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CONTENTS WHO IS CAPRAL ALUMINIUM, INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS. TRANSPORT, Transport Sections, 71, 72, AND WHAT DO WE OFFER 1. Tippers and Tankers 76, Delivering Aluminium Solutions 1 Bull Bars 78. Our Heritage 1 MARINE 80, National Distribution Network 1. Our Commitment 1 Marine Sections 81, Our Manufacturing Footprint 2 Yacht Masts 83.
Australian Supply Chain 2 SIGNAGE 84, Our Capabilities 2 Sign Various 85. Fabrication Solutions 2, COLD STORAGE 86, Special Extruded Products 2. Aluminium Light Fabrication 2 Coolroom Portable 87. Finishing Capabilities 2 JURALCO WALKWAY SYSTEMS 89. Plant Capabilities 3 Ampligrip Aluminium Gratings 90. CNC Router 4 Guardsafe Access Systems 94, CNC Machining Centre 4 Walkmaster Roof Walkway Systems 95. Accreditation and Certification 4 Juralco Extrusions 96. Technical Support 4 Juralco Walkways 98, Conditions of Sale 4 Juralco Accessories 99. Disclaimer 4, ALUMINIUM THE SUPER METAL 103, ROLLED PRODUCTS 5.
A Sustainable Metal 103, Alloy Specifications 6, Aluminium Uses 103. Chemical Composition Limits 8, Production Process 103. Mechanical Property Limits 9, Advantages of Aluminium 104. Characteristics Comparisons 10, Care and Maintenance of Aluminium 105. Sheet 5005 11, Bending Information 105, Sheet 5052 5251 13.
Important Safety Information 106, Plate 5083 14, Safety at our Sites 106. Treadplate 16, Load Restraint 106, Coil 17, EXTRUSIONS 18 ALLOY TEMPER . MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS 107, Extrusion Alloys 19. Recommended Bending Radii 19 Why Design in Aluminium 107. Flat Bar 20 Aluminium Alloys and Selection 107, Square Solid 23 Corrosion Resistance 108. Angles 24 Aluminium in the ground 108, Channels 28 Australian Standards 108.
Tubes 31 Deflection 108, Round Bars 35 Temperature Effects 108. Machine Rounds 36 Fabrication of Aluminium Alloy Structures 109. Rectangular Hollows 37 Bending Characteristics 109. Square Hollows 40 Structural Design Data 111, Tee Sections 42 Engineering General Information 111. I Beams Geometric 44 Aluminium Extrusions and Competing Materials 111. Qubelok Extrusions 45 Temper Definitions 112, Qubelok Accessories 46 Temper Designation Systems 112. Moulds And Trims 47 Alloy Characteristics and Uses 113. Alloys Tempers Uses 113, BUILDING MATERIALS 49, Louvre Blades Specifications 50. Louvre Blades 55, Fences And Gates 57, Quiklok Slat Screen Systems 58.
Privacy Screens 60, Balustrade Systems 61, Glazed Fencing 64. Section Dimension Diagrams 65, Ladders Scaffold Planks 66. Seating Systems 67, Seating Profile Options 68, Seating Extrusions 69. Seating Accessories 69, WHO IS CAPRAL ALUMINIUM AND WHAT DO WE OFFER . Capral Aluminium is one of Australia s leading providers of aluminium products and associated services . Using our expansive product range and services capability we work with key customers across a range. of industries to deliver the best outcomes , Our dedicated personnel use their world class experience and OUR HERITAGE.
technical capabilities to work closely with your industry Because Established in 1936 Capral Aluminium is now Australia s largest. we source both domestically and internationally Capral Aluminium manufacturer stockholder and distributor of aluminium and other. can supply the most suitable materials for the job We have long semi finished non ferrous products We understand the Australian. standing relationships with some of the world s leading aluminium market and its environmental conditions and this has helped us. mills and stock a comprehensive range of aluminium plate sheet become Australia s leading designer manufacturer and distributor. mesh and treadplate as well as standard geometric and customer of aluminium extrusions . exclusive extrusions , Capral Aluminium s manufacturing footprint includes the largest. As a specialist supplier to the marine transport building resources extrusion facility in the Southern Hemisphere at our Bundamba. and signage industries to name just a few Capral Aluminium is operation in Queensland In addition extrusion manufacturing. dedicated to delivering aluminium solutions to our customers facilities are also located in Victoria New South Wales South. Australia and Western Australia all supplying world class products. DELIVERING ALUMINIUM SOLUTIONS at short lead times . Capral Aluminium prides itself on being able to deliver much more. to our customers than just the supply of materials We are able to NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION NETWORK. offer you an abundance of solutions that alleviate your risk We operate a strategic regional network of mill direct account. cost and stress We benefit from all the technical and commercial managers and distribution centres These supply solutions and. backing only a big business like Capral Aluminium can provide immediate stock availability to a wide range of industries and. We can offer market sectors including transport marine residential and. commercial construction and general engineering Our regional. Customer specific ranges and development as well as. distribution centres support a network of conveniently located. stock holding, trade centres You ll find Capral Aluminium Centres operating. Consignment stock offers throughout metropolitan and regional Australia supplying a. Supply chain management and expertise onshore and offshore comprehensive range of aluminium products . Expedited delivery scheduling, Project support OUR COMMITMENT. Credit and finance management Capral Aluminium maintains a significant investment in research. and development We have a committed team of professionals. Technical support, in our Technology Solutions Group and we use NATA accredited. Componentry and sub assemblies testing facilities to support the design and development of. Fabrication solutions sustainable energy efficient residential and commercial glazing. These are just some of the solutions that take the work out of systems . our customers hands allowing them to concentrate on what they. do best , 1, OUR CAPABILITIES, OUR MANUFACTURING FOOTPRINT Customer cutting dies.
Capral Aluminium is committed to minimising the environmental Cold Drawing. impact of our activities in a number of important ways by examining Complete manufactured pieces. our operations to identify environmentally responsible improvement Flashings Supplied from sheet and able to be guillotined or bent. opportunities by reducing adverse consequences of new plant Anodising Controlled oxidation of the aluminium surface by. equipment and processes by managing waste materials using the immersion into a dilute sulphuric acid The oxide film is an integral. hierarchy of reduce reuse recycle and by ensuring that any necessary part of the aluminium surface and is not an applied coating. disposals are managed to appropriate environmental standards Powdercoating Paint powder applied electrostatically and then. Where possible our extrusions are produced close to where they are cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a surface coating. required This helps minimise the impact of sea and road freight Adhesive tape applied to critical extrusions to protect surface from. reducing carbon dioxide emissions scratching, Customer specific packaging . Capral Aluminium s products are transported in bulk loads to regional. distribution centres that are within close proximity of our fabricators . SPECIAL EXTRUDED PRODUCTS, The consolidation of fabricator deliveries also helps minimise the. impact of road freight further reducing carbon dioxide emissions Capral Aluminium has the capability to design produce and stock. customers own sections Our extrusion manufacturing facilities can. provide technical information along with in house facilities to help. AUSTRALIAN SUPPLY CHAIN, design and produce extruded profiles specific to customers needs . As a local manufacturer Capral is required to meet Australian. environmental regulations and standards in its manufacturing and Our extrusion manufacturing facilities produce profiles to the highest. finishing operations Understanding the full life cycle impact of products quality for use in numerous applications as diverse as architectural . requires manufacturing processes and materials to be traced back to automotive marine transport electrical and general engineering . their source A typical route from conception to section . Customer product requirement in the form of a rough drawing . OUR CAPABILITIES Design development using CAD CAM technology . Our focus on the requirements of our customers has seen us make a Die print drawing produced and then approved by customer . significant investment in our processing and fabrication facilities Die produced and sample section extruded . including nine extrusion presses and Australia s largest extrusion press Bulk material is extruded once off tool sample approved . the 4400MT SMS Eumuco Extrusion Press with an interchangeable. 9 12 container ALUMINIUM LIGHT FABRICATION, With our state of the art machining equipment we have the. FABRICATION SOLUTIONS capability to supply semi fabricated and finished rolled and extruded. 7 Axis Robotic Machining Centre for product fabrication up to 17m products Components can be supplied just in time to reduce stock. CNC Machining inventory warehouse space as well as manufacturing time . Four Axis CNC machining centre for products up to 170mm H . 400mm W 14000mm L FINISHING CAPABILITIES, Three AXIS CNC machining centre for products up to 180mm H A range of finishing options ensures your extrusions can be easily.
200mm W 7000mm L matched to your project , CNC extrusion and plate router for products up to 200mm H . 2500mm W 12 500mm L maximum cut depth of 25mm Powder coatings supplied by Interpon and Dulux are available in an. Drawn products Precision ovality work hardened tubing outer extensive range of colours gloss levels textures and metallic shades. diameter 40mm to 130mm wall thickness 1 8mm to 10mm for complete colour freedom They contain no organic solvents or. Knurling Application of non slip surface to extrusions heavy metal pigments such as lead The architectural range qualifies. Product edge de burring for several Green Star credits ensuring a sustainable finish for your. Drilling A cutting process that uses a drill bit to cut or enlarge a hole project with durability for up to 7 10 15 and 30 years on colour. Cut Back An off line saw used to recut the extrusion to less than a and film integrity . standard length For further information and to view the full colour range options visit. Compound Cutting www interpon com au or www dulux com au. Slotting and Punching used to punch a hole typically in a window. Anodising treatment can provide excellent corrosion resistance. or door extrusion, and a wide range of colour options up to 25um . Weather Pile Installation Mechanically install weather pile to an. extrusion Our anodising line produces a wide range of anodised colours . Precision Cutting Cut back to less than standard extrusion tolerances Conventional Matt Clear Anodising Electro coloured Bronzes and Black . Mitre Saw Cut Saw used to make accurate cross cuts as well as Capral s new range of Interference colours Anodising. Sheet Plate cutting and bending finishes are widely used for both interior and exterior applications . 2, OUR CAPABILITIES,PLANT CAPABILITIES, FACILITIES LOG ALLOYS USED TABLE WEIGHT CIRCUMSCRIBING. DIAMETER kg m CIRCLE DIAMETER mm , Soft Hard Extruded Customer Length Min Section Solid Hollow. Semi Structural Structural Finishes Range Saw m Weight kg m . CANNING VALE 178mm 6060 Architectural 1 8 7 2 0 15 160 120. 7 PRESS 6063 Structural, 6106, ANGASTON 203mm 6005A Architectural 3 0 7 0 Mill 0 2 290w x 160h 200.
8 PRESS 6060 Structural 3 7 6 5 Paint, 6063, 6106, CAMPBELLFIELD 228 mm 6060 6005A Architectural 2 5 17 0 275 420w x 60h 380w x 90h. 9 PRESS 6106 6061 Structural Longer shorter lengths . 6351 6082 refer to mill, CAMPBELLFIELD 304 mm 6060 6005A Architectural 2 5 17 0 7 420w x 60h 380w x 90h. 12 PRESS 6063 6061 Structural Longer shorter lengths . 6101 6082 refer to mill, 6351, PENRITH 203 mm 1350 6005A Architectural 3 0 9 0 0 2 190w x 40h 160w x 40h. 8 PRESS 6060 Structural Shorter lengths refer to mill. 6063, 6106, BREMER B1 203 mm 6060 Architectural 3 0 7 5 0 2 190 180. 8 PRESS Structural Shorter lengths refer to mill, BREMER B2 178mm 6060 Architectural 3 0 7 5 0 15 165 150.
7 PRESS Structural Shorter lengths refer to mill, BREMER B3 178mm 6060 Architectural 3 0 7 5 0 15 165 150. 7 PRESS 6063 Structural Shorter lengths refer to mill. 6106, BREMER B4 203 mm 6060 Architectural 3 0 7 5 0 35 250 180. 8 PRESS 6063 Structural Shorter lengths refer to mill. 6106, 3, OUR CAPABILITIES, CNC ROUTER Drawing Requirements. 2D dxf drawing for each profile, Capral Aluminium has addressed the ongoing demands of both. 2D dxf drawing of each side to be machined , designers and manufacturers making further investments to meet.
Scaled at 1 1, the future demands of many similar businesses Newly installed. All lines to be polylined, CNC Router machines for both extruded and flat rolled products . All contours must have a radius or a defined diameter. mills and stock a comprehensive range of aluminium plate sheet mesh and treadplate as well as standard geometric and customer exclusive extrusions As a specialist supplier to the marine transport building resources and signage industries to name just a few Capral Aluminium is dedicated to delivering aluminium solutions to our customers

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