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CONTENTS GREEN,PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE The Green House 28. Infill 4 Building a Straw Bale House 28, We are pleased to present this catalog of design titles from three leading book The BLDG Blog Book 5 Green Roof 28. publishers Laurence King Publishing Princeton Architectural Press and Chronicle Detail in Contemporary. Bathroom Design 6 FORuM PROJECTS, Books Compiled for architecture educators practitioners students and enthusiasts. Detail in Contemporary Studio and Cube 29, this listing offers a glimpse at the comprehensive line of books offered by these three. Kitchen Design 6 50 Years of Recuperation 29, publishers in the areas of graphic design 3 D design typography illustration and.
Detail in Contemporary Architecture of the Off Modern 30. theory As you look through this catalog or on the website we hope you ll find books Landscape Architecture 7. that will inspire challenge and educate Bio Politics The Buell Series 30. Detail in Contemporary, Residential Architecture 7 Donogoo Tonka The Buell Series 31. Detail in Process 8 The Project of Autonomy 31, Laurence King Publishing www laurenceking com Details in Contemporary. MONOGRAPHS SURVEYS,Architecture 8, Publishing books across the spectrum of creative arts including art architecture. Integrated Design in Contemporary Opportunistic Architecture 32. design graphic design fashion film photography and craft Laurence King Publishing Architecture 8 Tom Kundig Houses 33. has an international reputation for creating books that are authoritatively written and Everyday Engineering 9 Archigram 33. beautifully designed and provide essential information for students and professionals Thoughtless Acts 9 Grant Jones 34. as well as general readers,Flexible 10 House Black Swan Theory 34. Micro Very Small Buildings 10 Ian McHarg Dwelling in Nature 35. Conversions 11 Le Corbusier Talks with Students 35. Princeton Architectural Press www papress com Extensions 11. For more than 25 years Princeton Architectural Press has published books on Think Make 36. Architecture of the Everyday 12 Le Corbusier and the Maisons Jaoul 36. architecture design and visual culture that have won critical acclaim commercial. Architectural Regionalism 12 Andrea Cochran Landscapes 37. success and professional awards for the beauty of their design and the quality of their. The Architecture of Modern Italy Dean Wolf Architects 37. scholarship The company is proud to publish books that cross boundaries and defy Volumes I and II 13. easy categorization Their unique definition of design includes not only the diversity Art Deco San Francisco 38. Italian Architecture of the, of form and function found in the architectural and landscaped environment but also 16th Century 13 Leven Betts 38.
the material artifacts of the physical world and their many manifestations in our visual The Concrete Dragon 14 NorCalMod 39. culture Sprawltown 14 Googie Redux 39,Suburban Transformations 15 Ghost 40. The Suburbanization of New York 15 Loblolly House 40. Chronicle Books www chroniclebooks com Form Follows Finance 16 Antiquities of Athens 41. Founded in 1967 Chronicle Books continues to challenge conventional publishing Drosscape 16 Greene Greene Masterworks 42. wisdom setting trends in both subject and format building an international reputation Large Parks 17 Japanese Detail Architecture 42. for award winning distinctive publishing that is instantly recognizable for its spirit Natural Architecture 17 Proceed and Be Bold 43. creativity and value Known for its persistence in exploring the medium of the book Five Houses Ten Details 18 Rural Studio 43. as art form Chronicle Books collaborates with artists designers and manufacturers Architecture Oriented Otherwise 18. to create sophisticated and critically acclaimed books unlike any other trade publisher THEORY. Introduction to Architectural, and maintains a list that includes much admired illustrated books and gift products Technology 19 Architecture and Film 44. in design art architecture photography food lifestyle pop culture and acclaimed World Unfurled 19 Sexuality and Space 44. children s titles Earth Architecture 20 Theorizing a New Agenda for. Architecture 45,More Mobile 20,The Ethical Architect 45. After the Crash 21,The Landscape Urbanism Reader 46. For more information a complete listing of titles visit The Codewriting Workbook 21. Network Practices 46, www chroniclebooks com designarch Source Book of American.
Architecture 22 Recovering Landscape 47, Building in the Future 22 Atlas of Novel Tectonics 47. To request an examination copy 306090 12 Dimension 23 Pamphlet Architecture 29 48. 306090 11 Models 23, E mail academic chroniclebooks com California Academy of Sciences 24. Engineered Transparency 49, Phone Wendy Hagenmaier at 415 537 4229 Golden Gate Bridge 24. Liquid Stone 49,Materials for Design 50,Interior Architecture Now 25. Material Discipline 50,Prefab Prototypes 26,Transmaterial 51.
Bunker Archaeology 26,Transmaterial II 51,ARCHITECTURAL BRIEFS. CAMPUS GUIDES,Architects Draw 27,Northwestern University 52. Digital Fabrications 27,Architectural Photography the. Digital Way 27,PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. Infill THE BLDG BLOG BOOK, NEW HOUSES FOR URBAN SITES Architectural Conjecture Urban.
Speculation Landscape Futures,Annabel Biles and Adam Mornement. Geoff Manaugh, Urban land is an increasingly precious commodity particularly in the center of Nearly five million readers have visited the BLDGBLOG Web site since its. major cities Every spare corner of land is in demand however small inaccessible inception in 2004 for stories about the past news about the present and. or awkwardly shaped For architects the challenge is to optimize these sites while speculation about the future of how humans shape their environment The. simultaneously negotiating the web of planning regulations to create homes site provides intriguing details from the fringes of contemporary architectural. suited to today s lifestyles Infill profiles 39 innovative and imaginative urban practice in an accessible thought provoking and highly entertaining manner. dwellings around the world that fill in gaps left by demolition or that have been Here author Geoff Manaugh presents his insights in book form combining. squeezed into plots previously considered unsuitable for development Each case history urban exploration science fiction design climate change and city. study is illustrated with photographs drawings and specially drawn site plans planning with the view that everything is relevant to architecture With five. all accompanied by authoritative commentary The authors focus particularly on captivating and colorfully illustrated chapters The BLDGBLOG Book is sure to. the challenges that each architect faced and how they were overcome delight and inspire the builder the thinker and the visionary in all of us. Annabel Biles is a writer and urban design consultant She is the former head Geoff Manaugh is a senior editor at Dwell magazine and the founder and author. of communications at the Commission for Architecture the Built Environment of the popular Web site BLDGBLOG. CABE in London and was previously deputy editor of Urban Age magazine at. the World Bank Washington DC 2009 272 pp full color photographs throughout 978 0 8118 6644 6 pb 29 95 CND 38 95. Adam Mornement is a freelance writer and editor He is former deputy editor. of World Architecture and a regular contributor to the Times Magazine Grand TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S. Designs Magazine and Cond Nast Traveller among other publications His. Chapter 1 Architectural Conjecture Urban Speculation. books include Corrugated Iron Building on the Frontier 2007 and Extensions. Chapter 2 The Underground,Laurence King 2007,Chapter 3 Redesigning the Sky. Chapter 4 Music Sound Noise, 2009 240 pp 400 ill 978 1 85669 558 9 hc 40 00 CND 52 00. Chapter 5 Landscape Futures,Further Reading,PROJECTS INCLUDE.
302 Station Street Melbourne Australia,Focus House London UK. 24 rue du Buisson Saint Louis Paris France,Lucky Drops Tokyo Japan. Hill House Pacific Palisades California, 4 www chroniclebooks com designarch examination copies academic chroniclebooks com 5. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE,Detail in Contemporary Detail in Contemporary. Bathroom Design Landscape Architecture,WITH CD ROM.
Virginia McLeod,Virginia McLeod, This book examines over 30 bathroom designs from around the world each one. designed by a notable architect For each bathroom there is an image of the. whole house placing it in context and providing a flavor of the general design. style images of the bathroom and a floor plan showing its relation to other Detailing makes a landscape unique and a landscape architect outstanding. spaces The drawings in this book are all made to a consistent style and to a Featuring many of the world s most highly acclaimed landscape architects. set number of scales for easy comparison Dimensions are also included with the book presents 40 of the most recently completed and influential landscape. the drawings as well as details of fitted units baths showers basins etc designs Each project is presented with color photographs site plans and. The credits for the project include contact details of suppliers so that the exact sections as well as numerous construction details. materials and fixtures can be sourced The projects are arranged into chapters Invaluable for architecture garden and landscape design students. by type of dominant material glass steel and stone The book will be invaluable this book will be a resource not only for understanding the work of the. for all practising architects as well as those considering commissioning a high best contemporary landscape architects but also for their own. quality bathroom for their own house design work, 2009 192 pp 100 ill 978 1 85669 590 9 hc 45 00 CND 58 50 2008 192 pp 180 color 350 b w ill 978 1 85669 498 8 hc 50 00 CND 69 95. Detail in Contemporary DETAIL IN CONTEMPORARY,Kitchen Design RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE. Virginia McLeod WITH CD ROM,Virginia McLeod, Detail in Contemporary Kitchen Design features over 30 kitchen designs from. around the world each created by a notable architect Arranged into chapters. according to the dominant material used stone timber and steel each design. is accompanied by an image of the whole house This selection of insightful case This book provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance. studies includes interviews with clients designers and manufacturers and provides of details in the development of contemporary domestic architecture from. an overview of the whole process of commissioning and creating a contemporary 2000 to 2005 Featuring many of the world s most highly acclaimed architects. bespoke kitchen An invaluable reference for practicing architects interior this book presents over 50 of the most recently completed and influential. designers and students house designs For each house there are color photographs floorplans sections. and elevations and numerous construction details The book also features. 2008 192 pp 350 ill 978 1 85669 570 1 hc 45 00 CND 58 50 in depth information for each project including the size the client the. architectural project team main consultants and contractors. 2007 240 pp 200 color 400 b w ill 978 1 85669 482 7 hc 50 00 CDN 69 95. 6 www chroniclebooks com designarch examination copies academic chroniclebooks com 7. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE,Detail in Process everyday engineering.
ASBUILT series,HOW ENGINEERS SEE, Christine Killory Ren Davids Andrew Burroughs and IDEO. Detail in Process the second volume in the new AsBuilt series features 25. awe inspiring projects from the past two years characterized by an unusual. synthesis of aesthetics and materials, 2008 208 pp 300 color images 978 1 56898 718 7 hc 65 00 CND 84 95 World renowned design and innovation firm IDEO uses first hand observations to. inform and inspire its work As it did with the groundbreaking observational primer. DETAILS IN CONTEMPORARY Thoughtless Acts IDEO once again brings its instructive methods to bear on the. ARCHITECTURE world around us this time with an eye toward the inherent but unheralded presence of. modern engineering By observing the built environment we walk through every day. ASBUILT series, we can learn to see the world as engineers do and adapt this perspective to critical. thinking Through simple pictures of how objects and environments behave over time. Christine Killory Ren Davids Everyday Engineering invites anyone in creative fields business and design to see the. world through IDEO s eyes, 2007 204 pp 175 color photographs 978 0 8118 6054 3 hc 29 95 CND 38 95. thoughtless acts,Observations on, Details in Contemporary Architecture demonstrates how complicated design Intuitive Design.
problems have been handled by architects to achieve beautiful functional. innovative sustainable and where necessary economical results Includes work Jane Fulton Suri and IDEO. by David Chipperfield Herzog de Meuron Morphosis SHoP and many other. well known firms, 2007 208 pp 200 color 100 b w images 978 1 56898 576 3 hc 65 00 CND 84 95. Integrated Design in,Contemporary Architecture,By Kiel Moe. Thoughtless Acts is a primer in the observation method that keeps IDEO s. practice human centered and ever ingenious People unconsciously perform. Architecture and Film 44 Sexuality and Space 44 Theorizing a New Agenda for Architecture 45 The Ethical Architect 45 The Landscape Urbanism Reader 46 Network Practices 46 Recovering Landscape 47 Atlas of Novel Tectonics 47 Pamphlet Architecture 29 48 MAteriALS Engineered Transparency 49 Liquid Stone 49

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