All children need lots of time to play away from screens

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Activity 2 Maths, Go to https www topmarks co uk maths games hit the button and practise your number addition to. 10 and your number bonds to 10, Number of the week is 19 This number is 10 9 not a 1 and 9 See if you can find this number when. you are out and about Practise writing number 19 Can you collect 19 of something For example you could. find 19 leaves or 19 pebbles If you have Lego or Duplo at home see if you can build a tower of 19 bricks. Can you make 2 towers of exactly the same height You could try threading a necklace of 19 beads or. making 19 biscuits Can you make 2 necklaces with exactly the same amount of beads on them Or can you. share the biscuits out fairly between two people What will you need to do to make sure both towers or. necklaces have the same number of bricks beads What can you do to make sure both people have the. same number of biscuits Make a giant chalk number line with numbers 1 20 on outside or a tape number. line inside Ask your grownup to help you if you need to Find number 19 Which number would you land on if. you went back 2 places Which number would you land on if you went forwards 1 place. Challenge choose other numbers on the number line and ask yourself the same questions. We are seeing lots of drawings of rainbows at the moment We are saying thank you to all the people who. look after us like Doctors and Nurses There are 7 colours in the rainbow and they are always in the same. pattern Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Have a look at this clip which tells you how. rainbows are made https www youtube com watch v GqbgJ3c3yhc People try to remember the colours. in the rainbow by coming up with a sentence that uses the first letter of each colour For example Rainbows. over your garden brief in visiting, Can you create your own rainbow Remember your rainbow will need to have 7 different colours in it but. you can choose your own colours to use What name will you give your rainbow Remember it is the first. letter of each colour For example I made a rainbow using blue orange red purple pink avocado. turquoise I can remember that one by using the first letters of each colour that I used to make funny words. BORP PAT There are lots of different colour names Can you find some unusual ones. Challenge use your made up words or sentence to help you draw your rainbow again without looking at the. first one that you drew, This week we are reading Billy s Bucket by Kes Gray see activity 4 below If you have them find 2. buckets if not any other container will do Collect together objects that you have a lot of This could be. plastic bricks spoons beads toy animals or even play sea creatures like those that Billy saw in his bucket if. you have them Using number cards to 10 or numbers to 10 written for you on post it notes choose one. number without looking Place that number of objects in one of the buckets In a minute you will have to put. the same number of objects in the other bucket but first can you guess how many objects you will have in. both buckets when you have finished Have a guess and tell your grownup what you think Now put the. same number in the second bucket count how many you have in both and see how close your answer was. Ask your grownup to make a chart like the one below and help you record your findings. Number of My guess Double of the number of objects I put in the first. objects in, I think double the number of objects will bucket is.
Collect together ten of the objects that you have You are going to try and share them between the 2. buckets to see whether they can be shared equally This means that both buckets will have the same. number of objects in when you have finished sharing them out Do you think it is possible to share 10 objects. equally Tell your grownup whether you think this is possible or not and then have a go Try this again with 9. objects then 8 objects then 7 objects and so on all the way down to 2 objects Ask your grownup to make a. chart like the one below and help you record your findings. Number My guess What happened when I shared them out. of I think they can be shared equally They could be shared equally. objects I don t think they can be shared equally They couldn t be shared equally. Nursery children, Ask your grownup to write a number line to 10 in chalk outside Ask your grownup to call out any number. between 1 10 Run to the right number each time Alternatively ask your grownup to hide numbers outside. and try to find the right number as quickly as possible If you are playing inside hide the numbers around the. house Have a go at copying a picture of a rainbow can you get all the colours in the right order Can you. come up with colours to make your own rainbow,Activity 3 Practical. Have a think about some of your favourite things to eat Can you think of some examples of food that you. should eat sometimes as a treat and food that you should try to eat every day You could draw a picture or. make a list of all the food that you should try to eat often on one page and food that you should just have as. a treat on another page Talk to your grownup about what you have drawn or written Can you help to make. a fruit salad with some of your favourite fruits in Or perhaps you could help to make a salad with some of. your favourite vegetables in, Can you draw or paint a picture of yourself Lots of famous artists have drawn themselves Have a look at. some examples below,Vincent van Gogh Frida Kalo Salvador Dali. Look at the paintings closely How do you think they are feeling What colours can you see When you draw. a picture oy yourself think about whether you are going to draw yourself looking happy excited or grumpy. Perhaps you could add some drawings of things that are important to you around the edge of your drawing. so that we can learn a bit more about you For example if you like football you could draw a football Which. colours will you use, Funky Fingers Challenge stand a kebab stick upright by sticking it into a small amount of plasticine or.
playdough Using either Cheerio cereal or penne macaroni pasta carefully thread the kebab sticks Ask. your grownup to time you How many can you get on in 1 minute Try this several times what is the most. you managed to get on in 1 minute, Make your own fishing game Draw and decorate some fish like those in the story Billy s bucket or make. up some sea creatures of your own Attach a paperclip to each fish Make a fishing rod by attaching a piece. of string to a stick or wooden spoon Tie a small magnet to the end of the string See how many fish you can. catch You could try numbering the fish or writing letters of the alphabet on them then trying to catch them. in the right order,Activity 4 Reading and Writing, Look at the front cover of Billy s Bucket by Kes Gray How is the little boy on the front cover feeling What. do you think is going to happen in this story, Have a close look at the first page of this story Talk to your grownup about what you can see Think about. the present Billy asks for Is this what you would expect a child like you to ask for as a birthday present Why. do you think he might want a bucket What might he want to do with it What else do you think might. happen on Billy s birthday What is your most memorable birthday present Who gave it to you and why was. it so special, If you have a copy of it read Billy s Bucket If you do not have a copy a version of it is available online at. https www youtube com watch v GJOszyHKjMk, What would you like to find at the bottom of a magic bucket like Billy s Make a list of all the things you.
would like to find there, Make a page of a book like the one you have just seen to show you asking for this present Who will you. ask How will you ask them Where will you be when you ask What will their reaction be Draw the scene. that you imagine then use words to explain what is happening Think about how the illustrator showed you. that Billy s mum and dad were feeling by the way he drew their eyes and mouths Can you show how people. react by the way you draw their faces You could add speech bubbles or thought bubbles to show what. people in the scene are saying or thinking, Go to https new phonicsplay co uk resources phase 2 and practise your blending Remember some. words are fake or made up words You should know all the phase 2 sounds now so practise All Phase 2 If. you have come across some digraphs in your reading please also use the Phase 3 games to practise. reading the digraphs, Use the words on your reading sheets to write sentences e g I can smell a flower A frog can jump. Look at https www oxfordowl co uk for home find a book library. page view image query type book age group level level select book band 3 3A ye. llow book type series, There are a selection of reading books available online for your child to practise his her reading Please go. to Level Book Bands and most children are working within Pink Yellow You may come across digraphs 2. letters 1 sound Please look at the link below to help explain these sounds. https www bbc co uk cbeebies grownups the alphablocks guide to phonics. Go to the Digraph section Yellow, Remember to read a little every day and to try and get a bedtime story in most nights.
Practise your letter formation using pre cursive letters A copy of the formation is attached below Try not to. use tracing practice sheets but rather encourage your child to write sentences or notes using the correct. letter formation You could also write out the sentence and your child can copy it this would be purely. practicing letter formation, Nursery children Talk about what you can see in the pictures What would you like to find at the bottom of a. magic bucket Practise making marks with pens pencils and paint You can also use some salt or tea. leaves in a tray and your fingers to make marks When you are outside you can use a paintbrush and water. to make marks too When you are out with your grownup have a look around you Can you spot any writing. that you recognize These could be the names of shops that you see or maybe you can see some of the. letters of your name,Activity 5 Practical, Do you know which things will sink to the bottom and which things will float on the top of water Find 10. objects around your house Divide your objects into 2 piles one pile for things you think will float and the. other pile with things you think will sink Ask your grownup to fill the sink with water Put your objects into the. sink one at a time Were you right Did all the objects that you thought would float and sink do as you. expected them to Can you tell your grownup why some things float and others sink. play Octonauts Ocean Adventure at https www bbc co uk games embed cbeebies ivor. octonauts exitGameUrl https 3A 2F 2Fwww bbc co uk 2Fcbeebies 2Fgames 2Foctonauts. ocean adventures, Go on a walk with your family What did you see while you were out Take a pen and paper and write. one thing you saw with wheels,one animal that you saw. one shop that you saw,one number that you saw,one word or sentence that you read.
for example you could write I saw a red bus Or I saw a red bus with six wheels. Can you make a present for a friend This could be a drawing or maybe a model you can use things that. you have around the house Think about your friend What do they like Do they have a favourite colour. You can also make some wrapping paper to wrap it in by making a pattern or drawing on a piece of paper. Keep it somewhere safe and give it to your friend next time you are able to see them. Nursery children Draw a picture of something you see on a walk with your family Choose 10 objects to. see which float or sink in the water Have two buckets one for things that float and one for things that sink. Once you have found out which float and which sink put them in the right bucket How many things floated. Can you find some unusual ones Challenge use your made up words or sentence to help you draw your rainbow again without looking at the first one that you drew This week we are reading Billy s Bucket by Kes Gray see activity 4 below If you have them find 2 buckets if not any other container will do Collect together objects that you have a lot of This could be plastic bricks

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