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Where are we,How did we get here,Set up a development environment. Demonstrate best practices,5 19 2016 2 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. The impact of mobile, Mobile is reinventing Mobile engagement is the Mobile requires a. enterprise strategy consumer battleground new approach to IT. 100 of the LOB apps in customer facing When your app disappoints users 65 81 of companies have employee. roles will be built for of them will not buy your owned devices accessing their. mobile first consumption by 2017 other products network but only 48 have a. mobile security strategy,2015 IBM Corporation 3,Enterprise use of mobile technology. is growing at 25 per year,But most critical decisions still.
require a desktop computer,2015 IBM Corporation 4,5 19 2016 4 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. The number of custom mobile apps will,double compared to 2014. But 85 of companies have a mobile,backlog of up to 20 apps. 2015 IBM Corporation 5,5 19 2016 5 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. We have our mobile devices within,arms reach 90 of the time.
But at any given time malicious,code is infecting more than. 11 6 million of them,2015 IBM Corporation,5 19 2016 6 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. Where are we,Mobile devices are pervasive,Thousands of apps select few are go to. Multiple platforms,iOS Android Windows phone Blackberry browser. Open source,Apache eclipse,JavaScript HTML CSS, Development is free Deployment to production is not.
5 19 2016 7 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL,How did we get here. Evolution of Cordova, Nitobi creates a cross platform mobile development tool set. Adobe buys Nitobi and rebrands it as PhoneGap, PhoneGap is released as open source becomes Apache Cordova. Enables a developer to code in CSS HTML and JavaScript to generate. native code for Android IOS Blackberry Windows phone. Evolution of Eclipse,SmallTalk is developed by IBM. SmallTalk becomes IBM Visual Age,IBM buys Rational.
Released to open source community Eclipse Foundation. Evolution of MobileFirst,Worklight combines builds on Cordova and Eclipse. Adds adapters native APIs, Enables enterprise apps with security and scalable server architecture. IBM buys Worklight and rebrands it to MobileFirst Platform Foundation. 5 19 2016 8 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL,Cordova supported platforms. 5 19 2016 9 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL,Choose the approach that s right for your app. with consistent security connectivity and,management.
HTML5 SMS USSD,Native Xamarin,and hybrid and J2ME,5 19 2016 10 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. Avoid writing native code for Android,package app test. import android app ActionBar,import android app ActionBar Tab. import android app Activity,import android app Fragment. import android app FragmentTransaction,import android os Bundle.
This demonstrates the use of action bar tabs and how they interact. with other action bar features,public class Test extends Activity. protected void onCreate Bundle savedInstanceState,super onCreate savedInstanceState. setContentView R layout main,public void onAddTab View v. final ActionBar bar getActionBar,final int tabCount bar getTabCount. final String text Tab tabCount,bar addTab bar newTab.
setText text, setTabListener new TabListener new TabContentFragment text. public void onRemoveTab View v,final ActionBar bar getActionBar. bar removeTabAt bar getTabCount 1,5 19 2016 11 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. Avoid writing native code for iOS,Copyright C 2016 Apple Inc All Rights Reserved. See LICENSE txt for this sample s licensing information. An NSViewController subclass that stores references to game wide input sources and managers. import SceneKit,class GameViewController NSViewController.
MARK Properties,let game Game,MARK Methods,override func viewDidLoad. Grab the controller s view as a SceneKit view, guard let scnView view as SCNView else fatalError Unexpected view class. Set our background color to a light gray color,scnView backgroundColor NSColor lightGrayColor. Ensure the view controller can display our game s scene. scnView scene game scene,Ensure the game can manage updates for the scene. scnView delegate game,5 19 2016 12 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL.
Application Architecture,5 19 2016 13 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. Comprehensive IDE,Design Develop Integrate, using a MobileFirst approach with back end systems. data and cloud services,Obtain Insight Instrument,to better understand your your apps for analytics. users and their mobile security and management,experiences. Continuous Delivery,Manage Integrated DevOps Test, authentication for mobile to get the best feedback.
updates and versions on app quality,Deploy Scan Certify. across app stores to proactively mitigate risk,5 19 2016 14 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. Focus on app and UI, The right mobile technologies enable you to provide greater. value to employees customers and partners,and partner. Development,Engagement,Security Development,Operations Mobile Engagement.
infrastructure Security,Operations,5 19 2016 15 2015 Ciber CONFIDENTIAL. Adobe buys Nitobi and rebrands it as PhoneGap PhoneGap is released as open source becomes Apache Cordova Enables a developer to code in CSS HTML and JavaScript to generate native code for Android IOS Blackberry Windows phone Evolution of Eclipse SmallTalk is developed by IBM SmallTalk becomes IBM Visual Age

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