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David J Sangree MAI CPA ISHC,Hotel Leisure Advisors LLC. 14805 DDetroit,Cleveland OH 44107,Phone 216 228 7000 ext 20. Email dsangree hladvisors com,Web www hladvisors com. p Development,p Requires,Research of Various Factors. Supply and Demand,Demographics,Potential Per Capita Spending.
Attached Hotel Occ Occ ADR,Potential Attendance,Profitability. Feasibility Analysis,Economic Impact Analysis,Hotel with Indoor Waterpark. A lodging establishment with an,attached 10 000 to 30 000 square. foot aquatic facility,f inclusive off,amenities such as slides tubes and a. variety of indoor water play features,The indoor waterpark serves as an.
amenity of the hotel as opposed to an,independent destination. Indoor Waterpark Destination,A resort with more than 30 000 square feet of. indoor waterpark space inclusive of amenities,such as slides tubes and a variety of indoor. water play features,considered,s de ed a true,t ue destination. dest at o resort,which families frequent on a year round basis.
primarily to utilize the waterpark and,secondarily to visit other attractions or events. in the area,Resort with Outdoor Waterpark,A lodging establishment with an. outdoor aquatic,q facility,y featuring,or more waterpark elements requiring. lifeguards such as slides lazy rivers,or wave pools. The outdoor waterpark is utilized,primarily by hotel guests but can also.
be open to the public,Standalone Indoor Waterpark,A freestanding aquatic facility with. a minimum of 10 10 000,000 square feet of,indoor waterpark space inclusive of. three or more amenities such as,lid ttubes,d a variety. indoor water play features,Outdoor Waterpark,An outdoor aquatic facility with. three or more water slides and,other aquatic facilities.
These parks often offer additional,splash features for younger children. What is a Feasibility Study,Scope of assignment,Extensive research and realistic. conclusions of performance,l i off specific,ifi design. recommendations for size and plans,Economic Characteristics and Trends. Demographics and economic trends,ajo employers,Major e p oye s and.
oca demand,de a d generators,ge e ato s,Tourist attractions in area. Local attractions and draws,Highway infrastructure and traffic counts. Groups and conventions in market,Corporate market demand. Airport statistics,Population and income within 3 hours. Demographic Analysis,Maximum typical travel distance.
Indoor waterpark resort 180 miles,Outdoor waterpark 60 miles. Families within drivable distance,Children within drivable distance. Proposed site vs existing waterpark resort areas,Compare number of rooms and waterpark size to. number of family households, Ratio of Family Households to Indoor Waterpark Hotel Rooms. within 180 Miles of Example City Wisconsin Dells Sandusky. Example Wisconsin Dells Sandusky, 2015 Est Family Households 180 mile radius 9 012 310 4 273 443 6 647 145.
Number of Existing and Under Construction,Hotels with Indoor Waterparks 11 34 14. Total Rooms 2 360 9 599 4 039,Family Households per Indoor Waterpark Hotel. Room 3 818 8 445 2 1 645 7,Sources ESRI Hotel Leisure Advisors. Population Drive Time,Outdoor Waterpark Supply to,Population. l ti Analysis,Outdoor Waterpark,p and Population,p Comparison.
Number of Number of People,Region Population,Waterparks per Waterpark. Northeast 73 56 283 891 771 012,t 272 67 907 403,67 907 403 249 660. South 275 121 182 847 440 665,West 124 76 044 679 613 264. Total 744 321 418 820 432 015, Source Hotel Leisure Advisors 2016 count of waterparks and U S C ensus Bureau. Site Analysis,Site and nearby land uses,Site visibility and access.
N b ttourism,i attractions,Nearby amenities state and national parks etc. Access to corporate demand generators,Site size and potential for expansion. Analyzing the Market and Determininggy Economic Feasibility for Waterpark Projects David J Sangree MAI CPA ISHC President Hotel amp Leisure Advisors LLC 14805 Detroit Avenue Suite 420 Cleveland OH 44107 Phone 216Phone 216 228 7000 ext 207000 ext 20 Email dsangree hladvisors com Web www hladvisors com

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