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The third article is to believe in Books which are revealed scriptures sent as guidance from Allah to. man 18 There are the Suhuf of Ibrahim19 Zaboor of Dawood20 Torah of Musah21 Injeel of Isa22 and. the Qur an of the prophet s a w 23 The message is basically the same that is unity of Allah and His. attributes It enlightens on the belief in the prophets of Allah concept of rewards and punishments for. actions on the Day of Judgement and belief in the Afterlife 24 The Qur an is the only one that remains. unchanged for over 1400 years and Allah Himself has promised to safeguard it from corruption and. change 25 It is the last and most comprehensive book and a complete code of life sent by Allah 26. The fourth article is to believe in the Messengers27 sent by Allah to guide mankind through the ages. Among them the names of Adam Ibrahim Isma il Ishaq Ya qoub Ayyoub Nuh Swalih and many. others can be cited They were all mortal and had to taste death 28 However we also believe that prophets. like Idris29 and Isa30 will taste death one day They conveyed His message in the language of the people. they were sent to guide 31 Allah helped and strengthened them against unbelievers Allah makes no. distinction between His Messengers but they are different in ranks 32 Among them Prophet Mohammad. was the last messenger and the Seal of the prophets 33 He was sent for all humanity just as the Qur an. is guidance for all mankind 34, The fifth article is to believe in Aakhirah Muslims must believe in the Day of Judgement and in. accountability on that day 35 Everything will be clear and obvious on that day 36 There will be reward. for good actions such as being in Paradise37 and there will be Hell for bad actions 38 This life of Aakhirah. will be everlasting 39 Muslims believe that this life on earth is a preparation for the next 40 It is said that. whosoever believes in Allah and the last day will be granted a secure city and fruits 41. The sixth article of faith is to believe in Qadr This means that Allah has already created what is best. for mankind 42 He has given human beings freedom of choice and made them responsible for their. actions 43 Following the orders of Allah and the footsteps of the prophet will lead us to the path set by. Qur an 45 11,19 Qur an 87 19,20 Qur an 4 163,21 Qur an 2 87. 22 Qur an 5 46,23 Qur an 39 41,24 Qur an 18 2,25 Qur an 75 17 19. 26 Qur an 2 159,27 Qur an 3 179,28 Qur an 3 144,29 Qur an 19 57. 30 Qur an 4 158,31 Qur an 10 47,32 Qur an 6 165,33 Qur an 33 40.
34 Qur an 21 107,Qur an 22 7 10 45,Qur an 69 18,Qur an 2 25. Qur an 9 95,Qur an 33 65 72 23,40 Qur an 93 4,41 Qur an 2 126. 42 Muslim 2650,Abu Dawood 4695,Mr Pahary Islamic Studies 2068 Page 2. Allah As such one s qadr or destiny will be rightly guided 44 It is also said that if anything would. precede the destiny it will be the influence of an evil eye and the remedy is to take a bath 45 Ultimately. it is Allah who determines all that happens for He has complete authority over His creation. Discuss your understanding of any two of them I elaborate on all of the 6 but if you go by the. question you will choose only 2, Belief in the articles of faith has many implications When we say that we must believe in Allah. this implies that we must accept His uniqueness without conditions When Allah is said to be unique in. Being this is to be understood that no one can be like Him in physical body or mental or psychological. capacity We can t think Allah as a body or mass He is a light When we say that He is unique in. Attribute this means that no one can possess anyone of His characteristics as we are the weak servants. with lots of weaknesses A single example of His ability to be eternal is enough to show our weaknesses. When we say that Allah is unique in Actions this means that as He is able to create anything out of. nothing with the mere saying of Be and the thing is we are not able to act as such When we say that. Allah is unique in worship this means that worship 5 daily prayers and Ibaadah are only for Allah We. are the worshippers and He is the object of worship. Belief in angels is to be understood that they are the creatures of Allah assigned for different tasks. They are not superior to Allah but are servants of Allah It must be understood that they are created to. praise Allah to deliver Wahy to messengers to help the pious people to say Ameen on our du a to. help in the creation and maintenance of the world to help in the distribution of food and drink to help. Mankind in this world and the next and to be witnesses of our deeds. Belief in Books is to be understood that they are the words of Allah They are the sacred books without. any mistake of the Creator of the worlds These books are meant for our guidance and to avoid pitfalls. They are also used as tutorial on who Allah is and why were we sent on earth They are reminders of. the favours and warnings of the punishment of Allah They are codes of conduct for the believers and. means to attain piety and wisdom They are instruments to tenderise the hearts and means to distinguish. between halal and haram or between the right and the wrong path. Belief in Messengers is to be understood as the chosen people of Allah the friends of Allah the. beloveds of Allah and the vicegerents of Allah They have been chosen not because of their deeds but. because of the love of Allah for them They have been sent to deliver the messages of Allah to explain. these messages to purify the hearts of their followers and to be our guides They were the magnets of. blessings from Allah and shields from punishment from Allah They are a source of knowledge from. Allah and any concise and precise details on Allah could be obtained from them They are not superior. to Allah but superior to us They are infallible people blessed by Allah with assurance of success in the. next world As their titles messengers suggest they are people with messages from Allah and equipped. with the ability to perform miracles, Belief in the Day of Judgement implies that we must have faith that one day we will be accountable.
for all our deeds and Allah will be our Judge It is also to be understood that fear of that day can bring. a person to stop committing sins and lead to the right path adhering to the Islamic Law It is also a means. to have the shafa ah of the prophet the forgiveness of Allah and the salvation through entering Jannah. It must be understood that it is a very difficult day for those who have not prepared themselves well and. Abu Dawood 4696,Muslim 2188,Mr Pahary Islamic Studies 2068 Page 3. for the unbelievers and at the same time a pleasant day where the blessed friends of Allah will have the. so long awaited moment of contemplating Allah, Belief in Qadr means to believe in what comes from Allah is always good Whatever state we are in as. a test from Allah must be accepted and taken as blessings from Allah However when an ill comes to. us due to our disobedience and breaching of the law of Allah then either it is a punishment from Allah. or again a blessing as it is a means of purification and salvation of our sins When we have been given. the choice to choose between the right and the wrong path it is that Allah didn t want to impose on us. but He wanted to give us the time to come to Him or rather to return to Him At the end Allah does not. want us to suffer in Qabr or in Aakhirah but to have lives of pious and obedient servants All good and. bad are from Allah,Mr Pahary Islamic Studies 2068 Page 4. Mind Mapping,Articles of Faith,Attributes 99 unique ones. Being no one is like Him,Tawheed No Shirk Action be and it is.
Allah Creator Sustainer Worship swalaat only to Allah. Articles Of Faith Significance, Master of Aakhirah Praise Allah Execute all His orders. Articles Of Faith Meaning,Angels Brought wahy to messangers. Jibril mikail israil israfil munkar etc,Angels Help human being work of nature. Wings light obedient,Warns about pitfalls sins and punishment. Qur an Tawraat Zabour Injeel Suhuf Books,Books Guidance to mankind right path reward.
Divine message to mankind,25 named prophets Deliver wahy to people. Messengers, Best guides sent by Allah Messengers Guide people purify their hearts. Accountability Help mankind,Day of Judgement,Reward or punishment Fear of Aakhirah. Day of Judgement,Choice Love of aakhirah,Responsibility Acceptance and patience. Articles Of Faith Describe the six Articles of Faith in Islam Imaan Mufassil A Muslim is not a complete Muslim if there are weaknesses in his belief Allah warns us that rejecting faith will render our deeds fruitless 1 We must believe in whatever the prophet s a w has asked us to believe in As such there are six articles of faith and they are to believe in Allah and His angels and

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