What you need to know before you begin. 1 Know the correct year make and model of your vehicle. 2 Ensure the steering wheel controls work before removing the factory. radio and know what the Volume Up button is The Volume Up. button is used for programming so knowing this before removing the. radio is crucial, Note Steering wheel controls must be the ones that came with the.
vehicle when purchased We do not support custom work i e adding. a new steering wheel with added new buttons, 3 Be sure that the radio you are installing is compatible with the. ASWC 1 Additionally refer to the Radio Legend p 13 and your. radio s owners manual,4 Update the ASWC 1 to the latest software. Introduction to the ASWC 1 Interface,and Wiring Harness. On the top of the ASWC 1 interface there are three points of interest. 1 Programming LED,2 Reset Button,3 Update Port Cover slide to open. Update Port Cover Reset Button Programming LED,Note The Reset button is recessed.
An item such as a partially unfolded paper,clip is needed to press the button. Below are the wire colors for the ASWC 1,Pin 1 Pink Pin 7 Blue Pink. Pin 2 White Green Pin 8 Black Green, Pin 3 Yellow Green Pin 9 Red tip of 3 5mm connector. Pin 4 Green Orange Pin 10 White ring of 3 5mm connector. Pin 5 Gray Red Pin 11 Gray Blue,Pin 6 Black Pin 12 Red. Shown below Female 3 5mm,connector with Brown Br and.
Brown White Br W wires,Shown above 12 pin harness with. male 3 5mm connector Br W,ASWC 1 Installation,Connections to be made. Into vehicle, 1 Connect the Black wire of the ASWC 1 to the ground You may use. the same grounding point as the aftermarket radio but. it is highly recommended to ground the ASWC 1 to the chassis. of the vehicle by itself, 2 With the key in the off position connect the Red wire of the ASWC 1. to the 12 volt accessory wire, 3 Locate the correct steering wheel control wire s in the vehicle s.
harness as described in the ASWC 1 Vehicle Instructions Connect. these wires to the ASWC 1, Note Metra recommends that the wires are soldered for. the best and most secure connection Tapping style connectors. are not recommended due to a higher chance of a intermittent. connection or change in resistance values which will cause the. ASWC 1 to fail to program,Into radio, 1 For the radios listed below plug the included female 3 5mm adapter. with the Brown and Brown White wires into the male 3 5mm. connector of the ASWC 1 harness, A For Eclipse radios Connect the Eclipse steering wheel control. wires normally Brown and Brown Black to the Brown and. Brown White wires of the ASWC 1 The Brown of the ASWC 1. goes to the Brown Black of the Eclipse and Brown White of the. ASWC 1 goes to the Brown of the Eclipse,ASWC 1 Installation. Connections to be made, B For Metra OE radios Connect the steering wheel control.
Key 1 wire Gray to the Brown wire of the ASWC 1 Isolate and. tape the Brown White wire it will not be used, C For Kenwood or select JVC s with a Blue Yellow steering. wheel control wire Connect the Kenwood JVC steering wheel. control wire to the Brown wire of the ASWC 1 Isolate and tape. the Brown White wire it will not be used, Note Some of the newer Kenwood radios will auto detect as a. JVC If this is the case manually set the radio type refer to the. Changing Radio Type section pp 12 13, D For XITE radios Connect the steering wheel control SWC 2 wire. from the radio to the Brown wire of the ASWC 1 Isolate and tape. the Brown White wire it will not be used, 2 For Parrot Asteroid Smart or Tablets Connect the 3 5mm jack of. the ASWC 1 into the female 3 5mm jack of the AX SWC PARROT. sold separately Then plug the 4 pin male harness into the. corresponding steering wheel control female harness in the radio. Note AX SWC PARROT is required sold separately and the radio. must be updated to rev 2 1 4 or higher Additionally the ASWC 1. must be updated to the most recent software available. 3 For all other radios Plug in the male 3 5mm connector of the. ASWC 1 into the back of the aftermarket radio designated for. an external steering wheel control interface Please refer to the. aftermarket radios manual if in doubt where the 3 5mm connector. of the ASWC 1 goes into,ASWC 1 Installation,Programming.
The ASWC 1 can be programmed two different ways It can auto. program itself through Auto Detect Mode or it can be manually. programmed pp 19 21 The following which is recommended is for. auto programming,Auto Detect Mode Overview, The ASWC 1 has the ability to auto detect select vehicles and what. aftermarket radio it is connected to, For the auto detect feature to work there are 3 possible actions that must. be taken Note only one action will be required depending on the vehicle. 1 Turn the ignition on and no other action is required. 2 Turn the ignition on press and hold the Volume Up button on the. steering wheel, 3 Turn the ignition on and then tap the Volume Up button repeatedly. on the steering wheel,Auto Detect Mode Steps, Note Please read all Auto Detect Mode steps before beginning. 1 Complete connections to the vehicle and the aftermarket radio. 2 Turn the ignition on the LED will start rapidly flashing Red which. means the ASWC 1 is looking for the vehicle and the radio. Note If the LED did not start flashing Red rapidly press the reset. button for 3 seconds and then proceed to Step 3, 3 Perform action required for your particular vehicle as noted in the.
ASWC 1 Vehicle Instructions,ASWC 1 Installation,Programming. 4 After a few seconds the LED should stop flashing rapidly and go out. for approximately 2 seconds At this point do not press any buttons. 5 After the approximate 2 seconds there will be a series of 7 Green. flashes some short and some long The long flashes represent the. wires that are recognized by the ASWC 1, Tip Knowing this will help if you need to troubleshoot refer to p 22. for the appropriate LED Feedback section legend, 6 The LED will pause for another 2 seconds and then flash Red up to. 15 times depending on what radio is connected to the ASWC 1. Tip Knowing this will help if you need to troubleshoot refer to p 23. for the appropriate LED Feedback section legend, 7 This is the end of the auto detection stage If the ASWC 1 detected. the vehicle and the radio successfully the LED will light up solid. 8 For vehicles with OE Bluetooth buttons press and hold the. Hang up or Pick up button on the steering wheel after the LED on. the ASWC 1 goes solid If the OE Bluetooth buttons are able to be. used the LED will go out after 3 seconds Your OE Bluetooth buttons. are now programmed to your aftermarket radio, Note The aftermarket radio must have Bluetooth capability and must.
be able to accept these commands, 9 Make sure the steering wheel control buttons function correctly in the. vehicle and enjoy, Tip If the ASWC 1 did not go to a solid LED press the Reset button. for 3 seconds release and then start from Step 3 If the LED still doesn t. go to a solid LED refer to the LED Feedback section p 22 This will help. you to determine if the ASWC 1 is detecting your vehicle If not refer to. the instructions starting on p 6 and make sure all the instructions were. followed as stated If you have done this and the ASWC 1 is still not going. to a solid LED please refer to the Troubleshooting section pp 16 18. ASWC 1 Installation,Remapping the SWC buttons, Let s say you have ASWC 1 programmed to your radio and you want. to change the button assignment for the steering wheel controls For. instance you would like Seek Up to be Mute Follow the steps below to. remap the steering wheel control buttons, 1 Make sure the ASWC 1 is visible so you can see the LED flashes to. confirm button recognition,Tip Turning off the radio is recommended.
2 Within the first 20 seconds of turning the ignition on. press and hold the Volume Up button on the steering wheel until the. LED goes solid, 3 Release the Volume Up button and the LED will go out Volume Up. has now been programmed, 4 Follow the list in the Button Assignment Legend p 11. to reference the order in which the steering wheel control buttons. need to be programmed, Note If the next function on the list is not on the steering wheel. press the Volume Up button for 1 second until the LED comes. on and then release the button This will tell the ASWC 1 that the. function is not available and it will move onto the next function. 5 To complete the remapping process press and hold the Volume Up. button on the steering wheel until the LED on the ASWC 1 goes out. ASWC 1 Installation,Remapping the SWC buttons,Button Assignment Legend. 1 Volume Up 8 Preset Down,2 Volume Down 9 Power,3 Seek Up Next 10 Band.
4 Seek Down Prev 11 Play Enter,5 Source Mode 12 PTT Push to Talk. 6 Mute 13 On Hook,7 Preset Up 14 Off Hook, Only the following Pioneer models have the capability of retaining. this feature AVIC Z110BT AVIC Z120BT AVIC Z130BT AVIC Z140BT. AVIC X920BT AVIC X930BT AVIC X940BT, Note Not all radios will have all of these commands Please refer to the. radio owner s manual or contact the radio vendor directly for specific. commands recognized by that particular radio,ASWC 1 Installation. Changing Radio Type, 1 After 3 seconds of turning the key on press and hold the Volume.
Down button on the steering wheel until the LED on the ASWC 1. goes solid, 2 Release the Volume Down button the LED will go off indicating we. are now in Changing Radio Type mode, 3 Refer to the Radio Legend p 13 to know which radio number you. would like to have programmed, 4 Press and hold the Volume Up button until the LED goes solid then. release Repeat this step for the desired radio number you have. 5 Once the desired radio number has been selected press and hold. the Volume Down button on the steering wheel until the LED goes. solid The LED will remain on for about 3 seconds while it stores the. new radio information, 6 Once the LED goes off the Changing Radio Type mode will end You. can now test the steering control wheel controls, Note If at any time the user fails to press any button for a period.
longer then 10 seconds this process will abort,ASWC 1 Installation. Changing Radio Type,Radio Legend,1 Eclipse Type 1 9 Valor. 2 Kenwood 10 Clarion Type 2,3 Clarion Type 1 11 Metra OE. 4 Sony and Dual 12 Eclipse Type 2,5 JVC 13 LG,6 Pioneer and Jensen 14 Parrot. 7 Alpine 15 XITE, AX SWC PARROT is required sold separately and the radio must.
be updated to rev 2 1 4 or higher Additionally the ASWC 1 must be. updated to the most recent firmware available, Note If you have a Clarion radio and the ASWC 1 did not work try the. other Clarion radio type same for the Eclipse,ASWC 1 Installation. Dual Assignment Instructions, Nota Seek Up and Seek Down are already set to Preset Up and. Preset Down for a long button press, 1 Turn on the ignition but do not start the vehicle. 2 Press and hold down the steering wheel button that you want to. assign a long press function for about 10 seconds until the LED. rapidly flashes green At this point release the button and the LED. will go solid green, 3 Press and release the Volume Up button the number of times.
corresponding to the new button number selected refer to the chart. on p 15 The green LED will blink rapidly when the Volume Up is. pressed and back to solid green when released Then go to the next. step when the Volume Up button has been pressed the desired. number of times, Caution If more than 10 seconds elapses between a Volume Up. button press this procedure will abort and the LED will go off. 4 To store the long press button in memory press the button that you. assigned a long press button the button held down in Step 1 The. LED will now go off indicating it has been stored, Note These steps must be repeated for each button you would like to. assign dual purpose action to, To reset a button back to its original use repeat Step 1 Then press the. Volume Down button The LED will go off and the long press mapping. for the button will be erased,ASWC 1 Installation,Dual Assignment Instructions. Dual Assignment Legend,Button Number New Button Action.
1 Not allowed,2 Not allowed,3 Seek Up Next,4 Seek Down Prev. 5 Mode Source,7 Preset Up,8 Preset Down,11 Play Enter. 13 On Hook,14 Off Hook,16 Fan Down,17 Temp Up,18 Temp Down. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ASWC 1 INTERFACE FEATURES One Interface does it all No additional interfaces needed Designed to be compatible with all major radio brands Auto detects vehicle type radio connection and presets controls Ability to dual assign steering wheel control buttons Can be manually programmed for most vehicles Memory retains settings even after

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