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Table of Contents,Introduction 1 MicrO CRMs 63,MicrO CRM Application Notes 63. Purchase Procedure 2 Wrought Alloys 64,Where to Order Casting Alloys 65. Wording of Orders,Pricing Shipping Alu H2 66, Inquiries Technical Assistance Alu H2 Hydrogen RM Application Notes 66. Alu H2 Hydrogen RM 67,International Sales Offices 3. Accreditations 4,Types of Reference Materials 5,Selection of CRMs.
Trace Metal CRMs,Drift Correction RMs,CRMs for Single Elements. CRMs for Chemical Analysis,MicrO CRMs,Alu H2 Hydrogen RM. Specialty CRMs,Spark AES CRMs and RMs 6,Spark AES Application Notes 6. Wrought Alloys 7 24,Casting Alloys 25 34,Trace Metals 35 36. Drift Correction and Normalization 37,Single Elements 38 60.
Aluminum Lithium Alloys 61,High Silicon Alloys 62,Introduction. As a global leader in lightweight metals technology engineering and manufacturing Arconic innovates multi material solutions that advance our world Our technologies. enhance transportation from automotive and commercial transport to air and space travel and improve industrial and consumer electronics products. We pioneered the aluminum industry over 128 years ago and today our 42 250 people in 25 countries deliver value add products made of titanium nickel and. aluminum alloys For more information visit www arconic com. Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials, Arconic s Spectrochemical Reference Materials business has been operating for over 70 years Accredited to ISO Guide 34 2009 ISO 17025 2005 and ISO 9001 2015. Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials is the trusted manufacturer and supplier of certified reference materials CRMs and reference materials RMs for. compositional analysis and is the sole manufacturer of specialty CRMs produced to customer specifications. We perform all facets of CRM production and analysis. Casting and machining, Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy ICP AES. Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry ICP MS. Spark Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Spark AES,Certification. by Spark AES XRF LIBS ICP ICP MS and inert gas fusion. Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials offers more than 340 different aluminum alloy CRMs and RMs Arconic CRMs and RMs are designed to support analysis. Arconic Technology Center, Arconic s Spectrochemical Reference Materials business is based at the world s largest lightweight metals R D center the Arconic Technology Center Located just.
twenty miles outside of Pittsburgh PA on a 127 acre campus over four hundred engineers and scientists are constantly inventing and innovating for the next generation. of technology through R D projects spanning aluminum nickel titanium and ceramics. 1 Revision 16,Purchase Procedure,How to Order Pricing and Shipping. All orders can be placed through Arconic Inc Amazon or an international Prices are quoted by the sales office and are subject to change without notice. sales office see page 3 CRMs are shipped F O B destination via FedEx domestic sales only Requests for. special handling on domestic orders and for shipments outside the United States. Arconic Inc will be subject to the discretion of Arconic Permission for partial shipment will. Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials ensure prompt delivery of available CRMs in the event some are out of stock This. 100 Technical Dr catalog lists the CRMs available at this printing but Arconic reserves the right to. New Kensington PA 15069 USA discontinue any CRM to limit the quantity supplied to any customer to modify. Phone 724 337 5816 or 1 800 858 4638 compositions as necessary and to change prices at any time. Fax 724 337 4090, Email referencematerials arconic com Inquiries Technical Assistance. You may inquire before placing an order if the availability description and. applicability of the CRMs are not clear Experts in the production and application of. Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials Amazon Storefront. CRMs are available to assist with technical questions concerning the use of. Arconic CRMs and the analysis of aluminum and aluminum alloys Inquiries for. technical assistance can be placed to the following. Phone 724 337 5816 or 1 800 858 4638,Guidelines for Ordering. www amazon com o ni, All orders for spectrochemical CRMs must include the following. Fax 724 337 4090,Email referencematerials arconic com.
Visit us on the web at www arconic com crms, 1 Customer purchase order number and date Full Terms Conditions. 2 Address for invoicing Full Terms and Conditions can be found on our website or by clicking here. 3 Address for shipping, 4 Name and address of person to receive certificate of analysis. Purchase orders must be mailed emailed or faxed prior to order. 5 Description of required CRMs including catalog number. processing Verbal orders will not be accepted,6 Additional Information. a State whether partial shipments are permitted American Express VISA and Mastercard accepted. b Indicate taxes shipping date etc as required,2 Revision 16. International Sales Offices,UNITED STATES JAPAN,Arconic Inc Seishin Trading Co Ltd.
Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials www seishin syoji co jp. 100 Technical Dr 1 4 4 Minatojima Minamimachi, New Kensington PA 15069 0001 Chuo ku Kobe 650 0047 JAPAN. Phone 724 337 5816 or 1 800 858 4638 Phone 81 0 78 303 3810. Fax 724 337 4090 Fax 81 0 78 303 3822, Email referencematerials arconic com Email h yoshizawa seishin syoji co jp. info seishin syoji co jp,MEXICO UNITED STATES CHINA. Servicio Corelmex S A de C V Brammer Standard Company Inc Arconic Asia Pacific Investment Company Limited. Francisco Petrarca 223 Apartment 202 www brammerstandard com Rm 1903 Arconic China Fortune Tower. Col Chapultepec Morales 14603 Benfer Road No 1568 Century Avenue. Deleg Miguel Hidalgo Houston TX 77069 USA Pudong District 200122 Shanghai CHINA. Mexico D F 11570 MEXICO Phone 281 440 9396 Phone 86 10 59215045. Phone 01152 555 208 8008 Fax 281 440 4432 Fax 86 10 59215100. Email Rosario corelmex att net mx Email contact brammerstandard com Email Xiaoling li arconic com. 3 Revision 16,Accreditations,ISO Guide 34 2009, Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials holds an accreditation to ISO Guide 34 2009 international standard for General. Requirements for the Competence of Reference Material Producers ISO Guide 34 Accreditation is the highest level of quality. attainable by reference materials producers It ensures that the production and certification of Arconic CRMs and RMs is performed. in accordance with a rigorous set of internationally recognized requirements ISO Guide 34 covers the process for making Certified. Reference Materials from initial customer inquiry through the manufacturing testing certification and distribution of the aluminum. spectrochemical reference materials to our customers Certificates of analysis for all CRMs certified after October 8 2015 will. include the ANAB Guide 34 accreditation logo, Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials holds certificate number AR 1993 and operates a Quality Management System which Certificate Number AR 1993.
complies with ISO Guide 34 2009 for the manufacturing and certification of both Certified Reference Materials and Reference. Materials Aluminum Alloy Chemical Standards and High Purity Aluminum Chemical Standards. ISO IEC 17025 2005, The testing methods used during the certification process have been accredited by the American Association of Laboratory. Accreditation A2LA to the ISO 17025 2005 international standard for General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and. Calibration Laboratories The accreditation also meets the requirements for the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation. ILAC for ISO 17025 2005 Certificates of analysis for CRMs certified after August 2010 include the A2LA and ILAC logos Our testing. certificate number is 1019 01, Arconic Technology Center Materials Testing holds certificate number 1019 01 Spectrochemical reference material analysis by. Spark AES by ASTM Test Method E1251 and E716 is performed by Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials Spectrochemical Testing Certificate Number 1019 01. reference material analysis by inductively coupled plasma ICP AES by ASTM Test Method E3061 is performed by Arconic 17025 2005 Chemical Testing. Spectrochemical Reference Materials,ISO 9001 2015, The scope of this ISO 90001 2015 quality system at the Arconic Technology Center ATC includes administrative activities as well. as the production and certification of Spectrochemical Reference Materials The operations process begins in the casting depart. ment where ingots of various aluminum alloys are cast Then the process moves to the machine shop where the ingots are scalped. cut into sections faced and stenciled After the sections are machined they are then certified using Spark Atomic Emission. Spectrometry SPARK AES Inductively Coupled Plasma ICP AES analysis and Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry GD MS. The quality system is designed with controls that assure that product quality meets or exceeds the requirements and expectations. of our customers It provides for the prevention of nonconforming product early detection of discrepancies and corrective action. to assure consistent delivery of quality product,US010354 1. Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials holds certificate number US009740 1 and operates a Quality Management System. which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 2015 for the following scope Manufacture and Supply of Reference Materials Certificate Number US010354 1. for Metals Analysis ISO 9001 2015,4 Revision 16,Types of Reference Materials.
Selection of CRMs CRMs are classified by alloy using Aluminum Association designations when available and Arconic designations in other cases Under each alloy are listed. those CRMs specifically prepared for that alloy Among them one will have a catalog number consisting of SS followed by the alloy designation This SS CRM has a composition. typical of the alloy and is used both in the preparation of analytical curves and for the periodic adjustment of those curves When only an SS CRM is listed it is to be assumed. that the analytical curves can be established by this SS CRM and a combination of CRMs of other alloys for which CRMs are listed or from the CRMs listed for single elements. Range CRMs for wrought alloys are identified with a two letter prefix beginning with W WA WB etc Range CRMs for casting alloys have a two letter prefix beginning with K. KA KB etc Compositions listed in this catalog are only approximate since successive lots under a given catalog number vary to some degree The composition specifically. applying to a given CRM section is furnished when the CRM is shipped Certified compositions are usually reported utilizing the Aluminum Association rules for reporting. compositions Concentrations listed in parentheses are considered reference values only and are not certified. Trace Metal CRMs Arconic Trace Metal CRMs supplement our regular alloy CRMs and are made with pure aluminum A unique method for trace metal additions allows alloys. to be produced with highly controlled trace metal concentrations Trace metal concentrations have been picked to provide both low end calibration points 0 0001 and. points that are typical for trace metal content and can be measured with good precision and accuracy by today s instrumentation Actual concentrations may vary from those. shown in this catalog but will always be certified using a combination of analytical techniques including SPARK AES ICP AES GD MS and other appropriate techniques For some. of the most sought after aluminum CRMs our nominal alloy CRMs have been modified to include trace metals of interest CRMs designated by the prefix ST have been made. to be similar to a specific alloy family which is indicated by the number following the ST designation e g ST1 1050 Note Values given as less than denoted by indicate that. those elements are typically below this value No attempt is made to modify the base metal composition for these elements however these elements will be certified to the. actual composition observed, Drift Correction RMs Drift correction RMS are used for ongoing drift correction when instruments are kept in continuous calibration for a variety of alloys SQ RMs do not. correspond to any particular alloy matrix and their metallurgical structures may not match that of chill cast disks Their recommended use is to provide reproducible spectral. intensities for drift correction and their relationship to analytical curves must be determined by the user under the particular conditions of use The compositions are designed to. provide convenient check points on a large number of analytical curves with a minimum number of tests They are checked carefully for reproducibility of spectral response but. are not certified with respect to true composition Only approximate values will be issued with these RMs. CRMs for Single Elements Single element CRMs are available in a series for each element with various concentrations in a variety of alloy matrices They are useful when. extending existing calibration curves as well as making adjustments to curves when alloy specific SS CRMs are not adequate Single element CRMs are designated with a two let. ter identifier that corresponds with the chemical abbreviation for the element added. CRMs for Chemical Analysis With the proliferation of techniques such as ICP AES ICP MS GD AES GD MS and XRF Arconic recognizes the need to supply its CRMs in a form. Brammer Standard Company Inc www brammerstandard com 14603 Benfer Road Houston TX 77069 USA Phone 281 440 9396 Fax 281 440 4432 Email contact brammerstandard com International Sales Offices 3 Revision 16 UNITED STATES Arconic Inc Arconic Spectrochemical Reference Materials 100 Technical Dr New Kensington PA 15069 0001

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