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Tapping To Overcome Pain,A Drug Free Non Invasive and. Simple To Use Approach, Millions of people suffer from physical pain every hour of every day Whether it s back pain. joint pain headaches bursitis old sports or military injuries sinus pain or any other type of. pain Chronic physical pain robs them of a normal life and worse robs them of their spirit and. sometimes even their will to live, Unfortunately many turn to painkilling drugs or experimental surgeries usually emerging no. better than they were before, As an alternative to these demoralizing and risky options Thought Field Therapy TFT has. proven extraordinarily effective at stopping pain in its tracks. Most importantly TFT does no harm Even pain that results from injuries suffered years ago. can be helped with Thought Field Therapy TFT has been successfully reducing and even. eliminating pain without risk for over 32 years It is drug free non invasive and simple to use. The use of Thought Field Therapy has become a lifestyle for many It s a tool for the entire. family melting away life s challenges and freeing us to be happy and productive. Having the ability to quickly tap away problems and concerns related to pain. helps us to reduce our stress boost our immune systems and live a more joyful better quality. TFT quickly eliminates trauma stress fears and anxiety that cause or aggravate physical pain. It also identifies and eliminates the blocks to healing and achieving Optimal Health. Over thirty years ago Dr Roger Callahan discovered a way to identify and subsequently. eliminate self sabotage and blocks to healing and success He called this phenomenon. Psychological Reversal PR Shortly thereafter he found a way to cure life long fears and. phobias often in just minutes and subsequently has developed these procedures into the first. power therapy of the 21 st century Thought Field Therapy TFT We are celebrating our. 32 nd anniversary 32 years of healing with Thought Field Therapy In fact TFT is the. grandfather of the many tapping meridian and energy therapies used today. In this tele class we will show you the simple TFT self help procedures to quickly eliminate. many blocks to better health reduce and often eliminate physical pain and the related stress. fear trauma anger and guilt that can be associated with physical pain. As this class is only a single session there will be a lot of information given in a very brief time. The best use of your time will be to listen and use your workbook to follow along then go back. and reread your workbook The class is recorded and you will receive an MP3 file of the class. to listen to at your leisure focusing on those parts that are most relevant to you. Many are new to TFT or tapping so I have included a brief history here in the workbook. www RogerCallahan com 2012 Callahan Techniques 2,What is Thought Field Therapy TFT.
Thought Field Therapy originally the Callahan Techniques is different from other healing. modalities for pain However it uses the same meridian system that acupuncture or. acupressure uses T, The therapeutic process itself is completely unique So is the scientific foundation on which it. is based And so are the unprecedented results it can produce Over the last 32 years since. its discovery as the Callahan Techniques and its continual improvement and development it. has spawned numerous offshoots, TFT is a system that facilitates healing as it accesses and resolves the essence and the root. cause of a problem whether emotional or physical As a clinical psychologist Dr Callahan. began working with negative emotions phobias anger guilt grief trauma addictions. depression etc These negative emotions and many physical problems are condensed. information in energy form bound in what he calls a Thought Field The active information or. healing data in this Thought Field creates the distress by controlling the negative emotions. much physical distress and subsequently our behavior. And how does it work with the Thought Field and the energy of the body. The key to the treatment is influencing the body s bioenergy field by tapping with your fingers. on specific points on the body located along energy meridians while tuned into the specific. thought field physical location of pain This is a simple user friendly process that will be. explained in the tele class,Achieving Better Health and Well Being. In January last year we gave a tele class to assist our customers in successfully achieving their. New Year s resolutions and overcoming blocks to their success. This class worked so well for their New Year s resolutions that by the last class we were asked to. tackle many of their other challenges from physical to emotional issues These too were very. successful and we have had so many requests for additional classes we scheduled them. throughout last year and this year, An excellent example of the kind of miracles our attendees achieved is the following article that. was written for our recent newsletter the Thought Field and has been included in our new book. Tapping the Body s Energy Pathways Real People Reveal How Thought Field Therapy. Heals Trauma Anxiety and Disease,www RogerCallahan com 2012 Callahan Techniques 3.
I am thrilled and honored to have learned about Thought Field Therapy The TFT tele class is one of. the best training experiences and investments I have ever made The tele class provided fantastic. insight and guidance into the TFT algorithms and usage I highly recommend everyone learn TFT and. put it too good use TFT can do wonders for you Now perhaps you are wondering why I am so excited. about Thought Field Therapy I hope that after reading about my situation and the help TFT has given. me you too will give it a try, In January 2005 I went sledding down my street Part way down the steep hill the snow became solid. ice I was unable to steer or stop and slid head first into the bumper of a parked mini van I suffered. such a bad head injury that I barely made it to the hospital alive If it took 20 minutes longer it would. have been too late I was put into a medical coma for 10 days and have a two month period that I do. not remember anything from With great medical care support from my family and post hospital. rehabilitation I finally returned to full time work after 8 months I am nearly fully recovered other than I. had lost 100 of my sense of smell Medical professionals told me that the loss of smell is not an. unusual occurrence after the type of brain injury I had I was informed that I would never recover my. sense of smell, For five years it was correct I did not smell anything However in January 2010 I took the TFT tele. class and was given a customized Thought Field Therapy algorithm from Dr Roger Callahan to regain. my sense of smell It is amazing the capability Roger has developed with TFT and Voice Technology I. have used the algorithm a mf tf e g50 eb 9g sq at least 15 times a day for 40 consecutive days. 20 times for 35 of those 40 days After the 30th day I was startled and pleasantly surprised to notice. the air all of a sudden seemed different as walked down the indoor hallway near the building cafeteria. It took me a bit to realize I was actually smelling something again After 5 years I had sort of forgotten. what that was like In the days since then I have had other occasional instances of smelling things My. sense of smell is not yet 100 back but I am thrilled to have what I was told could never happen. actually occur TFT has made this possible Roger originally explained I would need to follow this 15. times a day regimen for many weeks It only takes a minute to execute the algorithm and can been. throughout the day I gladly and enthusiastically continue applying TFT to further regain my sense of. smell This is much better than five years of thinking I would never smell again Use TFT it really works. In addition to this more extensive usage I have also used different TFT algorithms to alleviate other. worries and anxieties,David Burns,Portland OR USA, Remember if you wish to have the opportunity to volunteer to receive an individual tapping. sequence you must submit your request to be a live demonstration in advance. You may also submit questions in advance that you would like to have answered We do our best. to tailor each teleclass to the specific needs of our current participants. SEND QUESTIONS AND VOLUNTEER REQUESTS TO joanne tftrx com. www RogerCallahan com 2012 Callahan Techniques 4, TFT works on a variety of pain from many causes Even pain that results from injuries. suffered years ago can be treated with Thought Field Therapy Regardless of the type of. original injury and even regardless of the severity of the resulting pain Thought Field. Therapy can often provide significant relief, While most of us have never played college sports with all its repetitive injuries our pain can.
sometimes persist just as intensely as if we had We have included a story about a college. football player just three sessions of TFT relieves the pain and improves his range of motion. Of course most practitioners know that the trauma of an accident injury or horrible incident. often causes somatoform pain pain that isn t caused by tissue damage inflammation or any. other medical condition but rather by the traumatic emotions that remain following the trauma. We have included a story of one patient who begins suffering severe arthritic pain over a year. after her physical injuries are healed Interestingly her naturopathic physician who had. succeeded in treating severe arthritic pain with a unique protocol he had developed marvels. at the speed with which TFT not only relieves arthritic pain but also relieves the associated. trauma which he had not been able to do, We will show you how to tap away the effects of these past traumas to further support your. pain relief, The beauty of Thought Field Therapy is the speed with which it often relieves pain From a. single tapping sequence which takes just a few minutes to multiple tapping sequences which. some people require TFT is effective and fast, Of course pain specialists know that the ache and throbbing of chronic pain can actually inhibit. healing of some injuries However once TFT removes the pain and blocks to healing it can. happen faster and with better results, TFT has rapid and effective self help tools to address so many of life s daily stresses and a large. variety of our health challenges Regular use of TFT tapping daily can dramatically improve our. quality of life, We will show you how to use these tools to eliminate or reduce stress quickly dissolve anger.
quiet the mind from obsessive worry reduce anxiety stop negative emotions and behaviors and. erase the effects of past traumas By working directly on the emotional stress points and blocks. that may be contributing to our physical pain we can achieve lasting results and a better quality of. life It can help us begin to feel better right away. Your workbook includes various examples of how TFT was used to address pain from both. professionals and individuals helping themselves The cases are selected to provide a. representative sample of uses and solutions They have come from our new book Tapping. the Body s Energy Pathways Real People Reveal How Thought Field Therapy Heals. Trauma Anxiety and Disease,www RogerCallahan com 2012 Callahan Techniques 5. Purpose of This Class, The purpose of this teleclass is to teach you how to use some of the powerful. TFT algorithms in the most effective way possible in order to eliminate your. blocks to healing relieve physical pain and any associated fears or stresses and. heal the past traumas that may be contributing to the pain We will work toward. this goal by teaching you some of the basic concepts and then teaching you the. appropriate algorithms or tapping sequences, Since everyone s needs are different our lives are complex and each day is. different we will show you how you can combine these powerful tools to address. your own personal challenges and how to find the best tapping sequence for you. for each day in your busy life, At the end of the class we will work individually with volunteers on live problems. These must be submitted in advance by e mail to Joanne tftrx com We will. work with as many as possible one on one at the end of the presentation. portion of class,www RogerCallahan com 2012 Callahan Techniques 6.
Levels of Effectiveness in Thought Field Therapy, TFT Tapping sequences have varying levels of specificity and hence effectiveness Dr. Callahan began his discoveries in TFT by developing a causal diagnostic system Or more. simply stated a way to identify which tapping point is needed in what order for your specific. problem or issue It is this system which led to both the more simplified algorithm level used. by most other tapping modalities such as EFT and the more highly specific Voice Technology. level of TFT These levels are explained in more detail below. TFT Algorithms The general definition of an algorithm is A sequence of instructions to be. followed with the intention of finding a solution to a problem Each step must specify precisely. what action is to be taken and although there may be many alternate routes through the. algorithm there is only one start point and one end point Youngson R M 1994 The. Guinness Encyclopedia of Science Guinness Middlesex England p 232 The starting point. class and was given a customized Thought Field Therapy algorithm from Dr Roger Callahan to regain my sense of smell It is amazing the capability Roger has developed with TFT and Voice Technology I have used the algorithm a mf tf e g50 eb 9g sq at least 15 times a day for 40 consecutive days 20 times for 35 of those 40 days

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