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2 Aptis Candidate Guide,Introducing the Aptis test. Aptis is an innovative global English assessment tool from the British Council It is a suite. of English tests for adults and young adults which can be used to assess English language. ability in all four skills reading writing listening and speaking. Aptis tests don t test at a single level Instead they include a range of questions which are. designed to allow candidates to show their best ability The test results are reported on a. numerical scale 0 50 and as a level on the Common European Framework of Reference. for Languages CEFR,There are four variations of Aptis tests. 1 Aptis General, tests from A1 to C on the CEFR and is suitable for most test takers. 2 Aptis Advanced, tests English language ability from B1 to C2 on the CEFR and is for higher level test takers. 3 Aptis for Teachers, tests from A1 to C on the CEFR and is designed for teachers.
4 Aptis for Teens, tests from A1 to C on the CEFR and is for candidates between the ages of 13 and 17 years. Aptis tests are taken on a computer, Accommodations can be made for special needs Information is provided in the Aptis for. all section at the end of this guide, The purpose of this guide is to help you prepare for the Aptis General tests An overview of. each component is provided followed by detailed descriptions and advice on how to best. prepare You ll also find tips on how to practise for the test and information on how the test. is marked There is also a section towards the end of the guide that covers Aptis Advanced. 3 Aptis Candidate Guide,Introducing the Aptis test 2. Test structure 5,Aptis General test structure 6,Aptis core test grammar and vocabulary 8.
Sample grammar questions 9,Sample vocabulary questions 10. Aptis reading test 12,Reading part 1 Sentence comprehension 14. Reading part 2 Text cohesion 15,Reading part 3 Opinion matching 16. Reading part 4 Long text comprehension 17,Aptis listening test 18. Listening part 1 Information recognition 19,Listening part 2 Information matching 20.
Listening part 3 Opinion matching 21,Listening part 4 Monologue comprehension 21. Aptis writing test 22,Writing part 1 Word level writing 25. Writing part 2 Short text writing 26, Writing part 3 Three written parts of text all of which require responses 28. Writing part 4 Formal and informal writing 30,Aptis speaking test 33. Speaking part 1 Personal information 35, Speaking part 2 Describe express opinion and provide reasons and explanation 40.
Speaking part 3 Describe compare and provide reasons and explanations 41. Speaking part 4 Discuss personal experience and opinion on an abstract topic 44. 4 Aptis Candidate Guide,Aptis Advanced test 47,Aptis Advanced reading test 47. Aptis Advanced listening test 48,Aptis Advanced writing test 49. Aptis Advanced speaking test 52,How to take the online test 55. Speaking test voice recording 56,Aptis for all 58,Final checklist 59. Useful web resources 59,More information 59,5 Aptis Candidate Guide.
Test structure, Aptis consists of ve components core grammar and vocabulary reading listening. writing and speaking, You may be taking one skill component for example listening or all four skill components. reading listening writing and speaking depending on the requirements by your. organisation or institution, It is a good idea to take a practice test so that you become familiar with what you need to do. 6 Aptis Candidate Guide,Aptis General test structure. Test Test design Activity Format, Core Part 1 Grammar Sentence completion 3 option multiple choice.
minutes Part 2 Vocabulary Word matching similar Sets of 5 target words with. meaning Match words to 10 options,de nitions,Sentence completion. Word pairs or word,combinations words,commonly used together. Reading Part 1 Sentence Choose words to complete 3 option multiple choice. 35 comprehension sentences, Part 2 Text cohesion Put sentences into the 2 tasks 6 sentences. correct order jumbled up in each task, Part 3 Opinion matching Match people s opinions to 7 statements matched to 4. statements people s opinions, Part 4 Long text Match headings to 7 paragraphs and 8.
comprehension paragraphs headings, Listening Part 1 Information Listen to a short 3 option multiple choice. 40 recognition monologue or dialogue,minutes to identify speci c. information, Part 2 Information Match people s monologues 6 pieces of information. matching to information 4 monologues, Parts Inference Listen to monologues and 3 option multiple choice. 3 4 dialogues and identify,the attitude opinion or.
7 Aptis Candidate Guide,Test Test design Activity Format. Writing Part 1 Word level writing Respond to messages 1 5 words for each. 50 using individual words question, Part 2 Short text writing Write personal information 20 30 words. Part 3 Three written Respond to written 30 40 words for each. responses to questions on a social question,questions network type website. Part 4 Formal and Write an informal email to a 40 50 words for the. informal writing friend and a formal email to informal email. an unknown person 120 150 words for the,formal email. Speaking Part 1 Personal Respond to three personal 30 seconds for each. 12 information information questions response, Part 2 Describe express Describe a picture and 45 seconds for each.
opinion and answer response,provide two additional questions of. reasons and increasing dif culty,explanations, Part 3 Describe compare Describe two contrasting 45 seconds for each. and provide pictures and answer two response,reasons and additional questions of. explanations increasing dif culty, Part 4 Discuss personal Answer three questions 1 minute to prepare. experience and on an abstract topic 2 minutes response time. opinion on an,abstract topic, The Aptis Advanced test is similar to Aptis General as it is comprised of the same.
components the core component reading listening writing and speaking Aptis Advanced. tests levels from B1 C2 More information about the Aptis Advanced test is provided. towards the end of this guide,8 Aptis Candidate Guide. Aptis core test,grammar and vocabulary, The core test is the same for Aptis General and Aptis Advanced It consists of two parts. The rst part assesses your knowledge of English grammar The second part assesses. your knowledge of English vocabulary,Part Description Preparation. Grammar In this part of the test you will answer To know which parts of grammar. Part 1 25 questions are tested see the British Council. EAQUALS core inventory This is free and, Most of the questions test formal written available online at. English A small number of questions https www teachingenglish org uk. test spoken English such as knowing article british council eaquals core. the appropriate grammar to use in a inventory general english. particular situation formal or informal, situations for example One great way to prepare for the.
grammar test is to use the British, All 25 questions are in the format of a Council s LearnEnglish website. 3 option multiple choice http learnenglish britishcouncil org. Complete a sentence by choosing the,correct word, Vocabulary There are 25 questions in this part of the test To help you prepare for this part of the. Part 2 test the LearnEnglish website has games, There are a number of question types and activities to help you improve your. Word matching nd a word with a vocabulary, meaning similar to the target word http learnenglish britishcouncil org. vocabulary,Word de nition match a de nition to the.
correct word Another useful tip is to take note of. interesting words or word combinations, Word usage complete a sentence by when you read English texts. choosing the correct word,Word pairs or word combinations. select the most common combinations,of words You are given a target word. and a list of words which may or may not,be commonly used in combination with. the target word e g where card is the,target word birthday card is a common.
combination but blue card is not,9 Aptis Candidate Guide. Sample grammar questions, There are two question types The rst focuses on written English grammar and the. second focuses on the use of English grammar when speaking. Here are some examples,1 Written grammar,He me that the machine was broken. My boss says that I to nish the report by Friday,My new computer works faster than my old one. I have worked for this company I left university,2 Spoken grammar.
John She s French isn t she,Ahmed No she s from Belgium. O actually, Zeynep I really don t feel like going to see that movie tonight. Peter Ok we can go next week instead,O Nevertheless. 10 Aptis Candidate Guide,Sample vocabulary questions. In the rst question type you need to match words with similar meanings from a list of. options To do this click on the arrows and choose the similar word. Here is an example, For the next question type you need to match a de nition to a word Click on the arrow.
and choose the word that matches the de nition,Here is an example. 11 Aptis Candidate Guide, The next question type asks you to complete a sentence using a word from a list. The final question type asks you to identify a word from a list that is commonly used with. the given word,12 Aptis Candidate Guide,Aptis reading test. The test assesses your reading ability The tasks become more dif cult as the test progresses. Part Description Preparation, Sentence In this part you need to choose a word Make sure you read each sentence and. compre choice of three to complete a sentence all of the possible answer words carefully. hension There are ve sentences to complete before trying to answer this question. Part 1 You do not need to understand all of the, sentences to complete each individual The best way to become a better.
sentence reader is to practise Easy books written,especially for English language learners. This part assesses your ability to read a might help For example try. sentence and to complete the sentence Cambridge Bookworms Starter Stage 1. with an appropriate word Cambridge Readers Level 1. Penguin Readers Level 1,Macmillan Readers Starter Beginner. Headway Skills series, Text In this part there are two tasks Both Read all the sentences carefully rst. cohesion have six sentences that make a whole Then decide on the correct order the. Part 2 text The sentences have been put rst sentence is identi ed for you. into the wrong order and you need to, put them in the correct order There is Appropriate readers for preparation of. only one correct way to organise the this level are. sentences Your task is to click on each Cambridge Bookworms Stage 1 and 2. sentence and then move them so each Cambridge Readers Level 2. one is in the correct position Penguin Readers Level 3. Macmillan Readers Elementary,This part assesses your knowledge of.
the cohesion of a text You need to look,for clues in each sentence that show. how it links to the sentences around it,13 Aptis Candidate Guide. Part Description Preparation, Opinion In this part you will match people s Read over all four opinions before. matching opinions to statements You will read attempting the questions. Part 3 four people s opinions on the same, topic Then you need to read seven Appropriate readers for this level are. statements and decide which person s Cambridge Bookworms Stage 2 and 3. opinion matches each statement Cambridge Readers Level 3 4 and 5. Penguin Readers Level 4, This part tests your ability to read and Macmillan Readers Pre Intermediate.
understand short texts, Long text In this part you will read a long text Read the whole text quickly Then. compre about 750 words You will also read carefully read the headings Do all. hension eight headings The task is to match this before starting the task Look for. Part 4 seven of the headings to paragraphs clues to connect the headings to the. in the text There is always an extra paragraphs these might be similar. heading that does not t with any words ideas or topics. Appropriate readers for this level are, This part is designed to test your ability Cambridge Bookworms Stage 4 5 and 6. to read and understand a long text To Cambridge Readers Level 4 5 and 6. get the correct answers you need to be Penguin Readers Level 5 and 6. able to demonstrate an understanding of Macmillan Readers Intermediate and. how the headings re ect the paragraphs Upper Intermediate. in different ways sometimes using,similar words sometimes similar ideas. or by sharing a topic,14 Aptis Candidate Guide,Sample reading questions. Reading part 1 Sentence comprehension, In this part you must select the appropriate word from a drop down list.
15 Aptis Candidate Guide,Reading part 2 Text cohesion. In the second part you must sort the sentences into the correct order so that the text. makes sense You do this by clicking on a sentence and dragging it to its correct position. Macmillan Readers Starter Beginner Headway Skills series Read all the sentences carefully first Then decide on the correct order the first sentence is identified for you Appropriate readers for preparation of this level are Cambridge Bookworms Stage 1 and 2 Cambridge Readers Level 2 Penguin Readers Level 3 Macmillan Readers Elementary 13 2Ther

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