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FREE Study Skills DVD Offer,Dear Customer, Thank you for your purchase from Mometrix We consider it an honor and privilege that you have. purchased our product and want to ensure your satisfaction. As a way of showing our appreciation and to help us better serve you we have developed a Study Skills. DVD that we would like to give you for FREE This DVD covers our best practices for studying for your. exam from using our study materials to preparing for the day of the test. All that we ask is that you email us your feedback that would describe your experience so far with our. product Good bad or indifferent we want to know what you think. To get your FREE Study Skills DVD email freedvd mometrix com with FREE STUDY SKILLS DVD in the. subject line and the following information in the body of the email. a The name of the product you purchased, b Your product rating on a scale of 1 5 with 5 being the highest rating. c Your feedback It can be long short or anything in between just your impressions and. experience so far with our product Good feedback might include how our study material. met your needs and will highlight features of the product that you found helpful. d Your full name and shipping address where you would like us to send your free DVD. If you have any questions or concerns please don t hesitate to contact me directly. Thanks again,Jay Willis,Vice President,jay willis mometrix com. 1 800 673 8175,Study Guide,Your Key to Exam Success. TEAS 6 Complete Study Manual Full Length,Practice Tests Review Video Tutorials for the.
Test of Essential Academic Skills Sixth Edition,Published by. Mometrix Test Preparation,TEAS Exam Secrets Test Prep Team. Copyright 2016 by Mometrix Media LLC, All rights reserved This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced stored in a retrieval system. or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopy recording. scanning or other except for brief quotations in critical reviews or articles without the prior. written permission of the publisher, Written and edited by the TEAS Exam Secrets Test Prep Staff. Printed in the United States of America, This paper meets the requirements of ANSI NISO Z39 48 1992 Permanence of Paper.
Mometrix offers volume discount pricing to institutions For more information or a price quote. please contact our sales department at sales mometrix com or 888 248 1219. ATI TEAS is a registered trademark of the Assessment Technologies Institute which was not. involved in the production of and does not endorse this product. ISBN 13 978 1 5167 0383 8,ISBN 10 1 5167 0383 9,Dear Future TEAS Exam Success Story. Congratulations on your purchase of our study guide Our goal in writing our study guide was to. cover the content on the test as well as provide insight into typical test taking mistakes and how to. overcome them, Standardized tests are a key component of being successful which only increases the importance of. doing well in the high pressure high stakes environment of test day How well you do on this test. will have a significant impact on your future and we have the research and practical advice to help. you execute on test day, The product you re reading now is designed to exploit weaknesses in the test itself and help you. avoid the most common errors test takers frequently make. How to use this study guide, We don t want to waste your time Our study guide is fast paced and fluff free We suggest going. through it a number of times as repetition is an important part of learning new information and. First read through the study guide completely to get a feel for the content and organization Read. the general success strategies first and then proceed to the content sections Each tip has been. carefully selected for its effectiveness, Second read through the study guide again and take notes in the margins and highlight those.
sections where you may have a particular weakness, Finally bring the manual with you on test day and study it before the exam begins. Your success is our success, We would be delighted to hear about your success Send us an email and tell us your story Thanks. for your business and we wish you continued success. Mometrix Test Preparation Team, Need more help Check out our flashcards at http MometrixFlashcards com TEAS. ATI TEAS Secrets i,ii ATI TEAS Secrets,TABLE OF CONTENTS. Introduction 1,Key Ideas and Details 2,Craft and Structure 7.
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 15,Mathematics 21. Numbers and Operations 21,Data Interpretation 49,Measurement 57. Science 69,Human Anatomy and Physiology 69,Life and Physical Sciences 102. Scientific Reasoning 122,English and Language Usage 128. Conventions of Standard English 128,Punctuation 143.
Improving Sentences 149,Improving Paragraphs 164,Vocabulary 169. Comprehensive Practice Tests 175,ATI TEAS Practice Test 1 176. Section 1 Reading 177,Section 2 Mathematics 195,Section 3 Science 204. Section 4 English and Language Usage 215,Test 1 Answer Explanations 221. Reading 221,Mathematics 225,Science 229,English and Language Usage 234.
ATI TEAS Practice Test 2 238,Section 1 Reading 239. Section 2 Mathematics 256,Section 3 Science 265,Section 4 English and Language Usage 275. Test 2 Answer Explanations 281,Reading 281,Mathematics 287. Science 291,English and Language Usage 297,ATI TEAS Practice Test 3 301. Section 1 Reading 302,Section 2 Mathematics 319,Section 3 Science 329.
Section 4 English and Language Usage 338,Test 3 Answer Explanations 344. Reading 344,Mathematics 350,Science 355,English and Language Usage 359. ATI TEAS Secrets iii,Top 20 Test Taking Tips 364,Secret Key 1 Time is Your Greatest Enemy 365. Secret Key 2 Guessing is not Guesswork 366,Secret Key 3 Practice Smarter Not Harder 368. Secret Key 4 Prepare Don t Procrastinate 369,Secret Key 5 Test Yourself 370.
General Strategies 371,Additional Bonus Material 377. iv ATI TEAS Secrets,Introduction, Thank you for your purchase of ATI TEAS Secrets by Mometrix Test Preparation This study. manual includes comprehensive review sections on each of the four TEAS test sections Reading. Mathematics Science and English and Language Usage Following those review sections are three. complete TEAS practice tests Each practice test is followed by detailed answer explanations. The TEAS is an important test so it is essential that you adequately prepare for your test day Be. sure to set aside enough study time to be able to take each of the practice tests using only the. amount of time that is specified You are encouraged to minimize your external distractions in. order to make the practice test conditions as similar to the real test conditions as possible. Below is a breakdown of the four sections on the exam including the subcategories how many. questions are in each section and how much time will be allotted for you to complete that section. Each section of the test contains more questions for you to answer than will actually be scored. Those extra questions are being evaluated for future use. Time Number of Percent of Scored Test,Content Areas Allowed Test Items Test Items Items. Reading 64 min 53 31 47,Key Ideas and Details 22,Craft and Structure 14. Integration of,Knowledge and Ideas,Mathematics 54 min 36 21 32.
Number and Algebra 23,Measurement and,Science 63 min 53 31 47. Human Anatomy and,Physiology,Life and Physical,Scientific Reasoning 7. English and,28 min 28 17 24,Language Usage,Conventions of. Standard English,Knowledge of,Vocabulary,Acquisition. Total 209 min 170 150,ATI TEAS Secrets 1,Key Ideas and Details.
Summarizing a Complex Text, A helpful tool is the ability to summarize the information that you have read in a paragraph or. passage format This process is similar to creating an effective outline First a summary should. accurately define the main idea of the passage though the summary does not need to explain this. main idea in exhaustive detail The summary should continue by laying out the most important. supporting details or arguments from the passage All of the significant supporting details should be. included and none of the details included should be irrelevant or insignificant Also the summary. should accurately report all of these details Too often the desire for brevity in a summary leads to. the sacrifice of clarity or accuracy Summaries are often difficult to read because they omit all of the. graceful language digressions and asides that distinguish great writing However an effective. summary should contain much the same message as the original text. Paraphrase, Paraphrasing is another method that the reader can use to aid in comprehension When. paraphrasing one puts what they have read into their words by rephrasing what the author has. written or one translates all of what the author shared into their words by including as many. details as they can,Identifying the Logical Conclusion. Identifying a logical conclusion can help you determine whether you agree with the writer or not. Coming to this conclusion is much like making an inference the approach requires you to combine. the information given by the text with what you already know in order to make a logical conclusion. If the author intended the reader to draw a certain conclusion then you can expect the author s. argumentation and detail to be leading in that direction One way to approach the task of drawing. conclusions is to make brief notes of all the points made by the author When the notes are. arranged on paper they may clarify the logical conclusion Another way to approach conclusions is. to consider whether the reasoning of the author raises any pertinent questions Sometimes you will. be able to draw several conclusions from a passage On occasion these will be conclusions that were. never imagined by the author Therefore be aware that these conclusions must be supported. directly by the text,Directly Stated Information, A reader should always be drawing conclusions from the text Sometimes conclusions are implied. from written information and other times the information is stated directly within the passage. One should always aim to draw conclusions from information stated within a passage rather than. to draw them from mere implications At times an author may provide some information and then. describe a counterargument Readers should be alert for direct statements that are subsequently. rejected or weakened by the author Furthermore you should always read through the entire. passage before drawing conclusions Many readers are trained to expect the author s conclusions at. either the beginning or the end of the passage but many texts do not adhere to this format. 2 ATI TEAS Secrets,Inferences, Readers are often required to understand a text that claims and suggests ideas without stating them.
directly An inference is a piece of information that is implied but not written outright by the. author For instance consider the following sentence After the final out of the inning the fans were. filled with joy and rushed the field From this sentence a reader can infer that the fans were. watching a baseball game and their team won the game Readers should take great care to avoid. using information beyond the provided passage before making inferences As you practice with. drawing inferences you will find that they require concentration and attention. Review Video Inference,Visit mometrix com academy and enter Code 379203. Test taking tip While being tested on your ability to make correct inferences you must look for. contextual clues An answer can be true but not correct The contextual clues will help you find the. answer that is the best answer out of the given choices Be careful in your reading to understand. the context in which a phrase is stated When asked for the implied meaning of a statement made in. the passage you should immediately locate the statement and read the context in which the. statement was made Also look for an answer choice that has a similar phrase to the statement in. Implications, Drawing conclusions from information implied within a passage requires confidence on the part of. the reader Implications are things that the author does not state directly but readers can assume. based on what the author does say Consider the following passage I stepped outside and opened my. umbrella By the time I got to work the cuffs of my pants were soaked The author never states that it. is raining but this fact is clearly implied Conclusions based on implication must be well supported. by the text In order to draw a solid conclusion readers should have multiple pieces of evidence If. readers have only one piece they must be assured that there is no other possible explanation than. their conclusion A good reader will be able to draw many conclusions from information implied by. the text which will be a great help in the exam,Topics Main Ideas and Supporting Details. Topics and Main Ideas, One of the most important skills in reading comprehension is the identification of topics and main. ideas There is a subtle difference between these two features The topic is the subject of a text i e. what the text is all about The main idea on the other hand is the most important point being. ATI TEAS Secrets i Dear Future TEAS Exam Success Story Congratulations on your purchase of our study guide Our goal in writing our study guide was to cover the content on the test as well as provide insight into typical test taking mistakes and how to overcome them

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