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Alexander Bisland age 11, SPOILER ALERT Do not read this book review until you have read all the other. Alex Riders Books, Alex Rider has moved to San Francisco following the death of his guardian Jack. Starbright But is she really dead When one day he received a three word long. email he realises that Jack is alive,The email is Alexx I m Al. Alex is due to go on holiday soon but he tells his new guardians his best friend s. parents that he is going to stay at home while they go on holiday But he. secretly flies to Egypt instead to see the place where Jack supposedly died This. leads him to France to find the Grimaldis but who are they and what do they. This is where the action starts, I was really looking forward to this book because I really wanted to find out. what happened to Jack I read the book in 2 days as I couldn t put it down If. you are an Alex Rider fan you should read this book as it won t disappoint you. If you like action and spy books I recommend this book to you. This is my favourite book EVER and I wish it was made into a film I. hope Anthony Horowitz will write another book in this series. I give it 1 000 stars,Rosie Watch, Never have I had to read a book at such speed not surprisingly as my review.
was late but because of the long line of keen readers in my class desperate for. the next book in the series Prioritising was a struggle As our school is in. Suffolk they were hooked from the first sentence I think many of the Rider fans. felt there were him and there from the start Rider certainly has a following. It was actually quite as easy book to read quickly as the pace and flow were. excellent The story was action packed from the start full of plots and. fast moving action though somehow despite all the action it. managed to remain descriptive which I m my mind is so important. You could really picture the scenes in Cairo and France. What was noticeable in this book was the increased maturity in Alex He is now. 15 and his words decisions and adventures reflect the step up in sophistication. I think the final chapter hints of a future book fingers crossed. Alex Sergeant aged 11, Alex Rider is back in his newest thrilling adventure We all thought Rider s story. was over at the end of Scorpia Rising but he s returned in Never Say Die. The story starts in San Francisco where Alex is living with the Pleasure family. that really is their name who are friends now looking after him following the. death of his guardian Jack Starbright Alex is finding it hard to adjust to his. new life but then he gets a mysterious email made up of three words Alexx I m. Alex immediately thinks the message was cut off and should have been Alexx. I m alive Could it mean that Jack is alive after all Alex wastes no time finding. out who sent the email and why This leads him back to Egypt on to the south of. France and finally back to England on a gripping adventure. I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a great continuation of. the series we all know and love It s well written and fast paced with. many action packed scenes My favourite part was when Alex sneaks on. board the yacht Quicksilver where he sets lots of traps to outsmart the enemy. mercenaries It s funny clever and exciting, My one criticism is that Alex s character didn t really develop much through the. story and seeing that he now knows all about his family history including his. father godfather and the assassin Yasin Gregovitch there was nothing left to. learn and the author didn t introduce any character changes though this didn t. spoil my overall enjoyment of the book, I recommend this book to anyone who has been reading the Alex Rider series. for a while and has been waiting for the latest instalment. Simon Longlands age 13, Great sequel to the last 10 Alex Rider books You would probably. want to read the first nine books to really understand it Number 10. is a stand alone prequel Great for anyone who likes action stories. Toby Little age 9, I really think you should read this book Alex is an enthusiastic.
adventurous brave and clever agent who Never Says Die. Alex Rider goes on another tremendously dangerous case Never Say Die. means Don t Give Up and in this book Alex has to solve a big mystery and he. won t give up Is Jack alive Alex Rider is in America with his foster family He. suddenly gets an email that he guesses might be from Jack Starbright or is it. He gets the first flight to Cairo and then goes to Siwa where he goes back to his. and Jack s cell looking for clues Will SCORPIA fail again. This book is brilliant because Anthony Horowitz puts lots of information. about places in the sentences so you can actually picture it as though it were. real At one point I thought I was watching a film in my head that s. how clearly I could see things My favourite setting is Smoke City but I m. not telling you what that is because I really think you should read the book. Alex is an enthusiastic adventurous brave and clever agent who Never Says. This book would be suitable for 10 12 year olds but I really enjoyed it too. Twitter tobyiswriting,Alex age 11, A book of action and adventure it didn t disappoint Alex Rider is on another. mission to discover whether his friend carer Jack Starbright is still alive. whilst saving 52 kidnapped kids, A book of action and adventure it didn t disappoint I read it cover. to cover without putting it down Alex Rider is on another mission to. discover whether his friend and carer Jack Starbright is still alive after he was. told that she had suffered a tragic death Whilst looking for clues of Jack s. survival Alex once again must save people This time 52 children with parents. that are super rich When the children are kidnapped Alex stows away on. vehicles to find them and once again become their only hope. Jamie Bamford age 13, Never Say Die by Anthony Horowitz is the latest book in the Alex Rider series I. have read all the other Alex Rider books and absolutely loved them and this one. did not disappoint, With new twist and turns every time you turn a page this book grabs hold of. you tightly reels you in and before you know it you re stuck in the. wonderful world that Anthony Horowitz has so brilliantly created I. would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has read the previous. books in the series and anyone who just really wants to read a great book. Twitter jimjamarama,Alice East age 12, Never say Die is the newest book in the exiting action packed Alex Rider series.
This time Alex is on a mission to find Jack Starbright Alex s nearest thing to. In this book Alex is on a mission to find Jack Starbright who Alex was made to. watch be killed But was it all a trick is she really still alive Alex daringly sets. out to find Jack she is like family to him, I personally thought that this book was fantastic gripping and full of suspense. that just made you read on and on Whenever I had a spare moment. instead of doing other fun things I would read this book it was that. good This was easy to understand with action as well as description. I would recommend this thrilling book to anyone who has read the Alex Rider. series or anything by Anthony Horowitz this yet again was another great. read by Anthony Horowitz I hope he will write an Alex rider book definitely. 10 10 and recommend it to about 8 14,Ross Dawson age 13. Teenager takes on adult adventures and faces death several times Luckily. ingenuity intelligence and courage save the day Fans of the Alex Rider series. won t be disappointed I know I wasn t, Following on from the previous book Alex Rider now lives a normal life in. America after his best friend and carer Jack is presumed dead But once he. receives three words on his laptop which he believes are from Jack everything. changes He then embarks on an epic journey with new enemies dangerous. situations and a mystery to solve Fans of the Alex Rider series will not be. disappointed with this book as it is every bit as thrilling as I d. hoped Throughout the story Alex repeatedly manages to escape from death. defying circumstances in ingenious and unexpected ways His adventures seem. more like those of an adult than a teenage boy but that is what makes him so. appealing as a character Just when you think Alex will never solve a problem. and you think he s sure to die the plot changes and things work out As the title. says Never Say Die,Sam Harper age 12, Alex is tested to the limit in his most thrilling adventure yet packed. full of action excitement old friends and allies Alex is most. definitely back and I promise you will not be disappointed. One month after the catastrophic events of Scorpia Rising Alex is living his life. as a member of the Pleasure family in America He is still devastated by the loss. of his closest friend Jack but otherwise he is trying to lead a fairly normal life. That is until he receives a shocking email that makes him doubt what he saw. with his own eyes Could Jack actually be alive Returning to the last place he. saw her Alex hunts for traces of Jack in Egypt and when he finds the. mysterious word Grimaldi scrawled on the wall of her holding cell he is able to. persuade the Egyptian Secret Service to assist him in his search With their help. he eventually locates the source of the email Alex follows the trail to a yacht in. the South of France but a shootout leaves him with only one lead Dragana. Novak She was shot in the shoulder and taken to hospital where she is visited. by a pair of identical twins Alex sees his chance to stay on Jack s trail and hides. out in their car so that he ll be taken to their house but he has no idea what he. will find when he gets there or even if he will make it out alive Alex must use all. of his skills to survive He has to discover who is behind operation Steel Claw. and more importantly whether it will lead him to Jack. Driven by his need to find his friend Alex is on an emotional roller coaster in his. most thrilling adventure yet It s packed full of action excitement and old. friends and allies who return to help him His search leads him around the. world tests him to the limit and ends in an incredible climax Alex is most. definitely back and I promise you will not be disappointed. Tomasz Hawryszczuk age 12, One of the best series of books ever written in my opinion Once you.
start reading you can t put it down If you like fast paced adventure. stories with edge of your seat writing this is for you. I was so excited to get the chance to review this I thought I was done reading. Alex Rider but am so happy that Anthony Horowitz decided that he wasn t. finished writing about my favourite teenage spy This book will certainly not. disappoint any old fans of Alex Rider and will hopefully grab the attention of. new ones too Alex is back with a bang Explosive reading at its best Lots of. Cryptic clues to follow One big one which makes Alex think that Jack could still. be alive Is she You will have to read the book to find out A fabulous adventure. which would appeal to anyone over the age of 9 in my opinion This is the 11th. book in the series and probably one of the best Maybe it s just because I missed. reading about Alex If you haven t read any Alex Rider books then I would. suggest you start at book one I m sure you will then be hooked as I was. Highly recommend this and give it 10 10 on so many levels Thank you. Alex Rider Never say Die by Anthony Horowitz Below are the complete reviews written by the Lovereading4kids members George Hutton Dormston Secondary School Alex Rider receives a suspicious email from who could be Jack Starbright who was kidnapped on his previous mission However whilst trying to locate Jack he accidentally manages

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