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1 Home Menu 2 How to use Navigation,First Page Enter the second menu. Click icon Navigation access into Navigation function. Please refer to the instruction manual for navigation software. Second Page,Third Page,Common apps Car info,Music Player. 1 Player interface 3 Music Format,Support Format,APE FLAC WMA AAC OGG RA WAV MP3 MP2. 2 Operating instructions,Playing USB SD Local Memory List. HD Video Player,1 Video Format 4 Picture in Picture PIP.
H 263 H 264 MPEG1 MPEG2 MPEG4 RMVB AVI WMV 3GP MP4 MOV. MPG VOB MKV FLV TS TP DAT,2 Video player Interface. Click it for achieving the PIP function,Watch Video in other menu such as navigation. 3 Operation Menu 5 Full Screen,Playing USB SD Local Memory List. Touch it and Play video in,full screen,Bluetooth Telephone and Music. 1 Bluetooth Connection 3 Missed Received call, Turn on the Phone Bluetooth and search for Bluetooth devices.
Note Only check the call log that called after connecting Bluetooth. 4 Bluetooth music Phone should with Music Player and turn it on. Default Device name FSC BT510 GocAndroid,Password 0000. 2 Making a Phone CALL,5 Phone Book, Users can synchronize their phone book and check here. Reversing Camera, If you need check the reversing info Car should be with camera. Support Original camera Aftermarket camera and 360 Camera. 3 Reversing camera,1 Camera Connecting,Settings Display Radar. You can settings the Brightness contrast and the path line Radar. Only can show the display of Radar if the original car with Radar. Video Input 12V Power 360 Detection Steering Wheel Control. Input It can control some functions in Android system. 2 Camera Options, After connecting well the camera choose the correct options in.
Previous Next Track,Android Navi,Answer Hang up,Original interface and instrument information. 1 Original Car info, Three modes Remaining Oil temperature display seat belt Reminder. Click it and into OEM MENU, In original OEM menu no touch function but control by IDRIVE. saving mode,2 Dashboard Comfort, Only show the data not change the driving mode of the original car mode. Sport mode,Click it and into Dashboard app, Please choose the option carefully before setting the wrong operation.
may not be the effect you need,1 Settings Menu, Please set it according the the preference of the customers. Settings Current Settings 5 Audio,2 Navigation Settings. Choose the Navigation Application you need,3 Language Settings. Please set it according te the preference of the customers. The volume of Bluetooth and navigation can be set here. System info is the version of the Device and Convenient for after sales. 6 System Settings identification,8 More Settings,Mainly for the following Settings. 1 Rear view mirror camera,The camera right and left is the opposite.
2 Video while driving ban It is Android original settings Please set it according te the. For your safety watching Video is forbidden when driving preference of the customers. 3 Rear view camera type Note Please do not revise the settings if you were not a professional. Choose the correct one according the one you use,4 Brightness. Please keep the Default brightness If set it too bright the screen will be. heat Update of our device, Our device will Update irregularly For APK update if connected to. 7 System info Internet it will remind you to update For System update MCU please. contact technicians Do not update it by yourselves before getting. any permission from technicians,Feature and Accessories. 1 Specifications 2 Accessories,1 Hardware,CPU A53 4 A72 2 1 6G 6core processor. Ram 4G or higher Rom 32G user can expand,memory Option 4GRam 64GRom ISO Power Harness X1.
Display 24 9,Resolution 1280 480 RGB,Option Resolution1920 720RGB. Touch screen G G capacitive touch screen USB Cable X1. 2 Software,Android 9 0,3 Specification,Working Voltage DC 10 8 16V. Working Temperature 20 60 GPS Antenna X1,Android Boot time 40 seconds. GPS positioning 30seconds Outdoors,GPS Precise positioning 5 Meters. Reversing response time 1 second, Solution remove the optic fiber from Original power harness and plug it.
1 Wrong Display or showing not correctly into our power harness. Reason wrong resolution, Solution Select the correct Cantype in FACTORY SETTINGS. 3 Not allowing to installing APK, Steps Factory Settings Cantype Reason The option Do not install third party software is on. Solution In Factory Settings do not choose this option then it is ok. 2 Incorrect display or No sound,Important statements. Android devices are with frequently upgrading Product you buy might. not completely the same as the this user manuals If any difference. please refer to the actual products If any questions please feel free to. Reason Did not remove the optic fiber from Original power harness and contact us. 1 Home Menu First Page Second Page Third Page 2 How to use Navigation Enter the second menu Click icon Navigation access into Navigation function

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