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Also Available From,Original Works Publishing,Age of Bees by Tira Palmquist. Synopsis The bees have gone disease and scarcity are. rampant but Mel a young pollinator finds refuge on an. isolated farm This place is fertile and safe and Mel. counts herself lucky to have a place where even if it is. not exactly happy she has a purpose When that purpose. and safety are threatened Mel faces an awful choice will. she risk leaving this relative safety or will she hide from. greater dangers even if it means giving up some chance. that something good can grow in this ruined world,Cast Size 1 Male 3 Females. THE ARMAGEDDON DANCE PARTY,by David L Williams, The Armageddon Dance Party written by David L Williams. premiered in August of 2006 as part of the New York Interna. tional Fringe Festival,Cast of Characters,Tommy Day Carey John. Lordan Napoli Michelle,David Matranga Tom,Lindsay Joy Trixie.
Maya Parra Clea,Lucas Howland Charlie,Eve Udesky Janis. Cedric Sanders Monty,Brittany Scott Erica May,Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association. Directed by Kara Lynn Vaeni,Costume Design by Camille Assaf. Set Design by Kanae Heike,Production Stage Manager Kelly Shaffer. Stage Manager Catherine Povinelli,Produced by W W Productions and Lordan Napoli.
Cast of Characters,New Yorker early thirties,Michelle s live in boyfriend early thirties. Michelle and John s friend mid thirties,Tom s girlfriend late twenties. Trixie s friend mid twenties,Clea s friend late twenties. Clea s friend late twenties,Clea s friend late twenties. Guest at Michelle and John s party mid twenties, The spacious living room of Michelle and John s New York.
City apartment,Next Friday night, Because the Italians and the English in those consulates and. even that illiterate clerk are all men Their anxiety is the same. as my father s what is coming to be my own and perhaps in a. few weeks what will be the anxiety of everyone living in a. world none of us wants to see lit into holocaust Call it a kind. of communion surviving somehow on a mucked up planet. which God knows none of us like very much But it is our. planet and we live on it anyway,V Thomas Pynchon, I know we re gonna meet someday in the crumbled financial. institutions of this land,there will be tables and chairs. there will be pony rides and dancing bears,there ll even be a band. cause listen after the fall there ll be no more countries. no currencies at all,we re gonna live on our wits,throw away survival kits.
trade butterfly knives for adderal,and that s not all. there will be snacks there will,there will be snacks. Tables and Chairs Andrew Bird,THE ARMAGEDDON DANCE PARTY. The New York City apartment living room of MICHELLE and. JOHN JOHN is sitting and MICHELLE is standing There is. a stereo in the room,JOHN Oh God oh God oh God Oh God. MICHELLE You re overreacting,JOHN I m not,MICHELLE You are John You take it from me you are.
JOHN It s not that, MICHELLE Just because it s Armageddon doesn t mean it s. the end of the world Let s dance, She pushes play on the stereo Loud raucous music Immacu. late Machine s Broken Ship plays She dances with gusto. jumping up and down,JOHN Michelle Michelle, MICHELLE Why are you talking to me when I m dancing. MICHELLE You know that never works,JOHN We need to talk. He pauses the music,MICHELLE Put the music back on.
JOHN Let me say one thing,MICHELLE Fine What,JOHN Armageddon is the end of the world. MICHELLE John,JOHN Literally It is That s what Armageddon means. MICHELLE Oh,MICHELLE Okay,JOHN You understand,MICHELLE Yes. She looks like she s about to cry JOHN sees this and he puts. his arms out to her,JOHN Oh Michelle, She goes to hug him but ducks out of the way and hits play on. the stereo The music starts and she dances again,JOHN Oh God.
Lights down, Lights up MICHELLE is dancing JOHN is sitting glum. MICHELLE turns off the stereo,MICHELLE Could you have heard it wrong. MICHELLE I m saying you said you heard Armageddon was. MICHELLE Could you have heard it wrong,JOHN I don t think so. MICHELLE But you don t know,JOHN I m not following. MICHELLE What was said When you heard it How did,you hear it.
JOHN Okay I came home I turned on the news it was al. ready going and the anchor said Armageddon is here. MICHELLE That s it Nothing more,JOHN They went to commercial after that. MICHELLE Really,JOHN Shrugging You ve gotta pay the bills. MICHELLE Hmm Slight pause I think you heard it wrong. JOHN What else could it have been,MICHELLE There s a. JOHN I mean come on Seriously,MICHELLE Please don t interrupt me. JOHN Sorry, MICHELLE There s a what do you call it A demolition.
derby type thing that tours the country It s very popular. You know what it s called,JOHN Armageddon,MICHELLE No Carmageddon Brief pause quietly Smart. JOHN I guess it could be that, MICHELLE You see You said the news was already going. JOHN I mean I can t prove it s not,MICHELLE Right,JOHN I suppose I could turn on the news again. MICHELLE Don t I feel we ve been watching too much TV. lately I d like us to cut down, JOHN Well this is I feel like this is something I should. know about,MICHELLE Don t end a sentence with a preposition.
JOHN Leading grammarians have begun to question that rule. in light of verbs that are inextricably linked to prepositions. such as put up with, MICHELLE A pause then Even still You know you could. JOHN Sure Tom He takes out his cell phone and calls He. watches the news all the time He ll know if Armageddon is. here or if Carmageddon is here It s going to voicemail. Slight pause Tom has a really nice voice,MICHELLE Doesn t he. JOHN Hey Tom it s John Michelle and I were hoping you. could settle an argument for us Give me a call please. He hangs up,MICHELLE We re good,JOHN We re good,MICHELLE Good. She turns on the music and dances This time JOHN joins her. Lights down, Lights up JOHN and MICHELLE are dancing JOHN pauses. JOHN I just had a really good idea,MICHELLE About the end of the world.
JOHN No I just had a really good idea for a reality show. MICHELLE Ooh tell me tell me, JOHN So you take the staffs of a bunch of bars You ve got. your Irish pub your sports bar your gay bar your trendy. downtown watering hole The whole gamut,MICHELLE Sure. JOHN And every week they compete in wacky you know. made up sort of bar themed games And the two bars plac. ing lowest have to go head to head in a drink off,MICHELLE They all have to drink. JOHN No they have to make drinks Make an assortment of. MICHELLE So it s not really a drink off,MICHELLE No it s a a mix off. JOHN Okay a mix off,MICHELLE And who judges it, JOHN I hadn t thought about okay maybe a you get a.
college kid a frat boy type a barfly female aging you. know the type And then I don t know to add legitimacy. like a world class bartender Someone who knows drinks. Someone with an accent,MICHELLE And the losing bar is out. JOHN Exactly And every week there s a new type of drink. Like gin drinks one week rum another,MICHELLE Shots girly drinks. JOHN Sure When it s all over one bar is left standing What. do you think,MICHELLE I don t know, JOHN Oh but you haven t heard the name of the show yet. MICHELLE Go ahead,JOHN A pause then Barmageddon,MICHELLE A pause then That s pretty good. He hits the play button and they dance Lights down. Lights up JOHN and MICHELLE are dancing A knock on. the door and then it opens MICHELLE stops the music In. comes TOM with CLEA and TRIXIE,TOM Hi guys,MICHELLE Hey Tom.
JOHN Hi Tom You didn t have to come over I just did. we give you a key to the door,TOM It was unlocked,JOHN Michelle. MICHELLE Yes John, JOHN You left the door unlocked again You know it s not. MICHELLE Well I figured since it was Armageddon who. JOHN No you didn t You didn t know it was Armageddon. when you left it unlocked You didn t even know what Ar. mageddon means, MICHELLE Well it might not even be that It might be Car. JOHN Really Michelle that s what you want A bunch of. dirty demolition derby drivers coming in and out willy. MICHELLE I ll make you a deal, JOHN With their greasy hands their outfits dripping oil on our. nice clean rug I mean if that s what you really want. MICHELLE John,JOHN Fine A deal, MICHELLE If it s Carmageddon I ll be extra vigilant about.
locking the door,JOHN I should hope so, MICHELLE But if it s Armageddon we leave it unlocked. They shake on it, MICHELLE So which is it Tom Armageddon or Carmaged. TOM It s Armageddon,JOHN I knew it Slight pause Oh God Oh God Oh God. TRIXIE clears her throat, TOM Sorry this is my girlfriend Trixie and her friend Clea. This is John and Michelle John overreacts a lot, JOHN You think I m overreacting to this To the end of the.
TOM No Not this time But typically you do,JOHN I guess that s true. TRIXIE But on the bright side you won t overreact ever. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Original Works Publishing CAUTION Professionals and amateurs are hereby warned that this play is subject to royalty It is fully protected by Original Works Publishing and the copyright laws of the United States All rights including professional amateur motion pic tures recitation lecturing public reading radio broadcasting television and the rights of

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