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Dometic ORIGO,Dometic ORIGO,Dometic ORIGO,Dometic ORIGO. Please read this instruction manual carefully before first use and store. it in a safe place If you pass on the product to another person hand. over this instruction manual along with it,Table of contents. 1 Explanation of symbols 6,2 General safety instructions 6. 3 Scope of delivery 10,4 Accessories 10,5 Intended use 10. 6 Technical description 10,7 Mounting the stove 12.
8 Using the stove 14,9 Cleaning and maintaining the stove 17. 10 Guarantee 18,11 Disposal 18,12 Technical data 19. Explanation of symbols Dometic ORIGO,1 Explanation of symbols. Safety instruction Failure to observe this instruction can cause. fatal or serious injury, Safety instruction Failure to observe this instruction can lead to. A Failure to observe this instruction can cause material damage and. impair the function of the product, I Supplementary information for operating the product.
Action This symbol indicates that action is required on your part The. required action is described step by step,This symbol describes the result of an action. fig 1 5 page 3 This refers to an element in an illustration In this case. item 5 in figure 1 on page 3,2 General safety instructions. The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage in the following cases. Damage to the product resulting from mechanical influences. Alterations to the product without express permission from the manu. Use for purposes other than those described in the operating manual. Dometic ORIGO General safety instructions, Please observe the following basic safety information when using electrical. devices to protect against,Electric shock,Fire hazards. 2 1 General safety, Use denatured alcohol only Do not use other fuels such as.
gasoline diesel methanol propane or charcoal lighter. Danger of asphyxiation, Before starting the device ensure that the area is sufficiently. ventilated, Place a class A fire extinguisher for alcohol fires in reaching. Ensure the fire extinguisher is regularly checked by qualified. People including children whose physical sensory or mental. capacities or whose lack of experience or knowledge prevent. them from using this product safely should not use it without the. supervision or instruction of a responsible person. Electric devices are not toys, Keep electrical appliances out of reach of children or infirm per. sons Do not let them use the appliances without supervision. A Use the stove only as intended, Dometic ORIGO alcohol electric stoves 2500 and 4300 only. Place a class B 1 fire extinguisher for electric fires in reaching. Ensure the fire extinguisher is regularly checked by qualified. Always disconnect the power supply when working on the. General safety instructions Dometic ORIGO, Maintenance and repair work may only be carried out by quali.
fied personnel who are familiar with the risks involved and the. relevant regulations, Inform yourself how to power off the circuit breaker or the fuse. in the event of an emergency,2 2 Safety precautions when handling denatured. Keep inflammable substances apart from heating and cooking. devices and other light and heat sources, Store alcohol in suitable containers only and in sufficient. distance from the stove, Eliminate all sources of sparks or flames where the alcohol is. stored or filled in, Never fill the canisters while still in the stove Never pour fuel.
through the burner openings in top of the stove fig 1 page 2. Overfilling spilt alcohol and hot objects can cause severe. Denatured alcohol burns with almost invisible flame so great. damage can arise before you notice the danger, A Mop up any spilt alcohol immediately to prevent uncontrollable. Do not smoke when handling alcohol or when operating the. Fill the canister to the maximum capacity only Alcohol expands. in the canister when heated Overfilled alcohol can cause un. controllable burning inside the stove,Dometic ORIGO General safety instructions. 2 3 Operating the device safely, Use long matches or long lighters to light the burner. Quickly remove your hand as soon as the burner ignites. Wear proper clothing when operating the stove,Do not wear hanging garments which can catch fire. A Let the stove cool down to ambient temperature before you. touch it with bare hands, Keep the area surrounding the stove and interior parts free of.
grease fat alcoholic substances plastic or inflammable cloths. for instance curtains towels kitchen utensils, Use only pots and pans with a maximum diameter of 23 cm. When cooking ensure that pans and pots are securely in posi. tion Recommended is the use of pot holders fig 2 2 page 2. Be careful when heating grease or oil Grease and oil catch fire. when exposed to great heat, Use only dry pot cloths to prevent the formation of steam Do not. use towels or the like instead of pot cloths as these can catch. Never leave the stove unattended when cooking Pots boiling. over can cause smoke and fires, Move the burner control fig 2 1 page 2 to the off position. before removing the pot,Do not use the stove to heat the environment. Dometic Origo 2500 and 4300 only Never use alcohol and. electrical burners simultaneously to prevent overheating which. can destroy the heating element, Dometic Origo 2500 and 4300 only Operating electrical.
burners at a high setting without a filled pot can damage the. Scope of delivery Dometic ORIGO,3 Scope of delivery. Gasket per canister,4 Accessories,Description Item no. 2000 2500 4100 4300,Glass Lid 9103303990 9103303989. Pot Holder 9103303981 9103303981,Cutting Board 9103303987 9103303986. 5 Intended use, The Dometic ORIGO stoves are designed for use in vehicles or boats.
6 Technical description,6 1 Function, The stove is made of stainless steel and uses the absorption principle The. canister has a capacity of 1 2 l Denatured alcohol is used as fuel. Alcohol is absorbed into a non flammable material in the canister They are. not equipped with fuel valve or fuel lines which can develop leaks or with. other such components requiring regular service, The Dometic ORIGO alcohol electric stoves 2500 and 4300 are equipped. with a 230 V heating element They can alternatively be operated with. alcohol or 230 V,Dometic ORIGO Technical description. 6 2 Specifications for the device variants,Various stove versions are available. 2000 and 2500 single burner unit,4100 and 4300 double burner unit.
2500 and 4300 additional heating element for alternative operation at the. 230 V mains, To define your device see the item number on the type plate. 6 3 Operating elements, Operating elements for operation with denatured alcohol fig 2. No Description,1 Control continuously adjustable,Control set fully to right burner closed. Control set fully to left burner open,2 Pot holder accessory. Operating elements for operation at 230 V mains fig 3 page 2. Dometic ORIGO 2500 and 4300,No Symbol Description,1 Power setting LEDs.
2 Increase the heating element s power setting,In combination with the button Switch on heating. 3 Decrease the heating element s power setting, 4 Switch on heating element when button is pressed within. 5 0 Switch off heating element,Mounting the stove Dometic ORIGO. 7 Mounting the stove, You can fit the stove into the countertop of your kitchen. 7 1 Selecting the installation location, When selecting the installation location observe the following instructions.
Select a well ventilated location for the device,Avoid draft at the installation location. If you fit the stove in an open cockpit or other open areas mount an. additional wind protection, Do not operate the device in spaces where danger of explosion is pre. 7 2 Installing the stove,NOTICE Danger of damaging the device. A Before drilling any holes make sure that no electrical cables or oth. er parts of the vehicle can be damaged by drilling sawing and filing. Cut a rectangular hole into the countertop dimensions see following. Model Dimensions in mm,2000 345 x 320,2500 345 x 320. 4100 575 x 320,4300 575 x 320,Open the top and remove the canisters.
Place the stove in the middle of the cutout,Mark the drill holes. Use the drill holes at the rim of the stove as template. Pre drill the holes into the countertop where marked. Fasten the stove by screwing flat head screws through each drill hole at. Place a class B 1 fire extinguisher in reaching distance. Dometic ORIGO Mounting the stove,7 3 Connecting the stove electrically. Dometic ORIGO 2500 and 4300 only,WARNING Danger of injury. The stove may only be connected by a qualified specialist. The following information is intended for technicians who are. familiar with the guidelines and safety precautions to be applied. Observe the following safety instructions for the electrical connections. NOTICE Risk of short circuit, A Always use sockets which are grounded and secured by. residual current circuit breakers, If you have to feed cables through metal walls or other walls with.
sharp edges use ducts or tubes to prevent damage, Do not lay cables which are loose or bent next to electrically. conductive material metal,Fasten the cables securely. Do not pull on the cables, Lay the cables so that they cannot be tripped over or damaged. Connect the stove to the mains according to the label on the device The. black L1 wire is the ungrounded conductor,Secure the cable with a clamp. Using the stove Dometic ORIGO,8 Using the stove,8 1 Filling in denatured alcohol.
WARNING Danger of injury, Never pour fuel through the burner openings in top of the stove. fig 1 page 2, Overfilling spilt alcohol and hot objects can cause severe burns. Ensure all burners are turned off, operation with denatured alcohol slide the control fully to right. operation at the 230 v mains 2500 and 4300 only switch heating. elements off, Ensure the stove is cooled down to room temperature. If applicable remove the cutting board or lift the glass lid both. Pull the latch forward fig 4 page 3 and lift the stovetop. Check canister opening ensuring there s neither fire nor glow. Take out the canister,Hold the canister tilted down fig 5 page 3.
Fill the denatured alcohol through the wire mesh into the opening of the. The maximum capacity per canister must not exceed 1 2 l. Check the fuel level by tilting the canister vertically fig 6 page 3. Keep it in this position for 20 s to make sure it s not overfilled In addi. tion in the case of accidental overfilling you can get rid of the surplus. The maximum fuel level is reached when the fuel is visible at the bottom. of the opening, I The stove will operate even if the canister isn t filled with the. maximum capacity, Wipe possible spilt alcohol off the outside of the canister. Replace the canister,Dometic ORIGO Using the stove. Close the stovetop and secure it with the latch,8 2 Lighting the stove. CAUTION Danger of injury, Use long matches or long lighters to light the burner.
Quickly remove your hand as soon as the burner ignites. Slide the control fully to left,The burner is open. Light the stove by placing a long match or a long lighter to the burner. opening fig 7 page 4, Adjust the flame so it does not extend beyond the edge of the pot. Choose the desired power setting via control, I If the stove hasn t cooled down from previous use the burner may. ignite but immediately extinguish In this case blow air into the. burner opening to dissipate vapour,Afterwards light the stove as described above. 8 3 Extinguish the flame,Slide the control fully to right.
The burned is closed,Wait about five seconds, Slide the control fully to left to make sure the flame is extinguished. The burner is open,Slide the control fully to right. Electric devices are not toys Keep electrical appliances out of reach of children or infirm per sons Do not let them use the appliances without supervision ANOTICE Use the stove only as intended Dometic ORIGO alcohol electric stoves 2500 and 4300 only WARNING Place a class B 1 fire extinguisher for electric fires in reaching distance

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