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A simple change you can do when you first wake up that has a big impact on your. Why Ian was grateful for his life threatening health struggles. How he lost 90 pounds, The problems with almost all nut and seed oils even the organic ones. How stress is the biggest danger in the modern lifestyle and how it comes in. many forms, Deceptive marketing that many oil manufacturers use and it is legal. Phytoplankton A substance originally found in the sea that is highly efficient at. transporting nano nutrients into cells and why this is important. Resources we mention,Activation Products,Ian s Company. PanaSeeda Five Oil Blend,Coriander Seed Oil,Black Cumin Seed Oil. Amaranth Oil,Magnesium Infusion,rapid delivery transdermal magnesium.
Oceans Alive Phytoplankton with Nano Nutrients,The problems with industrial seed oils. Hi I m Katie from wellnessmama com Welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast. where I provide simple answers for healthier families. Did you know that the human body has 60 000 miles of blood vessels 32 million. bacteria per inch of skin and 300 billion new cells created per day In fact today s guest. is an expert on cellular health and several other areas. Ian Clark is the founder of Activation Products and Oceans Alive He had a series of life. threatening health issues that hit him all at once in 2004 and this was his catalyst for. pursuing natural methods of restoring health After five years of learning and healing. he set out to help others achieve better health as well And from my discussions with. him he s on the cutting edge of a lot of new natural health modalities With his five sons. and the support of his entire team of innovators his company Activation Products was. born and has now grown into a large company that produces the world s greatest health. products with extremely high quality products His largest discovery was almost eight. years ago with Oceans Alive marine phytoplankton which we talk about in today s. So stay tuned to this episode We re going to discuss things like the reason you should be. drinking a quart of water in the morning how he lost 90 pounds and why he s so. grateful that he had health struggles to begin with and the scientific reason that you. should put your feet up at night and it isn t what you think So without further ado let s. join Ian Ian thank you so much for being here, Yeah thank you Katie for having me on This is a pleasure. Awesome Well I would love if you could start by telling us your own story and. the struggles that you had with your own health and your journey to finding answers. When we look at when disease hits your body we call it unfortunate but there s all. kinds of plays on words you can do And I consider it extremely fortunate now that ten. years ago I had a whole list of serious illnesses and some were life threatening. involving heart disease liver disease kidney problems and a lot of infection related. stuff that was just there and I couldn t figure out why I was doing everything else in a. lifestyle situation that my colleagues were except for they were drinkers and I wasn t I. stopped drinking and smoking back when I was 21 but I had all these really serious. So anyway I went to the doctor and went to several doctors who then referred me to. other specialists And my family comes from an allopathic background so they re very. medically leaning And when they kept coming up with the same old answers that you. just have to do surgery and pharmaceutical drugs and etc I became quite unnerved. with all that and I gave my oldest brother a phone call in desperation And I said Hey. they re telling me they re gonna do all this stuff What do you think And he s been a. medical doctor for 37 years at that time as a general practitioner He goes You just. gotta follow through because if you don t you re putting yourself at a severe risk And. he basically was colluding with them saying Yeah this is absolutely the way you gotta. He told me I ve had thousands of people come to my practice over the years and I ve. watched all different types and body shapes and age and people that were health. conscious and not health conscious He said At the end of the day it was all just. genetic predisposition And no matter how hard they tried they would die no matter. how healthy they got And no matter what that person that just was healthy it didn t. matter what they did They stayed healthy for a long time. And so I said Well what s the conclusion you re trying to get me to come up with here. Because I am 46 years old at the time and I ve got all these issues and you guys can t. tell me why other than I m a statistical number based on averages And I don t accept. that I think there s something that I m doing or something is going on that I don t know. and I need to fix and change And it s not just genetic predisposition. Well that was met with a lot of laughter and You don t know what you re talking. about and What are you gonna do I said Well the first thing I m gonna do is get. away from the doctors Not to disrespect them because they were certainly doing. everything they could and we have a great deal of respect for the medical industry for a. lot of things they do do saving millions of lives a year But when it came to my situation. I compared myself back to my two uncles who were 51 and 54 years old when they. passed away And that s on my mom s side which I very much lean to her genetics Both. of them had cancer Both of them died two days apart in the fall of 1978 And I recall. that they had done everything they were told to do by the doctors who took full. responsibility for their health and they all landed in the casket just about on time. according to the prognosis after the diagnosis, And I thought Isn t that the craziest thing People just take the advice of somebody. with a white lab coat and a stethoscope around their neck telling them This is what. you ve got You re going to die Here s the steps to your funeral And they follow them. and they have their funeral and they re gone And I just said That is not something that. I want to accept There s gotta be a better way, And of course there is many better ways but the world we live in the society we live in. my family was very upset that I was taking responsibility for my own health and I was. basically being thought of as suicidal and What are you doing and so on and so on. But I just said Guys you gotta just back off Give me 24 months because I hit the wall. in 2004 By 2005 I was starting to get real serious That s when all the pressure came. on And then I just asked them for a 24 month window which people figured I had a. six month window at the most just to work with So they all backed off eventually and. talked behind my back only instead of to me, I prayed about it I asked for guidance to find the people that would be able to help me.
Because I knew that out there somebody knew or a number of people And slowly but. surely I just started to find my way and met the people that helped me to learn about. eating clean and detoxifying my body and doing juicing and breathing properly and. drinking the right water And I met some people that told me about a product called. it s a micro algae from the ocean called marine phytoplankton and I started taking that. and noticed a really big uptake in my physical mental energy which made me feel great. And then as that progressed I just realized that I didn t just want to get healthy again I. wanted to become super healthy and how do you do that But it took five years from. 2004 til the end of 2009 before I was back within a clinical medical range on my blood. panels and various tests that were being done And I felt absolutely fantastic I had. dumped 90 pounds off my frame I had gone through outrageous detoxes during that. time because I really didn t know what I was doing in a lot of ways and overdid stuff and. got into Herxheimer healing crises and whatever, But along the way I began to gather very crucial information and began to set a bar. higher and higher and higher until I set the bar at the highest level when it came to. products or the things that I m gonna invest my time energy and resources into And I. was able to let so to speak the cream rise to the top very patiently to where we are. today Now we re producing the highest quality products in our category on the planet. for people s health, That is an amazing story And knowing you personally you re obviously still in. excellent health today Would you say you continued to even improve your health since. that time when all your levels were normal, Oh yeah because the clinical medical range is boring to me You know as well that. you can continuously improve your health as you learn more and more And all these. things keep coming in that are definitive so you spend less and less time getting better. and better health with the greater amount of wisdom So the object now is to share that. wisdom with as many people as possible in this lifetime just like you re doing with your. Wellness Mama It s affecting so many people in a positive way And so you have your. whole entire category you re dealing with and we bring in another category that. complements everything you re doing and people like us are doing So this is a really. exciting time to watch all this develop and come together. Yeah absolutely And you mentioned that you were pretty much following the. mainstream lifestyle advice You were living the same type lifestyle as all of your. colleagues back when you discovered you were ill What do you think are some of the. biggest dangers with modern diet and modern lifestyle. Well number one is not watching stress levels and also avoiding the fitness like. not doing anything for fitness Those are number one number two Number three is not. getting enough sleep thinking that we re invincible that we can go without proper sleep. we re warriors all that kind of stuff Disregarding Mother Nature s natural. kick you in the butt if you don t behave yourselves thing right. And then when it comes to what you consume the water is so important becoming. hydrated with proper water And there s a whole world of proper water which we re not. gonna talk about right now But there s a whole thing with water that once you nail it. down the water goes into every cell very efficiently and you remain perfectly hydrated. and that allows the body to flush things out Waking up in the morning and drinking a. large amount of water is key crucial because that then flushes all of the waste material. your body has been processing all night That s another big one and then making sure. that you re not breathing a lot of toxic air all the time being conscious of air filtration in. the house or your work environment And then eating clean People don t eat clean. They go to restaurants They go to venues all over the place when they re travelling and. end up eating GMO foods and non organic and who knows what s in the food. Regardless of how good the chef is to make it taste good there s a lot of junk in those. foods So just being more discerning and discriminating when it comes to what you put. in your mouth for food and then making sure you re getting the nano nutrients and the. micronutrients that you require, Yeah I feel like that s an area we re just starting to really understand more and. more especially right now And I know one thing that you and I agree on is the dangers. of things like industrial processed seed oils many of which are genetically modified But. also one of your areas of specialty is that not all seed oils are bad by any means but. there s a huge huge difference between processed industrial oils and a healthfully. processed oil So can we delve into that How do you find oils that are supportive of. health and what makes that difference, Well yeah the entire seed oil world whether you re Asia Europe North America.
wherever you go you do have to search diligently to get the quality oils because laws and. legislation in various jurisdictions allow companies to add like right now our. company could add 90 canola oil to all of our oils with 10 of the actual oil itself that. we re touting is in the bottle and legally get away with that. Wow and just call it the original oil and not even mention the canola oil. Call it 100 pure because Gee the oil that s in there is 100 pure There s just. only 10 of it And by law you can add 90 so a lot of companies take that shortcut. anywhere from some small percentage up to some large percentage. But canola oil which it used to be called rape seed oil as in the actual term rape. R A P E and it was called that for centuries They decided to change it to canola oil. because it was grown primarily in Canada And that became a more friendly word. obviously but it was always used as an industrial lubricant in its original form and it s. been known to weaken the cell membrane Because every cell in your body has a lipid. profile and it needs to have healthy oils in there Canola is the absolute worst and that s. sold more than any oil internationally now by diluting other oils or for cooking oil etc. and is hyper ultra cheap because the seed itself gushes with oil And it grows quickly and. it s easy to monocrop and they ve got genetically modified They also have non GMO. and organic canola oil yippee And all of them are super bad for you So that s number. You don t know which companies are doing what to you How can you. PanaSeeda Five Oil Blend Coriander Seed Oil Black Cumin Seed Oil Amaranth Oil Magnesium Infusion rapid delivery transdermal magnesium Oceans Alive Phytoplankton with Nano Nutrients Article The problems with industrial seed oils Katie Hi I m Katie from wellnessmama com Welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast where I provide simple answers for healthier families Did you know that the human

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