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APPLIED PRACTICE,Resource Guide,Pre AP AP Version,Teacher Notes. A Note for Teachers 5,A Note About Format 7,Teaching Resources. Strategies for Multiple Choice Questions 11,Strategies for Free Response Questions 12. Glossary of Literary Terms 13,Vocabulary Lists by Passage 21. Student Practices,Multiple Choice Questions 27,Free Response Questions 43.
Answer Key and Explanations,Multiple Choice Answer Key 53. Multiple Choice Answer Explanations 57,Free Response Scoring Guide 85. Pre AP and AP are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board which was not involved in the production of. and does not endorse this product, 2007 by Applied Practice Ltd Dallas TX All rights reserved. GLOSSARY OF LITERARY TERMS, absolute a word free from limitations or qualifications best all unique. adage a familiar proverb or wise saying, ad hominem argument an argument attacking an individual s character rather than his.
or her position on an issue, allegory a literary work in which characters objects or actions represent abstractions. alliteration the repetition of initial sounds in successive or neighboring words. allusion a reference to something literary mythological or historical that the author. assumes the reader will recognize, analogy a comparison of two different things that are similar in some way. anaphora the repetition of words or phrases at the beginning of consecutive lines or. anecdote a brief narrative that focuses on a particular incident or event. antecedent the word phrase or clause to which a pronoun refers. antithesis a statement in which two opposing ideas are balanced. aphorism a concise statement that expresses succinctly a general truth or idea often. using rhyme or balance, apostrophe a figure of speech in which one directly addresses an absent or imaginary. person or some abstraction, archetype a detail image or character type that occurs frequently in literature and myth. and is thought to appeal in a universal way to the unconscious and to evoke a. argument a statement of the meaning or main point of a literary work. asyndeton a construction in which elements are presented in a series without. conjunctions, 2007 by Applied Practice Ltd Dallas TX All rights reserved 13.
VOCABULARY LIST FOR BEOWULF, Note Vocabulary from the literary passage is listed first followed by vocabulary from the. questions and answers,Passage 1 Passage 2 Passage 3. tribute prow furrows,mail sentinels reprisal,spoils smith afflicted. gabled mead,spawned linden,brood discursive,lair didactic. laments rash anecdotal,reparation arduous expository.
plundering impudent terse,heathen groveling,solace strident. magnanimous,meticulousness concession,dispassionate rebuttal. fawning equivocation,laudatory exposition,elegiac digression. obsequious, 2007 by Applied Practice Ltd Dallas TX All rights reserved 21. Directions This part consists of selections from Beowulf and questions on their content form and style. After reading a passage choose the best answer to each question. Note Pay particular attention to the requirement of questions that contain the word NOT LEAST or. Passage 1 Questions 1 8 Read the prologue and sections 1 and 2 beginning Hear me and ending and. seek our Father s peace pages 23 29 carefully before you choose your answers. 1 The primary effect of the details presented 4 Lines 53 85 Then Beo was king Herot. in the prologue lines 1 52 is to to burn suggest that war. A demonstrate Shild s uniqueness as a I is inevitable. ruler II affords opportunities to win,B suggest that Beo would be a greater glory.
leader than his father III is not governed by codes or. C create a sense of suspense in the poet s rules,D provide insight into the values of a A II only. culture B III only, E show the objectivity and meticulousness C I and II only. of the poet D II and III only,E I II and III,2 The tone of the prologue progresses from. 5 Hrothgar s building the hall primarily,A dispassionate to emotional reflects his. B fawning to realistic, C laudatory to elegiac A desire for personal glory.
D pedantic to obsequious B insistence on absolute obedience. E exuberant to maudlin C determination to be invulnerable. D prideful quest to reach Heaven,E generosity to his followers. 3 A controlling rhetorical device in the,prologue is. 6 In lines 86 114 A powerful monster, A metaphor again defeated Grendel is characterized as. B alliteration all of the following EXCEPT,C personification. D apostrophe A persecuted,E simile B envious,C dangerous.
D rebellious,7 The description of Grendel s tyranny as. sung in all Men s ears by poets across the,seas is developed primarily by the use of. A Biblical allusions,B parallel structure,C understatement. D foreshadowing,E hyperbole, 28 2007 by Applied Practice Ltd Dallas TX All rights reserved. Question 2,Suggested time 40 minutes, In the final line of the Burton Raffel translation of Beowulf used for this resource guide Beowulf is.
described as deserving of praise However in many other translations the final phrase refers not to. Beowulf s meriting praise but to his desiring or seeking it desirous of praise keenest for praise. fondest of honor In a well organized essay discuss the significance of the differing characterizations of. Beowulf and based on your reading of the entire poem explain which characterization Beowulf as. deserving praise versus Beowulf desiring and seeking praise or honor is most consistent with the title hero. Use specific examples from Beowulf to support your points. 2007 by Applied Practice Ltd Dallas TX All rights reserved 45. ANSWER EXPLANATIONS, 16 A chronological and discursive Hrothgar s speech proceeds. chronologically beginning with the account of Beowulf s father finding refuge. and help in the land of the Danes when Hrothgar was new to the throne. progressing to the present time in which Grendel is wreaking havoc on. Hrothgar s people and concluding when Hrothgar refers to the immediate. present when he and Beowulf will feast and toast your victories and talk of the. future Although the speech is presented in chronological order Hrothgar. allows himself to digress and include details about his brother s death his own. place as second son to Healfdane his paying off Edgetho s enemies and the fact. that his men tend to confront Grendel when they have had too much ale always. disastrously Hrothgar s heaviness of heart is justified and not maudlin. 17 B synaesthesia The mead is described as that bright sweetness thus. characterizing a taste in terms of appearance This combination of two different. senses is an example of synaesthesia, 18 D magnanimous Unferth speaks harshly And sharp referring to. Beowulf as a Boastful fool and attributing any success he has had in battles to. luck As Beowulf begins his response he generously attributes Unferth s bitter. words not to Unferth s jealousy which the poet said was his motivation but to. having drunk too much He addresses Unferth as my friend and says your. tongue has tried but failed to get the story straight because your face Is hot. with ale Beowulf is being a gracious guest at Hrothgar s feast not rising to. Unferth s bait by becoming enraged but answering him calmly and even politely. in the beginning, 19 B the setting in which he is speaking The rules of hospitality are an. important motif in Beowulf and in this scene Beowulf is discussing his exploits. as he sits at Hrothgar s banquet table He ironically describes his slaughter of the. sea monsters in terms of a gracious host serving his guests I treated them. politely Offering the edge of my razor sharp sword and comments wryly. that the feast I think did not please them By morning he says his guests. had decided to sleep on the shore Lying on their backs their blood spilled. out On the sand It is an amusingly ironic description and it is particularly apt. because of the context in which Beowulf is speaking a feast in his honor. 62 2007 by Applied Practice Ltd Dallas TX All rights reserved. Directions This part consists of selections from Beowulf and questions on their content form and style After reading a passage choose the best answer to each question Note Pay particular attention to the requirement of questions that contain the word NOT LEAST or

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