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TM 11 611O 2O1 12P,T ECHNICAL M ANUAL HEADQUARTERS. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY,No 11 6110 201 12P Washington DC 22 July 1977. OPERATOR S AND ORGANIZATIONAL MAINTENANCE,REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LISTS. DISTRIBUTION BOXES J 1077 U AND J 1077A U,NSN 6110 00 985 7574. Current as of 18 May 1977,REPORTING OF ERRORS, You can improve this manual by recommending improvements using DA Form 2028 2 Test.
located in back of the manual Simply tear out the self addressed form fill it out as shown on the. sample fold it where shown and drop it in the mail. If there are no blank DA Form 2028 2 Test in the back of your manual use the standard DA. Form 2028 Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms and forward to the Com. mander US Army Electronics Command ATTN DRSEL MA Q Fort Monmouth NJ 07703. In either case a reply will be furnished direct to you. Page figure,SECTION I Introduction 1,II Repair parts list 5. G ROUP 0 0 Distribution Boxes J 1077 U and J 1077 A U 5 1. S E C T I O NI I I Special tools list Not applicable. IV National stock number and part number index 6, A PPENDIX A COMPONENTS OF END ITEM LIST Not applicable. B ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZATION LIST Not applicable,C MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION. SECTION I Introduction C 1,II Maintenance allocation chart C 3. III Tool and test equipment requirements C 4,IV Remarks C 5.
A PPENDIX D EXPENDABLE SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS LIST Not applicable. The manual together with TM 11 6110 201 34P 18 July 1977 supersedes TM 11 6110 201 15P 30 April 1969. TM 11 6110 201 12P,INTRODUCTION, 1 Scope maintenance codes are entered in the third and fourth. This manual lists spares and repair parts special tools positions of the Uniform SMR Code format as follows. special test measurement and diagnostic equipment a The maintenance code entered in the third. TMDE and other special support equipment required position will indicate the lowest maintenance level. for performance of organizational maintenance of the authorized to remove replace and use the support. J 1077 U and J 1077A U It authorize the requisition item The maintenance code entered in the third posi. ing and issue of spares and repair parts as indicated by tion will indicate one of the following levels of mainte. the source and maintenance codes nance,2 General Code Application Explanation. This Repair Parts and Special Tools List is divided into 0 Support item is removed replaced used at the. the following sections organisational level, a Section II Repair Parts List A list of spares and b The maintenance code entered in the fourth. repair parts authorized for use in the performance of position indicates whether the item is to be repaired. maintenance The list also includes parts which must and identifies the lowest maintenance level with the. be removed for replacement of the authorized parts capability to perform complete repair i e all. Parts lists are composed of functional groups in authorized maintenance functions This position will. numeric sequence with the parts in each group listed contain one of the following maintenance codes. in figure and item number sequence Code Appliction Explanation. b Section III Special Tools List Not applicable Z Nonreparable No repair is authorized. c Section IV National Stock Number and Part 3 Recoverability code Recoverability codes are. Number Index A list in National item identification assigned to support items to indicate the disposition ac. number NIIN sequence of all National stock numbers tion on unserviceable items The recoverability code is. NSN appearing in the listings followed by a list in entered in the fifth position of the Uniform SMR code. alphameric sequence of all part numbers appearing in format as follows. the listings National stock numbers and part numbers Recoverability. are cross referenced to each illustration figure and code Definition. item number appearance Z Nonreparable item When unserviceable con. demn and dispose at the level indicated in posi,3 Explanation of Columns tion 3. a Illustration This column is divided as follows c National Stock Number Indicates the National. 1 Figure number Indicates the figure number of stock number assigned to the item and will be used for. the illustration on which the item is shown requisitioning purposes. 2 Item number The number used to identify item d Part Number Indicates the primary number used. called out in the illustration by the manufacturer individual company firm cor. b Source Maintenance and Recoverability SMR poration or Government activity which controls the. codes design and characteristics of the item by means of its. 1 Source code Source codes indicate the manner engineering drawings specifications standards and. of acquiring support items for maintenance repair or inspection requirements to identify an item or range of. overhaul of end items Source codes are entered in the items. first and second positions of the Uniform SMR Code NOTE. format as follows When a stock numbered item is requisitioned. Code Definition the repair part received may have a different. PA Item procured and stocked for anticipated or part number than the part being replaced. known usage e Federal Supply Code for Manufacturer FSCM. NOTE The FSCM is a 5 digit numeric code listed in SB 708 42. Cannibalization or salvage may be used as a which is used to identify the manufacturer distributor. source of supply for any items source coded or Government agency etc. above except those coded XA and aircraft f Description Indicates the Federal item name and. support items as restricted by AR 700 42 if required a minimum description to identify the item. 2 Maintenance code Maintenance codes are g Unit of Measure U M Indicates the standard of. assigned to indicate the levels of maintenance the basic quantity of the listed item as used in perform. authorized to USE and REPAIR support items The ing the actual maintenance function This measure is. TM 11 6110 201 12P, expressed by a two character alphabetical abbrevia authorized items appear in this manual.
tion e g ea in pr etc When the unit of measure,5 How to Locate Repair Parts. differs from the unit of issue the lowest unit of issue. a When National stock number or part number is, that will satisfy the required units of measure will be unknown. requisitioned,1 First Using the table of contents determine. h Quantity Incorporated in Unit Indicates the the functional group within which the item belongs. quantity of the item used in the breakout shown on the This is necessary since illustrations are prepared for. illustration figure which is prepared for a functional functional groups and listings are divided into the. group subfunctional group or an assembly same groups. 4 Special Information 2 Second Find the illustration covering the func. a Usable on codes are shown in the description col tional group to which the item belongs. umn Uncoded items are applicable to all models Iden 3 Third Identify the item on the illustration and. tification of the usable on codes used in this publication note the illustration figure and item number of the. Code Used on 4 Fourth Using the Repair Parts Listing find. 2T5 J 1077A U the figure and item number noted on the illustration. 5HR J 1077 U b When National stock number or part number is. b The following publications pertain to the known, J 1077 U and J 1077A U and their components 1 First Using the Index of National Stock Num. TM 11 5935 203 15P Connectors Receptacle bers and Part Numbers find the pertinent National. Electrical U 186A G and U 186B G stock number or part number This index is in NIIN se. TM 11 5935 205 14P Connectors Receptacle quence followed by a list of part numbers in. Electrical U 187 G and U 187A G alphameric sequence cross referenced to the illustra. tion figure number and item number, c The illustrations in this manual are identical to.
those published in TM 11 6110 201 34P Only those 2 Second After finding the figure and item num. ber locate the figure and item number in the repair. parts assigned the third position SMR maintenance, code C or O are listed in the tabular listing parts list. therefore there may be a break in the item number se 6 Abbreviations. quence Only illustrations containing organizational Not applicable. Next printed page is 4,TM11 6110 201 12P, Figure 1 Distribution BOxes J 1077 U and J 1077A U. SECTION II REPAIR PARTS LIST TM11 6110 201 12P,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. ILLUSTRATION DESCRIPTION QTY,a b NATIONAL INC,FIG ITEM SMR STOCK PART IN. NO NO CODE NUMBER NUMBER FSCM USABLE ON CODE U M UNIT. GROUP 00 DISTRIBUTION BOXES J 1077 U,AND J 1077A U.
1 2 PAOZZ 5340 00 953 9018 SMC288056 80063 STRAP WEBBING EA 1. 1 3 PAOZZ 5305 00 682 5636 SMB288046 2 80063 SCREW MACHINE 2T5 EA 4. 1 4 PAOZZ 6110 00 710 4344 F18111 96344 DESIGNATION STRIP 5HR EA 4. 1 4 PAOZZ 6110 00 711 0377 1464 242 99872 DESIGNATION STRIP 2T5 EA 1. 1 5 PAOZZ 5999 00 283 5393 315K433 01537 CAP ELECTRICAL 5HR EA 52. 1 6 PAOZZ 5940 00 283 5386 U106U 80058 POST BINDING 5HR EA 52. 1 6 PAOZZ 5940 00 823 1804 SCC136011GP3 80063 POST BINDING 2T5 EA 52. 1 7 PAOZZ 5940 00 729 3016 1464 211 31550 TERMINAL BOARD 2T5 EA 1. 1 8 PAOZZ 5975 00 886 8155 SMC288943 2 80063 FANNING STRIP 2T5 EA 1. 1 9 PAOZZ 5305 00 682 5641 SMB288046 1 80063 SCREW MACHINE 2T5 EA 12. 1 10 PAOZZ 5330 00 682 4613 SMB288047 80063 PACKING PREFORMED 2T5 EA 16. 1 11 PAOZZ 5940 00 681 9921 SMC288043 1 80063 FANNING STRIP 2T5 EA 1. SECTION IV, NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER AND PART NUMBER INDEX TM11 6110 201 12P. FIG ITEM FIG ITEM,STOCK NUMBER NO NO STOCK NUMBER NO NO. 5940 00 283 5386 1 6,5999 00 283 5393 1 5 6110 00 711 0377 1 4. 5940 00 681 9921 1 11 5940 00 729 3016 1 7,5330 00 682 4613 1 10 5940 00 823 1804 1 6. 5305 00 682 5636 1 3,5305 00 682 5641 1 9 5975 00 886 8155 1 8.
6110 00 710 4344 1 4 5340 00 953 9018 1 2,PART FIG ITEM PART FIG ITEM. NUMBER FSCM NO NO NUMBER FSCM NO NO,F18111 96344 1 4 SMC288056 80063 1 2. SCC136011GP3 80063 1 6 SMC288943 2 80063 1 8,SMB288046 1 80063 1 9 U106U 80058 1 6. SMB288046 2 80063 1 3 1464 211 31550 1 7,SMB288047 80063 1 10 1464 242 99872 1 4. SMC288043 1 80063 1 11 315K433 01537 1 5,TM 11 6110 201 12P.
APPENDIX C,MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION,Section 1 INTRODUCTION. C 1 General trial and error replacement of running spare type. This appendix provides a summary of the maintenance items such as fuses lamps or electron tubes. operations for the J 1077U A and J 1077A U It author j Ouerhaul That maintenance effort ser. izes categories of maintenance for specific mainte vice action necessary to restore an item to a com. nance functions on repairable items and components pletely serviceable operational condition as prescribed. and the tools and equipment required to perform each by maintenance standards i e DMWR in appropriate. function This appendix maybe used as an aid in plan technical publications Overhaul is normally the high. ning maintenance operations est degree of maintenance performed by the Army. C 2 Maintenance Function Overhaul does not normally return an item to like new. Maintenance functions will be limited to and defined condition. as follows k Rebuild Consists of those services actions neces. sary for the restoration of unserviceable equipment to. a Inspect To determine the serviceability of an item. by comparing its physical mechanical and or electri a like new condition in accordance with original. cal characteristics with established standards through manufacturing standards Rebuild is the highest. examination degree of materiel maintenance applied to Army. equipment The rebuild operation includes the act of. b Test To verify serviceability and to detect incip. ient failure by measuring the mechanical or electrical returning to zero those age measurements hours. characteristics of an item and comparing those charac miles etc considered in classifying Army equip. teristics with prescribed standards ments components. c Service Operations required periodically to keep C 3 Column Entries. an item in proper operating condition i e to clean de a Column 1 Group Number Column 1 lists group. contaminate to preserve to drain to paint or to numbers the purpose of which is to identify compo. replenish fuel lubricants hydraulic fluids or com nents assemblies subassemblies and modules with the. pressed air supplies next higher assembly, d Adjust To maintain within prescribed limits by b Column 2 Component Assembly Column 2 con. bringing into proper or exact position or by setting the tains the noun names of components assemblies. operating characteristics to the specified parameters subassemblies and modules for which maintenance is. e Align To adjust specified variable elements of an authorized. item to bring about optimum or desired performance c Column 3 Maintenance Functions Column 3 lists. f Calibrate To determine and cause corrections to the functions to be performed on the item listed in col. be made or to be adjusted on instruments or test umn 2 When items are listed without maintenance. measuring and diagnostic equipments used in precision functions it is solely for purpose of having the group. measurement Consists of comparisons of two instru numbers in the MAC and RPSTL coincide. ments one of which is a certified standard of known d Column 4 Maintenance Category Column 4. accuracy to detect and adjust any discrepancy in the specifies by the listing of a work time figure in the. AND J 1077A U NSN 6110 00 985 7574 HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY JULY 1977 TM 11 611O 2O1 12P TECHNICAL MANUAL No 11 6110 201 12P HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Washington DC 22July 1977 OPERATOR S AND ORGANIZATIONAL MAINTENANCE REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LISTS FOR DISTRIBUTION BOXES J 1077 U AND J 1077A U NSN 6110 00 985 7574 Current as of 18 May 1977 REPORTING OF

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