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Field Hospital,Antietam National Battlefield,Wooden Cane. Carved by soldier recuperating in Antietam field hospital. This wooden cane was carved by a convalescing soldier at the Smoketown field hospital Wood. L 36 7 8 Diam 1 in,Antietam National Battlefield ANTI 111. Medical Instrument Case, These implements and case were used by Dr William B Wheeler a Marylander who served as an. Assistant Surgeon in the 8th Maryland Infantry,Wood Steel Fabric L 10 5 8 W 3 1 2 D 2 in. Antietam National Battlefield ANTI 353,Antietam Battlefield.
National Park Service,U S Department of the Interior. Antietam National Battlefield,P O Box 158,Sharpsburg MD 21782. Lesson Two One Vast Hospital, September 22 1862 Battlefield Hospital near Sharpsburg. My Dear Wife Day before yesterday I dressed the wounds of 64 different men some having two or three. each Yesterday I was at work from daylight till dark today I am completely exhausted but stall soon be able. to go at it again, The days after the battle are a thousand times worse than the day of the battle and the physical pain is not the. greatest pain suffered How awful it is you have not can have until you see it any idea of affairs after a battle. The dead appear sickening but they suffer no pain But the poor wounded mutilated soldiers that yet have life. and sensation make a most horrid picture I pray God may stop such infernal work through perhaps he has. sent it upon us for our sins Great indeed must have been our sins if such is our punishment. Our Reg Started this morning for Harpers Ferry 14 miles I am detailed with others to remain here until the. wounded are removed then join the Reg With my nurses I expect there will be another great fight at Harpers. Carrie I dreamed of home night before last I love to dream of home it seems so much like really being there I. dreamed that I was passing Hibbards house and saw you and Lud in the window After then I saw you in some. place I cannot really know where you kissed me and told me you loved me though you did not the first time. you saw me Was not that quite a soldier dream That night had been away to a hospital to see some wounded. men returned late I fastened my horse to a peach tree fed him with wheat and hay from a barn near by then. I slept and dreamed of my loved ones away in N H, Write soon as you can Tell me all you can about my business affairs and prospects for the future in Bath Will.
Dr Boynton be likely to get a strong hold there One thing sure Cad I shall return to Bath if I live and spend. my days there I feel so in that way now Give me all news you can Tell Parker and John and the girls to write. although I can not answer them all Tell Parker I will answer his as soon as I can. In this letter I send you a bit of gold lace such as the rebel officers have This I cut from a rebel officers coat on. the battlefield He was a Lieut, I have made the acquaintance of two rebel officers prisoners in our hands One is a physician both are. masons both very intelligent gentlemanly men Each is wounded in the leg They are great favorites with our. officers One of them was brought off the field in hottest of the fight by our 5th N H officers he giving them. evidence of his being a mason, Now do write soon Kisses to you Clint Kate Love to all. Yours as ever, W C William Child Major and Surgeon with the 5th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers. A man lying upon the ground asked for drink I stooped to give it and having raised him with my right hand. was holding the cup to his lips with my left when I felt a sudden twitch of the loose sleeve of my dress the. poor fellow sprang from my hands and fell back quivering in the agonies of death a ball had passed between. my body and the right arm which supported him cutting through the sleeve and passing through his chest. from shoulder to shoulder Clara Barton, A strong sturdy looking Reb was coming laboriously on with a Yank of no small proportions perched on his. shoulders Wonderingly I joined the group surrounding and accompanying them at every step and then I. learned why all this especial demonstration why the Union soldiers cheered and again cheered this. Confederate soldier not because of the fact alone that he had brought into the hospital a sorely wounded. Federal soldier who must have died from hemorrhage had he been left on the field but from the fact that was. palpable at a glance that the Confederate too was wounded He was totally blind a Yankee bullet had passed. directly across and destroyed both eyes and the light for him had gone out forever But on he marched with. his brother in misery perched on his sturdy shoulders He would accept no assistance until his partner. announced to him that they had reached their goal the field hospital It appears that they lay close together on. the field and after the roar of battle had been succeeded by that painfully intense silence that hangs over a. hard contested battlefield where the issue is yet in doubt and where a single rifle shot on the skirmish line falls. on your ear like the crack of a thousand cannon The groans of the wounded Yank reached the alert ears of his. sightless Confederate neighbor who called to him asking him the nature and extent of his wounds On. learning the serious nature of them he said Now Yank I can t see or I d get out of here mighty lively Some. darned Yank has shot away my eyes but I feel as strong otherwise as ever If you think you can get on my back. and do the seeing I will do the walking and we ll sail into some hospital where we can both receive surgical. treatment This programme had been followed and with complete success. We assisted the Yank to alight from his Rebel war horse and you can rest assured that loud and imperative call. was made for the surgeons to give not only the Yank but his noble Confederate partner immediate and careful. attention J O Smith Roulette Farm Field Hospital,Sunday Sept 21 1862 Sharpsburg MD.
Your letters 3 in number reached me 1st evening and it gave me much pleasure to hear from you I should have. written you before but did not know for a certainty where to direct You will doubtless have learned the details. of this great battle before this reaches you The loss of the 11th is dreadful. I followed in the rear of the Regt Until it reached the fatal bridge that crosses the creek this bridge is. composed of 3 stone arches and the stream is about the size of that one just west of Berlin The enemies. sharpshooters commenced the action being posted in trees and under cover of a wall on the high ground on. the other side of the creek the order was for the 11th to take and hold the bridge until the division of Genl. Rodman passed, The action soon became general all along the lines language would fail me to describe the scene I was in. company with the surgeons and we laid ourselves down between the hills of corn and in a lot west of the bridge. being a corn field I had a bag of bandages and some few other things in hand we lay low I can assure you and. the way the bullets whistled around us is better imagined than described The shells also bursting over our. heads and on the ground around us The attack was perfectly successful we fell back to a brick house Vi a mile. in the rear and established a hospital, I took off my coat to dress wounds and met with a great loss Some villain riffled my pockets of several. packages of medicine my fine tooth comb and what I valued most my needle book containing the little lock of. hair you put in No money would have bought it It was not the value that I cared for but the giver Can you. replace it I should be pleased with your photograph which you spoke of I think that it will be so that I can get a. little box by express soon I am still in the hospital near the battle ground the Regt having moved about 3 miles. I will tell you where to send the box soon You need not put Co K on my letters in future but simply Dr G. Bronson 11 Regt C Burnside division with name of place Washington for the present. Give me love to all our friends Very Truly yours George. September 26 1862 In a hospital near the Battlefield of Antietam. Thinking perhaps that you would like to hear from me I now have a few moments in writing to you to let you. know of an accident which happened to me on the evening of the 18th One of the 135 P V boys. accidentily shot me through the back The ball passed through my lungs and lodged some where and is in me. yet I suffered considerable pain for the few first days but now I am more comfortable now and am not in much. pain Our brigaid did not get along from Washington soon enough to be engaged in the Battle of the day before. There was a hard fought battle and many lives lost on both sides but I think the loss of the Rebels were more. than double our loss I hope that you will not grow uneasy about me for I am doing as well as can be and have. good care for brother William is with me taking care of me and as soon as I get well enough I am coming home. and to be with you again I do not want you to write until you hear from me again for a letter would not come. through I am now 10 miles from Middletown Md and as soon as we get moved I will write to you to let you. know where we are moved to As I do not think of any thing more that will interest you I will bring this letter to. a close and write to you again in a few days,From your affectionate and loving husband. Erred Fowles, Erred Fowles died on October 6 1862 He is buried in Grave 3724 in the cemetery at Antietam His daughter Ida. May Fowles was born October 10 1862,September 21 1862.
8th Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment,Shepherdstown Jefferson County Virginia. My dear wife, I write to let you know that I am now in this place badly wounded was shot on Wednesday the 17th near. Sharpsburg Washington County Maryland about three miles from this place The ball entered my left shoulder. and lodged in my brest here it still is I want you or my brother to come to see me Come by Richmond in. Virginia then on to Winchester where you will only be twenty two miles from here You can then get a. conveyance to this place probably by the railway which comes down to Harpers Ferry where a connection is. made to a station called Kearneys Ville that is only five miles from here and by the time can here from me and. get to this region of country the stage which runs to that place in times of quiet about here may be running. again We have had hard marching to do and desperate fighting our Captain was killed the same day I was. I remain as ever,your Devoted husband,Bird B Wright. My barn was crammed very soon and Dr Reber of the 48th Pennsylvania a good surgeon and plucky and. cool came in to help me A singular thing happened here Our amputating table consisted of a small door. mounted on two barrels I had just severed the Cap tain s leg and I had an artery of the stump in a pair of. forceps and Reber was adjusting the ligature on it when two fragments of one of the numerous shells that. were bursting over and coming through our thatched roof came down between our heads and hands and the. stump without touching anything and plunged into to the blood and straw at our feet Reber afterwards. hunted them out and washed them and we each kept one as a memento of Burnside s Bridge The men I sent. up in the Beginning found the barn filled with straw bundles and made a very good barricade against bullets. from the front but of course all large missiles would come through above Fortunately no shell burst in the. barn and it did not take fire, One man was brought in who was in an uncontrollably restless state constantly throwing himself about. unconsciously onto others lying beside him I had to strip him and wash him for he was covered with faeces to. find his wound when behold he had no wound discoverable and no bone broken and yet he looked as if he. was dying Stimulants had no effect and he died in half an hour This was doubtless one of those cases that. used to be called windage He was doubtless struck on the chest or over the liver or abdomen very obliquely. by a cannon shot which though it does not tear the clothes or show marks upon the skin yet the parts. underneath are found in a state of disintegration The action so far as we were concerned began about 11 A. M for I was looking at my watch just before I went down and it was then just 11 About two as we had finished. dressing all in the barn and provided for them as well as we could I went out to look around The firing had. held up in our vicinity and gone over the other side of the river. On going towards the bridge I saw bad signs for the 2nd Maryland There were dead en all along the row. and up at the head lay the Adjutant and numbers of others Just behind was a farm road and in this I found. what was left of it resting The Assistant Surgeon had joined the Regiment and was busy looking after those. who had been taken up the farm lane and not brought to the barn My friend Captain Wilson was killed a. cannon shot striking him in the forehead and carrying away all the top of his head There were 400 in line that. morning and 150 had been killed and wounded Duryea and Howard escaped without a hit The troops were. all over the river and I now learned how it was,Dr Theodore Dimon.
Acting Surgeon,2nd Maryland, From the Rochester Democrat And American newspaper December 9 1862. The Smoketown Hospital, Correspondent of the Democrat and American Smoketown Hospital Dec 3d 1862. Barns and outhouses door yards gardens straw stacks dwelling houses and every spot affording the least. I pray God may stop such infernal work through perhaps he has sent it upon us for our sins Great indeed must have been our sins if such is our punishment Our Reg Started this morning for Harpers Ferry 14 miles I am detailed with others to remain here until the wounded are removed then join the Reg With my nurses I expect there will be another great fight at Harpers Ferry Carrie I

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