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Service Manual Avea ventilator system, This document is protected by United States and International Copyright laws. This document may not be copied reproduced translated stored in a retrieval system. transmitted in any form or reduced to any electronic medium or machine readable form. in whole or in part without the written permission of CareFusion Information in this. document is subject to change without notice, This document is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as. replacing or supplementing the terms and conditions of the License Agreement. 2010 CareFusion Corporation or one of its subsidiaries All rights reserved Avea. ventilator system is a registered trademark of CareFusion Corporation or one of its. subsidiaries All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. USA Authorized European Representative,CareFusion CareFusion Germany 234 GmbH. 22745 Savi Ranch Parkway Leibnizstrasse 7, Yorba Linda California 92887 4668 97204 Hoechberg Germany. District Court Wuerzburg HRB7004,800 231 2466 tel 49 931 4972 0 tel.
1 714 283 2228 tel 49 931 4972 423 fax,1 714 283 8493 fax. carefusion com,Literature number L1524 Revision D,ii L1524 Rev D. Avea ventilator system Service Manual,Revision History. Date Revision Changes, August 2002 A Released Engineering Document Control ECO. July 2003 B Add Exception button and Exception screen to Error Log screen Add list of error. codes Add OVP kits and instructions Add Software upgrade instructions Add heliox. Smart connector instructions Add Compressor upgrade instructions Add cart. instructions both Add external battery pack instructions Add Insp and Exp. transducer Cal instructions Add ref to Communications Protocol Add unpacking. and setup instructions, Reorganize chapters add chapter 3 add chapter 5 OVP add software upgrade info.
chapter 6 add chapter 9 add chapter 10 add appendix D. January 2006 C Updated the company name, Added external batteries to the Limitation of Liability. Added symbols for the battery and for HeOx,Updated the General Description. Changed the references of the Tracheal Catheter and the Esophageal Balloon. Changed O2 bottle to O2 tank,Changed the Monitor MCU description. Updated the description of the power supply system and the Transducer Alarm. Updated the description of the heated expiratory system. Updated the standard stand carton contents table, Updated the procedure for setting up the Customer Transport Cart kit. Updated figures, Added part number references to E Cylinder Bracket Assembly Instructions.
Added Pediatric Patient Circuit to the list of equipment. Removed the note regarding the UIM, Replaced the word arm with neck Removed the note regarding the UIM. Added a note regarding the screws to the Metal Top Cover section. Updated the Gas Delivery Engine Removal procedure,Updated the fuse specifications. Updated the Compressor Scroll Pump section, Changed the part number of the Enhanced Patient Monitor board. Added the fan assembly and power supply part numbers. Added part numbers to step 1 of the removal procedure. Changed step 5 of the Installation procedure to include the part number. Added references to PSI to the Setup procedure,L1524 Rev D iii. Service Manual Avea ventilator system,Date Revision Changes.
Updated the Manual Alarms Testing section,Added two steps to the Testing Guidelines section. Added step 22 to the Membrane Switch test,Op Verification Checklist. Updated the Checkout Sheet,Replaced figure A 1,Updated the MIB Connection section. Added the Blender Bleed section,Added the Sound Levels section. Updated the Water Trap section,Updated the Message Bar Text table.
Added the Monitor Ranges and Accuracies table, Added the Sensor Specifications and Circuit Resistance table. Added the Hot Wire Flow Sensor Specifications table. Added the Circuit Resistance section, March 2010 D Clarified component removal directions compressor fan power supply. Corrected the heater removal assembly instructions. Clarified the OVP tests,Clarified VT accuracy verification directions. Corrected the battery charge indicator specifications. Added Battery Performance Verification to the OVP checklist. Clarified the software upgrade instructions,Added the Coldfire service screens. Clarified the transducer screens,Clarified the Flow Characteristic Test.
Clarified the Exhalation Valve Characteristics Test. Added instructions for removing the O2 sensor,Corrected the battery specifications. Added the Coldfire UIM to Digital Communication, Labeled the internal battery fuse on the rear panel diagram. Removed software descriptions,Added barometric pressure for the Coldfire UIM. Added EtCO2 parameters to Monitor Ranges and Accuracy in the appendix. Added EtCO2 OVP GDE and EPM to the glossary, Added component removal and components of OVP to the index. Clarified the Compressor test in OVP,iv L1524 Rev D.
Avea ventilator system Service Manual,EMC Notice, This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy If not installed and. used in accordance with the instructions in this manual electromagnetic interference may. result The equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits set forth in. EN60601 1 2 for Medical Products These limits provide reasonable protection against. electromagnetic interference when operated in the intended use environments described in. this manual, The ventilator has been tested to conform to the following specifications. MIL STD 461D 1993 MIL STD 462D 1993 EN55011 1991 IEC 1000 4 2 1994 IEC 1000 4. 3 1994 IEC 1000 4 4 1994 IEC 1000 4 5 1994 QUASI STATIC 1993. This ventilator is also designed and manufactured to comply with the safety requirements of. IEC 601 1 IEC 601 2 12 CAN CSA C22 2 No 601 1 M90 and UL 2601 1. MRI Notice, This equipment contains electromagnetic components whose operation can be affected by. intense electromagnetic fields, Do not operate the ventilator in an MRI environment or in the vicinity of high frequency. surgical diathermy equipment defibrillators or short wave therapy equipment. Electromagnetic interference could disrupt the operation of the ventilator. Intended Use Notice, The Avea Ventilators are designed to provide ventilator support for the critical care.
management of infant pediatric or adult patients with compromised lung function They are. intended to provide continuous respiratory support in an institutional health care. environment They should only be operated by properly trained clinical personnel. under the direction of a physician,Regulatory Notice. Federal law restricts the sale of this device except by or on order of a physician. IEC Classification, Type of Equipment Medical Equipment Class 1 type B. Adult Pediatric Infant Lung Ventilator,L1524 Rev D v. Service Manual Avea ventilator system,Declaration of Conformity Notice. This medical equipment complies with the Medical Device Directive 93 42 EEC and the. following Technical Standards to which Conformity is declared. EN60601 1 2,EU Notified Body,BSI Reg No 0086,Trade names.
Avea Ventilator, If you have a question regarding the Declaration of Conformity for this product please. contact CareFusion at the number given in Appendix A. THE Avea ventilator systems are warranted to be free from defects in material and. workmanship and to meet the published specifications for TWO 2 years or 16 000 hours. whichever occurs first, The liability of CareFusion referred to as the Company under this warranty is limited to. replacing repairing or issuing credit at the discretion of the Company for parts that become. defective or fail to meet published specifications during the warranty period the Company. will not be liable under this warranty unless A the Company is promptly notified in writing. by Buyer upon discovery of defects or failure to meet published specifications B the. defective unit or part is returned to the Company transportation charges prepaid by Buyer. C the defective unit or part is received by the Company for adjustment no later than four. weeks following the last day of the warranty period and D the Company s examination of. such unit or part shall disclose to its satisfaction that such defects or failures have not been. caused by misuse neglect improper installation unauthorized repair alteration or accident. Any authorization of the Company for repair or alteration by the Buyer must be in writing to. prevent voiding the warranty In no event shall the Company be liable to the Buyer for loss of. profits loss of use consequential damage or damages of any kind based upon a claim for. breach of warranty other than the purchase price of any defective product covered. The Company warranties as herein and above set forth shall not be enlarged diminished or. affected by and no obligation or liability shall arise or grow out of the rendering of technical. advice or service by the Company or its agents in connection with the Buyer s order of the. products furnished hereunder,vi L1524 Rev D,Avea ventilator system Service Manual. Limitation of Liabilities, This warranty does not cover normal maintenance such as cleaning adjustment or lubrication. and updating of equipment parts This warranty shall be void and shall not apply if the. equipment is used with accessories or parts not manufactured by the Company or authorized. for use in writing by the Company or if the equipment is not maintained in accordance with. the prescribed schedule of maintenance, The warranty stated above shall extend for a period of TWO 2 years from date of shipment or.
16 000 hours of use whichever occurs first with the following exceptions. Components for monitoring of physical variables such as temperature pressure or flow are. warranted for ninety 90 days from date of receipt, Elastomeric components and other parts or components subject to deterioration over which. the Company has no control are warranted for sixty 60 days from date of receipt. Internal batteries are warranted for ninety 90 days from the date of receipt. External batteries are warranted for one 1 year from the date of receipt. The foregoing is in lieu of any warranty expressed or implied including without limitation. any warranty of merchantability except as to title and can be amended only in writing by a. duly authorized representative of the Company,L1524 Rev D vii. Service Manual Avea ventilator system,Revision History iii. Warranty vi,Chapter 1 Introduction 1,Safety Information 1. Equipment Symbols 4,Chapter 2 Theory of Operation 9.
General Description 9,High Level Design 11,Detail Design 13. Chapter 3 Installation Instructions 23,Stand Assembly Instructions 23. External Battery Installation Procedures 30, Assembly Instructions for Comprehensive cart P N 33976 Metal cart 31. Assembly Instructions Comprehensive Plastic Cart P N 11524 36. E Cylinder Bracket Assembly Instructions 39,Assembly Instructions for Basic Stand Bracket 40. Assembly Instructions Comprehensive Metal and Plastic Stand Bracket 43. Avea Unpacking Instructions 44, Medical Gas Connector Kit Installation Instructions 47.
Chapter 4 Assembly and Disassembly 49,General Instructions and Warnings 49. Recommended Tools and Equipment 49,User Interface Module UIM 50. Exhalation Corner Assembly 51,Metal Top Cover 52,Gas Delivery Engine P N 16222A 53. Ventilator Wheeled Base 59,Internal Batteries P N 68339A 60. Compressor Scroll Pump P N 51000 09750A 65, Enhanced Patient Monitor EPM Board P N 51000 40848A 67.
Power Supply P N 16388 70,Exhalation Valve P N 16319 72. Heater Assembly P N 51000 40824 75,Microswitch Top Cover P N 68294 76. EMI Shield 76,Front Interface Panel P N 51000 40635 77. Bottom Cover 78,Alarm Speaker P N 51000 40818 79,Nebulizer Assembly P N 51000 40026 80. Accumulator P N 51000 40748 82,Secondary Alarm Installation Kit P N 16316 83.
Functional Testing of the Secondary Alarm Assembly 85. Additional Test to ensure Proper Wire Routing 85, Chapter 5 Operational Verification Procedure OVP 91. User Verification Tests UVT 91,User Interface Module UIM Verification 102. Compressor Check 104,Power Indicators and Charging Verification 105. viii L1524 Rev D,Avea ventilator system Service Manual. Battery Run Procedure 106,Battery Performance Verification 106.
Air Oxygen Inlet Pressure Verification 107,Breath Rate Verification 108. Blending Accuracy Verification 108,PEEP Verification 108. Avea Assembly and Operational Verification Test Checklist 109. Chapter 6 Avea Software Upgrade 111,Coldfire Software Upgrade Directions 111. ELAN Software Upgrade Instructions 115, Software Install Verification Avea Ventilators 125. Installation Verification 125,Confirmation checks 125.
Verification and Calibration 126,Test and Access of the Security System 127. Chapter 7 Calibration 131,Touch Screen Calibration Procedure 131. Transducer Calibrations 134,Calibration setup 135,Aux Pressure 141. Flow Valve Characterization Test 149,Hysteresis Test 152. Exhalation Valve Leak Test 153, Air O2 Regulator Differential Balance Calibration 154.
CO2 Calibration Procedure 155,Chapter 8 Preventive Maintenance 161. Battery Discharge Procedure 162,Replacing the O2 and Air Heliox filters 163. Replacing the Compressor Inlet and Outlet filters 165. THE Avea ventilator systems are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship and to meet the published specifications for TWO 2 years or 16 000 hours whichever occurs first The liability of CareFusion referred to as the Company under this warranty is limited to replacing repairing or issuing credit at the discretion of the Company for parts that become defective or

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