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www zephyronline com,Table of Contents,SAFETY NOTICE 2 3. LIST OF MATERIALS 4,INSTALLATION,Ducting Calculation Sheet 5. Mounting Height Clearance 6,Ducting Options 7,Hood Specifications 8 11. Mounting the Hood 12 13,Ductless Recirculating 14,FEATURES CONTROLS. ICON Touch Controls 15 16,MAINTENANCE,Hood and Filter Cleaning 17.
LED Light Strips 18,TROUBLESHOOTING 19,ACT CONVERSION 20. FAN CURVE DIAGRAMS 21 22,WIRING DIAGRAM 23,LIST OF PARTS AND ACCESSORIES 24. WARRANTY 25,PRODUCT REGISTRATION 26, READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS www zephyronline com. Important Safety Notice, TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT USE THIS FAN WITH ANY SOLID STATE CONTROL DEVICE. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE ELECTRIC SHOCK OR INJURY TO PERSONS OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING. a Use this unit only in the manner intended by the manufacturer if you have questions contact the manufacturer. b Before servicing or cleaning unit switch power off at service panel and lock panel to prevent power from being switched on accidentally. When the service disconnecting means cannot be locked securely fasten a prominent warning device such as a tag to the service. For general ventilating use only Do not use to exhaust hazardous or explosive materials and vapors Take care when using cleaning. agents or detergents Suitable for use in household cooking area. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF RANGE TOP GREASE FIRE, a Never leave surface units unattended at high settings Boilovers cause smoking and greasy spillovers that may ignite Heat oils slowly.
on low or medium settings, b Always turn hood ON when cooking at high heat or when flaming food. c Clean ventilating fans frequently Grease should not be allowed to accumulate on fan or filter. d Use proper pan size Always use cookware appropriate for the size of the surface element. e Keep fan filters and grease laden surfaces clean. f Use high setting on hood only when necessary,g Don t leave hood unattended when cooking. h Always use cookware and utensils appropriate for the type of and amount of food being prepared. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY TO PERSONS IN THE EVENT OF A RANGE TOP FIRE OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING. a SMOTHER FLAMES with a close fitting lid cookie sheet or metal tray then turn off the burner BE CAREFUL TO PREVENT BURNS. If the flames do not go out immediately EVACUATE AND CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. b NEVER PICK UP A FLAMING PAN You may be burned, c DO NOT USE WATER including wet dishcloths or towels a violent steam explosion will result. d Use an extinguisher ONLY if, 1 You know you have a Class ABC extinguisher and you already know how to operate it. 2 The fire is small and contained in the area where it started. 3 The fire department is being called, 4 You can fight the fire with your back to an exit.
TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE ELECTRIC SHOCK OR INJURY TO PERSONS OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING. a Installation work and electrical wiring must be done by qualified person s in accordance with all applicable codes and standards. Including fire rated construction, b Sufficient air is needed for power combustion and exhausting of gases through the flue chimney of fuel burning equipment to prevent. back drafting Follow the heating equipment manufacturer s guideline and safety standards such as those published by the National. Fire Protection Association NFPA and the American Society for Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers ASHRAE and. the local code authorities, c When cutting or drilling into wall or ceiling do not damage electrical wiring and other hidden utilities. d Ducted fans must always vent to the outdoors, e NEVER place a switch where it can be reached from a tub or shower. f Make sure the power is off before installing wiring or maintenancing. Important Safety Notice, TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE USE ONLY METAL DUCTWORK. To reduce risk of fire and to properly exhaust air outside Do not vent exhaust air into spaces within walls ceilings. attics crawl spaces or garages,Not for use over an outdoor grill.
Always leave safety grilles and filters in place Without these components operating blowers could catch onto hair fingers. and loose clothing, The manufacturer declines all responsibility in the event of failure to observe the instructions given here for installation. maintenance and suitable use of the product The manufacturer further declines all responsibility for injury due to. negligence and the warranty of the unit automatically expires due to improper maintenance. NOTE Please check www zephyronline com for revisions before doing any custom work. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS,Observe all governing codes and ordinances. It is the customer s responsibility,To contact a qualified electrical installer. To assure that the electrical installation is adequate and in conformance with National Electrical Code ANSI NFPA 70. latest edition or CSA standards C22 1 94 Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 and C22 2 No 0 M91 latest edition and. all local codes and ordinances, If codes permit and a separate ground wire is used it is recommended that a qualified electrician determine that the. ground path is adequate,Do not ground to a gas pipe.
Check with a qualified electrician if you are not sure the range hood is properly grounded. Do not have a fuse in the neutral or ground circuit. National Fire Protection Association Batterymarch Park Quincy Massachusetts 02269. CSA International 8501 East Pleasant Valley Road Cleveland Ohio 44131 5575. This appliance requires a 120V 60Hz electrical supply and connected to an individual properly grounded branch circuit. protected by a 15 or 20 ampere circuit breaker or time delay fuse Wiring must be 2 wire with ground Please also refer to. Electrical Diagram on product, A cable locking connector not supplied might also be required by local codes Check with local requirements purchase. and install appropriate connector if necessary,Prop 65 Warning for California Residents. Cancer and Reproductive Harm www P65Warnings ca gov. www zephyronline com,List of Materials,PARTS SUPPLIED. 2 Top Duct Covers,1 Top Support Frame,2 Lateral support brackets. 2 Bottom Duct Covers,1 Bottom Support Frame,1 Square support bracket.
1 6 round damper pre installed,Front of Hood,Cut Out Shaded Area. 1 Hood Body,1 Paper ceiling template,2 Brite Strip LED. 2 Mesh Filters,ZAZ E42 ZRM E42 x 3,1 Hardware package. HARDWARE PACKAGE CONTENTS,3 Wire Nuts 4 M4 x 1 4 12 OD 5 20 M4 x 8 pan head. wood srews ID Washers machine screws, 4 3 16 x 1 4 flat head 1 M4 x 12 4 3 16 x1 4 pan head.
machine screws safety screw machine scews,PARTS NOT SUPPLIED. Ducting conduit and all installation tools,Cable connector if required by local codes. Duct cover extension accessory,Recirculating kit accessory. Installation Ducting Calculation Sheet, Duct pieces Equivalent number Duct pieces Equivalent number. length x used Total length x used Total,3 1 4 x 10 1 Ft x Ft 3 1 4 x 10 5 Ft x Ft.
Rect Rect to,straight 6 round,transition,6 7 8 10 1 Ft x Ft. 3 1 4 x 10 20 Ft x Ft,transition,3 1 4 x 10 15 Ft x Ft 90 0 elbow. 6 round to 1 Ft x Ft,Ft 3 1 4 x 10,3 1 4 x 10 9 Ft x. transition,6 round to 16 Ft x Ft,3 1 4 x 10,3 1 4 x 10 24 Ft x Ft rect. Rect 90 0 transition,flat elbow 90 0 elbow,7 round to 8 Ft x Ft.
3 1 4 x 10,7 to 6 or 25 Ft x Ft,8 to 7 Round,transition. reducer 7 round to 23 Ft x Ft,3 1 4 x 10,6 7 8 15 Ft x Ft transition. Round 90 0 elbow,damper 3 1 4 x 10 30 Ft x Ft,6 7 8 10 15 Ft x Ft with damper. 90 0 elbow 6 7 8 10 30 Ft x Ft,Round wall,6 7 8 10 9 Ft x Ft damper. 45 0 elbow 6 7 8 10 30 Ft x Ft,Subtotal column 1 Ft.
Subtotal column 2 Ft,Maximum Duct Length For satisfactory air movement. the total duct length should not exceed 100 equivalent feet Subtotal column 1 Ft. Total ductwork Ft,www zephyronline com,Installation Mounting Height Clearance. A minimum of 6 round duct is recommended to,maintain maximum air flow efficiency. Always use rigid type metal ducts only Flexible,ducts could restrict air flow by up to 50. Use calculation worksheet to compute total duct,A work Page 5.
mi C ALWAYS when possible reduce the number of, D transitions and turns If a long duct run is required. mi E increase duct size from 6 to 7 or 8, m m x If turns or transitions are required Install as far. 34 away from duct opening and as far apart between. the two transitions as possible,Minimum mount height between range top to hood. bottom should be no less than 26,Maximum mount height should be no higher than. It is important to install the hood at the proper,mounting height Hoods mounted too low could.
result in heat damage and fire hazard while hoods,mounted too high will be hard to reach and will. A Minimum Ducted Hood Height loose performance and efficiency. B Minimum Recirculating Hood Height, C Maximum Hood Height If available also refer to range manufacturer s. D Minimum Ducted Ceiling Height height clearance requirements and recommended. E Minimum Recirculating Ceiling Height,F Maximum Ceiling Height. hood mounting height above range Always check,your local codes for any differences. Standard Duct Cover,ZAZ ZLC ZRM ZRE,Duct cover extension kit available for ceiling.
A 31 1 2 29 28 28 1 2,heights up to 12 feet Turn to page 24 for part. B 36 32 1 2 31 28 1 2 number and ordering information. C 50 46 1 2 39 39, D 93 1 2 7 9 1 2 91 7 7 90 7 6 90 1 2 7 6 1 2 DAMAGE SHIPMENT INSTALLATION. E 98 8 2 94 1 2 7 10 1 2 93 7 9 90 1 2 7 6 1 2,Please fully inspect unit for damage before. installation,F 120 10 116 1 2 9 8 1 2 109 9 1 109 9 1. If the unit is damaged in shipment return the, Extension Duct Cover unit to the store in which it was bought for.
ZAZ ZLC ZRM ZRE repair or replacement, A 47 47 50 1 2 48 1 2 If the unit is damaged by the customer repair. B 51 51 50 1 2 48 1 2 or replacement is the responsibility of the. C 80 80 80 78,If the unit is damaged by the installer if other. D 109 9 1 109 9 1 112 1 2 9 4 1 2 110 1 2 9 2 1 2,than the customer repair of replacement must. E 113 9 5 113 9 5 112 1 2 9 4 1 2 110 1 2 9 2 1 2,be made by arrangement between customer. F 150 12 6 150 12 6 150 12 6 148 12 4 and installer. Installation Ducting Options,WARNING FIRE HAZARD, NEVER exhaust air or terminate duct work into spaces between walls crawl spaces ceiling attics or garages.
All exhaust must be ducted to the outside unless using the recirculating option. Use single wall rigid metal ductwork only, Fasten all connections with sheet metal screws and tape all joints w certified Silver Tape or Duct Tape. Some Ducting Options,Roof Pitch w,Flashing Cap,housing side wall cap. w gravity damper,Soffit or crawl space,recirculating. www zephyronline com,Installation Hood Specification ZAZ. min ducted 31 1 2,16 9 16 9 7 16,min recirc 36,min ducted 47.
min recirc 51,35 7 16 41 15 16 25 9 16,FRONT SIDE,C L 3 9 16. TOP of HOOD TOP SUPPORT FRAME,Installation Hood Specification ZLC. min ducted 29,min recirc 32 1 2,max 46 1 2,min ducted 47. min recirc 51,35 7 16 41 7 8 25 9 16,FRONT SIDE,2 1 2 6 3 4. TOP of HOOD TOP SUPPORT FRAME,www zephyronline com.
Installation Hood Specification ZRM,min ducted 28,min recirc 31. Z1C 01RM EXTENSION,min ducted 50 1 2,min recirc 50 1 2. 35 7 8 41 7 8 26 7 8,Installation Hood Specification ZRE. 10 3 8 10 7 8,min ducted 28 1 2,top of electrical box. min recirc 28 1 2,Z1C 01REBS EXTENSION,min ducted 48 1 2.
min recirc 48 1 2,23 15 16 13 3 4,35 3 16 25 9 16,FRONT SIDE. TOP of HOOD TOP SUPPORT FRAME,www zephyronline com. CAUTION At least two installers are,Installation Mounting the Hood. required due to the weight and size of the,hood Top Support Frame. Bottom Support Frame,secures to top of blower housing.
Front back,Ceiling Joists,Sid Key Holes,Wood Blocking 1. Top Support Frame,front facing controls,Support Frame Arm 3. Bottom Support Frame,Mounting Screws,pre installed. Cut Out Shaded Area,FIG A FIG G, 1 Determine mounting location on ceiling and temporarily tape paper template included with the hood to. the ceiling Cut out internal shaded area of template to allow the ducting and electrical to pass through. If necessary add wood blocking min 2 x 4 to ceiling joists located behind the drywall to reinforce the. mounting location FIG A1 Secure 2 M6 x 1 wood screws to points A and B of the paper template FIG. G Do not completely tighten screws leave approx 1 4 exposed. 2 Remove screws securing top and bottom support frames together Adjust support frame to accomodate the. desired hood height and re assemble the frame using the previously removed screws 2 screws for each. support frame arm FIG A3, 3 Lift support frame assembly up to the ceiling making sure the word front on the top support frame faces the.
front of the hood where the controls will be located FIG B The key holes on the top support frame should. cover the wood screws previously installed in the ceiling Slide support frame towards narrow end of key. holes to lock the frame in place Install the last 2 M6 x 1 wood screws with washers into the two remaining. corners of the top support frame to secure it to the ceiling Tighten all screws. Use Care and Installation Guide Model number Serial Number www zephyronline com APR19 0301 Z ephyr Ventilation LLC Air ow Control Technology C TM Anzio Island ZAZ M90CS ZAZ E42CS Luce Island ZLC M90BS ZLC E42BS Roma Island ZRM E36DS ZRM E42DS Ravenna Island ZRE M90ABSGG ZRE E42ABSGG

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