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Using the Control Panel 4,Using the Touch Screen 4. Placing Originals for Copying Scanning or Faxing 6. Using the Scanner Glass 6,Using the Automatic Document Feeder 7. Loading Paper 8,Using Special Papers 11,Copying a Document or Photo 13. Copying a Document 13,Restoring Cropping or Copying Photos 14. Faxing a Document or Photo 17,Connecting to a Phone Line 17.
Setting Up a Fax Header 18,Sending a Fax 19,Receiving Faxes 20. Printing From a Memory Card or External Drive 22,Inserting a Memory Card 22. Printing From a USB Drive 23,Printing From Your Computer 25. Printing in Windows 25,Printing With a Macintosh 26. Selecting the Correct Paper Type 29,2 Contents,Scanning a Document or Photo 30.
Quick Scanning With the Scan Button 30,Scanning With Epson Scan Software 31. Scanning With Mac OS X 10 6 32,Maintaining Your Product 33. Checking the Print Head Nozzles 33,Cleaning the Print Head 34. Checking the Ink Cartridge Status 35,Purchasing Epson Ink Cartridges 36. Replacing Ink Cartridges 37,Network Setup 39,Wireless Network Setup 39.
Wired Ethernet Network Setup 47,Solving Problems 50. Checking for Software Updates 50,Problems and Solutions 50. Where to Get Help 55,Notices 57,Using the Control Panel. The control panel is adjustable To raise it lift it as shown below To lower it press. and hold the Unlock button until the control panel is at the desired angle. To avoid damaging the product make sure you press and hold the Unlock button to. lower the control panel Don t try to push the control panel down. Using the Touch Screen, The touch screen makes it easy to use all the creative features of your product. Blue status light, Press the touch screen gently with the tip of your finger don t press too hard or use.
sharp objects,4 Using the Control Panel, The touch screen displays only the buttons that are available for the task you are. working on, Press l or r to view more photos or access more options. Press Home to return to the Home screen, Press x Menu to make special settings The touch screen retains the settings. from the last time it was used If you want to start over simply press. Clear Settings to clear settings for the mode you re using Copy Fax etc. To save energy the touch screen goes dark after several minutes of inactivity. Touch the screen to wake it up, The blue status light at the bottom of the control panel flashes when the. product is printing or performing routine maintenance If it flashes rapidly. check the product for error messages, To turn off the beep heard when you press a button or to reduce its volume.
press Setup select Printer Setup choose Sound and adjust one of the settings. If you turn off the sound the dialing sound made when you transmit a fax is also. turned off,You may see the following icons on the screen. Icon Meaning,The product is connected to a wired network. The product is connected to a wireless network, ADF A document is loaded in the automatic document feeder. The current photo is cropped, The Fix Red Eye setting is on for the current photo or all photos. Reminds you whether View AutoCorrect is on or off,Using the Touch Screen 5.
Placing Originals for Copying,Scanning or Faxing, Before you copy scan or fax place your documents or photos on the scanner glass. see below or in the Automatic Document Feeder see page 7. Using the Scanner Glass, You can place multiple photos or a document up to letter size or A4 on the. scanner glass to make color or black and white copies. 1 Open the document cover and place your original face down on the scanner. glass with the top against the back left corner, If you re scanning 3 5 or 4 6 inch photos you can place up to two at a. time on the scanner glass Place them at least 1 4 inch 5 mm apart. 1 4 inch 5 mm,1 4 inch 5 mm, If the edges of your document or photo are cut off move the document or photo. 1 4 inch 5 mm away from the corner of the scanner glass. 2 Close the cover gently so you don t move the original s. 6 Placing Originals for Copying Scanning or Faxing. Using the Automatic Document Feeder, You can place up to 30 letter size or A4 sheets or 10 legal size sheets in the.
Automatic Document Feeder, 1 Open the Automatic Document Feeder paper support and then move the. edge guide outward, 2 Fan the originals then tap them on a flat surface to even the edges. 3 Insert the originals face up top edge first Slide the edge guide against the. originals but not too tightly,The ADF icon appears on the screen. Using the Automatic Document Feeder 7,Loading Paper. Your product has two paper trays The main tray is for letter size legal size A4. size or 8 10 inch paper You can load up to 120 sheets of letter size or A4 plain. paper in the main tray When extended the tray can hold up to 50 legal size. The photo tray is for 4 6 or 5 7 inch photo paper You can load up to 20. 1 Pull out the paper cassette Then slide back the photo tray and lift it up. 2 Squeeze the edge guides and slide them out Then insert paper with the glossy. or printable side face down,For legal size paper,squeeze lever to extend tray.
Load letterhead or pre printed paper face down with the top edge at the back of. the paper cassette,8 Loading Paper,3 Slide the left edge guide against the paper. Make sure the paper stack,fits under the edge guide. 4 Adjust the front edge guide to your paper size,5 Lower the photo tray. Loading Paper 9, 6 To load paper in the photo tray squeeze the edge guides and slide them out. Then insert photo paper with the glossy or printable side face down making. sure the paper is under the edge guide, 7 Slide the left edge guide against the paper Then adjust the front edge guide to.
your paper size,Make sure the paper fits under the edge guide. 8 Keep the cassette flat as you insert it,10 Loading Paper. 9 Extend the output tray and flip up the stopper, For details on paper and instructions on loading envelopes and legal size sheets. see the online User s Guide,Using Special Papers, Epson offers a wide array of high quality papers making it easy to maximize the. impact of your photos presentations and creative projects. You can purchase genuine Epson ink and paper at Epson Supplies CentralSM at. www epson com ink3 U S sales or www epson ca Canadian sales You can. also purchase supplies from an Epson authorized reseller To find the nearest one. call 800 GO EPSON 800 463 7766,Part Sheet,Paper name Size number count.
Epson Ultra Premium Photo Borderless 4 6 inches S042181 60. Paper Glossy S042174 100,Borderless 5 7 inches S041945 20. Borderless 8 10 inches S041946 20,Letter 8 5 11 inches S042182 25. S042175 50, Epson Ultra Premium Photo Letter 8 5 11 inches S041405 50. Paper Luster,Using Special Papers 11,Part Sheet,Paper name Size number count. Epson Premium Photo Paper Borderless 4 6 inches S041808 40. Glossy S041727 100,Borderless 5 7 inches S041464 20.
Borderless 8 10 inches S041465 20,Letter 8 5 11 inches S042183 25. S041667 50, Epson Premium Photo Paper Borderless 4 6 inches S041982 40. Semi gloss,Letter 8 5 11 inches S041331 20, Epson Photo Paper Glossy Borderless 4 6 inches S041809 50. S042038 100,Letter 8 5 11 inches S041141 20,S041649 50. S041271 100, Epson Ultra Premium Letter 8 5 11 inches S041341 50.
Presentation Paper Matte, Epson Premium Presentation Borderless 8 10 inches S041467 50. Paper Matte,Letter 8 5 11 inches S041257 50,S042180 100. Epson Premium Presentation Letter 8 5 11 inches S041568 50. Paper Matte Double sided, Epson Presentation Paper Matte Letter 8 5 11 inches S041062 100. Legal 8 5 14 inches S041067 100, Epson Bright White Paper Letter 8 5 11 inches S041586 500. Epson Photo Quality Self A4 8 3 11 7 inches S041106 10. adhesive Sheets, Epson Iron on Cool Peel Transfer Letter 8 5 11 inches S041153 10.
12 Loading Paper,Copying a Document or Photo, Once you ve placed your originals on the scanner or in the Automatic Document. Feeder see pages 6 and 7 you can make color or black and white copies. Copying a Document, 1 Load letter size plain paper Epson Bright White Paper or Epson Presentation. Paper Matte,2 Press Home if necessary and select Copy You. see this screen,3 Press or to select the number of copies you. want Or press the number 1 to display the,numeric keyboard then select the number and.
4 Select Color or B W black and white copies, 5 Adjust the density make the copies lighter or darker if necessary. 6 To change copy settings press x Menu and,select Paper and Copy Settings The Layout. setting should be With Border and the Paper,Size should be Letter. To print on both sides of the page turn on,2 Sided Printing. To adjust the copy size select Reduce Enlarge then choose Actual Size. to print at actual size Custom Size to select a percentage Auto Fit. Page to automatically size the image to fit your paper or one of the. specific sizes listed, For the Paper Type setting select Plain Paper If you loaded a type of.
paper not listed in step 1 see the table on page 16. Copying a Document or Photo 13, For the Document Type setting choose Text for plain documents or. Text Image if your document contains photos or graphics. To change the copy quality select Quality then choose Draft. Standard Quality or Best, To clear previously used copy settings press Clear Settings For more information. about copy settings see your online User s Guide, 7 After you finish selecting your settings press OK. 8 Press x Start to begin copying To cancel copying press y Cancel. Restoring Cropping or Copying Photos, You can use the Copy Wizard to copy one or two photos onto 4 6 inch 5 7. inch 8 10 inch or letter size photo paper for instant photo reprints You can. also restore colors in faded photos print with or without borders convert photos. to black and white and crop your photos See the User s Guide for detailed. information, 1 Place one or two photos on the scanner glass Place them at least 1 4 inch.
5 mm apart,2 Load photo paper see page 8 for instructions. 3 Press Home if necessary and select Copy You,see this screen. 4 Press x Menu then select Copy Restore, 5 To turn on Color Restoration to restore colors in. faded photos as you copy select On If your,photos are not faded select Off. 14 Copying a Document or Photo,6 When you see this screen press OK to prescan.
your photos,7 When you see a message asking you to select the. number of copies press OK,8 To print more than 1 copy press or to select. the number up to 99,9 To crop the photo and enlarge the resulting. image area to fit onto your paper press,Display Crop. To resize the image area press or,To move the image area use the arrow.
To check the zoomed image press OK,When you finish cropping your photo press OK. 10 If you placed two photos on the scanner glass press l or r to view the second. one select the number of copies and crop it if desired. 11 Press OK again to continue then press OK again to Confirm Copy. 12 To change any of the settings displayed on the,screen press x Menu and select Paper and. Copy Settings,To clear previously used copy settings press. y Clear Settings,To change the paper size select Paper Size. and choose the size of paper you loaded,Restoring Cropping or Copying Photos 15.
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