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Table of Contents,Chapter 1 Introducing the Eee PC. About This User s Manual 1 2,Notes for This Manual 1 3. Safety Precautions 1 4,Transportation Precautions 1 5. Charging Your Batteries 1 5,Airplane Precautions 1 5. Preparing your Eee PC 1 6,Chapter 2 Knowing the Parts.
Top Side 2 2,Bottom Side 2 5,Right Side 2 7,Left Side 2 8. Rear Side 2 9,Chapter 3 Getting Started,Power System 3 2. Using AC Power 3 2,Using Battery Power 3 4,Touchpad Usage 3 6. Keyboard Usage 3 8,Special Function Keys 3 8,Adjust the window 3 10. First Run Wizard 3 11,Operating Mode 3 13,Shutdown 3 14.
Chapter 4 Using the Eee PC,Internet 4 2,Configuring a wireless network connection 4 2. Configuring a network connection 4 4, Wireless Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet 4 9. Browsing web pages 4 14,Enjoying free resources 4 15. ii Table of Contents,Table of Contents,Accessing E mail 4 16. Chatting with friends 4 17,Checking the World Clock 4 19.
Office applications 4 20,Management software 4 24,Accessories Dictionary 4 27. Learn 4 28,Science 4 28,Language 4 29,Paint 4 30,Web Learn 4 30. Media Player 4 31,Music Manager 4 32,Photo Manager 4 33. Video Manager 4 34,Webcam optional 4 34,Sound Recorder 4 35. Games 4 35,Settings 4 36,Anti Virus 4 36,Volume 4 36.
Instant Shutdown 4 37,Printers 4 37,System Info 4 38. Date Time 4 38,Personalization 4 39,Add Remove Software 4 39. Touchpad 4 42,Disk Utility 4 42,Diagnostic Tools 4 43. Desktop Mode 4 44,Voice Command 4 45,ASUS Eee PC iii. Table of Contents,Task Manager 4 46,Favorites 4 47.
Chapter 5 Installing Optimizing Windows XP,Preparing to install Windows XP 5 2. Installing Windows XP 5 2,Optimizing Windows XP 5 4. Changing Virtual Memory 5 4,Turning off System Restore 5 5. Compressing Disk Drive 5 6,Relocating Files 5 6,Deleting unnecessary Windows Components 5 8. Clearing System Backup Data 5 8,Deleting unnecessary document files 5 9.
Chapter 6 Support DVD System Recovery,Support DVD information 6 2. Running the support DVD 6 2,Drivers menu 6 3,Utilities menu 6 4. Manual 6 5,Contact 6 5,Other information 6 6,System Recovery 6 7. Using Hidden Partition 6 7,Using the Support DVD 6 8. Using USB Flash Disk 6 8,Trademark Statements A 2,Qualified Vendor List A 3.
Declarations and Safety Statements A 6,GNU General Public License A 21. Copyright Information A 32,Limitation of Liability A 33. Service and Support A 33,iv Table of Contents,About This User s Manual. Notes for This Manual,Safety Precautions,Preparing Your Eee PC. Introducing,the Eee PC,About This User s Manual, You are reading the Eee PC User s Manual This User s Manual.
provides information regarding the various components in the Eee. PC and how to use them The following are major sections of this. User s Manual,1 Introducing the Eee PC,Introduces the Eee PC and this User s Manual. 2 Knowing the Parts,Provides information on the Eee PC s components. 3 Getting Started, Provides information on getting started with the Eee PC. 4 Using the Eee PC, Provides information on using the Eee PC s utilities. 5 Installing Optimizing Windows XP, Gives you information on how to install and optimize Windows.
XP on your Eee PC,6 Support DVD System Recovery, Gives you information on the support DVD and system recovery. 7 Appendix,Provides you QVL and gives safety statements. 1 2 Chapter 1 Introducing the Eee PC,Notes for This Manual. A few notes and warnings are used throughout this guide allowing. you to complete certain tasks safely and effectively These notes have. different degrees of importance as follows, WARNING Important information that must be followed for safe. IMPORTANT Vital information that must be followed to prevent. damage to data components or persons,TIP Tips for completing tasks.
NOTE Information for special situations,ASUS Eee PC 1 3. Safety Precautions, The following safety precautions will increase the life of the Eee. PC Follow all precautions and instructions Except as described in. this manual refer all servicing to qualified personnel Do not use. damaged power cords accessories or other peripherals Do not use. strong solvents such as thinners benzene or other chemicals on or. near the surface, Disconnect the AC power and remove the battery pack s. before cleaning Wipe the Eee PC using a clean cellulose sponge. or chamois cloth dampened with a solution of nonabrasive. detergent and a few drops of warm water and remove any extra. moisture with a dry cloth,DO NOT place on uneven or DO NOT place or drop. unstable work surfaces Seek objects on top and do not. servicing if the casing has shove any foreign objects. been damaged into the Eee PC,DO NOT expose to dirty or DO NOT expose to strong.
dusty environments DO NOT magnetic or electrical fields. operate during a gas leak,DO NOT press or touch the DO NOT expose to or. display panel Do not place use near liquids rain or. together with small items moisture DO NOT use the, that may scratch or enter the modem during electrical. Eee PC storms, DO NOT leave the Eee PC on Battery safety warning DO. your lap or any part of the NOT throw the battery in. body to prevent discomfort fire DO NOT short circuit. or injury from heat exposure the contacts DO NOT,disassemble the battery. SAFE TEMP This Eee PC INPUT RATING Refer to the,should only be used in rating label on the bottom.
environments with ambient of the Eee PC and be sure. temperatures between 5 C that your power adapter,41 F and 35 C 95 F complies with the rating. DO NOT throw the Eee PC in DO NOT carry or cover a. municipal waste Check local Eee PC that is powered ON. regulations for disposal of with any materials that will. electronic products reduce air circulation such,as a carrying bag. 1 4 Chapter 1 Introducing the Eee PC,Transportation Precautions. To prepare the Eee PC for transport you should close the display. panel to protect the keyboard and display panel, The Eee PC s surface is easily dulled if not properly cared for Be. careful not to rub or scrape surfaces when transporting your Eee PC. You can put your Eee PC in a carrying case for protection from dirt. water shock and scratches,Charging Your Batteries, If you intend to use battery power be sure to fully charge your.
battery pack and any optional battery packs before going on long. trips Remember that the power adapter charges the battery pack as. long as it is plugged into the computer and an AC power source Be. aware that it takes much longer to charge the battery pack when the. Eee PC is in use,Airplane Precautions, Contact your airline if you want to use the Eee PC on the airplane. Most airlines have restrictions for using electronic devices Most. airlines allow electronic use only between and not during takeoffs. and landings, There are three main types of airport security devices X ray. machines used on items placed on conveyor belts magnetic. detectors used on people walking through security checks. and magnetic wands hand held devices used on people or. individual items You can send your Eee PC and diskettes. through airport X ray machines However it is recommended. that you do not send your Eee PC or diskettes through airport. magnetic detectors or expose them to magnetic wands. ASUS Eee PC 1 5,Preparing your Eee PC, These are only quick instructions for using your Eee PC Read the. following chapters for detailed information,1 Install the battery pack. 2 Connect the AC power adapter, The wall outlet differs in type by country Your Eee PC ships.
with an adapter compliant with your national standard The. illustration above is for reference only and may not exactly show. your specific configuration Refer to page 3 2 for more details. 1 6 Chapter 1 Introducing the Eee PC,3 Open the display panel. 4 Turn ON the Eee PC, When you open the display panel do not force it down to the. table or else the hinges may break Never lift the Eee PC by the. display panel,ASUS Eee PC 1 7,1 8 Chapter 1 Introducing the Eee PC. Bottom Side,Right Side,Knowing the Parts, Refer to the illustration below to identify the components on this. side of the Eee PC,The keyboard differs for each territory.
2 2 Chapter 2 Knowing the Parts,1 Built in Camera optional. The built in camera allows picture taking or video. 2 Display Panel, The display panel functions the same as a desktop monitor. The Eee PC uses an active matrix TFT LCD which provides. excellent viewing like that of desktop monitors Unlike. desktop monitors the LCD panel does not produce any. radiation or flickering so it is easier on the eyes Use a soft. cloth without chemical liquids use plain water if necessary. to clean the display panel,3 Power Switch, The power switch allows powering ON and OFF the Eee PC. and recovering from STR Press the switch once to turn ON. and hold it to turn OFF the Eee PC The power switch only. works when the display panel is opened,4 Keyboard, The keyboard provides keys with comfortable travel depth. at which the keys can be depressed and palm rest for both. 5 Touchpad and Buttons, The touchpad and its buttons comprises a pointing device.
that provides the same functions as a desktop mouse. Scrolling is available to allow easy web and document. ASUS Eee PC 1 3 NOTE Information for special situations TIP Tips for completing tasks WARNING Important information that must be followed for safe

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