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Table of Contents,3 Editor s Notebook by Harvey Deneroff. 5 The Case of Hans Fischerkoesen, When Hans Fischerkoesen Germany s leading producer of animated commercials was. ordered to make theatrical cartoons by the government in World War II as William Moritz. notes he produced a trio of remarkable films which were not exactly Nazi propaganda. 11 Reynard the Fox and the Jew Animal, The Dutch film industry s most ambitious production during World War II was an anti. Semitic sequel to Reynard the Fox Egbert Barten and Gerard Groeneveld detail the fas. October 1996,cinating story behind the film s production. 16 Momotaro s Gods Blessed Sea Warriors,Japan s Unknown Wartime Feature.
Fred Patten takes a look at Japan s first animated feature a propaganda tract made at the. behest of the country s military government,19 Fight To The Death But Don t Hurt Anybody. Memories of Political Correctness, Tom Sito fresh from his gig as head of story on Disney s Pocohantas details his experiences. over the years trying to be politically correct,23 The Politics of Protectionism. The Cartoon Forum, Jill McGreal discusses the politics of funding for animation via the European Union s CAR. TOON initiative which is trying to create the infrastructure for a transnational industry. 26 Leaving Home, Linda Simensky ruminates on the political and other consequences of changing jobs.
amidst today s boom times in the animation industry. 29 The View From Hollywood, Raimund Krumme one of Germany s top independent animators who is now working on. a feature version of a children s classic talks about Hollywood and the challenges posed. by his new project,31 Icelandic Animation, Animation in Iceland is a relatively recent and mostly hidden phenomenon Giannalberto. Bendazzi provides an look at frame by frame filmmaking in the island nation. 35 Desert Island Series The Pragmatic Voice of Kibitzing compiled by Frankie. Tom Sito June Foray and Bob Basler,36 AWM Comics,Dirdy Birdy by John R Dilworth. 41 Next Issue s Highlights, 1 Cover About Reynard the Fox Nederland Film 1943 Courtesy of Edgar Barten. Animation World Network 1996 All rights reserved No part of the periodical may be reproduced without the consent of Animation World Network. ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE October 1996 2,by Harvey Deneroff.
Politics Propaganda the popular tale of Reynard the Fox. The issue of politics and propa with rather obvious anti Semitic pur. ganda is for many people a poses The film About Reynard the. peripheral issue at best when it Fox was never released and was. comes to animation Yes politi long thought lost until a fragment. cians and educators may complain surfaced a few years ago Egbert. about the violence of many car Barten and Gerard Groeneveld in. toons but real hard core politics Reynard the Fox and the Jew. and propaganda is something best Animal examine the story behind. left to the denizens of live action the film s creation and speculate on. filmmaking Yet there has been a its ultimate fate,long if not necessarily prolific his. tory of animation filmmakers using Our rundown of Axis films con. the medium for political purposes cludes with Fred Patten s. of one kind or another ical purposes was by the Axis pow Momotaro s Gods Blessed Sea. ers during World War II It is an over Warriors Japan s Unknown Wartime. One only has to recall such classics sight that we hope to partially rem Feature takes a look at a film. as Winsor McCay s anti German doc edy by a trio of articles exploring released in the waning days of. umentary Sinking of the Lusitania what was going on in Germany World War II in an attempt to rally. 1918 and Hugh Harman s anti war Holland and Japan the home front. cartoon Peace on Earth 1939, which earned him a Nobel Peace William Moritz s The Case of Hans On a more contemporary note. Prize nomination as well as the fea Fischerkoesen provides a profile of Tom Sito in his rather irreverent. ture films of Quirino Cristiani pro one of Germany s finest animation Fight To The Death But Don t Hurt. filed by Giannalberto Bendazzi in filmmakers of the prewar period Anybody Memories of Political. the July issue But one of the least who was conscripted into making Correctness recalls his experiences. heralded uses of animation for polit theatrical cartoons In so doing in dealing with network standards. Fischerkoesen and practices departments studio,avoided the bla psychologists and public pressure. tant propaganda to be politically correct,efforts of some of. his contempo Meanwhile Jill McGreal s The,raries and opted Politics of Protectionism The.
for a series of sub Cartoon Forum examines the real. versive master ity of the efforts to create a,pieces Weather European industrial bases for ani. beaten Melody mation via grants and other soft,The Snowman moneys and whether this is the. 1943 The Silly right way to challenge the hege,Goose monies of the United States and. On the other,hand in Holland On a more personal level Linda. the local Nazi Simensky s Leaving Home deals, Jimmy Murakami s Where the Wind Blows TVC 1968 based on.
Raymond Briggs book deals with the effects of nuclear war on an Party backed a big with the everyday problems of. elderly British couple budget sequel to changing jobs in animation an. ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE October 1996 3,ANIMATION WORLD NETWORK. 6525 Sunset Blvd,Garden Suite 10,Hollywood CA 90028. Phone 213 468 2554,Fax 213 464 5914,Email info awn com. ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE,editor awn com,Ron Diamond President. Dan Sarto Chief Operating Officer,EDITOR IN CHIEF,Harvey Deneroff.
Hugh Harmon s Peace on Earth MGM 1939 created a sensation with its anti war message. ASSOCIATE EDITOR PUBLICITY, when it was first released in the US after the outbreak of World War II in Europe. Frankie Kowalski, industry whose explosive growth Purple Crayon In The View From. CONTRIBUTORS has seen both artists and executive Hollywood Raimund takes a look. Egbert Barten increasingly playing musical chairs at his new assignment and the. Giannalberto Bendazzi nature of animation itself,Harvey Deneroff Germany s Raimund Krumme the. John R Dilworth award winning independent ani In our final feature article. Gerard Groeneveld mator known for such films as Giannalberto Bendazzi takes a. Frankie Kowalski Ropedancers and Crossroads was detailed look at Icelandic. Raimunde Krumme recently hired to handle the ani Animation past and present pro. Jill McGreal mation on a live action animated filing the three major filmmakers. William Moritz feature version of Harold and the involved in producing animation in. Fred Patten the sparsely populated Atlantic,Linda Simensky island nation. In this month s Desert Island,Le WEBMASTER report Frankie Kowalski asked a trio.
Guillaume Calop,of animation types who have been,DESIGN LAYOUT. IMP Graphic,politically involved inside and or, e mail imp ecmp club internet fr outside the animation industry And. Christa Theoharous Guillaume Calop finally last but not least is the latest. ADVERTISING SALES installment of John R Dilworth s. North America Wendy Jackson epic adventures of The Dirdy Birdy. Europe Vincent Ferri, Asia Bruce Teitelbaum The Hand Czechoslovakia 1965 Jiri Harvey Deneroff. UK Roger Watkins Trnka s famed parable about tyranny and editor awn com. artistic freedom,ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE October 1996 4. The Case of,Hans Fischerkoesen,by William Moritz, he following article is Because of his asthma Hans.
extracted from Resistance could not serve as a soldier dur. And Subversion in Animated ing World War I but he did work. Films of The Nazi Era the Case in army hospitals near the front. of Hans Fischerkoesen that was lines where he experienced the. first published the premiere iss grotesque inanity of trench war. sue of Animation Journal Fall fare He dreamed about making. 1992 which in turn was based an animation film Das Loch im. on a paper presented by Moritz Westen The Hole in the West. at the 1991 Society for Animation which would expose the War. Studies Conference held at the Profiteer as the true cause of. Rochester Institute of Technology war and the real manipulator. Rochester New York of victory and defeat,After World War II started the When the war ended. trickle of cartoons produced by Fischerkoesen returned to his. German studios was not enough family home and spent months. to cover the loss of Disney and drawing about 1 600 sequential. other American product To rec images that made concrete the. tify the situation in 1941 the Nazi dream or rather nightmare. The cover of Der Speigel featuring Hans, government called for the estab Fischerkoesen vision he had experienced in the. lishment of a strong German ani Courtesy of William Moritz trenches He took the drawings. mation industry capable of pro Hans Fischer was born May 18 to a Leipzig movie company and. ducing both color cartoons and 1896 in Bad Koesen near paid them a borrowed 700 marks. animated features Thus all able ani Naumburg of the famous cathedral to photograph them but as it. mators were commanded to step on the road between Leipzig and turned out the company was near. up production and focus on the Weimar Because Fischer was such bankruptcy and had never shot sin. atrically viable cartoons Among the a common name in the film world gle frame material before Hans lost. filmmakers called into action was he would later add on the name of that money but he persevered to. Hans Fischerkoesen who was his birthplace in order to distinguish build his own animation stand out of. among the most distinguished ani himself from the others He was a a wooden margarine crate and shot. mators remaining in Germany delicate child plagued by asthma. between 1933 and 1945 and so his parents allowed him and his The very idea of ambiguity was. whose work during the war years sister Leni to indulge their taste for anathema to the Nazis who. included a trio of remarkable films fantasy and spectacle by creating tried to enforce strict unbend. Verwitterte Melodie Weather beat puppet shows and home entertain ing codes of behavior. en Melody 1942 Der Schneemann ments The two attended the Leipzig. The Snowman 1943 and Das Art Academy together and Leni later. dumme G nslein The Silly Goose worked with Hans on many films it himself Fischerkoesen described. 1944 the film as a political cartoon,brought to life and it certainly sug. ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE October 1996 5, a succinct cogent ad 1941 edict the Propaganda Minister. demanded that he move his staff, In 1931 a Leipzig and studio to Potsdam near UFA s.
newspaper celebrat Neubabelsberg studios to be avail. ed Fischerkoesen able for consultations and special. the darling of audi effects on features and documen. ences with a full taries When the 45 year old, page article entitled Fischerkoesen loathe to become. Watch out Mickey any more closely involved with, Mouse Felix the Cat Goebbels than necessary protested. and Co which con that he didn t really have the talent. tains delightful to invent ideas for story films he was. images of a cow with assigned to work with 35 year old. Hans Held sTroublemaker a real Nazi cartoon a lyre built into her Horst von M llendorf a popular. Courtesy of William Moritz horns a bull in a tuxe Berlin newspaper cartoonist who. gests something of Bertold Bartosch s do and an enchanti had just been drafted to work as a. L id e The Idea made a decade ng art deco style kangaroo ballet gag man for animated cartoons. later Fortunately a local distributor all popular cartoon figures from his Although M llendorff received story. bought Hole in the West for 3 000 ads By 1937 when he won both credit on several of Fischerkoesen s. marks so he could continue to make first and second prizes at a Dutch wartime films his contribution was. more films sponsored international competition negligible the credit for these films. for advertising films the runners up rests solely with Hans and Leni. The Darling of Audiences included George Pal and Alexander Fischerkoesen. Fischerkoesen made a successful Alexeieff Fischerkoesen had made. advertising film Bummel Petrus around 1 000 publicity films Among the specific things that. Strolling Peter 1921 for the Leipzig Unfortunately all but a few of these Goebbels mandated for the new. shoe factory Nordheimer which led seem to be lost or languish uniden German cartoon industry was the. to a two year contract with Julius tified in collections that do not con development of three dimensional. Pinschewer who had pioneered the sider commercials important effects which could be competitive. use of animated commercials in with the Fleischers Stereo Optical. movie theaters back in 1911 For many years Hans Fischerkoesen process which combined model. Afterwards he established his managed to keep his production sets with cel animation or Disney s. Fischerkoesen Studio in Leipzig to confined to the kind of advertising multiplane camera which filmed. specialize in advertising films some films he did so well But after the several layers of cels Fischerkoesen. thing Fischerkoesen seemed per,fectly suited to After all he had an. irrepressible sense of humor a good,sense of rhythm and a charming. flexible cartoon style as well as the,obsessive concentration necessary.
to make animated films perfect in,every way He also had the knack. Axis Animation in World War II Germany Holland amp Japan Tom Sito s Memories of Political Correctness Raimund Krumme Goes Hollywood ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE October 1996 2 Editor s Notebook by Harvey Deneroff The Case of Hans Fischerkoesen When Hans Fischerkoesen Germany s leading producer of animated commercials was ordered to make theatrical cartoons by the government in World War II

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