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StanleyAccess com 1 800 7 ACCESS,STANLEY ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES. AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL DOORS,When it comes to automatic door openings. STANLEY is setting the standard for tough,dependable long lasting performance Since we. invented the first swing door operator in 1932,we ve grown into the largest manufacturer. installer and service provider of automatic doors in. North America,From engineering and development to product.
delivery and quality STANLEY is constantly,moving forward with innovative solutions. you can depend on,SERVICE AND INSTALLATION,As a service customer you will receive the. expertise of the industry s largest and most, experienced automatic door service provider 4 Manufacturing Facilities. in North America You can be assured your Farmington CT. equipment is kept in top operating condition Indianapolis IN. planned maintenance is completed as required Toronto Ontario Canada. parts replacement meet manufacturer s Shanghai China. specification and all activity is appropriately, documented thereby minimizing your liability 29 US Canada Field Operations and 12 Satellite. exposure Offices for full geographic coverage, For more information visit 40 Distributor Partners in US and Canada.
stanleyaccess com service support, 750 technicians with an average of 12 years experience. Centralized support operations including,Manufacturing ISO Certified. Dedicated customer service national account management. Centralized service call center technical support center. SELECTION SWING DOOR SYSTEMS AND OPERATORS, Express Swing Magic Force Magic Access Magic Swing. GUIDE Features,Retrofit Ready,Door System,Surface Mounted. Overhead Concealed,Bottom Load Application,Push or Pull Application N A.
Non Handed,Door Width up to 42,Door Width up to 48. Door Width Greater than 48,Safety Sensor Compatibility. Weight per Panel 100 lbs,Weight per Panel 125 lbs,Weight per Panel 350 lbs. Weight per Panel 700 lbs,Code Compliance,Listed for Fire Rated Doors. Low Energy Knowing Act ANSI 156 19,Fully Automatic ANSI 156 10.
Sensors required,Overhead Only,Frame opening,500 1500 1500A 2500 3500 4500 4900 ASR. Revolver Revolver Revolver Revolver Revolver Revolver Revolving. All Glass Version Available,Three Wing, Disclaimer These charts are to illustrate a standard product package for customized options and sizes other than those shown please contact an. authorized STANLEY representative at 1 800 722 2377 option 3. SLIDING AUTOMATIC DOORS,Dura Guard 2000,Dura Guard 3000. Slim Line Header,Dura Glide 2000,Dura Glide 3000,Telescopic 5200. Telescopic 5300,Dura Max 5400,All Glass 2000,All Glass 3000.
Slider 10 000,Dura Shield,Dura Shield,Dura Storm,Dura Storm. Dura Glide,Dura Glide,Industrial,Retrofit Ready,Surface Mounted. Single Slide,Bi part N A,Non Breakout,Fixed Sidelight. Full Breakout,Access Control Option Solenoid Lock, Access Control Option Panic Hardware and Solenoid Lock. Extra Heavy Duty Construction,Glazing 1 4 Monolithic NI NI.
Glazing 1 2 Monolithic,Glazing 9 16 Laminated I I,Glazing 5 8 Insulated. Glazing 1 Insulated NI NI,Glazing 1 1 4 Insulated,Glazing 1 1 4 Insulated Laminated. Code Compliance,Clean Room Certified,Wind Pressure Rated Hurricane. Impact Rated Hurricane I I,NI Non Impact, Consult you local STANLEY representative for appropriate parameters. Sliding Doors, STANDARD MODEL DURA GLIDE 2000 3000 AND DURA GLIDE 2000 3000 ALL GLASS.
10 TO 14 Differentiation 2000 Model drawing shown SX Panel breaks out 3000. Model All panels SX and SO break out All components fully tested and pre. assembled at factory for fast trouble free installation Class 1 and Class 10 clean. room certified, Models Designer Package Operator only with breakout Utility type and SLH. Slim Line Header Operator only without breakout All Glass 2000 drawing. shown All glass doors and sidelights with breakout. Clear Door Opening Bipart 48 3 72 3 Single Slide 35 3 47 3. BIPART SINGLE SLIDE Applications Retail healthcare airports hospitality clean rooms SLH Slim. 10 TO 14 7 TO 9, Line Header is ideal for international applications where break out isn t required. by NFPA 101 or applications in North America where occupant load is fewer. than 50 such as libraries and conference rooms,More Information. Stanleyaccess com dura glide,Stanleyaccess com all glass. Stanleyaccess com slide door operators,All Glass BIPART All Glass SINGLE SLIDE.
HEAVY DUTY DURA GUARD 2000 3000,10 TO 14 7 TO 9, Differentiation Rugged construction design to lower costly door repairs. resulting from abuse and collisions with carts Configured to open quickly to. prevent collisions 2000 Model drawing shown SX Panel breaks out 3000. Model All panels SX and SO break out, Clear Door Opening Bipart 44 68 Single Slide 33 1 45 1. Applications Home centers grocery stores and warehouses where. automatic doors are subjected to abuse,More Information stanleyaccess com heavy duty. BIPART SINGLE SLIDE, IMPACT AND NON IMPACT HURRICANE RATED DURA STORM 2000 3000. 10 TO 14 REINFORCED UP TO 16 7 TO 9,Differentiation Meets the most stringent.
building requirements for hurricane force,winds and flying debris Impact glass used. on impact rated model Complies with,Florida Building Code Miami Dade County. NOA Code Compliance and ASTM E283 2000,Model drawing shown SX panel breaks out. BIPART SINGLE SLIDE,Clear Door Opening Bipart 70 6 Single Slide 46 4. Applications Buildings that need to withstand high wind pressure Areas. that lack hurricane codes can benefit by improving building integrity. More Information stanleyaccess com dura storm,BLAST OR BALLISTIC RATED DURA SHIELD 2000 3000.
10 TO 14 8 TO 9 Differentiation Ballistic version provides. protection from Level 3 ballistic projectiles,in flight attacks Complies with UL 752. Standard for Bullet Resisting Equipment,Blast version complies with the stringent DOD. UFC Blast Code UFC 4 010 01 Complies with,all facets of ANSI 156 10 except emergency. SINGLE SLIDE egress breakaway, Clear Door Opening Bipart 68 5 8 Single Slide 36 1 16 to 42 1 16. Applications Buildings where sliding automatic entrances are required to. protect high risk areas such as government buildings banks and schools. More Information stanleyaccess com blast resistant. stanleyaccess com ballistic resistant,Automatic Sliding.
and folding Doors,PEDESTRIAN CONTROL BYPASS FOLDING SB600 BIFOLD. Differentiation To direct traffic flow the right side panel is Differentiation Allows for two way traffic where there is a. used for ingress and the left for egress Continuous header for restricted rough opening Panels fold when retracting which. both entry and exit simplifies building design Available in full allows for about 70 of the door s package to be free and clear. break out for emergency egress for passage, Clear Door Opening Entrance 36 48 Exit 33 5 45 5 Clear Door Opening 2 panel 32 4 44 5 4 panel 46 2 87 9. Full Break Out version 32 1 to 44 1 Applications Retrofit or new construction locations where there. Applications Heavy pedestrian traffic where rough opening is two way traffic and restricted rough openings. space is restricted More Information stanleyaccess com bypass. More Information stanleyaccess com bypass,4 TO 6 6 TO 10. 7 6 TO 8 6,7 6 TO 9 2,2 PANEL 4 PANEL,TELESCOPING 5200 5300. Differentiation Larger clear door opening than a single slide. or bipart sliding door Synchronized moving panels 5200 Model. drawing shown SX panels break out 5300 Model All panels break. out Class 10 clean room certified, Clear Door Opening 3 Panel 44 56 to 60 56 6 Panel 59 9 16 to.
Applications Clean rooms and high traffic retail upscale. professional and institutional locations where space is limited. More information stanleyaccess com telescopic 5200 5300. 7 TO 9 10 TO 14,Telescoping Doors 3 PANEL BIPART 6 PANEL. DURA MAX 5400, Differentiation Synchronized overlapping panels provide the. widest clear door opening per rough opening in the industry fitting. into a 72 wide opening while providing 32 clear door opening. Bipart design provides faster opening than a traditional single slide. Clear Door Opening 46 5 70 5, Applications Retrofit or new construction retail and commercial. environments with limited or narrow rough opening,More information stanleyaccess com duramax. AUTOMATIC SWING DOOR OPERATORS AND SYSTEMS, VERSATILE LIGHT TO HEAVY DUTY LOW ENERGY AND FULLY AUTOMATIC MAGIC FORCE.
Differentiation Allows for maximum flexibility at design phase and. TO 96 30 30, TO 48 upon installation because it is field adjustable to work as both full energy. motion activated or low energy knowing act activated automation Can. be surface mounted overhead concealed or bottom loaded. Swing Door Panels Up to 48,Door Panel Weight Up to 350lbs. Applications Supermarkets 10 14,department stores airports office. buildings public buildings and schools New construction or retrofit. Available as a fire door package with UL listed equipment for. PAIR SINGLE applications such as hospitals,More information stanleyaccess com magic force. LIGHT TO MEDIUM DUTY LOW ENERGY MAGIC ACCESS HEAVY DUTY FULL AUTOMATIC MAGIC SWING. Differentiation Surface mount or overhead concealed Differentiation Can withstand extreme environments wind and stack. Swing Door Panels Up to 42 pressure conditions and abuse while maintaining smooth and controlled. Door Panel Weight Up to 125 pounds operation Surface mount or overhead concealed Not a low energy solution. Applications Retrofit or new construction Available as a fire door Swing Door Panels Up to 54. package with UL listed equipment for applications such as hospitals Door Panel Weight Up to 700 pounds. More information stanleyaccess com magic access Applications Retrofit or new construction Available as a fire door. package with UL listed equipment for applications such as hospitals. More information stanleyaccess com magic swing,LOW ENERGY SWING DOOR SYSTEM EXPRESS SWING.
Differentiation Bi directional swing panels for safe and efficient throughput Two. 36 TO 42 synchronized panels for speed and safety Overhead sensors detect presence in swing path for. pedestrian safety Ultra light panels for easy manual operation Smallest header in the industry. Clear Door Opening 32 3 38 3, Applications Retrofit or new construction where space is limited or pedestrians need extra. assistance entering or exiting small retail restaurant entrances and patios labs and data. centers bathrooms post offices convenience stores and healthcare facilities. More information stanleyaccess com expressswing,AUTOMATIC DOOR OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES. PUSH PUSH PUSH,OPEN OPEN OPEN,TO TO TO PU,OP OP OP EN. 1 21 32 1 3 2 3 1 2 3,LOW ENERGY CONTROLS AND ACTIVATION 7. Rail Radio Push Touchless Wave,SENSORS Swing Slide and Fold Doors.
SWING DOORS SWING DOORS FULLY SLIDE DOORS SLIDE DOORS. Low Energy AUTOMATIC PRESENCE SENSORS MOTION PRESENCE. PRESENCE Swing Guard FE is designed to ACTIVATION Stan Guard is a. SENSORS detect moving or stationary SU 100 provides threshold sensor and a. Swing Guard LE people in the swing path of the a wide and deep doorway holding beam. keeps the door door and stays active even when activation zone that detects people or. open when a the door is in motion to assure doors objects in the door area. pedestrian is in are fully opened while someone is and holds the doors. its swing path entering or exiting open until the threshold. area is clear,SECURITY Swing Slide and Fold Doors, LOCK GUARD wraps around the lead DELAYED EGRESS FOR UNINTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLY. stiles adding rigid reinforcement in DURA GLIDE denies exit to provides continued operation of. the event of forced entry unauthorized personnel for 15 30 automatic slide and swing door. seconds while an alarm sounds operators for up to 1 5 hours. ARMORED STRIKE RETROFIT, KIT is designed for bi parting JAMB CAMERA is a low profile THE STAN CAM Camera provides. doors currently utilizing standard camera mounted to the door jamb a continuous video signal of the area. 4 lamination lock with 2 point surrounding the door s opening. locking including the threshold,SECURITY STROBES act as a visual. deterrent for unauthorized entry,MANUAL SWING AND SLIDE Doors. INTENSIVE CARE UNIT DURA CARE 7000 SERIES,63 5 TO 75 5 75 5 TO 99 5 63 5 39 5 TO 51 5.
TO 75 5 75 5 TO 99 5,SWING 7400 Series single pair or uneven. pair configurations with a heavy duty,continuous hinge and built in concealed. closer ANSI UL 1784 for Leakage Rated,Door Assemblies Smoke and Draft. 92 TO 104 84 TO 108 84 TO 108 84 TO 120, SLIDE 7000 drawing shown left 7200 and 7300 drawing SLIDE TELESCOPING 7500 Series HYBRID SWING FOLD 7600 Series. shown right Series are specifically designed to meet provides the greatest clear opening combines a bidirectional manual swing. the side hinge swinging requirement for healthcare width and full breakout Available door with a two panel manual bi fold. facilities Available in 2 3 and 4 panel design TL versions in 3 and 6 panel design door in one continuous header. are trackless FBO versions feature full break out and or. partial breakout positive latching to meet Smoke and Draft. StAnlEY AccESS tEcHnoloGiES AutomAtic And mAnuAl doorS When it comes to automatic door openings StAnlEY is setting the standard for tough dependable long lasting performance Since we invented the first swing door operator in 1932 we ve grown into the largest manufacturer installer and service provider of automatic doors in north America

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