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SOUPS SALADS,Soup of the Day 5 95,chef inspiration. Pasta e Fagioli 6 95,tuscan white bean soup,Tri colored Salad 7 95. spring fresh baby greens and radicchio gently caressed in a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette. Traditional Caesar 8 95,crispy romaine house made caesar dressing. seasoned croutons shaved parmigiano,Mozzarella Caprese 10 95. fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil, fresh house made mozzarella rolled and sliced layered with juice tomatoes basil olive oil.
Signature Grilled Romaine Wedge 10 95,grilled romaine blue cheese dressing. and crispy pancetta,Insalata di Rucola 9 95,arugula shaved parmigiano reggiano. infused vinaigrette, add from the Grill chicken 2 95 shrimp 4 95 steak 5 95. Small 12 11 95 Large 18 17 95,Margherita, San Marziano tomato sauce fresh basil fresh Hhomemade Buratta mozzarella. Risotto ai Frutti di Mare 19 95,Campobasso, italian carnaroli rice with shrimp clams mussels scallops and calamari saut ed.
San Marziano tomato sauce mini homemade meatballs ricotta mozzarella. with white wine and fresh parsley in a san marzano tomato sauce. San Marziano tomato sauce zucchini eggplant roasted peppers caramelized onions. mozzarella,Patate e Cotto, Bianca e v o o potatoes Italian ham caramelized onions mozzarella. Italian carnaroli rice with shrimp clams mussels scallops and calamari saut ed. with white wine an Marzano tomato sauce,Spaghetti al Pomodoro 11 95. san marzano tomato sauce,Penne all Arrabbiata 11 95. spicy san marzano tomato sauce,Fettuccine Alfredo 14 95. delicate butter cream sauce topped with parmigiano reggiano. Spaghetti Meatballs 14 95, san marzano tomato sauce topped with our homemade delicate meatballs 2.
Linguine alle Vongole 14 95, fresh clams saut ed with garlic extra virgin olive oil in white clam juice. Agnolotti dello Chef 15 95, homemade round pasta filled with a delicate ricotta cheese mousse and spinach. served in a cream sauce and a touch of tomato,Capellini Primavera 14 95. angel hair pasta tossed with seasonal fresh vegetables tomato sauce. Rigatoni all Bolognese 14 95, homemade pork and beef tomato meat sauce topped with parmigiano reggiano. Linguine Mare 16 95, an array of fresh fish seafood clams mussels scallops shrimp and calamari in a delicate.
tomato sauce,Pappardelle ai Porcini e Tartufo 19 95. flat ribbon pasta with fresh porcini mushrooms garlic and parsley. in our special creamy truffle white wine sauce,Lobster Ravioli 19 95. ravioli stuffed with fresh maine lobster saut ed in a delicate rose cream brandy sauce. Gnocchi Due Compari 14 95, potato gnocchi tossed in a gorgonzola parmigiano ricotta and fontina cheese cream sauce. Orecchiette Rapini e Salsiccia 14 95, ear shaped pasta tossed with broccoli rabe and sausage saut ed with extra virgin olive oil garlic. Spaghetti alla carbonara 14 95, pancetta cured Italian ham fresh beaten eggs pecorino romano cheese and black pepper.
Trenette al Pesto BLOCK,linguine style,All dishes are pasta. servedserved in delicate,with vegetables basil pesto. potato sauce,or pasta of the day,All beef is certified 100 prime angus. dishes served with red wine demi glace, all paninis are 9 95 and served with french fries or house salad. homemade bread heated sandwich press is optional,homemade meatballs tomato sauce mozzarella.
Pollo alla Parmigiana,breaded chicken tomato sauce mozzarella. Vitello alla Parmigiana,breaded veal tomato sauce mozzarella. Salsiccia alla Griglia, grilled Italian sausage caramelized onions peppers. Due Compari, mixed salad fresh tomatoes fresh fior di latte mozzarella prosciutto infused olive oil. vinaigrette,Fettine di Manzo, sliced steak mushrooms peppers caramelized onions mozzarella.
Signature Prime Steakhouse Burger,8oz grilled burger lettuce tomato onion pickle. CALZONE e STROMBOLI,all calzone stromboli are 11 95. Calzone di Formaggio,romano cheese ricotta mozzarella. Calzone alla Romana,prosciutto ricotta mozzarella,Calzone dell Ortolano. tomato sauce zucchini eggplant roasted peppers caramelized onions mozzarella. Calzone Fritto Due Compari,chef s special,Stromboli di Carne.
tomato sauce Italian sausage ham,pepperoni homemade meatballs bacon mozzarella. Stromboli dell Ortolano, tomato sauce zucchini eggplant caramelized onions roasted peppers mozzarella. small 12 11 95 large 18 17 95,Margherita, san marzano tomato sauce fresh basil fresh homemade buratta mozzarella. Campobasso, san marzano tomato sauce mini homemade meatballs ricotta mozzarella. san marzano tomato sauce zucchini eggplant roasted peppers caramelized onions. mozzarella,Patate e Cotto, bianca e v o o potatoes italian ham caramelized onions mozzarella.
san marzano tomato sauce spicy calabrian cured sausage mozzarella. Due Compari, san marzano tomato sauce pepperoni mushrooms peppers onions mozzarella. Amante della Carne, san marzano tomato sauce pepperoni sausage ham meatballs bacon mozzarella. bianca mozzarella prosciutto arugula shaved parmigiano reggiano. Rapini e Salsiccia, san marzano tomato sauce italian sausage broccoli rabe mozzarella. Bianca Tartufo, bianca porcini mushrooms mozzarella burrata and truffle oil. san marzano tomato sauce ham fresh pineapple mozzarella. 962 Barolo Bricco San Pietro Broccardo 105,BBQ Chicken.
DOCG Barolo nebbiolo Piemonte, san marzano tomato sauce bbq chicken onions cilantro and mozzarella. 963 Brunello di Montalcino La Magia 125, DOCG Brunello di Montalcino sangiovese grosso Toscana. 12 9 95 18 13 95,san 964 Amarone Fiori,marzano delmozzarella. tomato sauce Pastello Sel n 175,DOCG Amarone della Valpolicella Classico. Additional Toppings,corvina corvinone rondinella molinara Veneto.
small 12 1 95 large 18 2 95, pepperoni sausage ham bacon meatballs anchovies mushrooms. onions peppers TUSCANS,olives garlic spinach tomato tomato sauce. pineapple hot peppers broccoli mozzarella,965 Lo Scuro Valle Picciola 42. Additional Premium,IGT Toscana Toppings,cabernet cabernet franc sangiovese. Small 12 2 95 Large 18 3 95,966 Tre Brancaia, prosciutto portobello mushrooms chicken kalamata olives broccoli rabe sundried 43.
tomatoes fresh mozzarella zucchini eggplant,IGT Toscana roasted peppers. sangiovese burrata chicken,merlot cabernet,967 Lucente Luce della Vita 50 16. IGT Toscana merlot sangiovese,968 Agapanto Podere Conca 58. BUTCHER BLOCK, all dishes are served with vegetables potato or pasta of the day all beef is certified 100 prime angus. filet mignon 8oz 39 short ribs 29,grilled lamb chops 39 pork chop 12oz 25.
ny strip 12oz 35 cornish hen 25,Loaded Baked Potato 8. baked potato loaded with sour cream bacon scallions and mozzarella. SURF TURF grilled shrimp U 8 9 ea lobster tail 6 oz 26 ea grilled sea scallops U 10 9 ea. POLLO E VITELLO, all chicken veal dishes are served with vegetables potato or pasta of the day. chicken 15 veal 17,Saltimbocca, butter white wine sauce touch of sage topped with prosciutto. marsala wine mushroom sauce,Piccata al Limone,butter white wine lemon sauce cappers. Parmigiana, san marzano tomato sauce and topped with fresh mozzarella.
dipped in egg served with white wine lemon sauce,FISH SEAFOOD. served with vegetables and potato of the day,Signature Cedar Plank Salmon 24. baked on the cedar plank with citrus vinaigrette,Branzino in Cartoccio 39. whole mediterranean sea bass stuffed with olives capers cherry. tomatoes baked with butter and extra virgin olive oil. Shrimp Skewer 29, grilled jumbo shrimp served with a lemon white wine sauce. Fritto Misto 24, fresh fish shrimp scallops and calamari dusted with flour and fried with a side of tomato sauce.
Jumbo Sea Scallops 35,pan seared u 10 scallops with a meuni re sauce. Fish Chips 25, fried battered cod served with french fries coleslaw and tartar sauce. Consuming raw or undercooked meats poultry seafood shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. especially if you have certain medical conditions,children under 12. Dita di Pollo con Patatine Fritte 5,chicken fingers 4 with french fries. Spaghetti Penne 5, spaghetti or penne with butter sauce or tomato sauce.
all desserts 6 95, espresso coffee Kahlua infused ladyfinger cake layered with mascarpone cream cheese. and topped with cocoa and grated Peruvian chocolate. milk chocolate dreamy fluffy cake filled with scrumptious molten lava chocolate filling served with. ice cold ice cream vanilla,Cheesecake, a sweet ancient roman style cheesecake dessert with a graham cracker crust and high sides. Sicilian Cannoli, tube shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet creamy ricotta and chocolate chip. puff pastry sheets layered with pastry cream and whipped cream and topped with a sugar glaze. Macedonia di Frutta,fresh mixed fruit sugar and lemon juice. coconut or lemon,962 Barolo Bricco San Pietro Broccardo 105.
DOCG Barolo nebbiolo Piemonte,963 Brunello di Montalcino La Magia 125. DOCG Brunello di Montalcino sangiovese grosso Toscana. 964 Amarone Fiori del Pastello Sel n 175,DOCG Amarone della Valpolicella Classico. corvina corvinone rondinella molinara Veneto,SUPER TUSCANS. 965 Lo Scuro Valle Picciola 42,IGT Toscana cabernet cabernet franc sangiovese. 966 Tre Brancaia 43,IGT Toscana sangiovese merlot cabernet.
967 Lucente Luce della Vita 50 16,IGT Toscana merlot sangiovese. APPETIZERS Escargot 11 95 escargot baked in garlic butter lemon sauce served with toasted bread Mussels Marechiaro 10 95 fresh mussels saut ed in a delicate tomato and basil sauce with a touch of garlic white wine and Italian parsley

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