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https www state gov r pa ei bgn 3165 htm,Fact Sheet. October 11 2018,U S AUSTRIA RELATIONS, Austria is a free and stable democracy with a social market economy As the inheritor of the Habsburg. monarchy s historic links to eastern and southeastern Europe Austria sees a role for itself in helping. countries in these regions integrate successfully into an enlarged European Union The United States and. Austria share many common values and common perspectives including a commitment to reducing the. threats posed by climate change and nuclear,proliferation a support for human rights and. the rule of law and a shared vision of peace,and freedom for all The two countries are. bound together through myriad people to,people contacts in business the arts.
scholarship recreation and a host of other,The Austro Hungarian Empire recognized the. United States in 1797 when we established,consular relations with a Consul in Trieste. then part of the Austrian empire Diplomatic,relations were established with the naming of. Henry A Muhlenberg as first American,Minister to Vienna in 1838 Relations were. generally good until World War I 1914 18,and the United States declaration of war on.
the Austro Hungarian Empire in 1917 Friendly diplomatic relations with the new Republic of Austria were. established in 1921 and lasted until Nazi Germany annexed Austria in 1938 After World War II 1939 45. the four allied powers the United States Great Britain France and the Soviet Union divided Austria and. Vienna into four occupation zones with an Allied Council for Austria assuming authority over matters. affecting the whole country In 1955 these four powers and the Republic of Austria signed the Austrian. State Treaty which ended the occupation and declared Austria to be a free independent and neutral state. The U S played an essential role in the country s reconstruction and in the Austrian State Treaty Since the. post World War II period the United States and Austria have enjoyed strong relations. During the immediate postwar period Austrian authorities introduced certain restitution and compensation. measures for Nazi victims but many of these initial measures were later seen as inadequate and or unjust. Since 1994 Austria has committed to providing victims and heirs some 1 billion in restitution. Today Austria and the United States are partners in promoting global security and prosperity. U S Assistance to Austria, The United States provides no foreign assistance to Austria. Bilateral Economic Relations, Austria is a member country of the European Union and World Trade Organization offering export. opportunities for U S companies of all sizes with no significant trade barriers The country represents a. desirable affluent market for U S made products in Europe The trade and investment relationship. between the U S is robust and growing rapidly creating thousands of new jobs in both countries as a. result Recent Austrian governments have sought to encourage Austria s reputation as an attractive regional. headquarters location through economic reforms and by highlighting Austria s historical and economic ties. to the surrounding region, Austria s Membership in International Organizations. Austrian leaders emphasize the country s role as both an East West hub and a moderator between. industrialized and developing countries Austria hosts the International Atomic Energy Agency and several. other UN bodies the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the Organization for Security. and Cooperation in Europe OSCE Austria and the United States belong to a number of the same. international organizations including the United Nations OSCE Organization for Economic Cooperation. and Development Euro Atlantic Partnership Council International Monetary Fund World Bank and. World Trade Organization Austria also is an observer to the Organization of American States. Bilateral Representation, The U S Ambassador to Austria is Trevor D Traina other principal embassy officials are listed in the. Department s Key Officers List, Austria maintains an embassy in the United States at 3524 International Court NW Washington DC.
20008 tel 202 895 6700 It also maintains Consulates General in Los Angeles and New York and. additional trade promotion offices in Atlanta and Chicago. More information about Austria is available from the Department of State and other sources some of which. are listed here,Department of State Austria Page,Department of State Key Officers List. CIA World Factbook Austria Page,U S Embassy,History of U S Relations With Austria. Human Rights Reports,International Religious Freedom Reports. Trafficking in Persons Reports,Narcotics Control Reports. Investment Climate Statements,U S Census Bureau Foreign Trade Statistics.
Export gov International Offices Page,Library of Congress Country Studies. Travel Information,The Overseas Security Advisory Council s. Travel Safety Reference Guide,November 2011,Introduction. Globalization has made overseas travel be it for business academia charity personal or. In This Guide mission work quite common International travelers are exposed to many new experi. ences and phenomena and among these certain risks This guide offers international trav. Introduction P 1, elers information tactics techniques and procedures to mitigate risks inherent to interna. tional travel,Pre Departure P 1, OSAC acknowledges that every destination is unique and that no one resource can address.
Know Before You Go P 1 all eventualities Therefore we have developed this reference in coordination with our con. stituents to inform the private sector of best practices for personnel safety abroad The risks. Packing P 1 of international travel are no longer just tied to local or transnational crime It is our hope. that the enclosed recommendations will both encourage individuals to seek overseas oppor. Health P 2 tunities and provide greater comfort and confidence for those traveling internationally. During Your Trip P 2 Pre Departure,Awareness P 2 Know Before You Go. Personal Conduct P 3, Register with the U S State Department s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program STEP. Review the U S State Department s country specific information and OSAC s country. Electronics Security P 4,crime and safety reports, Do your homework Visit country specific websites for important information on your. Logistics P 4,destination country, Understand the laws and currency exchange rates in your destination country. Lodging P 5, Be culturally aware learn a few common phrases in the local language and the basics.
Preparing for the,of the cultural values and norms. what if scenarios, Get a map and study it Identify potential hazards and safe havens learn several. Resources P 8 routes to key places you will be staying living visiting. About OSAC P 9 Packing, Pack your luggage wisely Make sure to place any prohibited materials scissors files. other sharp objects in your check in luggage, Be sure to pack 2 3 day survival items in your carry on bag This includes medicines. and toiletries an extra change of clothes including undergarments important docu. ments drinking water snacks e g Powerbars and anything else you may want. Do not display company or other identifying logos on luggage Place your pertinent con. tact information in a visible place inside each piece of luggage. Do not openly display your name tags on your luggage Include only your name and. contact number on your tags and keep them covered or turn the paper over and write. see other side,Get a plain cover for your passport.
Make out a will,Consider a privacy act waiver, Leave travel itinerary and contact information with family or friends do not otherwise disclose. Consider getting a telephone calling card and a GSM tri band or world cellular phone that allows. access to most local cellular systems and provides a single contact number Depending on your. situation you may want to purchase a local phone or SIM card in country. Take out property insurance on necessary equipment cameras binoculars laptops etc. Consider securing a new credit card with a low credit limit separate from existing credit cards in the. event of theft your personal accounts will not be compromised. Notify your credit card company of your intent to travel confirm credit limit and availability. Make sure health insurance covers foreign medical providers and medical evacuation expenses. Take an extra pair of glasses depending on the destination contact lenses can be problematic. Visit a travel clinic inform them of destination s and get any needed inoculations and medications. Get a dental cleaning and checkup if you had not recently had one. Prep and pack a travel med kit some items you may want to include. Anti diarrheal medication,Antibiotics,Anti malaria if applicable. Antihistamine and decongestant,Antacid and laxative. Anti fungal anti bacterial and hydrocortisone cream. Anti bacterial hand wipes hand sanitizer,Pain reliever fever reducer sleep aid. Gauze bandages and medical tape,Insect repellant with DEET 35.
Shaving razor tweezers manicure kits,Sunscreen and aloe. Thermometer,During Your Trip, Situational Awareness is very important domestically but becomes critically important overseas in unfa. miliar environments Keep your head up eyes and ears open and listen to your intuition Situational. awareness can and should be practiced and will improve the more you do so Focus on seeing and re. membering everything around you It will seem extremely arduous and time consuming at first but will. become increasingly easier as time passes and proficiency is gained Your goal should be for these ef. forts to become habitual and completed sub consciously Some important practices are. Trust your instinct if a place does not feel right move to a safer location immediately. Assess your emotional and physical strengths and limitations. Be attentive to how others perceive you behave in an unprovocative manner that discourages un. wanted attention, Familiarize yourself with your neighborhood and work environment. Use common sense Beware of EVERYONE including pickpockets scam artists etc. Remove name tags or convention badges when outside the venue. Pay attention to local media for any activities or events that might affect you. Be aware of surroundings including the people cars and alleys nearby. Keep alert to potential trouble and choose to avoid when possible Trust your instincts. Educate yourself of any pending events elections demonstrations anniversaries that may cause. civil disturbance and avoid unnecessary risks, Establish a support network among your colleagues and when possible embassy personnel. Inform yourself of the availability and reliability of local support services police security medical. emergency fire, Confirm with your embassy the procedures for you and your family in the event of a crisis or.
evacuation, Politely decline offers of food or drink from strangers. Accept beverages only in sealed containers make sure there has been no tampering. Personal Conduct, You can dress behave and move about in a manner that is respectful of local custom but rest assured. YOU WILL NOT BLEND IN Remember that whenever you travel anywhere whether you realize it or. not you are representing yourself your family your organization and your country Your behavior and. actions will be applied as a positive or negative impression of all that you represent In many cultures. this will essentially make or break your ability to successfully function and interact in another culture Al. ways keep in mind the following, Behave maturely and in a manner befitting your status in the local society insist on being treated with. Dress in a manner that is inoffensive to local cultural norms. Avoid clothing that shows your nationality or political views. Establish personal boundaries and act to protect them. Exercise additional caution when carrying and displaying valuable possessions jewelry phone sun. glasses camera etc what may be a simple even disposable item to you may be a sign of extreme. affluence to another, Vary your patterns of life behavior to be less predictable. Divide money among several pockets if you carry a wallet carry it in a front pocket. If you carry a purse carry it close to your body Do not set it down or leave it unattended. Take a patient and calm approach to ambiguity and conflict. Radiate confidence while walking in public places,Do not expect privacy anywhere.
Do not discuss personal professional or financial issues of your group or yourself these can be. used to exploit you and your group, Be cool when facing confrontation focus on de escalation and escape. Respect local sensitivities to photographing videotaping especially at airports police and govern. ment facilities, Carry required official identification with you at all times. Report any security incidents to your embassy or consulate who will advise you of options including. reporting to local authorities prosecution corrective measures etc. Maintain a low profile especially in places where there may be hostility toward foreigners and or citi. zens of your country do not seek publicity, Avoid public expressions about local politics religion and other sensitive topics. Avoid being out alone late at night or after curfew. Since 1994 Austria has committed to providing victims and heirs some 1 billion in restitution Today Austria and the United States are partners in promoting global security and prosperity U S Assistance to Austria The United States provides no foreign assistance to Austria Bilateral Economic Relations

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