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Selected bibliography,Books published since 2005,available at the American Resource Center. William F Pepper BEYOND DOUGLASS New Perspectives, AN ACT OF STATE The Execution of on Early African American Literature. Martin Luther King Ed by Michael J Drexler and Ed, Verso 2008 364 1524 PEP White Lewisburg Bucknell University. Press 2008 810 9896 BEY,Barbara S Glass,AFRICAN AMERICAN DANCE An Mark A Reid. Illustrated History BLACK LENSES BLACK VOICES African. McFarland Co 2007 792 8089 GLA American Film Now,Rowman Littlefield 2005 791 4375 REI.
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Trotter University of Chicago Press 2009 First Black Congressmen. 305 800973 AFR Houghton Mifflin Co 2008 973 81 DRA. Eric Freedman and Stephen A Jones Susan Neal Mayberry. AFRICAN AMERICANS IN CONGRESS A CAN T I LOVE WHAT I CRITICIZE The. Documentary History Masculine and Morrison, CQ Press cop 2008 328 73 FRE University of Georgia Press 2007 813 54. Michael Eric Dyson, APRIL 4 1968 Martin Luther King Jr s Clarence Lusane. Death and How It Changed America COLIN POWELL AND CONDOLEEZZA. Basic Civitas Books cop 2008 323 1196 RICE Foreign Policy Race and the New. DYS American Century,Praeger Publishers 2006 327 73 LUS. Taylor Branch, AT CANAAN S EDGE America in the King Sharon L Jones. Years 1965 68 CRITICAL COMPANION TO ZORA NEALE, Simon Schuster 2006 323 1196 BRA HURSTON A Literary Reference to Her.
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Robert W Fairlie and Alicia M Robb Civil War to World War II. RACE AND ENTREPRENEURIAL Anchor Books 2009 305 896 BLA. SUCCESS Black Asian and White, Owned Businesses in the United States Kevin Phinney. MIT Press c2008 338 642 FAI SOULED AMERICAN How Black Music. Transformed White Culture, Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff Billboard Books 2005 780 8996 PHI. THE RACE BEAT The Press the Civil, Rights Struggle and the Awakening of a T THOMAS FORTUNE THE AFRO. Nation AMERICAN AGITATOR A Collection of,Knopf 2006 070 4493 ROB Writings 1880 1928. Ed by Shawn Leigh Alexande University, Theodore Kornweibel Jr Press of Florida 2008 973 0496 FOR.
RAILROADS IN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN,EXPERIENCE A Photographic Journey Iain Anderson. Johns Hopkins University Press 2010 331 6 THIS IS OUR MUSIC Free Jazz the. KOR Sixties and American Culture,University of Pennsylvania Press cop 2007. Arnold Rampersad 781 65 AND,RALPH ELLISON A Biography. Knopf 2007 818 5409 RAM Patrice D Rankine,ULYSSES IN BLACK Ralph Ellison. Charles Johnson and Bob Adelman Classicism and African American. REMEMBERING MARTIN LUTHER KING Literature, JR His Life and Crusade in Pictures University of Wisconsin Press 2006.
Time Inc Home Entertainment Books Twenty 818 5409 RAN. First century Books 2008 323 092 JOH,Robert J Norrell. RHETORIC RELIGION AND THE CIVIL UP FROM HISTORY The Life of Booker T. RIGHTS MOVEMENT 1954 1965 Washington, Ed by Davis W Houck and David E Dixon Belknap Press of Harvard University. Baylor University Press 2006 323 1196 RHE Press 2009 370 92 NOR. Stephen Tuck,WE AIN T WHAT WE OUGHT TO BE The,Black Freedom Struggle from. Emancipation to Obama,Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. 2010 323 1196 TUC,Theda Skocpol Ariane Liazos and Marshall.
WHAT A MIGHTY POWER WE CAN,BE African American Fraternal Groups. and the Struggle for Racial Equality,Princeton University Press 2006 369 396. Ricky L Jones,WHAT S WRONG WITH,OBAMAMANIA Black America Black. Leadership and the Death of Political,Imagination,State University of New York Press 2008. 973 0496 JON,Jonathan Rieder,THE WORD OF THE LORD IS UPON.
ME The Righteous Performance of Martin,Luther King Jr. Belknap Press of Harvard University,Press 2008 323 092 RIE. Daniel Grassian,WRITING THE FUTURE OF BLACK,AMERICA Literature of the Hip Hop. Generation,University of South Carolina Press 2009. 810 9896 GRA,ALICE WALKER EVERYDAY USE CITIZEN KING.
26 minutes produced in 2005 120 minutes produced in 2004. This is a filmed adaptation of Alice Walker s short Citizen King pushes past the myths that have. story Everyday Use It is the story of Maggie who obscured King s story to reclaim the history of a. has not ventured outside her rural community who people s leader Using the personal recollections. sees the old family quilt an heirloom already diaries letters and eyewitness accounts of friends. promised to her as something with practical utility family journalists law enforcement officers and. as well as tradition Her more worldly educated historians this film brings fresh insights to King s. sister wants to hang it on the wall as art With whom difficult journey his charismatic if at times flawed. will their mother agree leadership and his truly remarkable impact. AMERICA BEYOND THE COLOR LINE FREDERICK DOUGLASS, 220 minutes produced in 2003 50 minutes produced in 2005. In four programs Gates travels to four different As a young man he experienced the brutality of. parts of America the East Coast the deep South slavery firsthand As an outspoken leader of the. inner city Chicago and Hollywood He explores this abolitionist movement he became one of the most. rich and diverse landscape social as well as powerful voices in American history. geographic and meets the people who are defining, black America from the most famous and influential LEGACY. Colin Powell Quincy Jones Samuel L Jackson 90 minutes produced in 1999. Fannie Mae s Franklin Raines Jesse Jackson Russell Legacy is the five year long story of one family s. Simmons Chris Tucker Alicia Keys Maya Angelou triumphant journey out of poverty and despair The. Morgan Freeman to those at the grassroots film follows the Collins family an African American. family in Chicago Through the powerful and, BARACK OBAMA dignified voices of women from three generations of. 47 minutes produced in 2008 the Collins family the inspiring story is told of how. When he called himself a skinny kid with a funny members of one family broke free of welfare. name at the 2004 Democratic National Convention recovered from substance abuse and escaped the. his star was already rising By the time he triumphed specter of violence in their community. in the 2004 Illinois Senate race he was the golden. child of a Democratic party in desperate need of a LET FREEDOM SING. charismatic leader 102 minutes produced in 2009, Let Freedom Sing retells one of the most important. BOYCOTT stories in American history in a dramatically new. 112 minutes produced in 2001 way Billie Holiday s song about lynching Strange. Boycott is the story of Rosa Parks and the birth of the Fruit takes us back to the era of brutally enforced. modern era Civil Rights movement 49 years ago segregation And then the story sweeps us to the. When mild mannered seamstress Rosa Parks heart of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and. refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger explores its impact on music politics and culture in. in Montgomery Alabama in 1955 events were set in the decades that followed There are dramatic first. motion that would change history After Rosa s person accounts by Mississippi Freedom Riders who. arrest and while waiting for her appeal the newly sang to give themselves courage in the face of. created Montgomery Improvement Association danger There are the songs from the 1963 March on. decides to start a boycott of the buses To lead them Washington when Dr Martin Luther King Jr gave. they elect 26 year old Martin Luther King Jr a new his I Have a Dream speech And there are award. minister and recent transplant to the community winning artists and musicians whose songs inspired. The boycott lasted 381 days and resulted in the generations to take up the struggle for civil rights. Supreme Court ruling on November 13 1956 that and human rights throughout America and the. bus segregation was unconstitutional world Included are Mahalia Jackson Marvin. Gaye Nina Simone Aretha Franklin Chuck D, James Brown Hugh Masekela Curtis Mayfield the violent and tragic collision in Memphis This is.
Staple Singers Bob Marley Five Blind Boys Stevie neither a strict biography of James Earl Ray nor a. Wonder Pete Seeger and many others repetition of familiar highlights from King s final. months It is a thought provoking portrait of, MUHAMMAD ALI MADE IN MIAMI America in the crisis laden year of 1968 in which. 60 minutes produced in 2008 Senator Robert Kennedy President John Kennedy s. In 1960 a young boxer named Cassius Clay came to brother was assassinated only a month prior to Dr. Miami determined to become world heavyweight Martin Luther King Jr s killing Major players. American Film Now Rowman amp Littlefield 2005 791 4375 REI Howell S Baum BROWN IN BALTIMORE School Desegregation and the Limits of Liberalism Cornell University Press 2010 379 2 BAU CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO MALCOLM X Ed by Robert E Terrill Cambridge University Press 2010 973 CAM Philip Dray CAPITOL MEN The Epic Story of

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