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EDITOR S NOTE,Issue 12 November 1993,EDITOR Donald B Peschke. electing hardware is an impor This guide features a complete index. EXECUTIVE EDITOR Douglas L Hicks, MANAGING EDITOR Terry J Strohman tant part of every project that we to all of the projectsand articles that. ASSOCIATE EDITOR Richard S Peters design and build Whenever pos have appeared in the past issues of. ASSISTANT EDITOR Tim Robertson sible we try to use hardware that is ShopNotes And it includes descrip. CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Philip A Totten readily available But every now and tions of all the hardware kits that are. then we design a project around a spe available to build the projects. CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ted Kralicek,ART DIRECTOR Cary Christensen. cial piece of hardware One example is Projects,Techniques also. SENIOR ILLUSTRATOR Kurt Schultz the Disk Sander in this issue contains an index of allthe projects. ILLUSTRATORS Will Niskanen DISK SANDER From the beginning I and articles that have appeared in. Roger ReiLand wanted to build a professional quality Woodsmith magazine issues 1 89. Mark Higdon disk sander So I started with an extra To receive your free copy of Projects. PHOTOGRAPHER Crayola England, large metal sanding disk and built the Plans Techniques all you have to do.
DESIGN DIRECTOR Ken Munkel project around it The sanding disk is mail in the order card that s bound in. SENIOR DESIGNER Jan Hale Svec works great but weVe only been able this issue If the order card is missing. DESIGNER Kent Welsh to find one mail order source For you can also get a copy by writing to. SHOP MANAGER Steve Curtis more on this see Sources on page 31 ShopNotes P O Box 842 Des Moines. SHOP ASSTJFACILITIES Steve Johnson,FOOT PEDAL Another project in this IA 50304 9961. CIRCULATION, issue that started with a unique piece of LUNCH with NORM About a month. Circulation Director Liz Bredeson Subscrip, hardware is the Drill Press Foot ago Kent Buckton Newsstand Sales. tion Manager Phyllis Jessen Circulation Ana Pedal on page 8 This time we found told me that Norm Abram was coming. lyst Rod Cain Newsstand Sales Kent A, what we needed at a local bicycle shop to town for a woodworking show Sev. PUBLISHING SERVICES, a length of brake cable sleeve eral people here myself included have.
Associate Editor Gordon C Gaippe Sr But enough about the projects I been watching Norm on public televi. Gmphic Designer Robert H Whitmer Graphic want to bring you up to date on some of sion for years Norm Abram is fea. Artist Cheryl L Cynor, the other things that have been hap tured on The New Yankee Workshop. CORPORATE SERVICES,pening around here and This Old House. Accounting Laura Thomas Bookkeeping Julie, Greenlee Info Services Manager Joyce Moore THE FLOOD In the last issue Shop Well Kent wanted to invite Norm. Electronic Pub Coordinator Douglas M Lidster, Notes No 11 I mentioned some of the over to meet everyone I thought it. Administrative Assistants Cheryl Scott Julia, Fish Receptionist Jeanne Johnson Building problems we had encountered due to sounded like a great idea But I told.
Maintenance Ken Griffith flooding Well Pm happy to report that Kent not to get his hopes up After all. the flood waters have receded Clean Norm was only going to be in town for. PROJECT SUPPLIES, up and repairs are complete And one day and he had a lot of things to do. Marketing Director Robert Murry Catalog Art, things are finally back to normal Several days went by and I forgot. Director Cindy Jackson Catalog Products, Manager Bob Baker Project Supplies Linda It was impressive to watch such a big about the whole thing But Kent didn t. Jones Technical Support Jeff Janes Systems job get done so quickly But what really After making dozens of phone calls he. Operator Linda Morrow, impressed me were the letters and finally arranged for Norm to come over. CUSTOMER SERVICE,Manager Valerie Wiese Supervisor Jennie Enos.
phone calls we received from our read for lunch and a short tour. Customer Service Representatives Jennifer ers Your concern and understanding Now I was in a bit of a panic. Murphy Joy Johnson Sara Kono Ami Blanshan,Anna Cox Chris Lo. was appreciated by everyone here have a clue about what to do for lunch. SHIPPING DEPARTMENT While the flood is something Til Luckily Julia Fish Administrative As. Supervisor Jerry Carson Fulfillment Gloria never forget Pd rather tell you about sistant came to my rescue She took. Sheehan Don McVey Chuck Carlson Sylvia Carey some of the other things that have been care of all the details and we all had a. going on great time,ShopNotes ISSN 1062 9696 is published bimonthly. Jan March May July Sept Nov by Woodsmith Cor NEW INDEX Over the last few weeks ADDITIONS Since the last issue of. poration 2200 Grand Ave Des Moines IA 50312, ShopNotes is a registered trademark of Woodsmith Corp weVe been putting the finishing ShopNotes we ve added a couple of new. rights reserved,1993 by Woodsmith Corporation All, touches on a project that Pm very ex faces Steve Johnson will be helping out. Subscriptions Single Copy 4 95 One year subscrip cited about IPs a new reference guide in the shop And Cheryl Cynor has. tion 6 issues 19 95 Two years 12 issues 35 95 Can, ada Foreign add 4 00 per year called Projects Plans Techniques.
joined the Publishing Services team,Second Class Postage Paid at Des Moines IA and. at additional offices,Postmaster Send change of address to ShopNotes. Box 11204 Des Moines I A 50340 1204,Subscription Questions Call 1 800 333 5854 8am. to 5pm Central Time weekdays,PRINTED IN U S A,2 ShopNotes No 12. ISSUE NUMBER TWELVE,Straight Edge Cutting Guide 4, A unique clamping system makes it easy to guide your.
circular saw for straight and accurate cuts,Cutting Guide page U. Drill Fress Foot Pedal 8, This foot pedal frees up your hands so that you can. accurately position a workpiece for drilling,Dado Slades 10. A look at the different types of dado blades Plus some. new variations on traditional blades,Tips on Using Dado Slades 12. Tips and techniques to make clean and accurate cuts. with a dado blade,Foot Pedal page 8,Changing Jointer Knives 14.
All it takes to change and adjust the knives on your. jointer is a straightedge and a little patience,Disk Sander 16. Get professional quality results with this shop built. bench top disk sander It features a large flat table that. tilts for angled sanding and a built in vacuum port. Disk Sander Stand 25, This stand provides a stable foundation for the disk sander. A hollow column can be filled with sand or bricks to anchor. the stand in place and reduce vibration,Dado Blades page 10. Shop Solutions 28,Six Shop Tested Tips Knock Down Sawhorse Alter. nate Bench Vise Clamp Pad Allen Wrench Organizer, Tip for Cutting Metal Threads and a Leather Strop Tip.
These inexpensive knock down fasteners hold a project. together securely without stripping out And best o f all. they re readily available at most hardware stores,Hardware project supplies and mail order sources. the projects in this issue,Disk Sander page 16,No 12 ShopNotes 3. Straight Edge,Straight accurate cuts,with a circular saw. and no clamps,in the way,S ometimes the,solution to one. problem just leads to another,This lets you secure the guide to.
a workpiece without having the,clamps interfere with the saw. as the strips are added,To provide room for the,clamping system and still be. For instance clamping a fence to CUTOFF LINE Another thing able to crosscut a full sheet of. a piece of plywood to get a that s handy about this guide is plywood each strip is 56 long. straight cut with a circular saw it s designed so the edge serves as see Detail in Exploded View Af. The fence guides the saw for a the cutoff line for your circular ter cutting the strips to length. straight cut but the clamps al saw blade This way all you need they re glued together with con. ways seem to get in the way So to do is align the edge with your tact cement so you don t have to. you end up having to stop and layout line tighten the clamp use a lot of clamps. reposition them to complete the and make the cut see inset photo The only problem is it s hard to. cut To prevent this I made a cut keep the edges flush and square. ting guide with a built in clamp BASE As a result when it s time to cut. ing system see photo I started work by making the the grooves that form the T slot. CLAMPING SYSTEM The unique base A see Exploded View It s there s no reliable edge to run. Hardware thing about this system is that it built up of three long strips of against the rip fence. runs in a T slot that s underneath VT thick Masonite This allows REFERENCE EDGE The solu. the guide see Exploded View you to cut each part of the T slot tion is to establish the edge of one. Fh Woodscrews,10 3 x 1 Fh,Wood screws NOTE,MIDDLE STRIP OVERHANGS. 1 BOTTOM BY ABOUT V4,Hex 3 olt BOTTOM,2 5 ie Lock CUT STRIPS T WIDE. Nuts REFERENCE,REFERENCE EDGE,1 EDGE BOTTOM,Threaded Insert.
RIP CUT 5 WIDE CUT 5 i 6 WIDE,1 5 l6 Plastic FENCE GROOVE GROOVE CENTERE. T Knob 3 16 DEEP ON SLOT,5 w x 1 3 4,Toilet Bolt,5 w n Plastic. Wing Nut REFERENCE EDGE EDGE BOTTOM,4 ShopNotes No 12. strip as a reference This way about Vi so you maintain the. you can use it against the rip same reference edge see Fig 2. fence when cutting each part of Now it s just a matter of cutting With the waste trimmed off the. the T slot and when trimming another groove for the lower part next step is to add th e fence B. the base to width later of the T slot in the bottom layer This is a straight piece of hard. To create this reference edge I see Fig 2a wood maple that s cut to the. glued the bottom and middle trim WASTE After completing same length as the base see de. strips together so there s about the T slot you ll need to use the tail in Exploded View and Fig 4a. Vi overhang see Fig 1 Then I reference edge one more time The fence ensures a straight. used the edge of the middle piece to trim the base to rough width cut by guiding the base of the. as a reference to cut the groove see Fig 3a To provide plenty of circular saw To attach the fence. that forms the top part of the T room for the base of my circular I cut a rabbet in the edge of the. slot see Fig la saw I trimmed it to a width of 7 base see Fig 4 Then after cham. TOP STRIP The next step is to This produces a square edge to fering the top edges of the fence. glue on the top strip Here again work off when adding the fence it s glued and screwed in place. the idea is to offset this strip later see Fig 3 see Figs 4 and 4a. No 12 ShopNotes 5,JIGS ACCESSORIES,Clamping System. of this cutting guide is,the clamping system It consists.
clamp head and a,stop block refer to the Exploded,View on page 5. CLAMP HEAD,The clamp head is made up of two,hardwood blocks a front block. C that s attached permanently,to the base and a back block D. that applies pressure against the,edge of a workpiece see Fig 5. This clamping pressure is pro,duced by a hex bolt that passes.
through a hole in each block see,Fig 5 The shank of the bolt. threads into an insert in the front,block When you turn a knob on. FIRST DRILL HOLE TO FIT,the end of the bolt the back block 5. Ae THREADED INSERT,presses against the workpiece,The key to making this work is. to get the holes in the blocks,aligned To do this I set up a fence.
and stop block on the drill press SECOND,and used a two step drilling se HOLES. quence see Fig 6 r 1,First the hole for the threaded BACK. insert is drilled in the front block BLOCK,see Fig 6a Then the shank holes SLOCK 1 k. are drilled in each block,NOTCHES After drilling the. holes the next step is to cut a,notch in each block see Fig 7a.
The notch in the back block cre,ates a recess for the head of the. bolt And the notch in the front,block serves as a pocket for a. lock nut that holds the back block,on the bolt refer to Fig 5. Safety Note To safely hold the,blocks when cutting the notches. Iclamped each one to an auxiliary,fence that s screwed to the miter.
gauge see Fig 7,ASSEMBLY To assemble the,clamp head slip the bolt through. the hole in the back block and,tighten on a lock nut refer to Fig. 5 Note The nut should be snug knob from working loose tighten clamp head To do this position. yet still allow the bolt to turn itagainst a lock nut on the end of the front block so it s flush with. Then install the threaded insert the bolt the end of the base and centered. in the front block and thread the INSTALL CLAMP HEAD Now it s under the T slot refer to Fig 5a. bolt through Finally to keep the just a matter of installing the Then glue and screw it in place. 6 ShopNotes No 12,JIGS ACCESSORIES,STOP BLOCK,To make the cutting guide adjust SANDPAPER. able for different size work NOTE,pieces the next step is to add a DRILL 5 i6 H DIA. CUTTING GUIDE CENTERED ON BLOCK,stop block E This is a hardwood.
block that slides back and forth in,the T slot To hold it in place once. it s positioned the stop block locks,against the bottom of the base. The key is a toilet bolt that I,picked up in the plumbing section 1 V i 1. at thehardware store see Fig 8 j STOP,The head of the bolt is captured. ISSUENUMBERTWELVE Contents Straight EdgeCuttingGuide4 Auniqueclampingsystemmakes iteasytoguideyour circularsawforstraightandaccuratecuts CuttingGuide pageU

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