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TABLE OF LANGUAGES,1 English 33,TABLE OF CONTENTS,1 SAFETY 43. 2 STORAGE AND MAINTENANCE 43,Packaging Storage,Maintenance. 3 ASSEMBLY 54,Adapting the actuator to your valve input. Configuring position indicator for counter clockwise closing. 4 MANUAL OVERRIDE 65,5 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION AND TESTS 76. Checking after wiring,6 TRAVEL LIMIT SETTINGS 87,Setting a single cam.
Setting cams AQ1L AQ3L,Setting cams and mechanical stops AQ7L. 7 PROPORTIONAL ANALOG COMMAND OPTION 11,Setting up positioner board. 8 TORQUE LIMITING DEVICE 12, This device complies with current applicable safety standards. Installation maintenance and use of this unit require a skilled and. trained staff, Please carefully read this whole document before mounting and. starting up the actuator,2 STORAGE AND MAINTENANCE.
Packaging Storage, The AQL actuator is delivered in a cardboard box equivalent to the. size of the actuator and sits in a cardboard wedge. It should be stored under a shelter in a clean and dry place and. protected from wide temperature variations,Avoid placing the actuator directly on the floor. Check that cable entries plugs are correctly tightened. Check that cover screws are correctly tightened,What to check after storage. 1 Visually check the electrical equipment,2 Operate the actuator manually. What to check on pre installed actuators, If you expect a long period between actuator mounting and electrical.
1 Visually check that cable entries and cover are tightly closed. 2 In case of outdoor installation cover the unit with a plastic. protective film,Maintenance, This actuator features lifetime lubrication and does not require any. specific maintenance If it operates in a very wet atmosphere you. are advised to check once a year that there is no condensation build. up inside the unit,3 ASSEMBLY, After assembly the actuator can operate in any position. It is not recommended to install actuator with cover downwards. Cable glands must not be oriented upwards,loss of water tightness. Adapting the actuator to your valve input, Actuator is supplied with a set of adapters to ensure the output fits. your valve shaft, You only need to insert the accurate square adapter inside the socket.
Adapter can be oriented as parallel square or as diagonal square. depending on your need,Standard On request Standard On request. Internal size in mm Internal size in mm, Max shaft length accepted 20mm Max shaft length accepted 25mm. AQ1L AQ3L AQ7L,Adapters shapes view from under the actuator. Configuring position indicator for counter clockwise closing. As a standard AQL actuator is configured to close clockwise If the. actuator must close counter clockwise you can change orientation. of the position indicator cap, Standard indicator orientation Reverse indicator orientation. for clockwise closing for counter clockwise closing. How to change cap orientation,1 Disassemble the cover then the.
2 Turn the cap 90,3 Reassemble the cap then the,4 MANUAL OVERRIDE. You can operate the,actuator manually using the,driving square under the. Output will turn in the,direction opposite to the,rotation applied. Square size is 10mm, Be careful not to damage actuator during manual operation. Do not apply a torque higher than 6N m to the square. Check indicator when driving actuator with manual override. to avoid reaching mechanical stops,5 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION AND TESTS.
To perform electrical wiring please refer to the wiring diagram. supplied and follow the terminals numbering, Make sure not to wire AC supply on A B C terminals or DC supply. on 1 2 3 terminals that will damage the board,Checking after wiring. Once the actuator wiring is completed the following points must be. 1 Make sure that power supply voltage matches information on. the sticker on the side of the actuator, 2 Check that all connectors or cable glands are correctly. 3 Move the valve using manual override to an intermediate. 4 Electrically operate opening and closing travels and check that. the actuator rotates in the right direction and stops at the. desired position, Never use a powered rotary equipment on manual override to. operate the actuator, If any fault is detected at this stage please check all wiring.
6 TRAVEL LIMIT SETTINGS,The actuator is factory set for a 90 travel. It features 2 devices to limit the travel, Cams trigger switches to switch off power at an end position or. to signal a position, Mechanical stops mechanically block rotation to protect the valve. in case of over travel They must not be used as travel limits. Setting a single cam,The cam rotates as the,output shaft and triggers a. switch by pushing on its,Cams orientation are factory.
pre set yet you can still re,adjust them upon the,installation if necessary. Rep Function Status before installation,1 Clockwise travel limit Pre wired cam pre set. 2 Counter clockwise travel limit Pre wired cam pre set. 3 Clockwise signalling To wire to set,4 Counter clockwise signalling To wire to set. How to adjust a single cam, Make sure the cams contact the switch according to their proper. direction of travel otherwise you could damage the switch. At the desired position of the actuator output,1 Turn the setting screw of.
the corresponding cam,with a flat head or a,Phillips head screwdriver. The cam disk is then turning,2 Set the cam disk until you. hear a click from the,switch It indicates the,triggering of the switch. Travel limit cams and signalling cams,On AQL actuator you have 4 cams. with 2 different functions,Travel limit cams cut motor.
power supply when they,trigger the switches,corresponding to an end. Signalling cams are not wired,by default You can use them. to indicate when the,actuator gets close to an end. Signalling cams must be set to reach their corresponding switch. before the travel limit cams do, If the actuator is supplied mounted on a valve following. settings should have been performed by the valve supplier. Setting cams AQ1L AQ3L, AQ1L AQ3L have fixed mechanical stops Travel limit settings are.
done by cams only,How to adjust cams for both directions. 1 Drive the actuator to clockwise travel limit position. 2 Set the cam corresponding to clockwise travel limit switch. If the clockwise signalling switch is wired, 3 Drive the output slightly in the counter clockwise direction. using manual override, 4 Set the cam corresponding to clockwise signalling switch. 5 Drive the actuator to the counter clockwise travel limit. 6 Redo settings steps 2 to 4 for counter clockwise direction. Setting cams and mechanical stops AQ7L, AQ7L has both mechanical stops and cams that can be set. Setting travel limits,The mechanical stops limit,the actuator travel.
Fine adjustment of the stop,screws position is possible. within a limit of 2,maximum These screws are,located in the lower section. of the actuator,The actuator stops on open,or closed position when the. travel limit switch is, How to adjust cams and mechanical stops for both directions. One turn of the adjustment screw 4 angle variation at the. actuator output, 1 Untighten the nut corresponding to clockwise mechanical.
stop and turn stop screw 2 turns back, 2 Drive the actuator to clockwise travel limit position. 3 Get the clockwise stop screw in contact with output sleeve. then turn it back of 1 5 turns, 4 Retighten nut to keep position of mechanical stop. 5 Set the cam corresponding to clockwise travel limit switch. If the clockwise signalling switch is wired, 6 Drive the output slightly in the counter clockwise direction. using manual override, 7 Set the cam corresponding to clockwise signalling switch. 8 Untighten the nut corresponding to counter clockwise. mechanical stop and turn stop screw 2 turns back, 9 Drive the actuator to the counter clockwise travel limit.
10 Redo settings steps 3 to 7 for counter clockwise direction. 7 PROPORTIONAL ANALOG COMMAND OPTION,The proportional analog. command allows to drive,the valve to intermediate,Board is factory pre set. Perform the electrical,wiring according to the,wiring diagram of the. Setting up positioner board, Take care that the board is supplied during setting process. The actuator is delivered with the proportional analog command. already installed and the settings have already been done at. our factory, Only go through the setup procedure below if you had to adjust the.
mechanical end stops positions Board setup is fully automatic. How to run the board setup, 1 Press for 5 seconds on the SW1 push button located on the. The yellow LED is blinking while the setup is in progress and. is remaining lit when the setting is completed, 2 Control the setup by performing some clockwise and counter. clockwise operations, If the LED continues to blink after the automatic process it is. indicating the following errors,Times blinking,Rotation direction is. Configuration wrong,Actuator is,was not 4 20 mA signal Actuator got to a.
correctly is lost position out of,during travel,loaded travel limits. Actuator is pumping, How to set closing direction and fallback position. You can use SW2 dip switches to set closing direction dip switch 1. and fallback position dip switches 2 3 in case signal is lost. This setting must be done with power off,Closing Fallback 3. direction position ON OFF,ON Clockwise ON Stayput Closed. OFF clockwise,OFF Open Stayput,8 TORQUE LIMITING DEVICE.
In case of excessive torque on the actuator a torque limitation. system shuts down actuator, A LED behind switch board is lighting up when this protection is ON. How to re start the actuator if torque limiter went off. 1 Switch power supply off, 2 Check if the issue comes from valve stiff point or jamming. or mechanical stops over travel or wrong mechanical stop. 3 Fix the issue, 4 Switch power supply on and electrically operate actuator in. both directions, LED remains lit a few seconds after power supply is switched off. Wait those few seconds before switching power supply on again and. pre set yet you can still re adjust them upon the installation if necessary Rep Function Status before installation 1 Clockwise travel limit Pre wired cam pre set 2 Counter clockwise travel limit Pre wired cam pre set 3 Clockwise signalling To wire to set 4 Counter clockwise signalling To wire to set How to adjust a single cam

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