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GROUP OVERVIEW,01 Flying ahead Highlights,10 Key Figures 2015. 12 Letter from the Chairman of the Board,14 Interview with the Chief Executive Officer. 16 Group Executive Committee,18 Interview with the Chief Financial Officer. 22 Airbus Helicopters,24 Airbus Defence and Space,26 Corporate Social Responsibility. 28 Innovation Highlights,30 Share Information,REGISTRATION DOCUMENT.
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd C2 11 05 2016 10 25. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 01 l,Flying ahead. At Airbus Group,we make it fly is our motto,Day in and day out the. Company s men and women,deliver more than just,products They make a. difference to our customers,through innovative solutions.
game changing,engineering manufacturing,excellence and corporate. responsibility,We are flying ahead,moving ahead with our. strategy and staying ahead of,the competition, Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 01 11 05 2016 10 25. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 02 l,Innovation,A game changing design. in the helicopter market, Flight testing of the highly innovative production use of Blue Edge main.
H160 helicopter got underway during rotor blades cuts exterior sound. 2015 paving the way for its planned levels by 50,entry into service in 2018 The aircraft. raises the standards for performance The H160 is the first ever. cost effectiveness passenger comfort fully composite civil helicopter. and environmental impact to create resulting in an airframe that is lighter. the benchmark in the medium class more robust resistant to corrosion. rotorcraft sector and fatigue while requiring less. maintenance,The H160 offers nose to tail, breakthroughs in design and With a cruise speed of 160 knots. systems and integrates as many as the H160 can carry 12 passengers at. 68 company patented technologies distances of up to 120 nautical miles. for oil and gas missions and has a, To help improve performance and 450 nautical mile range with 20 minute. flight stability the aircraft includes reserve in public service or search and. the largest ever canted Fenestron rescue tasks,shrouded tail rotor while the initial. Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 02 11 05 2016 10 25. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 03 l,Where breakthroughs come from.
Technical advances offer,airlines greater efficiency. Following a rigorous flight testing unbeatable fuel efficiency but also. programme the A320neo new engine significant environmental benefits. option received type certification from with nearly a 50 reduction in noise. safety authorities in Europe and the footprint compared to previous. U S towards the end of 2015 The first generation aircraft. delivery followed in early 2016 while, almost 4 500 firm orders had been During 2015 Airbus launched the. received by the end of 2015 larger A321LR variant which offers. the longest range of any single aisle, Being a great example of incremental airliner at 4 000 nautical miles and a. innovation the A320neo incorporates maximum take off weight of 97 tonnes. latest technologies such as new The aircraft which is due to be. generation engines and Sharklet delivered from 2019 includes an. wing tip devices which together additional fuel tank in the forward. deliver a 15 fuel burn reduction underfloor hold as well as minor. and 20 by 2020 through cabin improvements on the wing and. innovations and further engine fuselage to provide the additional. efficiency improvements range The A321LR is able to fly longer The stories. The A320neo offers not only routes such as the transatlantic continue non stop on. annualreport airbusgroup com, Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 03 11 05 2016 10 25. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 04 l,Disruption,Bringing the web.
to the whole world, Half the world currently has no way Resources and expertise are being. to connect to the Internet Under a leveraged from across Airbus Group. pioneering business model Airbus including techniques developed for. Group has teamed up with OneWeb large volume commercial aircraft. to provide an affordable Internet production,connection for everyone by developing. a constellation of hundreds of small The first 10 satellites will be designed. telecommunications satellites and manufactured in Toulouse by. a new Joint Venture between Airbus, In 2015 Airbus Defence and Space Defence and Space and OneWeb. was chosen as OneWeb s industrial known as OneWeb Satellites Full. partner to design and manufacture series production will take place at. 900 satellites weighing around a dedicated plant in the U S with the. 150 kilogrammes each In an industry first satellites due to be launched into. first several satellites will be built daily low Earth orbit from 2018. and require the development of,innovative designs and industrial. processes to dramatically lower the,cost structure involved for these high.
performance spacecraft, Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 04 11 05 2016 10 25. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 05 l,How we are challenging the status quo. A 3 AND AIRBUS VENTURES,A3 AND AIRBUS VENTURES,Silicon Valley outposts defining. the future of flight, To help maintain its market leading the Group and the industry. position and accelerate the pace of In early 2016 A3 undertook a pilot. innovation Airbus Group established project for an on demand. a dedicated innovation centre and a transportation service using. corporate venture fund in California s Airbus Group helicopters. Silicon Valley during 2015 These, business units will enhance the Airbus Ventures was set up with an.
Group s ability to identify and initial commitment of US 150 million. capitalise on innovative and and a mission to invest in promising. transformational technologies and disruptive and innovative business. business models while increasing opportunities around the globe. its global presence It announced its first investment in. Known as A3 the innovation centre is early 2016 with a U S based company. optimised for speed of execution and combining open innovation. risk tolerance while maintaining a development and micro manufacturing. strong link to Airbus Group s core A3 and Airbus Ventures complement. businesses It is pursuing the existing activities of Airbus Group. opportunities for technological Innovations and Airbus BizLab network. manufacturing and process disruption of aerospace business accelerators The stories. with a goal of disrupting both continue non stop on. annualreport airbusgroup com, Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 05 11 05 2016 10 26. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 06 l,Operations,GLOBAL PRESENCE. GLOBAL PRESENCE,U S Manufacturing Facility,opens in Mobile. In September 2015 Airbus opened its in the Group s strategy to further. first U S Manufacturing Facility in increase its international industrial. Mobile Alabama Aircraft deliveries footprint including in North America. from the new plant begin in 2016, By the end of 2017 it will manufacture The US 600 million 53 acre facility at. A319s A320s and A321s at a rate of the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley shows. four per month Airbus significant commitment to,the U S which is the largest market.
This complements existing assembly in the world for single aisle aircraft. lines in France Germany and China The vast majority of A320 Family. allowing Airbus to produce aircraft aircraft produced in Mobile will be. around the clock from its plants on delivered to North American. three continents The Mobile facility customers,opening also marks an important step. Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 06 11 05 2016 10 26. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 07 l,Delivering efficiency globally. PRODUCTION RAMP UPS,PRODUCTION RAMP UPS,Increasing the output. of key aircraft, A major priority for 2015 was to decisions are supported by the record. ramp up production on key aircraft Airbus backlog and supply chain. programmes On the A350 XWB commitments With certification of the. deliveries increased to 14 in 2015 A320neo achieved in November 2015. compared to one during 2014 as and the first delivery following in. Airbus heads towards its targeted January Airbus prepared the ground. monthly production rate of 10 aircraft for its production ramp up in 2016. by the end of 2018,Rising production was also a priority.
A decision was taken during the year on the A400M programme as well as. to increase the A320 Family aircraft improving the industrial efficiency and. production rate to firstly 50 per month military capabilities of the aircraft. in 2017 and then to 60 a month in In total 11 A400Ms were delivered in. mid 2019 Furthermore the A330 rate 2015 compared to eight in 2014. will again increase to seven aircraft per,month from 2017 These rate increase. The stories,continue non stop on,annualreport airbusgroup com. Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 07 11 05 2016 10 26. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 08 l,Engagement,LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY. LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY,Prioritising leadership,development. The Leadership University creates or mentoring sessions Overall. opportunities for all leaders and aspiring more than 55 000 days of leadership. leaders to develop connect and share development were delivered. reflect and learn innovate and support,Entrepreneurs and start ups are also.
a culture of collaboration and autonomy,involved in the development of Airbus. within Airbus Group The University,Group s leaders inspiring and. proposes a wide portfolio of leadership,encouraging collaboration and open. development solutions such as modular,innovation while partnerships with other. programmes short courses blended,companies and universities enable.
learning solutions conferences events,leaders to stay connected with latest. learning expeditions team workshops,business practices and industry trends. coaching 360 degree feedback, mentoring and assessment through The main campus of the Leadership. self assessment and structured University is due to open in the autumn. assessment centres of 2016 near the A380 Final Assembly. In 2015 around 760 team workshops Line in Blagnac France Local. 1 260 facilitated 360 degree feedback campuses located at key Group sites. sessions 1 000 sessions of leadership across Europe opened in 2015 with. courses and programmes were run In more to follow in 2016 both in Europe. total 465 employees received coaching and internationally. Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 08 11 05 2016 10 26. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 09 l,Going beyond the bottom line. AIRBUS FOUNDATION,AIRBUS FOUNDATION,Supporting humanitarian.
initiatives around the globe, Airbus Group is able to intervene with and relief supplies to Kathmandu. support at every phase of a disaster Airbus Helicopters also provided. and as part of its efforts to support the rotorcraft based solutions to the. humanitarian community the Airbus affected areas through the Airbus. Foundation carried out a number of Helicopters Foundation In March. relief operations in 2015 using the 2015 the Airbus Foundation together. Company s products and services with Aviation Sans Fronti res. transported clothing and medical, As the first major contribution from the supplies to Manila from Toulouse. Defence and Space Division a mobile aboard the delivery flight of Cebu Air s. rescue hospital capable of providing latest A330 300 aircraft. medical support for up to 5 000 people, was donated to the German Red Cross Many of the Foundation s flights have. in 2015 as part of the Group s been part of a cooperation agreement. response to the refugee crisis In other with the International Federation of. areas an A350 XWB test aircraft Red Cross and Red Crescent. completed a humanitarian mission to Societies This long standing. Nepal following the devastating partnership will deepen after a new. earthquake there and the delivery Memorandum of Understanding was. flight of a Nepal Airlines A320 was signed between both parties in The stories. used to transport medical specialists November 2015 continue non stop on. annualreport airbusgroup com, Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 09 11 05 2016 10 26. AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 10 l,Key Figures 2015.
ORDER INTAKE 1 EARNINGS PER SHARE 2,2014 l 166 4 bn l 4. 2014 l 2 99 l 15,ORDER BOOK 1,2014 l 60 7 bn l 6,DIVIDEND PER SHARE 3. 1 005 9 bn,2014 l 857 5 bn l 17,2014 l 1 20 l 8,2014 l 4 0 bn l 1. GOVERNANCE,Ethics and Compliance,Number of online training sessions 64 748. Number of face to face classroom sessions 14 943, Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 10 11 05 2016 10 26.
AIRBUS GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2015 l 11 l,2015 RESULTS. Airbus Group reported solid 2015 results,with its guidance achieved for all key. performance indicators reflecting,continued operational improvement. Airbus received 1 080 net commercial,aircraft orders. 2014 l 138 622 l 1,NET CASH POSITION,2014 l 9 1 bn l 10.
R D EXPENSES PROFITABILITY,NET INCOME 2 3 5 bn,2014 l 3 4 bn l 2. While Group revenues increased,6 reported EBIT rose slightly. to 4 086 million Net income,2014 l 2 3 bn l 15,and earnings per share each. increased by 15,GROUP REVENUES,Africa Central and,. Airbus RA 2015 2016 web IPEDIS indd 08 11 05 2016 10 26 AIRBUS FOUNDATION Supporting humanitarian initiatives around the globe Going beyond the bottom line Airbus Group is able to intervene with support at every phase of a disaster and as part of its efforts to support the humanitarian community the Airbus Foundation carried out a number of relief operations in 2015 using the Company s

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