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PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS,Sally Nicholls Bethan Woollvin Alex G Griffiths. THE BUTTON BOOK THE BUG,Here s a button I wonder COLLECTOR. what happens when you After George visits the,press it Museum of Wildlife with. Grandad all he can think, From a singing button to a about is bugs The very next. tickle button from a rude sound day he goes out hunting but. button to a mysterious white he soon finds there are no. button there s only one way more insects left in the. to find out what they do garden and the ones he has. Come along on a magical captured in jars don t look. journey powered only by very happy George is, imagination and play from about to learn exactly why.
award winning Sally Nicholls bugs are so important. and Bethan Woollvin,9781783447749 32pp HB 2,EBook available 250 x 250mm 12 99. 9781783447688 32pp HB 3, SALLY NICHOLLS is known for her bestselling novels for children and teenagers Her first EBook available 280 x 240mm 12 99. novel won the Waterstones Children s Book Prize and more recently she has been shortlisted for. the National Book Award the YA Book Prize and the Carnegie Medal for Things a Bright Girl Can. Do The Button Book is her first picture book inspired by her own children s reading habits. Twitter Sally Nicholls, BETHAN WOOLLVIN is the author and illustrator of Macmillan Prize winning Little Red. which was chosen as one of The New York Times Best Illustrated Children s Books 2016 She ALEX G GRIFFITHS studied Graphic Design at Coventry University and he is a self. graduated with a first class honours degree in Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and she proclaimed drawing addict with a love for scuba diving and snowboarding The Bug Collector is his. now lives in Sheffield Instagram bethanwoollvin first picture book as both author and illustrator Instagram Twitter AlexGGriffiths. PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS, Smriti Prasadam Halls Robert Starling Robert Starling. THE LITTLE ISLAND FERGAL IN A FIX, An insightful and hopeful parable Fergal is back This time he s off to.
for our times demonstrating the Dragon Camp and he s feeling a bit. importance of kindness co worried He ll be meeting lots of. operation and open mindedness new dragons and trying lots of new. for shaping a better society things All he wants is to be the best. at everything even if it means, On the farm the animals live cheating and for everyone to like. together in harmony roaming him because he s the best but. freely and working together One things don t quite go according to. day the geese decide they don t plan Oh dear Fergal what a fix. want the other animals to visit,their island and they don t want SEP 2019. 9781783448487 32pp HB 3, their help any more so they set EBook available 260 x 250mm 12 99. out to destroy the bridge that,connects their island to the rest of. the farm But when the food starts,to run out there s no one to help.
them and the foxes are watching,and waiting,OCT 2019 Praise for. 9781783449095 32pp HB 4 Fergal is Fuming, EBook available 250 x 260mm 12 99 Shortlisted for the. Waterstones,Children s Book Prize,A future classic. BOOKS FOR KEEPS,9781783445905, SMRITI PRASADAM HALLS was born in South India and arrived in Britain when she was two ROBERT STARLING began doodling creatures and characters at school and hasn t stopped. years old After moving to Hong Kong to teach she came back to the UK to work for the BBC and since He lives and works in Norwich and when he s not sketching new characters or writing. began a career in children s publishing and television Since her first book was published in 2012 her down stories he can be found sculpting brewing coffee adjusting his headphones or foraging in. stories have been translated into 25 languages worldwide Twitter SmritiPH the kitchen for cake Oh and teaching kids Instagram robertstarling art. PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS,Joseph Coelho Fiona Lumbers Fiona Lumbers.
THE HAIRDO THAT CLEM AND CRAB,GOT AWAY Clem is an explorer a collector a. Award winning poet and author protector of the seas Treasure. Joseph Coelho presents a lyrical and hunting on her beloved beach she. touching story of family separation stumbles across Crab his claw stuck. from a child s perspective in a plastic bag Crab will be much. safer and happier in the city with, Once a month Dad takes his son to Clem but doesn t he belong on the. the barbers come rain or shine But beach,when Dad disappears this little boy s. hair grows big ginormous out of A stunningly illustrated timely tale. control and so do his feelings of cleaning up our beaches with. the message that every small,OCT 2019 32pp HB 5 action helps. 9781783447824 280 x 240mm 12 99,Praise for,JUL 2019 32pp HB 5.
Luna Loves 9781783448692 280 x 240mm 12 99,Library Day. A touching reflection,on the power of,reading to bring. families together,INTERNATIONAL,9781783445950, FIONA LUMBERS has drawn on anything and everything from an early age and always. JOSEPH COELHO is a performance poet children s author playwright and winner of the insisted she would be an artist when she grew up She moved to London in 2000 to study. Centre for Literacy in Primary Poetry Award 2015 for his debut poetry collection Werewolf Club painting at the Royal College of Art A combination of her obsession with picture books and the. Rules He regularly performs poetry for children in libraries across the country arrival of her first son led her down the path of illustration and she hasn t looked back since. Twitter Poetryjoe Instagram josephcoelhoauthor Twitter fionalumbers Instagram fiona lumbers. PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS, David McKee Celebrate Elmer s 30th birthday with a very special new story. ELMER A CLASSIC ELMER S,COLLECTION BIRTHDAY, A special collection of five of Elmer is always playing tricks.
Elmer s best loved tales the on the other elephants but. perfect gift for fans of Elmer they ve decided that now it s. and his colourful adventures their turn They plan to. and an ideal introduction pretend they ve forgotten. for the very youngest readers Elmer s birthday but the joke. doesn t quite go according,This collection contains to plan. Elmer and the Rainbow,Elmer and the Lost Teddy,Elmer in the Snow. Elmer s Special Day,A deserved favourite with the 2 5s. SUNDAY TIMES,SEP 2019 152pp HB 3 SEP 2019, 9781783448678 275 x 240mm 14 99 9781783447947 32pp HB 3. EBook available 275 x 240mm 12 99, DAVID MCKEE is a legend in the children s book world Over a career spanning fifty years he.
has created a host of favourite characters including Elmer the Patchwork Elephant King Rollo and. Mr Benn A major exhibition celebrating his work is currently on display at Seven Stories The. Centre for Children s Books,PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS. David McKee Chris Judge,BELINDA BROWN THE BABY BEAST. Belinda Brown just loves The Beast is back for another side. bananas she ll eat a whole splitting adventure and this time he s. bunch while still in pyjamas having a baby,Her whole family thinks it s. a phase except for When an egg arrives on his doorstep. Grandma Brown she the Beast doesn t quite know what to. worries and worry is hard do feed it Take it for a nice long walk. to keep down Drop it Doctor Yoko tells him he must. keep it warm and just wait but, What a joy a new rhyming exactly what he s waiting for. book from the Elmer and Mr is a mystery to the Beast. Benn creator David McKee,Fantastic illustrations,9781783447763 32pp HB 3.
EBook available 280 x 240mm 11 99,JUL 2019 32pp PB 3. 9781783447596 275 x 240mm 6 99,David McKee,serves up a visual treat Praise for. and a masterclass in The Lonely Beast,humour and subtle Judge tells a familiar tale. messages THE but illustrates it with uncommon,SCHOOL LIBRARIAN style and verve NEW YORK TIMES. 9781849392556 9781849395618 9781783443222, CHRIS JUDGE is an illustrator and picture book maker based in Dublin Ireland His first.
picture book The Lonely Beast won the Specsavers Irish Children s Book of the Year 2011. Instagram chrispjudge,PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS,Graham Carter Lemony Snicket Rilla Alexander. OTTO BLOTTER BIRD,The Blotter family are famous,bird spotters who stay in their. hide all day All except for Otto,he d rather go out and have. big adventures When he,follows the BIGGEST footprints. he s ever seen Otto begins a SWARM OF BEES,magical journey to discover Watch out.
what it truly means to be part A mischievous boy has. of a family unleashed an angry,swarm of bees The,result is a zany gallop. through a charming town,where readers will,encounter evidence of. some bad behaviour,some frenzied anger and,thankfully a hug and. some spaghetti,OCT 2019 40pp HB 5,9781783447459 260 x 250mm 12 99. JUL 2019 48pp HB 3,9781783449125 215 x 280mm 12 99.
LEMONY SNICKET is the author of the thirteen volumes of A Series of Unfortunate Events. several picture books including The Dark and The Bad Mood and the Stick and the books. collectively titled All the Wrong Questions Twitter lemonysnicket. GRAHAM CARTER is a printmaker with a huge following who is stepping into the world of. picture books His illustrations can be spotted in a wide variety of publications such as The New RILLA ALEXANDER is an Australian illustrator and designer whose energetic and instantly. Scientist The Guardian and The Sunday Times Graham lives in Seaford with his wife and son likeable characters animate everything from toys and tea cups to buses and buildings She lives in. Twitter Carterworks Portland Oregon Instagram rillaalexander. PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS,Tony Ross Kevin Crossley Holland Susan Varley. SILLY MR WOLF THE ANIMALS GRIMM, Years ago Mr Wolf would dress up A TREASURY OF TALES. as a sheep and try to be their worst A gorgeous hardback collection of. friend but now the sheep s clothing eleven Grimm fairy tales featuring. is far too small for him so he ll have animal characters retold by. to find new ways to get his dinner Carnegie award winning author. A hilarious herd of sheep are Kevin Crossley Holland and. constantly one step behind Mr gloriously illustrated by. Wolf until he takes one step too internationally renowned. far Susan Varley,A stranger danger story with a SEP 2019 96pp HB 5. 9781783447473 230 x 200mm 12 99,classic comical tone and a laugh. out loud ending from picture book,genius Tony Ross.
NOV 2019 32pp HB 3,9781783447817 260 x 200mm 12 99. Co translated by Susanne Lugert, KEVIN CROSSLEY HOLLAND is a well known poet and prize winning author for children. His books have won the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize and have been. translated into over 25 languages worldwide He lives on the north Norfolk coast with his wife and. SUSAN VARLEY is an award winning artist who has illustrated many books for Andersen. Press Her picture book Badger s Parting Gifts is one of the most enduring of all time winning. many prizes including the Mother Goose Award in 1985. PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS, Kwame Alexander Kadir Nelson Linda Bailey J lia Sard. THE UNDEFEATED MARY AND FRANKENSTEIN, This is for the unforgettable One dark and stormy night Mary huddles. The unafraid The undefeated around the fire telling well known ghost. stories with her friends But Mary knows, From Newbery Medal winner she can imagine better than any of them.
and New York Times bestselling author After learning about electricity she has a. Kwame Alexander comes this nightmare that inspires the birth of one of. powerful and important ode to black the greatest horror stories of all time. history the strength and bravery of Frankenstein,everyday people and the grit passion. and perseverance of some of the The inspiring story of Mary Shelley brought. world s greatest artists athletes to life with stunning illustrations. and activists,SEP 2019 48pp PB 5,9781783447633 292 x 190mm 7 99. 9781783449286 40pp HB 5,EBook available 280 x 267mm 12 99. KWAME ALEXANDER is a poet children s author playwright producer performer and LINDA BAILEY is the author of more than two dozen books for children and has won many. winner of the Newbery Medal for his novel in verse The Crossover and shortlisted for the awards such as the California Young Readers Medal and the Arthur Ellis Award from the Crime. Carnegie Medal with Rebound Twitter kwamealexander Writers of Canada She lives in Vancouver within strolling distance of the sea Twitter lindabaileyink. KADIR NELSON is a two time Caldecott Honor recipient Among his other awards are an J LIA SARD is an illustrator from Barcelona After her studies J lia started working as. NAACP Image Award and the 2009 and 2014 Coretta Scott King Author Award His work has colourist in a studio which made the editorial merchandising for Disney Pixar Now focusing on. appeared in The New York Times Sports Illustrated and The New Yorker He lives in Los Angeles CA children s illustration J lia has had the chance to illustrate some incredible debut fiction and. Twitter Instagram KadirNelson everlasting classics Instagram juliasardaportabella. PICTURE BOOKS PICTURE BOOKS,Chris Van Allsburg Matthew Cordell. A girl is lost in a,snowstorm A wolf cub is,lost too How will they find.
Magical glowing their way home,double spread,Pictures rich with feeling. pictures an,original and tell this satisfying story of. CLEM AND CRAB Clem is an explorer a collector a protector of the seas Treasure hunting on her beloved beach she stumbles across Crab his claw stuck in a plastic bag Crab will be much safer and happier in the city with Clem but doesn t he belong on the beach A stunningly illustrated timely tale of cleaning up our beaches with the message that every small action helps Fiona Lumbers

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