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Welcome to the ScripHessco, Planning and Equipping your Chiropractic Facility Guide. ScripHessco is pleased to present our Planning and Equipping your Chiropractic Facility Guide. to help assist you in opening your chiropractic office Whether you are opening your first office or. opening satellite offices this hands on workbook lets you apply your expertise with some. guidance from a company that s been in the chiropractic business for more than 40 years. This guide was designed to provide a chiropractor with guidance in selecting the right equipment. for their new clinic or remodeling their current facility In addition the booklet will assist you in. determining the best layout for your situation and the equipment you have selected The booklet. includes the following, 1 Facility Planning In this section we will walk you through the different rooms in your. office including treatment X Ray suite physical therapy and exercise rehab room We. will list the equipment and approximate sizes of the equipment so you can use our. planning grids to layout the room, 2 E Z Quick Quote Form If you don t have much time just fill out the E Z Quick Quote. form and let us put together a list for you We will quote specific brands models when. indicated If you are not sure then we will quote the most popular equipment in that. 3 Financing Guide Some info on financing your office along with a form for sending in to. receive a lease quote on the package you have chosen. When you decide on your facility plan or would like to discuss your equipment needs please. contact ScripHessco at 1 800 237 5652 One of our equipment specialists will be happy to assist. your with your needs,Where to Find Equipment and Supplies. All chiropractic equipment and supplies listed in this guide can be found in the ScripHessco. Catalog for Healthcare Professionals To request the latest catalog call toll free 1 800 747. How to Use This Guide,Facility Planning,Detailed Instruction.
1 Review the equipment lists under the room categories that are specific to your needs. 2 Refer to the ScripHessco catalog for additional information on your product choices. 3 Design your facility rooms on the planning grid s by outlining the room making sure you use the correct room. dimensions before laying out the equipment Be sure to include doorways storage areas electrical outlets and. other built in features for example sinks cabinets desks etc Exact window location is important in your X Ray. suite Use scissors to cutout the equipment and then use a tape or a glue stick to place on the grid. 4 Make several copies of the planning grids so you can experiment with different layouts Each square of the. planning grid is equal to 12 and the equipment cutouts are to scale with this grid For equipment or items that. there is no cutout for simply use a felt tip marker to black out the appropriate sized area. 5 The major equipment has average sizes provided For sizes on specific equipment please refer to your. ScripHessco catalog For X Ray suite call 877 717 2225 provided to consult with an X Ray specialist for planning. 6 Anytime during your process please feel free to call your ScripHessco equipment specialist at 800 237 5652 to. help with the process,E Z Quick Quote,Detailed Instruction. 1 Go through each room checking off the desired equipment you want quoted In the treatment table section you. will choose from a category a type and the options desired You may choose all in each column that apply i e. You may want a refurbished hylo so check both the hylo and the refurbished boxes. 2 When you want a specific make and model of equipment make note of that in the space required. 3 Use your ScripHessco catalog as a reference, 4 There are ScripHessco reps available for consultation on the equipment Check the ScripHessco catalog for the. contact information for the rep in your area or just call 800 237 5652 to talk directly to an equipment specialist. For X Ray call our national X Ray manager at 877 717 2225 He will be able to help you to choose the best. equipment for your situation He will also help design and draw up your X Ray room and help with leading. requirements electrical plumbing specs etc, 5 Fill out the entire contact form as best you can. 6 Fax the completed form to 866 590 5822 We will complete and fax email or mail a completed quote. Financing Guide,Detailed Instruction, 1 Read through the leasing information and feel free to call your Bankers Leasing Rep with any questions. concerning the benefits of leasing or conventional financing. 2 If you choose to lease your equipment fill out the information form and fax it to 866 590 5822. 3 If you questions on financing call Bankers Leasing at 800 247 8136. FACILITY PLANNING,WAITING ROOM,Product Product Source Average.
Dimensions, Waiting Room Chairs N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A 20 L x 20 W. End Tables N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A 24 L x 24 W. Literature Rack Various Scrip Catalog 78 L x 22 W, Plants N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A 18 L x 18 W. Various Scrip Catalog 72 L x 28 W x,Retail Product Display 18 D. A typical sized waiting room of 6 chairs is normally sufficient but if you are planning on a high volume practice you may. need more Make sure you leave room in waiting room area for at least one product display Typically one rack of. pillows plus either a shelving unit or just the use of the counter space is sufficient This is a must Offering quality. products to your patients will solidify your position as their healthcare provider increase patient referrals and add revenue. to your office There are no negatives,RECEPTION INSURANCE FILING AREA. Product Product Source Average,Dimensions, Desk N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A Various.
Filing Cabinet N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A Various. Copier Stand N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A Various. Storage N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A Various. Openness for this area works the best and is most efficient The open space provides a friendly inviting atmosphere. Your front desk CA should have a clear view of the waiting area so they can greet each patient Within a few feet any. direction your front office CA will have access to the telephone computer fax filing area copier appointment book and. any other tools they may need Make sure there is a fairly large countertop area for the patient to sign in and sufficient. space for literature and retail countertop displays for smaller retail product offerings. DOCTOR S PRIVATE OFFICE,Product Product Source Average. Dimensions, Doctor s Desk N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A Various. Doctor s Chair N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A 22 L x 22 W. Side Chair N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A 20 L x 20 W. Bookcase Storage N A at ScripHessco see local office supply N A N A 12 L x 36 W. A Private doctor s office is probably a necessity but do not devote much room to it You don t need a huge private. impressive office with a big desk The private office is your workroom rather than a place to impress patients The. patients are better served if you put your money into treatment equipment and in to the consultation exam area where you. spend the majority of the time with them on their visit. TREATMENT ROOM S, Product See Current ScripHessco Catalog for Page Product Source Average. Dimensions, HyLo Adjusting Table Operates from standing position to flat. Various Scrip Catalog 84 L x 22 W, position making it easier for an injured patient to be adjusted.
Elevation Table Starts at low position and can be elevated to. higher levels allowing different height doctors using different Various Scrip Catalog 75 L x 22 W. techniques to work on the same table Also allows a severely. injured or handicapped patient to easily get on the table. Flexion Table Pelvic section of the table flexes downward for Various Scrip Catalog 78 L x 22 W. manipulation of the low back, Stationary Drop Table Sections of the table drop to perform Scrip Catalog. Various 78 L x 22 W,specific adjusting techniques,Flat Treatment Tables Various 72 L x 28 W. Scrip Catalog, Specialty Table Table used with a specific technique i e Various. Various Scrip Catalog,Activator methods side posture upper cervical. Doctor s Stool Various Scrip Catalog 18 Round, In the treatment adjusting room s you should strive for efficiency and energy conservation The best way to accomplish.
this is to not have to move the patient Choose a table if at all possible that will fulfill all of your needs For instance if. you use a drop technique and a low force technique then an elevation drop table might work fine for both You perform. the low force technique at the higher level and the drop technique at a lower height This is also ideal for elderly or. handicapped patients or if you have two doctors that adjust in the same room that are different heights In addition the. table should qualify for a 50 Handicapped Access Credit because of the elevation feature. When looking for an adjusting table the biggest mistake is getting oversold Models and options are endless To avoid. paying for features you don t need first spend some time and write out the features you need If you don t know their. name just describe what you need to accomplish You dictate the options to the salesperson and let them give you the. models that fit those specs, Unnecessary table features cost more complicate things and may provide more opportunity for service problems in the. future One way to save money is to purchase a refurbished table instead of a new one But be careful when purchasing. used tables All refurbished tables are used but not all used tables are refurbished Refurbished tables can provide equal. or near equal quality at a 40 60 savings over new Used tables are sold as is versus refurbished which are stripped. down to the base and rebuilt to your specifications New covers are installed in your choice of colors A good refurbished. table will look and perform like a new table,PHYSICAL THERAPY REHAB EQUIPMENT SUITE. Product See Current ScripHessco Catalog for Page Product Source Average. Dimensions, Muscle Stimulator Ultrasound Combo Provides electrical. muscle stimulation in combination with ultrasound deep Various Scrip Catalog 12 D x 18 W. heat therapy, Muscle Stimulator Provides electrical muscle stimulation Various Scrip Catalog 12 D x 12 W. through single or multiple channels, Ultrasound Provides deep tissue heat Various Scrip Catalog 12 D x 12 W.
Low Level Laser Therapy Various Scrip Catalog 12 D x 18 W. Heating Unit for Hot Therapy moist heat therapy Various Scrip Catalog Various. Flat Treatment Tables For Therapy Exam Various Scrip Catalog 72 L x 24 W. Mobile Treatment Cart Various Scrip Catalog 18 D x 24 W. Intersegmental Traction Table Provides traction of the. spine through lift and separation via mobile roller system Various Scrip Catalog 78 L x 28 W. that travels up and down the spine, Traction Table Provides long axis traction via traction Various Scrip Catalog 107 L x 28 W. system that includes table traction head and traction harness. Spinal Decompression Table Provides spinal Various Scrip Catalog 107 L x 28 W. decompression through precise smooth traction, Exercise and Rehab Units Utilizes various hardware. coupled with exercise tubing and attachments to allow Various Scrip Catalog Approx 4 x. various exercises to be performed in a small area at a 6 area. reasonable cost,Treadmill Various Scrip Catalog 74 L x 36 W. Exercise Bike Various Scrip Catalog 63 L x 27 W,Elliptical Various Scrip Catalog 78 L x 26 W. Rower 849 0331 Scrip Catalog 76 L x 20 W, Stretch Partner 849 0019 Scrip Catalog 48 L x 37 W.
Total Gym 849 0417 Scrip Catalog 122 L x 24 W, Low Tech Rehab exercise balls stability trainers weight Various Scrip Catalog Various. cuffs medicine balls etc, Therapy Curtains and Track 880 0021 Scrip Catalog Various. If you plan on making physical therapy and rehab a significant portion of your practice then a therapy suite will be needed. A therapy suite consists of a large open room which is normally partitioned using therapy curtains If you want to use. physical therapy on a limited basis you may do it in the treatment rooms using a mobile treatment cart to take the. equipment from room to room or purchase separate units some of which may be mounted to the wall in each room This. may slow down the flow and limit the number of patients you can see in a day. Rehab may be done efficiently using low tech bands and tubing in conjunction with exercise balls stability trainers weight. Decompression traction tables provide an excellent therapy that provides a proven method of treatment Do not be. oversold by many of the super expensive decompression tables on the market. MASSAGE THERAPY ROOM, Product See Current ScripHessco Catalog for Page Product Source. Dimensions, Massage Table Clinical Non portable tables Various Scrip Catalog 73 L x 30 W. Massage Table Portable Various Scrip Catalog 73 L x 30 W. Massage Chair Various Scrip Catalog 30 L x 20 W,Therapy Stool Various Scrip Catalog 18 Round.
Massage Units Various Scrip Catalog 78 L x 26 W, Massage can be a great compliment to your chiropractic business Room size for an efficient massage room needs to. provide 2 to 3 of room around the massage table for the therapists to work This would dictate a room size of 8 to 9. How to Use This Guide Facility Planning Detailed Instruction 1 Review the equipment lists under the room categories that are specific to your needs

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