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artbeat annual 4, No man has the right to dictate what other men should. perceive create or produce but all should be encouraged. to reveal themselves their perceptions and emotions and. to build confidence in the creative spirit,Ansel Adams. Message From The Editor 5, Message From The Lieutenant Governor Of Manitoba 6. Missives 7 9,Bradley Guiboche 10,Gerald Herron 13,Darcy Kerr 14. Simon Marc Krueger 17,Drew Thomlinson 18,Jos e Wiedmer 21.
Tricia Young 22,Janice Adamson 25,John Benningen 26. Joanne Dumas 29,Richard Hathaway 30,Sharel McCulloch 33. Terisa Taylor 34,Enabling consumers of mental health services. to engage in artistic expression that promotes,recovery empowerment and community. healing and,To provide studio space community and,opportunity for creative initiative to facilitate.
empowerment mental spiritual and economic health, through creative Artbeat Studio is a non profit registered. endeavour charity providing services free of charge to. the participants Artbeat Studio is located,in Winnipeg Manitoba s historic Exchange. District an area which is renowned for its artistic. community This centrally located studio is easily,accessible by artists from across the city The. intended beneficiaries include each participant,artist their caregivers the local inner city. community and society as a whole,message from the editor.
There is no artwork without a process Artbeat Studio has uncovered a wealthy resource of. a journey When I began to explore a creativity in Manitoba artists with mental health issues and. title to describe the work in this book I will continue to do so That resource is not diminishing. engaged in a process similar to that of Despite the painful and debilitating effects of mental illness. finding an exhibition title Considering on the individual and their circle of support not to mention. Wunderkabinett group 7 and C est the burden on the healthcare system Artbeat has proven. comme a the illustrious bowl of nuts that using art in a multifaceted recovery approach can. group 8 I struggled to see a connection and does lead to recovery and contributing membership in. community life, I began thinking about the celebratory aspect of the. Wunderkabinett and the humorous element of C est It is with great enthusiasm that I deliver a collection of. comme a it is what it is My search continued to artworks that deserves a standing ovation and an encore. include theatrical drama playfulness humour comedy. amusement joy all terms that fit both groups After several. possibilities one term stood out Esprit having lively wit and. spirit The phrase esprit de corps a sense of union and. common interest in a group is especially apt Both groups Nigel Bart BFA. and their artwork expressed intense creative spirit and Studio Facilitator. energy not to mention great collaboration Editor,message from the lieutenant governor of manitoba. As the Queen s representative in Manitoba way to help people fulfill themselves despite their personal. I am pleased to serve on the honourary challenges,board of Artbeat Studio. Congratulations to the board staff and volunteers for your. As you publish the fourth volume of Artbeat work on behalf of Manitobans with disabilities I wish you. Annual it is clear that there was a need in continued success. the community that has been so capably, fi lled by Artbeat s staff and volunteers Encouraging artistic. expression is a gift to the individual and blessing to the many. art enthusiasts who value the creative results, Manitobans living with mental illness have a valuable ally in.
Artbeat a place of acceptance and inclusion where they. can explore their artistic talents or develop new ones This. The Honourable John Harvard P C O M, therapeutic approach to recovery is a positive productive. Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Throughout history artists have used brush I am honoured to share my admiration and respect for. paint and passion to interpret the vast Artbeat s artists benefactors the Bart family board and. range of human experience Through supporters I congratulate each of you for the outstanding. their perspectives and works they have works you are creating as well as your efforts to erase the. challenged attitudes explored new ideas stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. and enlightened audiences In short they,have helped us better understand our own. These worthy creative traditions continue at Artbeat Studio Michael Kirby. where its artists are helping the greater community better Chair. understand how people can live with and triumph over Mental Health Commission of Canada. mental illness, Each human experiences the world from This fosters growth awareness understanding and. a unique perspective with different sights interaction for all Thank you to the artists and to Artbeat. sounds smells tastes feelings thoughts Don t ever stop. and emotions Each experience affects,the mind body heart and spirit For some.
thinking feeling and perceiving become,painful and disruptive consequently. causing suffering,Dr Bob Steinberg, Some can express their experiences as art and are able Associate Professor. to share it with the rest Artbeat finds those people and Department of Psychiatry. provides opportunity space encouragement and publicity University of Manitoba. Service Chief PsycHealth Centre,Child and Adolescent Acute Assessment Service. Intensive Child and Adolescent Treatment Service, I am well acquainted with the pain caused its attempts to create an environment where people who. by mental illness not only to the individual suffer from mental illness are encouraged to find their voices. who suffers from it but to his or her entire and express themselves in a myriad of ways. circle of loved ones, Not every person who suffers from mental illness is artistically.
My father was diagnosed as manic inclined but for those who are that expression is absolutely. depressive in his late teens and committed vital to life and to the feeling of being connected to the. suicide in his early sixties What I remember world There should be an Artbeat Studio on every city. most vividly about him were his endless efforts to make block. things beautiful around him simply with flowers or colours. and to express himself in writing I can see those efforts now. as being absolutely critical to his self preservation That is Miriam Toews. why I believe strongly in the philosophy of Artbeat Studio in Author. Bradley Guiboche, Bradley Guiboche was born and raised in Winnipeg MB He is. primarily self taught and has been drawing since the day he. fi rst picked up a pencil Bradley excels in a variety of mediums. including acrylic watercolour oil pastel conte charcoal and. pencil He pulls vibrant images from his interactions with nature. dreams and his imagination Bradley is an easygoing witty. straight to the point person who is hardworking and absolutely. committed to any project he takes on Bradley s kind and. accepting persona allows him to fit in anywhere and with any. personality he encounters Bradley believes art truly defines the. person he is today,Stevie Ray Vaughan 2008,Acrylic on Foamcore. The Eighth Floor,Silver sliding doors jaws of steel. step inside swallow me whole,push button lights guide the way. ascending now oor by oor,getting closer closer,I awake covered in sweat.
the slow burn another late night cigarette,where the shadows come back like ghosts. reminders of a previous life,back down dim lit hallways to a room a dying wife. and on this memory s stage, where each thought holds script and the turning page. nurses needles and morphine,still play their parts in my head. harshest of truths you ll never be coming home again. and though the tears have learned to solidify,it is my heart that refuses to say goodbye.
and in this theater of pain I stay,to relive the memories of yesterday. where the smell and taste of cancer,still lingers in blood and breath. I was not made to understand the cruelty of death, where neither time nor distance can close this memory s door. I still ride the elevator To the eighth oor,Wunderkabinett. July 17th 26th 2008,Gerald Herron, Time Winnipeg poet Gerald Herron was born in Scarborough ON Largely.
self taught Gerald s powerful poetry is characterized by a freeform. The thud of a judge s gavel style He is infl uenced by both musicians and poets including Jim. sentenced to walk Morrison John Lennon Jimi Hendrix and Dylan Thomas Gerald. a circle of prison yard gravel describes himself as meticulous process oriented and a slow worker. And in the days months and years, we fall further behind Through his poetry Gerald strives to look beyond the superficial He. There is no Hollywood ending also feels his art to be a unique means of expressing traumatic life. on the killing elds of time experiences During his residency at Artbeat Studio Gerald published. Pieces of my Soul A Work in Progress,Darcy Kerr, Darcy Kerr Winnipeg artist was born and raised in Clandeboye. MB His primary medium is acrylic paint and he also enjoys. experimenting with clay soapstone pencil coloured pencil. and spray paint Primarily self taught Darcy began drawing at. a very young age and enjoyed studying art in high school His. infl uences include graffiti art and music culture and his style. shows elements of expressionism, Darcy is an especially enthusiastic and dedicated artist who. feels a true sense of accomplishment after finishing a piece. Charcoal Acrylic Coffee on Mat Board,Grand Central 2008 Poppy 2008. Digital Photograph Digital Photograph,12 x 8 12 x 8.
As you publish the fourth volume of Artbeat Annual watercolour oil pastel conte charcoal and Other mediums Simon has explored include painting and

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