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See your business in a new way,Realize the future of your business today. To stay competitive in today s global economy you need more than simple financial accountability and compliance. Sage 300 ERP contains the power and tools to help you see your business in a new way so you can improve. productivity envision success and accelerate growth It s time to turn your business dreams into reality with the. real time visibility collaboration agility and innovation you need to succeed. Designed for Growth, If your company wants to compete in today s fast operating systems Available in multiple editions. paced business arena you need to control costs in Sage 300 ERP gives you the opportunity to add users. order to maximize profitability Sage 300 ERP is a and adopt greater functionality as your business. comprehensive flexible business management solution grows and offers built in support for multiple. designed to keep your total cost of ownership low languages and multicurrency transactions so your. by supporting multiple technologies databases and business can comfortably reach around the globe. 2 Sage 300 ERP Applications,The most important success that Sage 300 ERP has. delivered to me is better control over the company I come. to work in the morning and know that the reports I need. will be ready and accurate so I always have a firm grip on. what s happening all over the company I feel like I m able. to see the entire company better than I did before and. this is particularly important as we continue to grow. Michel Ponzi owner of Ponzi Vineyards,Finance Human. Accounting Resources,LOGY INFRASTR,NICHE VERT,M U LT I C U R R E N.
or On Premises,Projects ERP Customer,and Deployment Relationship. Services Management,Supply Chain and,Vendor Management. BAL COMMERCE TA,One Solution Provides a 360 View of Your Business. Our rich history of innovation and growth has enabled us to build a portfolio of products and services widely. recognized for ease of use and low total cost of ownership Sage 300 ERP connects your entire operation. with a single integrated solution that provides you with greater visibility making it easier to share information. and communicate Mid market businesses across the globe use Sage 300 ERP solutions to unlock potential. reduce costs and improve performance,www sageasiapac com 3. Easily adopt new functionality,without retraining your staff.
as each Edition is built using,the same technology and. intuitive workflow,4 Sage 300 ERP Applications, Freedom of Choice Helps Control Total Cost of Ownership. We believe your business management solution should support your business strategy not hinder it or. force you to buy what you don t need That s why Sage 300 ERP offers you the flexibility to build the best. possible solution for your business by giving you the freedom to select the edition Sage 300 Standard. Advanced or Premium ERP database modules deployment method and payment options that keep. your total cost of ownership as low as possible, Sage 300 ERP helps you slash the time and cost associated with complex processes and redirect those. resources toward growing your business Whether you choose the Sage 300 Standard Advanced or. Premium ERP Edition you can select from any of the Sage 300 ERP applications to create a custom fit. solution to support your business management requirements Use the chart below to determine which. Edition is right for your company,Sage 300 ERP Sage 300 ERP Sage 300 ERP. Edition Differences Standard Advanced Premium,General Features.
Number of Companies Allowed 5 Unlimited Unlimited,Number of Users Up to 10 Up to 20 Unlimited. General Ledger Module,Account Rollup Included Included Included. Number of Account Segments 3 4 10,Number of Account Structures 3 4 Unlimited. Number of Budgets 2 3 5,Number of Years of History 7 7 99. Purchase Order Module, Vendor Contract Cost Not Available Included Included.
Inventory Control Module, Customer Item Numbers Not Available Not Available Included. Below Cost or Sales Margin Price Checks Not Available Not Available Included. Number of Item Segments 4 10 10, Price by a Cost Plus a Percentage or Amount Not Available Not Available Included. Price by Unit of Measure Not Available Not Available Included. Price by Weight or Quantity Not Available Not Available Included. www sageasiapac com 5,Superior Architecture, As your business looks for cost effective ways to meet your bottom line Sage 300 ERP provides. the foundation required to keep pace with ever changing technology without giving up the. functionality you need to compete in today s marketplace Accelerate the growth of your company. with the scalable open architecture of Sage 300 ERP No matter what Edition you choose you. have the option to utilize a Microsoft SQL Pervasive SQL or Oracle database as well as. multiple server and client operating systems and customization tools. Global Reach Local Touch, An international presence is not only important for modern enterprises it is essential Empower. your organization with the tools required to easily maintain international currency standards. Sage 300 ERP provides you the power you need to easily support multiple entities intercompany. and consolidations languages by user currencies recognized gain loss or unrealized gain loss. accounting methods and so much more,Sage 300 ERP is like a giant toolbox.
Every time we need to change something,the software has the right tool for the job. Jason Epps controller QuikServ,6 Sage 300 ERP Applications. Comprehensive Accounting Finance Applications,Sage 300 ERP Core Accounting. General Ledger Multicurrency Management,Accounts Payable Fixed Assets Management. Accounts Receivable Sage Active Planner Budgeting and Allocations. System Manager with Bank Check and Form Printing, Reconciliation for Cash Management Document Management.
The powerful financial tools of Sage 300 ERP help you confidently manage your company s complex finances and. remain compliant with government regulations such as GAAP or IFRS Features include full multicurrency capability. powerful bank reconciliation and tax reporting flexible transaction processing options powerful management of. fiscal periods and informative dashboards for analytical reporting Sage 300 ERP Core Accounting modules help. businesses succeed by accurately presenting valuable financial information in a clear understandable format. Financial Snapshots increase,insight with secure access of key. performance indicators KPIs,with drill down capabilities to. underlying reports,www sageasiapac com 7,General Ledger. Track and analyze your financial data to optimize your productivity using tools and accounting structures that are. tailored to your business needs Flexibility includes user defined chart of accounts structure account types journals. controls for processing and balancing options batch control totals earnings controls and much more You can. even control the amount of detail the system maintains What s more month end and year end procedures are a. snap Since Sage 300 ERP automatically updates all balances and history every time you post all you need to do. is make the adjusting entries Plus you ll be able to perform fast data queries and then drill down to the source for. more details With its built in financial report writer you can maintain a variety of sophisticated reports so decisions. are always based on insight gained from in depth analysis. Accounts Payable, Easily manage your cash flow track and predict purchases and analyze expenditures and product purchases. while maintaining good vendor relationships Sage 300 ERP Accounts Payable provides quick access to the type. of comprehensive data that allows you to analyze the past monitor the present and plan for the future helping you. make the right decisions today to gain a competitive edge Accounts Payable offers several options to save time and. reduce administrative costs by automating vendor related tasks and simplifying voucher entry It also accommodates. multiple vendor addresses multiyear history retention automatic payment selection check printing and more. Accounts Receivable, Effectively manage your cash flow track and predict customer buying patterns analyze sales and provide a superior.
level of customer service Sage 300 ERP allows you to gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing. processes and leverage automatic calculations that avoid errors and eliminate duplicate data entry Consolidate. customer receivables statements reporting and credit checking across national accounts Accounts Receivable. offers prompt access to the type of comprehensive data you need to analyze the past monitor the present and plan. for the future giving you valuable insights to make the right decisions. System Manager Bank Reconciliation, To make effective decisions in today s fast moving business climate you need accurate up to date information. on your company s cash position as well as reliable projections of future cash balances The System Manager. module in Sage 300 ERP comes equipped with comprehensive Bank Reconciliation functionality which enables you. to quickly and accurately reconcile all of your bank accounts as well as perform bank transactions with pinpoint. accuracy Bank Reconciliation is built into the System Manager providing seamless connectivity to all submodules to. help you better track your cash position so you can make insightful and timely decisions for your business. 8 Sage 300 ERP Applications,Multicompany and Global Operations Management. Sage 300 ERP Multicompany and Global Operations, Multiple Language and Localization Support G L Consolidations. Multicurrency Manager Inter Company Transactions, Easily manage global commerce across multiple companies or subsidiaries No matter where you do business. maximize your international insight and exchange information worldwide with Sage 300 ERP Multicompany and. Global Operations Management Enhanced visibility into business metrics provides critical information at your. fingertips for easier smarter daily and long term planning providing the vision you need to respond to business. trends while minimizing risk and maximizing the effectiveness of your decisions Set up multiple companies in one or. more databases run processes close books and report results by company or in a consolidated company. Multiple Language and Localization Support, When operating in different countries you need the ability to support the local language and accounting standards.
such as reconciliation and taxation Sage 300 ERP ships with five language overlays that allow you to configure. the language of the software for individual users You receive English Spanish French and Simplified and Tradi. tional Chinese out of the box In addition due to the configuration flexibility the software allows you to provide local. language tax and accounting rules through seamless default settings and templates When it comes to financial. reporting multinational companies face a two prong challenge Each division or subsidiary must pay its employees. manage accounts receivable and accounts payable and pay taxes in the local currency using local accounting stan. dards Yet financial data from subsidiaries also must be consolidated into the ledger of record in the monetary unit. and accounting standards of the country in which the corporation as a whole is operated Exchange rates between. currencies change constantly and the ledger of record must reflect these changes and ensure that all entries bal. ance With the multinational capabilities of Sage 300 ERP and the Multicurrency module you easily can comply with. the international currency standard,www sageasiapac com 9. Multicurrency Manager, Businesses that want to succeed in the world market need core financial capabilities with the flexibility and power. to handle the complexities of multicurrency enterprise The Multicurrency module in Sage 300 ERP provides robust. multicurrency and analysis capabilities so you can optimize your international opportunities You can maintain an. unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules update exchange rates daily and post realized and. unrealized gains or losses due to currency fluctuations If you have subsidiaries outside the U S or your company. is planning to expand globally this application will help you to address the currency issues inherent in a worldwide. market Multicurrency Manager can help simplify your transactions and provide insight into how the international. arena is impacting your bottom line The Multicurrency module uses international principles for accounting and. reporting with adherence to IFRS FASB 52 and IAS 125 guidelines. G L Consolidations, Sage 300 ERP G L Consolidations has built in flexibility to meet the needs of companies requiring a sophisticated. tool to consolidate multiple general ledgers G L Consolidations provides a feature set that allows your company. to define the level of detail to consolidate and provides a comprehensive audit trail G L Consolidations is designed. so that information can be easily transferred to other locations allowing subsidiaries and holding companies to run. without being on the same network,Inter Company Transactions. Simplify the recording of your intercompany transactions to prevent data entry errors With the Sage 300 ERP. Inter Company module you can save time reconciling multiple companies when a subsidiary is involved in a. Sage 300 ERP provides you the power you need to easily support multiple entities intercompany and consolidations languages by user currencies recognized gain loss or unrealized gain loss accounting methods and so much more Sage 300 ERP is like a giant toolbox Every time we need to change something

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