API RP 1162 Pbli A Pl R iPublic Awareness Plan Review

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Introduction,Office of Pipeline Safety OPS,Why Public Awareness. History of Public Awareness Regs,American Petrole,te Recommended. Practice API RP 1162,Public Awareness Program PAP,Implementation Compliance. U S Department of Transportation,Pipeline and Hazardous Materials. Safety Administration,Office of Pipeline Safety OPS.
To ensure the safe reliable and environmentally,sound operation of the Nation s pipeline. transportation,t ti system,Pipeline Safety,Pipeline Safety. OPS Jurisdiction, Over two and a half million miles of pipelines in the U S. g to circle the earth 83 times,183 000 miles of hazardous liquid pipelines. 331 000 miles of gas transmission pipelines, 2 000 000 miles of natural gas distribution pipelines.
109 LNG plants connected to our natural gas,transmission. i i and d distribution,di t ib ti systems,Propane distribution pipelines. These pipelines are operated by more than 3,companies large and small. Natural gas provides 24 of U S total energy,consumption petroleum provides for another 39. Population Pipeline Ratio, Population Square Miles Population Transmission Pop Density.
Region from of combined Density Pipeline per Pipe miles. 2000 Census states Mileage x10 4,Pop Sq mile,Eastern 69133382 237717 291 0 33658 86 4. Central 64392776 751426 86 7 128781 6 7,Southern 57061576 372684 153 1 58531 26 2. Southwest 33263896 547459 60 8 218384 2 8,Western 61660203 1632063 37 8 75632 5 0. Why Public Awareness,Significant Incidents caused by. Excavation Damage g 2002 thru 2006,Gas Distribution Pipelines.
37 of Significant Incidents,28 of Fatalities and 32 Injuries. Gas Transmission Pipelines,13 of Significant Incidents. 80 of Fatalities and 23 Injuries,Liquid Pipelines,14 of Significant Incidents. 63 of Fatalities and 16 Injuries,PHMSA Investigations. M j Accidents,Major A id t ini 2008,Mech Failure,Operator Error.
Mech Failure,Mech Failure,Operator Error Operator Error. Blue Natural Gas,Ext Corrosion Mech Failure Red Hazardous Liquids. Ope ato Error,Ext Corrosion,y Public Awareness,It s the Law. Pipeline Safety Improvement Act PSIA 2002, requires owners or operators of a gas or hazardous liquid pipeline. facility to carry out a continuing program to educate the public on. 1 Use of a one call notification system prior to excavation. 2 Possible,ibl hazards,h d associated,i t d with,ith unintended.
i t d d releases,the pipeline facility, 3 Physical indications that such a release may have occurred. 4 Steps that should be taken for public safety in the event of a. pipeline release and,5 Procedures to report such an event. y Public Awareness,Enhanced public safety,Decreased third party damage. Improved performance,Enhanced emergency response coordination. p relationships,p with affected public,Less resistance to pipeline activities and.
Preservation of ROW from encroachments,encroachments. History of Public Awareness Regs,Part 192 Original. published Aug,192 615 Emergency Plans, d Establish an educational program to enable customers and the general. public to recognize and report a gas emergency to the appropriate officials. Amendment 192 24 effective Oct 1 1976, 192 615 d Each operator shall establish a continuing educational. program to enable customers the public appropriate government. organizations and persons engaged in excavation related activities to. recognize a gas pipeline emergency for the purpose of reporting it to the. operator or the appropriate public officials The program and the media. used must be as comprehensive as necessary to reach all areas in which the. operator transports gas The program must be conducted in English and in. other languages commonly understood by a significant number and. concentration of the non,non English,English speaking population in the operator.
operator ss area,History of Public Awareness Regs,Amendment 192 71 effective Feb 11 1995. 192 615 d Emergency Plans 192 616 Public Education. Amendment 192 99 effective June 20 2005,192 616 Public Education 192 616 Public Awareness. More robust language in the Code,PHMSA incorporates by reference. American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 1162. Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators,First Edition December 2003. Amendment no number effective Jan 14 2008, 192 616 Public Awareness relaxed rules for MM and some LPG.
What Are the Public Awareness Rules,Public Awareness Regulations. 192 616 Public Awareness, a Written continuing public education program that follows the. guidance provided in the API RP 1162, b Must follow general program recommendations of API RP 1162 and. assess the unique attributes and characteristics your pipeline and. facilities,c Must follow general program recommendations. including baseline and supplemental requirements,of API RP 1162 unless operator provides written.
justification why compliance with all or certain,provisions of the recommended practice is not. practicable and not necessary,p y for safety,What Does That Word Mean. Awareness Grasp,Understand,Instructing,Must Shall,Should unless you can justify. with technical analysis,What Does That Word Mean,And All of Em. Or At least One of Em,Guidance Direction,Suggestions.
Documentation A Record Proving,y Happened,it Really pp. U S Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration API RP 1162 Pbli A Pl R iPublic Awareness Plan Review amp Operator ComplianceOperator Compliance

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