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ASM Handbook Volume 4E Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys Copyright 2016 ASM International. G E Totten and D S MacKenzie editors All rights reserved. www asminternational org,Fundamentals of Nonferrous Heat Treatment 1. Annealing of Aluminum and Its Alloys,3 Jurgen Hirsch Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products. Principles of Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys GmbH R D 137. Introduction 3,Diffusion in Metals and Alloys 3,Mechanisms and Microstructure Evolution during. Annealing 137,Annealing of Cold Worked Metals 7,8 Annealing of Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloys 143. Main Annealing and Process Parameters Affecting,Recrystallization 8.
Final Properties 145,Grain Growth 11,of 12 Quenching of Aluminum Alloys. Homogenization Castings,D Scott MacKenzie Houghton International. Solid State Phase Transformations 15,Niels Bogh Bogh Industries. Isothermal Phase Transformations 18,Tom Croucher Tom Croucher and Associates 148. Athermal Transformations 24,Quench Sensitivity of Alloys 149.
Precipitation Hardening 25,Quench Mechanisms 151,Homogenization of Metal Alloys. 32 Quench Severity and Cooling Rates 152,Paul D Jablonski U S Department of Energy. Water as a Quenchant 156,Homogenization Overview of the Problem 33. Immersion Water Quenching 157,Segregation Induced Incipient Melt Point 33. Spray or Fog Quenching 159, Estimating the Homogenization Heat Treatment Time 34.
Polymer Quenchants, Using CALPHAD Methods to Optimize the Homogenization. Other Quenching Media 165,Heat Treatment 34,Quench Factor Analysis 166. Computational Algorithm 35,Racking Practices 171,Summary 36. Quench Tank Systems 173,Annealing and Recrystallization 38. The Deformed State 38 Agitation Systems,Quench Sensitivity of Aluminum Alloys 179.
Recovery 38,Time Temperature Property Diagrams 179. Recrystallization 39,Quench FactorAnalysis 182,Grain Growth 41. Classical Quench Factor Analysis 183,Heat Treatable Nonferrous Alloys. Assumptions in Quench Factor Analysis 184,Alexey Sverdlin Milwaukee School of Engineering. Limitations of Quench Factor Analysis 185,Steven Lampman ASM International.
Modified Quench Factor Analysis 187,Aluminum Alloys 44. 49 Jominy End Quench Method 187,Magnesium Alloys,Continuous Cooling Precipitation Diagrams 191. Nickel Alloys 51,Residual Stress in Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloys. Titanium and Titanium Alloys 53,S Robinson University of Limerick 198. Copper Copper Alloys,Introduction 198,Other Nonferrous Alloys 61.
Origin and Magnitude of Residual Stresses 198,Thermal Stress Relief 201. Reducing Residual Stresses by Changing the Thermal. Heat Treating of Aluminum and Its Alloys 63,Gradient during Quenching 206. Metallurgy of Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloys Residual Stress Relaxation Mechanical Means 208. D Scott MacKenzie Houghton International Inc 65 211. Alloying Elements and Phases 65,Age Hardening of Aluminum Alloys. Other Microstructural Features 69 John Banhart Technische Universitdt Berlin 214. Strengthening Mechanisms 72 Methods to Characterize Aging Processes 215. Process of Precipitation 74 Difficulties 215, Precipitation in Specific Alloy Systems 82 Aging in Various Groups of Alloys 215. Solution Heat Treating 88 Al Mg Si and Al Mg Si Cu Alloys 215. Quenching 92 Al Mg Si Alloys 216, Stretching or Mechanical Deformation after Quenching 99 Al Mg Si Cu Alloys 221.
Precipitation Heat Treatments 102 Al Cu Al Cu Mg and Al Si Cu Alloys 221. Aluminum Alloy Nomenclature and Temper Designations 114 Aluminum Copper Alloys 221. Aluminum Alloy Designations 114 Al Cu Mg and Al Mg Cu Alloys 225. Basic Temper Designations 117 Al Si Cu Alloys 229, Cast Aluminum Alloys and Tempers 121 Lithium Containing Alloys 229. Wrought Aluminum Alloys and Tempers 126 Al Cu Li Alloys 230. Al Mg Li Alloys 230 Heat Treating of Copper and Its Alloys 309. Al Mg Zn and Al Mg Zn Cu Alloys 230,Heat Treating of Copper and Copper Alloys 311. Al Mg Zn Alloys 231,Al Zn Mg Cu Alloys 232 Copper Alloys 311. Retrogression and Reaging Strengthening Mechanisms 313. J S Robinson University of Limerick 240 Precipitation Hardening 315. Development Background 240 Homogenizing 318,Process Description 240 Annealing 318. Effects of RRA,Stress Relieving 321,Heat Treating Equipment 322.
Conclusions 243, Heat Treatment Practices of Annealing and Recrystallization of Coppers 325. Age Hardenable,Aluminum Alloys 245 Coppers 326, Age Hardening Alloys 248 Strengthening of Copper 328. General Aging Chracteristics 254 Annealing of Copper 330. 2014 256 Stress Relaxation of Copper Wire 333,2017 Duralumin 258 Heat Treating of Brasses. 2024 258 Sabit Ali NBM Metals Inc 335, Solution Heat Treating 2024 258 Types of Brasses 336. Precipitation Heat Treating 259 Wrought Brasses 346. Other 2xxx Cast Brasses 348,Alloys 261,4xxx and 6xxx Stress Relieving 350.
Alloys 262,4032 262 Annealing of Wrought Brasses 350. 6005 262 Recrystallization and Grain Growth 351,6009 262 Heat Treating of Bronzes. 6010 262 Sabit Ali NBM Metals Inc 355,6013 262 Tin Bronzes Phosphor Bronzes 355. 6061 262 Aluminum Bronzes 361,Other 6xxx Alloys 263 Silicon Bronzes 371. 7xxx Alloys 264 Beryllium Bronzes Beryllium Copper Alloys 383. Other High Copper Alloys 395,Heat Treating of Nickel and Its Alloys 397.
7475 267 Heat Treatment Metallurgy of Nickel Base, 2xx x Casting Alloys 268 Ian Dempster Wyman Gordon Forgings. 3xx x Casting Alloys 270 Ronald Wallis 399, 4xx x Casting Alloys 273 Nickel Alloying and Phases 399. lxx x Casting Alloys 273 Nickel Alloys 404, Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloy Castings Heat Treatment Processes and Guidelines 410. Geoffrey K Sigworth Consultant 274 Homogenization 412. Al Cu and Al Cu Mg 2xx Alloys 274 Annealing 413,Al Zn Mg 7xx Alloys 280 Annealing Methods 416. Al Si Mg Alloys 281 Stress Relieving and Stress Equalization 417. Al Si Cu and Al Si Cu Mg Alloys 285 Solution Treating 417. Recent Developments 286 Stabilization 419,Additional Reading and Resources 287 Aging 420.
Hardness and Electrical Conductivity Testing of Direct Age Process 420. Aluminum Alloys 289 Differential Dual Microstructure Heat. Electrical Conductivity of Aluminum Alloys 289 Treatment 420. Eddy Current Conductivity Measurements 291 Heat Treatment Modeling 422. Conductivity and Aging in 2024 294 Heat Treatment of Wrought Nickel Alloys. Modeling and Simulation of the Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys William Mankins Metallurgical Services Incorporated. Michael Reich and Olaf Kessler Universitat Rostock 296 Steven Lampman ASM International 426. Heat Treatment Simulation Model 296 Wrought Nickel Alloys 427. Input Materials Data 296 Wrought Processing and Annealing 429. Yield Strength Model Based on Microstructure 297 Wrought Solid Solution Alloys 431. Flow Curve Model Based on Mechanical Tests 298 Heat Treating of Solid Solution Nickel Alloys 434. Example of Aluminum Quenching Simulation 299 Age Hardenable Alloys 439. Nitriding of Aluminum and Its Alloys Annealing of Age Hardenable Alloys 442. H J Spies and Anke Dalke Technische Universitat Bergakademie Solution Treating for Age Hardening 442. Freiberg 302 Aging 443, Nitriding Technology and Nitride Mechanism 303 Effects of Cold Working 446. Structure and Properties of Nitrided Layers 304 Heat Treatment of y Nickel Alloys 447. Nitriding Behavior of Aluminum Alloys 304 Heat Treatment of y Nickel Iron Superalloys 450. Combination Technologies 305 Heat Treatment of y Nickel Iron Superalloys 453. Summary 306 Powder Metallurgy Superalloys 455, Heat Treatment of Cast Nickel Base Alloys Recovery and Recrystallization 541. John Martin and Matthew Donachie Rensselaer at Neocrystallization 544. Hartford 459 Quenching of Titanium and Control of Residual Stresses. Nickel Base Casting Alloys 460 Xin Yao Weber Metals Inc 546. Heat Treatments 465 Effects of,Alloying Elements 546. Strengthening Mechanisms 466 Aluminum and Molybdenum Equivalent Coefficient of. Industrial Casting Heat Treatment 470 Beta Stabilization 546. Cast Superalloy Heat Treatment 471 Classification and Microstructures of Titanium Alloys 546. Solution Treating of Cast Superalloys 471 Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloys 549. Aging of Cast Superalloys 474 Quenching of Titanium Alloys 549. Polycrystalline Cast Superalloys 474 Jominy End Quench and Hardenability 551. Directionally Solidified Castings 475 Control of Residual Stresses 552. Diffusion Coatings 478 Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of. Titanium Alloys,Heat Treating of Titanium and Its Alloys 479. Reviewed and revised by Rodney R Boyer RBTi Consulting and. Introduction to Titanium and Its Alloys John Foltz ATI 555. Reviewed and revised by John Foltz ATI and Michael Gram Commercially Pure Titanium 556. Timet 481 Alpha and Near Alpha Titanium Alloys 556. The Titanium Atom 481 Alpha Beta Alloys 560,Alloying Elements 482 Beta Alloys 565.
Classes of Titanium Alloys 488 General Comparison of Mechanical Properties 567. Titanium Alloy Microstructures 495 Summary 571, Metallurgy of Titanium Alloy Heat Treatment Modeling and Simulation of Microstructure Evolution. Reviewed and revised by Rodney R Boyer RBTi Consulting and during Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloys. John Foltz ATI 498 Rongpei Shi The Ohio State University. Equilibrium Phase Relationships 499 Dong Wang The Ohio State University and Xi an Jiaotong University. Metastable Phases and Metastable Phase Diagrams 500 Yunzhi Wang The Ohio State University 573. Examples of Phases Present after Quenching 503 Phase Transformation and Microstructure Evolution in. Transformation Kinetics 504 Titanium Alloys 573, Heat Treatment 504 Fundamentals of Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloys 576. Titanium Aluminum Alloy 508 Crystallography and Symmetry Analysis of. Contamination during Heat Treatment 509 P a Transformation 579. Summary 509 CALPHAD Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling 583. Heat Treating of Titanium and Titanium Alloys Phase Field Microstructure Modeling 584. Charles Carson Fort Wayne Wire Die Inc Retired 511 Applications 587. Effects ofAlloying Elements on a p Transformation 511 Summary and Future Outlook 598. Alloy Types and Heat Treatment Response 513 Nitriding of Titanium Alloys. Stress Relief Anneal 513 Edward Roliriski Advanced Heat Treat Corp 604. Annealing Practices for Mechanical Property Fundamentals 605. Enhancement 514 Nitriding Methods Applicable to Titanium 607. Straightening Sizing and Flattening 515 Kinetics of Nitriding 611. Solution Treating and Aging 515 Nitriding Combined with Heat Treatment 611. Quenching 516 Properties of Nitrided Titanium Alloys 612. Scaling and Oxidization 517 Summary of the Effect of Nitriding on Surface Properties of. Age Hardening 517 Titanium and Two Phase a P Alloy The Effect of. Alpha Case 518 Nitriding Temperature 615, Hydrogen Embrittlement 522 Applications of Nitriding to Titanium Products 616. Growth during Heat Treatment 524 Conclusions 616,Heat Treating Procedures and Furnaces 524. Heat Treating of Other Nonferrous Alloys 623,Quenching 527.
Fixtures for Distortion Control 528 Heat Treatment of Cobalt Base Alloys. Heat Treating Checklist 528 D L Klarstrom Specialty Metals Consultancy LLC 625. Appendix A Methods for Determination of the p Transus Cobalt Alloy Metallurgy 625. Temperature 528 Wear Resistant Cobalt Alloys 626, Metallographic Method 528 Heat Resistant Cobalt Alloys 628. Calculation Method 529 Cobalt Base Corrosion Resistant Alloys 631. High Temperature Differential Thermal Analysis Heat Treatments 632. Method 532,Heat Treating of Low Melting Point Alloys 634. Deformation and Recrystallization of Titanium and,Heat Treating of Lead and Lead Alloys 634. Its Alloys 535,Heat Treating of Tin Rich Alloys 636. Deformation 535 Heat Treating of Zinc Alloys 637, Development of Texture in Titanium 537 Heat Treating of Magnesium Alloys.
Texture Strengthening 538 Revised by Trevor Abbott Magontec 640. Strain Hardening 540 Heat Treatment Designations 640. Strain Effects 540,Alloy Designations 640,Superplasticity 541 Influence of Grain Size 641. Relationship between Hardness and Mechanical Annealing of Refractory Metals. Properties 641 John L Johnson Elmet Technologies LLC 664. Precipitation Hardening of Magnesium Alloys 641 Annealing Practices 664. Effects of Individual Elements on Precipitation Hardening. 642 Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys 664, Types of Heat Treatment 643 Molybdenum and Molybdenum Alloys 665. Effects ofMajor Variables 645 Niobium and Niobium Alloys 665. Equipment and Processing 646 Tantalum and Tantalum Alloys 666. Prevention of Heat Treating Problems 647 Rhenium 666. Heat Treatment of Weld Repaired Components 647 Heat Treating of Uranium and Uranium Alloys. Evaluation of Heat Treated Parts 647 Reaffirmed by Robert Hackenberg Los Alamos National. Prevention and Control ofMagnesium Fires 648 Laboratory 667. Heat Treating of Magnesium Alloy Metal Matrix Composites Metallurgical Characteristics of Depleted Uranium 667. Chongchen Xiang and Nikhil Gupta New York University. 650 Grain Size and Orientation Control 667,Introduction 650 Cold Working 668. Characteristics of Magnesium Alloys 650 Annealing 668. Microstructure 651 Dilute Alloys of Depleted Uranium 670. Heat Treatment of Magnesium Alloy Systems 653 Metastable High Alloys 673. ASMHandbook Volume4E Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys Prepared underthedirection ofthe ASMInternational HandbookCommittee VolumeEditor GeorgeE Totten Portland State University Division Editors D Scott MacKenzie Houghton International Inc OlafKessler Universitat Rostock Sabit Ali NBMMetals Inc Ian Dempster WymanGordon Forgings RonaldWallis Rodney R Boyer RBTi Consulting

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