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Annual Report 2014 15,2 Financial Statements,Board of Directors 3. Awards of Excellence 4,Letter to Shareholders 6,Financial Statements 7. Directors Report,Corporate Governance,Management Discussion and Analysis. Auditors Report,Balance Sheet,Profit and Loss Account. Cash Flow Statement, Significant Accounting Policies and Notes to the Accounts.
Consolidated Financial Statements, Statement containing salient features of the financial statement of subsidiaries associate. companies joint ventures,Annual Report 2014 15,2 Financial Statements. Annual Report 2014 15,Board of Directors,Dr Prannoy Roy Audit Committee. Executive Co Chairperson Mr Amal Ganguli Chairperson. Mr Vijaya Bhaskar Menon,Ms Indrani Roy,Mrs Radhika Roy Mr K V L Narayan Rao. Executive Co Chairperson,Mr Pramod Bhasin,Mr Vikramaditya Chandra.
Mr K V L Narayan Rao, Executive Vice Chairperson Nomination Remuneration Committee. Mr Vijaya Bhaskar Menon Chairperson,Mr Vikramaditya Chandra Dr Prannoy Roy. Group CEO Executive Director Mr Amal Ganguli,Ms Indrani Roy. Mr Amal Ganguli Stakeholders Relationship Committee. Ms Indrani Roy Chairperson,Dr Prannoy Roy,Mr Vijaya Bhaskar Menon Mrs Radhika Roy. Mr K V L Narayan Rao,Ms Indrani Roy ESOP ESPS Committee.
Mrs Radhika Roy,Mr Vijaya Bhaskar Menon,Ms Indrani Roy. Mr Pramod Bhasin,Company Secretary and Compliance Officer. Mr Navneet Raghuvanshi,Price Waterhouse,Building 8 7th 8th Floor. Tower B DLF Cyber City Gurgaon 122002 Haryana,Phone 91 124 4620000. Fax 91 124 4620620,Registered Office,207 Okhla Industrial Estate Phase III.
New Delhi 110020,Phone 91 11 4157 7777 2644 6666,Fax 91 11 49862990. E mail corporate ndtv com,Web www ndtv com,Financial Statements. Board of Directors 3,Annual Report 2014 15,Awards of Excellence 2014 2015. Hindi Sevi Samman Yojana Awards 2010 August Highly Commended Talk Show NDTV 24x7 India. 2014 Questions with Bill Melinda Gates, Ravish Kumar Contribution to Hindi Journalism Hindi ENBA exchange4media Awards January 2015. Literature,Best News Website NDTV com, Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards Best Current Affairs Programme English NDTV.
2011 2012 September 2014 24x7 Truth vs Hype, Journalist of the Year 2012 Sreenivasan Jain NDTV Best Talk Show English We The People NDTV. Reporting from J K and North East NDTV 24x7 Best In depth Series English Truth vs Hype NDTV. Manipur Blockade by Sreenivasan Jain for 2011 24x7. Reporting from J K and North East Blood belonging Best News Coverage National English J K Floods. in Assam India Matters by Maya Mirchandani for 2012 coverage NDTV 24x7. On The Spot Reporting NDTV 24x7 Covering Fukushima Best News Coverage International English Iraq. and Sendai during the Japan tsunami by Vishnu Som for Islamic State Crisis Coverage by Amitabh Pashupati Revi. 2011 NDTV 24x7, Excellence in Journalism in Hindi NDTV INDIA Kyu Best Public Service Campaign for a Brand by a. Bharki Bareily by Sharik Rahman Khan for 2012 News Channel English NDTV Aircel Save Our Tigers. Campaign NDTV 24x7,Sports Journalism NDTV INDIA Story on Boxing on. lack of infrastructure by Vimal Mohan for 2012 Best In Show Graphics India Decides 2014 NDTV. Asian Viewers Television Awards UK October 2014,World Media Summit Global Awards WMS Global. Best News Channel NDTV 24x7 Awards January 2015, Best News Presenter Barkha Dutt NDTV 24x7 Honourable Mention for Exemplary News Teams in.
Developing Countries Truth vs Hype NDTV 24x7,World Media Summit Awards October 2014. 5th India Digital Awards January 2015,Exemplary News Teams in Developing Countries. Honourable Mention Truth vs Hype NDTV 24x7 Best News Website NDTV com. Promax Asia 2014 December 2014 The Dataquest Business Technology Awards March. Best PSA Public Service Announcement NDTV Aircel, Save Our Tigers ASK Powering A Digital Enterprise with Analytics NDTV. Top 5 Creative Screenplays Special Mention Jury Press Council of India March 2015. Award NDTV Aircel Save Our Tigers ASK, Chanakya Award for Television Presenter of the Year. Asian Television Awards December 2014 2015 Rajiv Makhni NDTV. Best Talk Show NDTV 24x7 Malala Daughter of,4 Financial Statements.
Annual Report 2014 15,Awards of Excellence 2014 2015. Indian Retail and Indian eRetail Awards 2015 April World Media Festival May 2015. Public Service Announcements Advertising Silver,for NDTV Aircel Save Our Tigers Ask Promo. e Retailer of the Year Award 2015 Pure Play, IndianRoots com NDTV TV Commercials Advertising Silver for Incredible Art. Piece Initiative Samsung Commercial Anushka Menon,Madhya Pradesh Government Forest Ministry Awards. Mumbai Press Club Red Ink Awards for Journalism June 2015. April 2015,Amrita Devi Vishnoi Widlife Protection Award 2011.
Lifetime Achievement Award Dr Prannoy Roy Sanjeev Choudhary for people outside the government. contributing to protect wildlife,Journalist of The Year Sreenivasan Jain NDTV. Sports Television Suprita Das NDTV International Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. 2015 June 2015,GOAFEST Creative ABBY Awards 2015 Broadcast. May 2015 Best TV English India Highway on My Plate II by. Rocky Mayur NDTV Good Times,Best TV News Channel Promo Silver for NDTV Aircel. Best Culinary Travel Book India Highway on My Plate. Save Our Tigers Campaign and NDTV Trust Promo,II Rocky Mayur NDTV Good Times. Best TV Programme for Cause Related Marketing,Best Vegetarian Cookbook India Vicky Goes Veg by.
Bronze for NDTV Dettol Banega Swachh India,Vicky Ratnanai NDTV Good Times. Financial Statements 5,Annual Report 2014 15,Dear Shareholders. Let us begin by once again thanking you for your unstinting In the midst of all the cacophony of news channels and the. support and faith in NDTV Nothing means more to us than virtual infinite fragmentation of the media in India brand. knowing that while we stick firmly to our core values at matters more than all other attributes for example on the. NDTV of honesty integrity ethics and fight firmly against internet the big brands dominate the space primarily as a. tabloid journalism and vapid sensationalism you are with result of brand recall A trusted brand converts into major. us in this more difficult but more meaningful journey new directions into which your organization can venture. For example our website ndtv com is now one of India s. Last year we had reported that NDTV had been awarded. most successful news portals with over 65 million users. India s most trusted media brand and we are very, in India and across the world During the 2014 elections. happy to announce that we have won that award again. ndtv com had an astounding 13 5 billion hits a record. for the second year running Winning the award for the. for Indian websites We are also happy to say our initial. most Trusted brand means a great deal especially,foray into ecommerce with Indian Roots has been. as NDTV s brand is judged against the hundreds of TV. remarkably successful We hope that this is an area which. channels and against thousands of newspapers in the. NDTV can develop further, country many of which have been in existence for over a.
hundred years It is a wonderful achievement by a brand NDTV will always remain true to the core values of ethics. that was launched only just over 25 years ago Trust by and integrity and we once again thank you for your. the people of India is perhaps the most crucial core value support. for any media organization and to be the best two years. running is exceptional Thank you once again for we. could only achieve this with your support for the path we Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy. have taken co Chairpersons of NDTV,6 Financial,Letter Statements. to Shareholders,Annual Report 2014 15,New Delhi Television Limited. Letter Statements,to Shareholders 7,Annual Report 2014 15. 8 Financial Statements,Annual Report 2014 15,DIRECTORS REPORT. To The Members, Your Directors have pleasure in presenting the Twenty Seventh Annual Report and audited financial statement of the.
Company for the financial year ended March 31 2015. FINANCIAL RESULTS, The summarized financial results for the year ended March 31 2015 are as follows. Year ended Year ended Year ended Year ended,31 03 2015 31 03 2015 31 03 2014 31 03 2014. Rs in Million Rs in Million Rs in Million Rs in Million. Standalone Consolidated Standalone Consolidated,Business Income 4293 02 5712 77 3497 70 4594 84. Other Income 46 28 148 58 133 94 356 69,Total Income 4339 30 5861 35 3631 64 4951 53. Profit Loss before exceptional and 58 82 132 40 531 04 759 73. extra ordinary items and tax,Exceptional items 78 08 78 08.
Current Tax 3 74 101 78 4 46 126 56,Deferred Tax write down 112 39 152 30 43 24. Tax for earlier years 2 72 4 29 0 16,Profit Loss after Tax 255 75 460 27 535 50 842 89. Share of minority 3 32 34 83,Share in Profit Loss of associate 16 63 3 56. Profit Loss for the year carried to Reserves 255 75 440 32 535 50 811 62. and Surplus, Balance Profit Loss brought forward from 1737 62 2057 44 1202 12 1245 82. previous year, Balance as at the end of the year 1993 37 2497 76 1737 62 2057 44.
Earning Per Share 3 97 6 83 8 31 12 59,THE YEAR UNDER REVIEW. During the year the Company achieved a total income of Rs 4339 30 million a growth of approx 19 over the. previous year Consequently loss after tax reduced to Rs 255 75 million as compared to Rs 535 50 million over last. year showing a marked improvement, A detailed review of the Company s operations has been provided in the Management Discussion and Analysis. Report in terms of Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement which forms part of this Report. In accordance with the Accounting Standard 21 on Consolidated Financial Statements read with Accounting. Standard 23 on Accounting for Investments in Associates in Consolidated Financial Statements and Accounting. Standard 27 on Financial Reporting of Interests in Joint Ventures the audited consolidated financial statement are. provided in the Annual Report, In view of the loss incurred during the year no dividend has been recommended for the financial year 2014 15. The Company has not accepted renewed any deposits from the public during the year. Financial Statements 9,Annual Report 2014 15,UPDATE ON REDUCTION OF SHARE CAPITAL. As reported in the earlier years the Company had initiated the process of reduction of Capital Securities Premium. Account of the Company and had filed a Petition before the Hon ble Delhi High Court for its approval on December. 9 2013 The Hon ble High Court Delhi during the hearing on March 4 2015 on an additional affidavit filed by. a shareholder directed the Regional Director North SEBI Income Tax Department and the Company to file a. response to the said additional affidavit In this regard the Company has filed its response The matter has now been. fixed for hearing on September 22 2015,SIGNIFICANT EVENTS AND SOCIAL INITIATIVES.
The Company has been organizing various social awareness programs and campaigns in various fields which. continued to create awareness and generate enormous support. NDTV Dettol Banega Swachh India, In India 638 million defecate in the open do not have access to toilets This is one of the biggest problems that. we as a country are facing with respect to malnutrition children with stunted growth low attendance in schools. etc In view of this NDTV Dettol launched a 5 year ambitious program to address the rising need of hygiene. and sanitation in India As a part of the campaign NDTV Dettol Banega Swachh India campaign ambassador Mr. Amitabh Bachchan opened the 12 hour Cleanathon on 14th December 2014 which raise over Rs 281 crores. clean up drive with an aim to raise funds to build toilets which was applauded by Shri Narendra Modi Prime Minister. of India The objectives of such program were to highlight the lack of sanitation in the Country through on ground. reports engaged with lakhs of students to educate them about hand washing practices and brought to the forefront. unsung heroes citizen activists who have been working tirelessly to make Swachhta a reality. As a part of this initiative Swachh Express bus was flagged off in October 2014 It covered around 400 villages. across 8 states The objective of the bus was to create awareness around hygiene and sanitation through interactive. videos flyer distributions posters hand washing sessions and street plays. NDTV Coca Cola Support My School, Several studies have revealed that lack of basic amenities like toilets access to water and basic infrastructure create. an unwelcoming and non conducive environment in schools leading to high rates of absenteeism which finally result. into children dropping out of school completely Among the children it is the girl child who is affected more by the lack. of such infrastructure The Support My School tackles this really grim situation by revitalizing neglected schools. The 5 key impact areas that the campaign seeks to address. Access to toilets for students especially girls,Access to water. Access to sports,Library Rainwater Harvesting,Environmental Upkeep. The impact till date, 500 schools already revitalized and in Season 3 we aim to do another 600 schools and complete Mission.
More than 120 000 children receive access to better sanitation wate. 6 Financial Statements Annual Report 2014 15 Letter to Shareholders Dear Shareholders Let us begin by once again thanking you In the midst of all the cacophony of news channels and the for your

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