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Gokay Bayrak and Mehmet Cebeci Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 47 2012 950 955 951. K 2008 An industrial application was developed for the training a welding machine and this study performs the. control of the welding machine has been realized by the users Coskun I M F 2009 Similarly the AC. servo motors and electro pneumatic components are designed as educational sets for training. There have been also PLC controlled lift education studies in the literature S. 2007 TCP IP based transactions to be controlled through the PLC Da na S Sagahyroon A Elrayes A 2008. industrial rope tension control Ren S Lu H Wang Y Fu H 2007 and the control of water pumps. 2008 are other type of education studies, Students can learn connections of PLC and SCADA systems programming of these structures and they can. improve and test new automation projects thanks to designed automation platform Also developed educational. platform allows students to learn processing of digital and analog signals about PLC unit and monitoring and. controlling these signals via SCADA Students can improve themselves about designing new automation projects so. creative skills of the students can be developed Developed educational platform consists of designed PLC and. SCADA units Developed unit has inputs of analog and digital electrical signals a CPU control unit programming. software outputs of analog and digital electrical signals and relays Control unit designed both suitable for inputs of. sensors and selectable inputs of input switches Developed projects by students can be tested without using any. sensors and also in experimental studies sensors can be used as inputs of PLC SCADA unit can be connected to. PLC unit and it can be programmed with SCADA software. In this study also some developed automation examples designed by students were introduced This platform can be. used for Electrical and Electronics students and it will be useful for education of automation systems understanding. PLC and SCADA systems and improving talents of students about designing new automation systems. 2 Developed Experimental PLC Training Set, PLC devices are well adapted to a range of automation tasks These are typically industrial processes in. manufacturing where the cost of developing and maintaining the automation system is high relative to the total cost. of the automation and where changes to the system would be expected during its operational life PLC devices. contain input and output devices compatible with industrial pilot devices and controls and little electrical design is. required PLC applications are typically highly customized systems so the cost of a packaged PLC is low compared. to the cost of a specific custom built controller design On the other hand in the case of mass produced goods. customized control systems are economic due to the lower cost of the components which can be optimally chosen. instead of a generic solution and where the non recurring engineering charges are spread over thousands or millions. Developed education set is shown in Figure 1 consists ofaS7 200 CPU 224 PLC a power supply an RTD module. and an EM 235 analog module PLC inputs and two bi directional switches were connected to start and stop buttons. Two way switches with input were given directly to the PLC so the PLC program can be tested on the computer At. the same time these switches are input elements and they provide the opportunity for connecting to the system. without using any sensor and developed system can be tested in real time Outputs of the PLC and normally open. normally closed and com terminals of the relays are suitable for connection of any loads or contactors In this way. various loads can be connected to the system easily Relays are mounted with the LED outputs so relay outputs can. be seen through the training set, Developed education set also has an EM 231analog module some assured physical quantities by the sensors just. like temperature pressure etc are taken as analog currents and voltages so this allows to transfer the physical data. to CPU for determining Students can test and compile their developed PLC programs with the Micro winStep 7. PLC program so they have the chance for testing their applications also have the opportunity to make. applications with this education set and they can learn about the subjects of PLC PC communication program. compilation PLC connections testing and even using the actual input output components. 952 Gokay Bayrak and Mehmet Cebeci Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 47 2012 950 955. Figure 1 Developed experimental PLC training set, Analog module of the system has four analog inputs EM231 and its analog inputs are shown in Figure. 1 Developed PLC set also allows selecting sensor inputs or manual switching inputs thanks to used 0 1 2 switches. Thanks to these switches sensor inputs can be transfer to PLC inputs in real time by using. Also PLC programmes can be tested by using manually to 2 In developed system training set is. programme Education set also has an RTD module for using temperature sensors just like PT 100 so it is also an. advantage for creating new automation projects,3 Developed Experimental SCADA Training Set.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition refers to the centralized systems which control and monitor the entire. sites or they are the complexes of the systems which are spread out over large areas just like between an industrial. plant and country Mostly all the control actions are automatically performed by the remote terminal units RTUs or. by the programmable logic controllers, In this study as a part of developed automation platform in addition to PLC education set also an SCADA. education set was developed and it was communicated with PLC and a PC A touch panel as an HMI unit was used. for this purpose and thanks to used SCADA software it can be programmable by PC Developed education set is. shown in Figure 2 Automation platform consists of developed PLC and SCADA education sets and a PC has. development software These parts of automation platform communicate with each other and it is possible to. develop and test automation projects, Figure 2 Developed experimental automation education system. Gokay Bayrak and Mehmet Cebeci Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 47 2012 950 955 953. 4 Developed Automation Projects with Designed Technical Training Set. Automation education is an important subject for technical schools and especially students study at Electrical and. Electronics Engineering should learn automation design hints and improve their design skills so designed. education training set is required for the students for developing innovative automation projects Designed. technical training set has been used in automation laboratory at Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. and thanks to this education set students can design automation projects Education set is suitable for students. understanding PLC and SCADA based technologies and improving their knowledge about automation systems and. it is an effective way for teaching PLC and SCADA based automation systems In this study also some. experimental projects developed by the students were introduced and it can be seen from developed projects how. the talents and innovative ideas of the students can be improved via used training set. 4 1 Automatic Material Stacking System, In this study an automatic material stacking system was developed by using proposed technical training set. First of all imagined system was constructed and DC motors proximity sensors signal lamps and other parts of. the system were connected to the educational training set and after that automatic control software was improved. by using PLC software There are three floors and each floor is used for stacking different kind of materials A lift. is used in this system for carrying materials to appropriate floor and lift empties out the materials Control of the. system was developed via improved PLC program and thanks to improved PLC software automatic material. stacking system was controlled Designed controlled system structure is shown in Figure 3 Thanks to educational. training system students can improve their PLC knowledge and it is possible to design new automation projects. Figure 3 a Developed automatic material stacking system b Developed PLC programme. In Figure 3 also used proximity sensors and a part of developed PLC programme are shown Proximity sensors are. used for sensing the appropriate place of floors and their connections to PLC module is learnt by the students and. they also learn PLC programming techniques and control strategies by this way Educational set can be used in. many applications just like this experimental study and new control strategies and control scenarios can be. developed with training set so it is very important for the students learning automation systems. 4 2 Automatic Concrete Mixing Station Design, Another application study developed with educational set is automatic concrete mixing station design In this. project SCADA software was developed for this aim thanks to proposed training setand a concrete mixing station. prototype was constructed A view of developed SCADA software for automatic concrete mixing station is shown. in Figure 4 Monitoring of this system can be achieved by SCADA software and all parameters can be monitored. thanks to this software Students also can learn PLC SCADA connections communications and SCADA. programming hints thanks to improved educational set so they can realize their imagined automation projects easily. 954 Gokay Bayrak and Mehmet Cebeci Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 47 2012 950 955. Students can debug and test their projects by using training set so automation experiments can be developed and. they can develop new and innovative automation systems. Figure 4 a A view of developed SCADA software b Developedautomatic concrete mixing station. 5 Conclusion, In this study an application study was introduced for education of Electrical and Electronics students about.
programming connecting and designing PLC and SCADA based systems and understanding automation systems. Thanks to designed automation platform students can learn connections of PLC and SCADA systems programming. of these structures and they can improve and test new automation projects Also developed educational platform. allows students to learn processing of digital and analog signals about PLC unit and monitoring and controlling. these signals via SCADA Students can improve and design new automation projects so creative skills of the. students can be developed Designed projects by students can be tested without using any sensors and also in. experimental studies it is possible using sensors as inputs of PLC This education platform currently has been used. for Electrical and Electronics students and it is useful for education of automation systems understanding PLC and. SCADA systems and improving talents of students about designing new automation systems. References, Barrett M 2008 The design of a portable programmable logic controller training system for use outside of theautomation laboratory. International Symposium for Engineering Education Dublin City University Ireland 1 5. Li W Yen C 2003 Web based learning and instruction support system for pneumatics Computers Education 41 107 120. R Y 2011 A water pumping control system with a programmable logic controller and industrial wireless modules for. industrial plants an experimental setup ISA Transactions 50 321 328. Honda A Okano F Ooshima K 2008 Application of plc to dynamic control system for liquid he cryogenicpumping facility on jt 60u nbi. system Fusion Engineering and Design 83 276 279, Coskun I Design and application of the technical training set for plc basedpower supply unit developed for industrial. applications Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 1 1658 1662. AC SDU International Technologic Science 1, Gokay Bayrak and Mehmet Cebeci Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 47 2012 950 955 955. Programlanabilir Tezi, Da na S Sagahyroon A Elrayes A 2008 Development of a monitoring and control platform for plc based applications Computer Standards. Interfaces 30 157 166, Ren S Lu H Wang Y Fu H 2007 Development of plc based tension control system Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 20 266 271.
The design and implementation of an educational control testbed Elektrik Elektronik ve Bilgisayar. students an application study Gokay Bayrak a Mehmet Cebeci b automation systems is an important subject and it is related with PLC systems so SCADA and HMI systems and automation education should be learnt by the students studying on automation systems There are several studies about automation education in the literature A basic PLC based training set has designed for using in

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