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Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan,blank page,Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 2. Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan,blank page,Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 4. Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan,TABLE OF CONTENTS. 1 Introduction 8,1 1 Purpose of the Document 8,2 Nearest Receptors and Buffer Distances 9. 2 1 Closest Residence 9,2 2 Surrounding Land Uses 9.
3 Dust Management Plan 10,3 1 Objective 10,3 2 Air Quality Standards 10. 3 3 Potential Impacts 10,3 4 Health 10,3 5 Dust Management Measures 11. 3 6 Dust Monitoring Plan 12,3 6 1 Dust Monitors 12. 3 6 2 Climate Monitoring Equipment 12,3 6 3 Background Dust Generation 12. 3 6 4 Dust Monitoring Frequency 12,3 6 5 Dust Suppression Frequency 13.
3 6 6 Trigger Level 13,3 6 7 Reporting 14,3 6 8 Procedures to Follow During a Complaint 14. 3 6 9 Summary of Dust Management Plan 14,3 7 Predicted Outcome 15. 4 References 16,5 Appendices 17,Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 5. Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan,APPENDICES,Appendix A Drawing Figure 1 19. Appendix B Complaint Register 21,Table 1 Buffer Distances 9.
Table 2 Standards and Goals for Particulates 10, Table 3 Proposed Frequency and Staff Responsible for Dust Monitoring 12. Table 4 Proposed Frequency for Dust Suppression 13. Table 5 Summary of Dust Management Plan 14,Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 6. Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan,EPA Environmental Protection Authority. EP Act Environment Protection Act,NEPM National Environmental Protection Measure. NHMRC National Health and Medical Research Council. PPE Personal Protection Equipment,PM Particulate Matter.
TSP Total Suspended Particulate,WA Western Australia. DAFWA Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia. UNITS OF MEASURE,ha Hectares,km Kilometre,mm Millimetre. m2 Square Metre,m3 Cubic Metre,m Micro Metre,g m3 Microgram per Cubic Metre. Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 7,Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan. 1 INTRODUCTION, SITA Australia Proponent wishes to develop a landfill facility in the Shire of York The proposed.
facility will be located on Allawuna Farm Saint Ronans the location of which is shown below The. local site location is shown in the attached Drawing Figure 1 It is proposed that this facility would. receive putrescible waste clean fill Type I II Inert Waste contaminated solid waste1 and Type I. II Special Waste The facility will accept up to 250 000 tonnes of waste annually. 1 1 PURPOSE OF THE DOCUMENT, The purpose of this document is to provide a standard set of instructions and procedures that should. be adopted for dust suppression during the operation of the landfill facility owned by the Proponent. All staff at the facility are expected to understand and follow the procedures outlined. Meeting waste acceptance criteria specified for Class II landfills. Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 8,Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan. 2 NEAREST RECEPTORS AND BUFFER DISTANCES, The Environment and Protection Authority s EPA Guidance Statement No 3 Separation Distance. between Industrial and Sensitive Land Uses recommends a buffer distance of 150 metres between a. Class II or III landfill and a single residence The distance between the proposal and the nearest single. residence is 1 900 metres The Guidance Statement also recommends a buffer distance of 35 metres. between a Class II or III landfill and the boundary of the property on which it is located The. proposed facility is located 600 metres from the Allawuna Farm s property boundary Table 1. provides a summary of the relevant buffer distances. Table 1 Buffer Distances,BUFFER DISTANCE,DESCRIPTION. Minimum DER requirement for sensitive receptor land use from putrescible. Minimum DER requirement for single residence from putrescible landfill 150. Proposed landfill to Lot Boundary 600, Proposed landfill to nearest neighbouring dwelling single residence 1 900.
Proposed landfill to Mount Observation picnic area 4 600. Proposed landfill to Wandoo National Park 1 000,Proposed leachate dams to Thirteen Mile Brook 270. Proposed landfill to Thirteen Mile Brook 350,2 1 CLOSEST RESIDENCE. The closest residence to the property is approximately 1 9 km to the north east of the landfill The. next closest residence is situated 2 4 km from the proposed facility These distances were measured. using Google Earth and are an approximate only No residences have a direct line of sight to the. proposed site all are screened by vegetation and sloping hills due to the topography of the. 2 2 SURROUNDING LAND USES, Two properties in the vicinity of Allawuna Farm have been identified in the DAFWA sensitive sites. database One is listed as a bio dynamic site and the other as an organic site The property boundary. of the bio dynamic site is approximately 700 m from the Allawuna Farm property boundary and 2 5. km from the proposed landfill footprint The organic site is approximately 1 3 km from the Allawuna. Farm property boundary and 2 km from the proposed landfill footprint. Given the relatively large buffer distances between these properties and the proposed landfill and. the planned management strategies for potential emissions originating from the landfill the. proposed development is expected to have no impact on either of the sensitive surrounding land. uses identified,Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 9. Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan,3 DUST MANAGEMENT PLAN.
3 1 OBJECTIVE, To ensure that best practicable measures are taken to prevent dust emissions from adversely. affecting the environment values or the health welfare or amenity of people and nearby land users. by meeting accepted guidelines standards and criteria. 3 2 AIR QUALITY STANDARDS, Dust falls under the broad category of particulate matter PM tiny particles of solid or liquid. suspended in a gas including dust smoke soot and droplets of liquid For monitoring purposes PM. generally falls within three main categories,PM10 particles with a diameter of 10 m. PM2 5 particles with a diameter of 2 5 m and, Total Suspended Particulate TSP particles with a diameter less than 50 m. The EPA requires that air pollutants meet ambient air National Environmental Protection Measure. NEPM standards and goals In Western Australia the NEPM standards are implemented under the. National Environment Protection Council Western Australia Act 1996 The standards contained in. the NEPM for ambient air quality in relation to particulates are shown in Table 2. Table 2 Standards and Goals for Particulates,POLLUTANT PARTICULATE LEVEL TIME PERIOD GUIDANCE.
Total Suspended Particulate Matter 90 g m3 Annual NHMRC 2002. Particulate matter 10 g m3 PM10 50 g m3 24 hour NEPM 2003. Particulate matter 2 5 g m3 PM2 5 25 g m3 24 hour NEPM 2003. 3 3 POTENTIAL IMPACTS, Excessive dust can have the potential for local impact Dust emissions may arise via traffic on. internal unsealed roads loading and unloading of materials operation of heavy equipment and from. exposed surfaces such as material stockpiles or the active landfill face The magnitude of impact will. depend on the size of the operation local topography adjacent land use prevailing wind. speed direction and distance to the nearest sensitive receptor The objective of the dust. management plan is to prevent the generation of airborne particulates including dust to ensure. that no dust is discharged beyond the boundary of the site. The Proponent shall undertake dust control measures as described in Section 3 4. 3 4 HEALTH, Excessive dust can potentially cause adverse health effects for workers within the site All workers. undergo regular health checks and will have access to appropriate dust masks for use if required and. Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 10,Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan. be instructed in the use of dust minimisation equipment as outlined in the Occupational Safety and. Health Act 1984,3 5 DUST MANAGEMENT MEASURES, Day to day monitoring of dust will be conducted by visual means and sighted quickly before reaching. the premises boundary The appropriate action will commence prior to dust impact occurring The. following natural barriers and process barriers will limit the generation of dust from the premises. Extensive vegetation exists within the Lot between the footprint of the proposed facility and. the nearest residence This will help reduce the wind speed in this direction and act as a. filter for airborne particulate matter and, The vegetation along the access road will reduce disturbance to exposed layer of the gravel.
road and also assist in containing the dust generated by traffic to a certain extent. As dust generating activities will occur in both the construction and operation of the landfill facility. the following mitigating measures may be employed during both construction and operation. Watering down of all unsealed trafficable areas at the commencement of each working day. Watering down of dust generating areas during construction and operation and maintaining. a water supply on site for this purpose, Where possible activities that have a high potential for dust generation excavation. unloading of material etc shall be halted during adverse weather conditions where strong. winds are blowing towards the nearby receptor to the north east. Instruction will be given to all employees and site personnel on how to use the equipment to. minimise dust, In the event that dust management objectives are not being achieved due to weather. conditions or other factors only those activities that do not generate dust will be. undertaken, The access roads within the site will be watered down regularly throughout the day to. minimise dust, Deliveries containing dry and or dusty materials will be wetted down during the waste. placement process, All complaints will be recorded and investigated an example complaint form is attached in.
Appendix B, Restricting traffic to most direct route on the site and prohibiting traffic on non active areas. Limiting the speed on the facility access road to 60 km h and internal haul roads to below 20. Reducing dump heights to a maximum of 3 m wherever possible. Visual observations on site will allow for dust emissions to be monitored on a regular basis in. the active construction stage and during the operation of the facility. If observations indicate that dust is being generated from within the site additional dust. management techniques will be adopted using water trucks or sprays for immediate action. and mulching hydro seeding or chemical crusting agents as a possible longer term solution. All trucks entering and leaving the will be covered to prevent windblown emissions. All trucks leaving the site will drive over a wheel cleaner prior to exiting the landfill. infrastructure area, No burning of waste materials will be permitted on site and smoking will not be permitted. unless in designated areas, Good housekeeping practices will be adopted on site to minimise dust generation All. materials stored in locations which have the capacity to generate dust will be either. adequately covered or wetted down during times conducive to dust generation. Prepared by Bowman Associates Pty Ltd Page 11,Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan. The Site Supervisor will be responsible for maintaining a complaints register which will be. established to record and resolve among other complaints any dust related complaints and. The Site Supervisor will contact any complainants that have concerns related to dust and. determine the nature of the nuisance and implement any changes necessary to mitigate. dust generation and dust moving beyond the site boundary. 3 6 DUST MONITORING PLAN, The site is surrounded by agricultural land under cultivation and cropping which provides potential.
for high levels of background dust generation Dust generated within the site will be created during. the construction of the facility via transport across the unsealed roads and later during the. placement of waste The large buffer distance between the facility footprint and the property. boundary serves to minimise the risk of dust leaving the property. 3 6 1 Dust Monitors, Physical monitoring of dust levels at four locations on the property will be undertaken These. locations will be at the property boundary in the direct line between the three closest receptors and. the site and adjacent to the site infrastructure area as shown in Appendix A. 3 6 2 Climate Monitoring Equipment, The site will have equipment to monitor wind direction and temperature A windsock will be. installed on site to indicate the wind direction and approximate wind strength High wind speeds will. be determined by the windsock s angle relative to the mounting pole and via the use of hand held. anemometers,3 6 3 Background Dust Generation, Records such as date time wind patterns and atmospheric temperature will be kept regarding dust. generation due to cultivation harvesting fire and other noticeable contributors to dust generation. around the site,3 6 4 Dust Monitoring Frequency, The performance of the proposed dust suppression measures will be assessed by monitoring. physical and visible dust arising from within the site The list of monitoring measures proposed for. Allawuna Landfill Dust Management Plan Prepared by Bowman amp Associates Pty Ltd Page 8 1 INTRODUCTION SITA Australia Proponent wishes to develop a landfill facility in the Shire of York

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