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Heritage Timeline, October 13 2015 The Center for Art Law published an article titled The. International Criminal Court Takes on Attacks on Cultural. Heritage But is it Enough By Timur Tisuray On September 26. 2015 Nigerian authorities surrendered Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi to the. International Criminal Court Al Mahdi is charged with war crimes. linked to his alleged involvement in the destruction of historic and. religious monuments in Mali in 2012 The trial underscores such acts. of heritage and cultural destruction will not be tolerated by the. international community, http itsartlaw com 2015 10 13 the international criminal court. takes on attacks on cultural heritage but is it enough. October 9 2015 DGAM published an article entitled Arch of Triumph Upon. Destruction by ISIS This article confirms the destruction with. additional photographs and references to films that were released of. the explosion It further confirms that ISIL takes full responsibility. regarding the destruction,http dgam gov sy index php d 314 id 1823. Sputnik International published an article titled Russian Airstrikes. in Syria Could Be Palmyra s Only Chance to Survive This article. attempts to rally support behind Russian military action in Syria by. asserting that Russia not only bombed ISIL headquarters 40 miles. from Palmyra but their air campaign could save the city from ISIL as. http sputniknews com middleeast 20151009 1028251339 russia. palmyra isis arch heritage syria html, The Global Heritage Fund announced their initiative AMAL in. Heritage a non profit response to emergency management of. cultural heritage The project aims to develop a mobile and web. application that can be used to offer supplementary training and. emergency management tools for cultural heritage professionals and. communities in times of crisis enabling them to undertake survey. salvage and stabilization measures when international help and. assistance are unavailable The pilot initiative will create the first. component of AMAL s App which will assist participants in carrying. out rapid initial assessments of damage, October 8 2015 APSA published a video titled Palmyra Daesh blows up Arch of.
Triumph 01 10 2015 This video shows the aftermath of the. destruction of the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra,https www youtube com watch v nhX1Rw2rlbs. ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 61 62 2. ABC News released a video titled 2 000 Year Old Arch ISIS. Destroyed in Palmyra Syria which shows ISIL destroying the Arch. of Triumph in Palmyra, http abcnews go com International video shows 2000 year arch. isis destroyed palmyra story id 34338007, The Paideia Institute published a blog titled Back from the Future. ISIS and the Impact of the Present on the Past in the Present by. Simon Oswald https medium com eidolon back from the future. fdf55441ba64, Time Magazine published an article titled Why ISIS Wants to. Destroy Syria s Cultural Heritage by Amr Al Azm The author. asserts that ISIL destroys sites heritage to attempt to rewrite the. history of the region and of Islam for ideological purposes as well as. to show the world that they can operate without consequences and. act with impunity,http time com 4065290 syria cultural heritage.
Sputnik News released an article titled Why is City Palmyra So. Important to Millions of Russians This article discusses the. sadness expressed via Russian social media when internet posts of. Palmyra s capture and destruction by ISIL went viral. http sputniknews com russia 20151008 1028230752 syrian. palmyra important for millions russians html, HyperAllergic Media published an article titled New Guidelines Help. Museums Safeguard Works Threatened by War and Disaster by. Claire Voon The Association of Art Museum Directors AAMD has. released a list of protocols to help protect at risk archeological items. http hyperallergic com 241613 new guidelines help museums. safeguard works threatened by war and disaster, The Archeological Institute of America published an article titled. AIA and ASOR Receive Grant for Two Day Syrian Cultural. Heritage Summit This article announces the award of the. Chairman s Grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities to. the AIA and ASOR,https www archaeological org news aianews 20271. Aleteaia released an interview with Maria Saadeh Syrian Member of. Parliament titled Syrian Legislator s Message to the West You. Are Destroying Our State Our History and Our Heritage by. Arthur Herlin, http aleteia org 2015 10 08 syrian legislators message to the. west you are destroying our state our history and our heritage. ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 61 62 3. The New York Times produced an editorial entitled Cultural. Destruction as a War Crime The International Criminal Court. started its legal proceedings one week ago against Ahmad al Faqi al. Mahdi who was charged with the destruction of 10 religious sites in. Timbuktu Mali,http www nytimes com 2015 10 09 opinion cultural.
destruction as a war crime htm, October 7 2015 DGAM published an article entitled In photos major damages at. Shinsharah in Djebel el Zawy The DGAM received information. about destruction at the ruins at Shinsharah in Djebel el Zawy and. presents the evidence ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 15 0137. http dgam gov sy index php d 314 id 1821, Elan published an article titled 3D Mapping history Can these. modern day Monuments Men save ancient sites in the Middle. East by Yara Boraie This article is an update of the Institute for. Digital Archaeology s launch of The Million Image Database a. project sponsored by UNESCO World Heritage New York University s. Institute for the Study of the Ancient World and Oxford University. The goal is to flood the Middle East with 3D cameras to digitally. document historical buildings sculptures and artifacts that are at risk. of destruction, http www elanthemag com 3d mapping history can modern day. monuments men save ancient sites middle east, The DGAM published an article entitled Conclusion of workshop. Cultural heritage site management The DGAM held a workshop to. improve upon human resources legal support and management for. site preservation with participants from throughout Syria. http dgam gov sy index php d 314 id 1819, October 6 2015 The Department of State released a blog post titled Cultural.
Heritage Defines Us and Must Be Preserved The UN General. Assembly and the US Department of State held a symposium at the. Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to provide new and. irrefutable evidence showing that ISIL is looting for profit and. released a plan to make stronger efforts to combat the market of. conflict antiquities, https blogs state gov stories 2015 10 06 cultural heritage. defines us and must be preserved, ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 61 62 4. Newsweek published an article titled Syrian Director of Antiquities. Welcomes Russian Bombing of Palmyra The article states that. DGAM Directory Maamoun Abdulkarim supports Russia running air. raids over Palmyra in order to combat ISIL However Russia strictly. denies these reports saying Russian aviation in Syria does not. operate over populated settlements nor on the architectural. monuments situated there, http europe newsweek com exclusive syrian director antiquities. welcomes russian bombing palmyra 334176, October 5 2015 DGAM published an article entitled ISIS destroys the Arch of. Triumph in Palmyra The DGAM confirms the destruction of the. Arch of Triumph in Palmyra Multiple news outlets continued to. publish similar reports regarding the destruction ASOR CHI Incident. Report SHI 15 0138,http dgam gov sy index php d 314 id 1817.
http www independent co uk news world middle east palmyra. isis destroys roman triumphal arch in ancient syrian city. a6679526 html, http www nytimes com 2015 10 06 world middleeast isis syria. arch triumph palmyra html, http news yahoo com blows arch triumph syrias palmyra. activist monitor 010604769 html, http news nationalgeographic com 2015 10 151005 palmyra. arch destruction isis syria archaeology, http www reuters com article 2015 10 04 us mideast crisis. palmyra idUSKCN0RY0YN20151004, http www syriahr com en 2015 10 the islamic state detonate.
antique arches in palmyra and shelling on several areas at the. northern countryside of homs, DGAM began its multi week training course in the Department of. Archaeology at the University of Damascus entitled First Aid to Built. Cultural Heritage in Syria, https www facebook com First Aid to Built Cultural Heritage in. Syria Course 1660926204143551, Seattle Times published an article entitled Palmyra the ancient city. that must be saved from ISIS The article stresses the frustration. UNESCO has felt from the slowness from the world community to. react to the destruction of Palmyra, http www seattletimes com opinion palmyra the ancient city. that must be saved from the islamic state, ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 61 62 5.
Independent published an article titled ISIS guilty of cultural. cleansing across Syria and Iraq Unesco chief Irina Bokova says. by Alexander Sehmer Bokova stresses that ISIL and other militant. groups are guilty of cultural cleansing in the Middle East. http www independent co uk news world middle east unesco. chief irina bokova accuses islamist groups of cultural cleansing isis. a6679761 html, Hypothesis org released an article entitled Bel est bien mort This. article is an obituary esque account of the Temple Bel that was. destroyed by ISIL,http ifpo hypotheses org 7020, October 4 2015 NOW published an article entitled How Russia Bombed A UN. Heritage Site in Syria by Ana Maria Luca and Myra Abdallah. Russian airstrikes hit the Dead Cities near the modern town of. https now mmedia me lb en reportsfeatures 565993 how russia. bombed a un heritage site in syria, October 3 2015 The Huffington Post published an article entitled Timbuktu ISIS and. the Long Arm of Justice by Mark V Vlasic The article discusses. the surrender of Ahmad Al Mahdi Al Faqi to the International. Criminal Court ICC the first international case specifically related to. the destruction of religious and historical monuments. http www huffingtonpost com mark v vlasic timbuktu and the. long arm b 8239050 html, The Wellesley News published an article entitled Erasing the Past. Da Esh and the Crisis of Antiquity Destruction by Zarina Patwa. The article provides an overview of the Erasing the Past Daesh and. the Crisis of Antiquities Destruction conference held on September. http thewellesleynews com 2015 10 03 daeshs destruction of. antiquities sparks interdisciplinary conference, October 2 2015 Counter Punch published an article entitled Confronting Looting to.
Order and Cultural Racketeering in Syria by Franklin Lamb. This article provides a review of ISIL s cultural cleansing and the roles. of various organizations in documenting destruction of cultural. http www counterpunch org 2015 10 02 confronting looting to. order and cultural racketeering in syria, ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 61 62 6. October 1 2015 The Association of Art Museum Directors published an press. release AAMD Issues Protocols to Protect Works of Cultural. Significance in Danger of Damage or Destruction contacts. Christine Anagnos and Elizabeth Chapman, https www aamd org for the media press release aamd issues. protocols to protect works of cultural significance in. The Globe Mail published an article titled The Sack of Palmyra A. Modern History of Destroying History This collection of articles. details the destruction of Syria s cultural heritage due to ongoing civil. war and recent ISIL involvement Several experts are featured. describing what has been lost thus far and the efforts that are being. made to prevent future destruction and looting with particular focus. on Palmyra, http www theglobeandmail com news world the sack of. palmyra a modern history of destroyinghistory article26610572. ARTslanT published an article titled Fighting ISIL Iconoclasm with. Art and 3D Printers by Danna Lorch This article reviews Oxford. and Harvard s project The Million Image Database Project through. which 5 000 cameras will be distributed to relatively unskilled. volunteers who are based in conflict zones, http motherboard vice com read where do isis looted antiquities. F3 Magazine published an article titled ISIS and illicit trafficking in. cultural property Funding terrorism through art by Annelies. Pauwels This article stresses the importance of stopping terrorist. financing through looting and antiquities trafficking The article posits. stories dealing with cultural property crimes are potentially. overlooked amongst other stories regarding atrocities in the conflict. zone but the author argues antiquities trafficking should not be. ignored given ISIL s focus on the trade as a significant source of. terrorist finance,http f3magazine unicri it p 1098.
September 30 2015 The Department of State published an article titled United Against. Threats to Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria by the Office of the. Spokesperson Documents and items recovered during a U S Special. Operations Forces raid on the compound of ISIL leader Abu Sayyaf in. May 2014 prove there is a system in place under senior ISIL.

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