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BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency, and Refugee Rights is an independent community al Majdal is a quarterly magazine of. based non profit organization mandated to protect, and promote the rights of Palestinian refugees and. BADIL Resource Center that aims to raise, internally displaced persons Our vision mission public awareness and support for a just solution. programs and relationships are defined by our to Palestinian residency and refugee issues. Palestinian identity and the principles of international. law in particular international human rights law We Electronic versions are available online at. seek to advance the individual and collective rights of. the Palestinian people on this basis,www badil org al majdal. BADIL has consultative status with UN ECOSOC a ISSN 1726 7277. framework partnership agreement with UNHCR a, member of the PHROC Palestinian Human Rights Published by.
Organizations Council PNGO Palestinian NGO,Network BNC Boycott Divestment and Sanctions. BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian, National Committee OPGAI Occupied Palestine Residency Refugee Rights. and Golan Heights Advocacy Initiative Al Awda PO Box 728 Bethlehem Palestine. Right to Return Coalition HIC Habitat International Tel Fax 970 2 274 7346. Coalition CRIN Child Rights Information Network,ICVA International Council of Voluntary Agencies. ICNP International Coordinating Network on,BADIL s Geneva Office. Palestine and the ECCP the European Coordination Maison des Association. of Committees and Associations for Palestine 15 Rue Savoises. 1205 Geneva,Tel 0041796053905,Learn more about BADIL at www badil org.
Publications badil org,www BADIL org,follow us on,Nidal al Azza Manar Makhoul. Amaya El Orzza,layout design,Fidaa Ikhlayel,advisory board. Terry Rempel Canada,Joseph Schechla Egypt, Front cover photo Yarmouk residents gathered to await a Karine Mac Allister Quebec. food distribution from UNRWA in January 2014 UNRWA. Usama Halabi Palestine,Jeff Handmaker Netherlands, BADIL welcomes comments criticisms and suggestions for. al Majdal Please send all correspondence to the editors at Zaha Hassan United States. Publications badil org Isabelle Humphries United Kingdom. The views expressed by independent writers in this publication Scott Leckie Australia. do not necessarily reflect the views of BADIL Resource Diana Buttu Palestine. Eight Years in Context BDS Indicators,by BADIL Staff 2.
Challenging the International Framework for Palestinian Refugees in light of the Syria Crisis. by Jasmin Fritzsche 6, Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Lebanon An Overview. by Ricardo Santos 12, The Suffering of Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Lebanon the Implications on the Right to Return. by Mahmoud Zeidan 16, The Humanitarian and Legal Status of Displaced Palestinians from Syria and Lebanon. by Souheil El Natour and Samer Manna a 21, Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Jordan An Overview. by Ricardo Santos 26, Cyber City in Jordan the Epitome of Palestine Refugees Despair and Legal Limbo.
by Hanine Hassan 31,Autumn 2014 1,by BADIL staff, Yarmouk residents gathered to await a food distribution from UNRWA in January 2014 UNRWA Archives. n this issue al Majdal aims to present an account on the situation of Palestinian Refugees in and from. Syria We provide the most up to date data on Palestinian Refugees in from Syria. Of the 750 000 and 900 000 Palestinians who were displaced from Palestine during the Nakba 90 000. found refuge in Syria in 1948 1 By the start of the Syrian uprising in 2011 the Palestinian refugee. population in the country had grown up to 500 000 they constituted almost 3 of the population of Syria. and 10 5 of the Palestinian refugees falling under the mandate of the United Nations Relief and Works. Agency for Palestine Refugees UNRWA 2 Over the last two years an additional 40 000 Palestinian. refugees have registered with UNRWA 3, Syria is thought to be a country where Palestinian refugees were treated relatively well 4 Registered. Palestinians enjoyed by law almost the same rights and benefits to which Syrian nationals are entitled. with the exception of citizenship and the right to vote 5 As early as January 1949 the Syrian government. created the Bureau for Palestinian Arab Refugees later known as the General Authority for Palestinian. Arab Refugees GAPAR the main Syrian government body that engages with Palestinian refugees. with an active presence in Palestinian refugee camps 6 The GAPAR is responsible for organiz ing. reliev ing and secur ing different needs for refugees in addition to allocating suitable jobs for them 7. Furthermore Syria has implemented the Arab League resolutions concerning the treatment of Palestinian. 2 al Majdal Issue No 56, refugees including the Casablanca Protocol 8 which provides Palestinian refugees with full access to. education although most go to UNRWA schools in the primary grades because the classes there are. smaller no restriction on employment including public sector and travel and only a few restrictions. in regards to ownership of property 9, Most Palestinian refugees in Syria remained neutral marked by the memory of the September 1982 Sabra. and Shatilla massacres the expulsion of stateless Palestinians from Kuwait during the first Gulf War in. 1990 and the traumatic experience in Iraq after the U S invasion in 2003 10 This neutrality notwithstanding. did not prevent the Syrian Army from invading the Palestinian refugee camp of al Ramel in the city of. Latakia in August 2011 This invasion forced the displacement of approximately 5 000 Palestinians 11 On. 16 December 2012 a Syrian jet bombed Yarmouk Camp the biggest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. in what the government claimed was an error killing tens of civilians 12 The mass displacement that. followed reduced Yarmouk s original population of 160 000 to about 30 000 inhabitants 13 In April 2013. 6 000 residents of Ein el Tal refugee camp were forcibly displaced in a single day following months of. sporadic armed engagements 14, Table 1 Distribution of Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA Syria.
as of 23 May 2014,Displaced to Jordan,Displaced elsewhere. Displaced to Lebanon 0 5,Displaced in Syria, Syria Regional Crisis Response Update 75 Source UNRWA. Although many of the displaced Palestinian refugees from these camps and others remained in Syria as. internally displaced persons see tables 1 and 2 some refugees sought refuge in other countries. Most Palestinian refugees from Syria were forced to go to Jordan and Lebanon However the sealing off. of borders in Jordan in January 2013 limited the flow of Palestinians into the country 15. Currently 440 000 Palestinian refugees in from Syria require UNRWA s assistance to meet basic needs16. a number that amounts to 81 of the total 17 Not all of them however are displaced While displacement. is one of the characteristics of Palestinian refugees from Syria assisted by UNRWA the agency also. Autumn 2014 3, directs its assistance to those who suffered a casualty or injury those hosting displaced persons and those. whose socio economic situation has been negatively affected by the conflict 18. is fo r Syri 014 9,al An port 201,u a rt erly R Annual R. ction espon,MapA risis R,C A P S and Syria C,Sourc 14 and U.
This situation is a direct result of the discriminatory treatment given to Palestinian refugees both by host. states as well as by international laws and institutions Stateless Palestinians are an acutely vulnerable. group in the Middle East They continue to suffer from forced secondary displacement due to the political. crises in the region While discriminatory laws and unfriendly policies will be analyzed more in depth. in this issue of al Majdal it is important to emphasize that by denying the right of Palestinian refugees. to return to their homes of origin Israel has a major role and responsibility in the current situation of. Palestinian refugees in from Syria, Allowing the return of refugees would end the cycle of forced population transfer endured by Palestinians. for over 66 years Armed conflict instability and discriminatory policies result in multiple displacements of. Palestinian refugees displacements which would not occur if Israel respected Palestinians internationally. recognized right of return This denial coupled with discriminatory policies have left Palestinians in. limbo sometimes unable to find even the temporary refuge that they must be afforded in cases of massive. exodus seen now out of Syria, Palestinian refugees are entitled to full protection until they are afforded reparations including return. restitution and compensation Short of that immediate attention and care must be given to this vulnerable. population in from Syria and the discriminatory policies must end in order to afford Palestinian refugees. fleeing Syria adequate protection, BADIL produced a summary of a Report produced by the Boston University School of Law International. Human Rights Clinic on Protecting Syrian Refugees Laws Policies and Global Responsibility Sharing. The Report sets out a framework for how states in and outside the Middle East can implement genuine. responsibility sharing of the refugee population in this region through existing laws and policies integrating. 4 al Majdal Issue No 56, Syrian and non Syrian refugees through short term and longer term admissions In addition it identifies. the main protection gaps for both Syrian refugees and Palestinian refugees from Syria followed by a list. of recommendations for host states The Report calls for international responsibility sharing through a. Comprehensive Plan of Action to be launched on an urgent basis in cooperation with states and relevant. actors from the UN and civil society This is a matter of extreme importance as the number of refugees. fleeing Syria increases day by day and the gaps in protection continue to widen Syrian refugees are not. receiving adequate protection in the host countries and Palestinian refugees from Syria are particularly. suffering from secondary displacement and discrimination The summary is aimed towards the general. public with little or no knowledge in international law and institutions Links to the full Report as well as. the Summary can be found on the following page http www badil org en press releases 146 2014 4350. press eng 28, 1 Nabil Mahmoud As Sahly Development Indicators Among Palestinian Refugees in Syria 1948 2000 al Majdal.
no 4 December 1999 16, 2 Noura Erakat Palestinian Refugees and the Syrian Uprising Filling the Protection Gap During Secondary Forced. Displacement Oxford Journal of International Refugee Law Forthcoming 27 28. 3 UNRWA UNRWA Launches Ramadan Appeal for Palestine Refugees in Syria June 16 2014 http www unrwa. org newsroom press releases unrwa launches ramadan appeal palestine refugees syria 0. 4 Omar S Dahi Syria in Fragments The Politics of the Refugee Crisis Dissent 61 no 1 2014 46. 5 Nidal Bitari Yarmuk Refugee Camp and the Syrian Uprising A View from Within Journal of Palestine Studies 43. no 1 2013 61, 6 Nell Gabiam When Humanitarianism Becomes Development The Politics of International Aid in Syria s Palestinian. Refugee Camps American Anthropologist 114 no 1 March 2012 97 doi 10 1111 j 1548 1433 2011 01399 x. 7 Mohammed Khaled Al Az ar Arab Protection for Palestinian Refugees Analysis and Prospects for Development. in Rights in Principle Rights in Practice Revisiting the Role of International Law in Crafting Durable Solutions. for Palestinian Refugees by Terry Rempel Bethlehem BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and. Refugee Rights 2009 233, 9 Bitari Yarmuk Refugee Camp and the Syrian Uprising 61 62. 10 Ibid 63,11 Ibid 69,12 Ibid 73, 13 Gavin David White Conflict in Syria Compounds Vulnerability of Palestine Refugees Forced Migration Review. no 44 September 2013 79,15 Ibid 80, 16 UNRWA Syria Crisis Response Annual Report 2013 2014 13.
17 OCHA Syrian Arab Republic Humanitarian Dashboard 26 May 2014. 18 UNRWA Syria Crisis Response Annual Report 2013 13. Autumn 2014 5,Challenging the International Framework for. Palestinian Refugees in light of the Syria Crisis,by Jasmin Fritzsche. Introduction, A Palestinian refugee from the Syrian refugee camp of Yarmouk holds up his passport in front of the United Nations Relief and Works. Agency UNRWA offices in the Cola district of the Lebanese capital Beirut on 19 December 2012 Source al akhbar com. n 2011 fighting broke out in Syria creating over three million refugees fleeing mainly to surrounding. Arab countries such as Lebanon and Jordan 1 Alongside the Syrian citizens affected by the conflict. is a population of about half a million Palestinian refugees 2 As former Commissioner General of. United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees UNRWA Filippo Grandi put it in a. January 2014 lecture at the American University of Beirut. In some cases Palestinians and indeed other civilians have left en masse either fleeing from. fighting or forced away at gunpoint The dynamics shift along with the geography of the conflict. each camp experiencing it in different but equally devastating ways Even Palestinian camps that. have been relatively safe and are housing many displaced refugees like in Homs or in Jaramaneh. near Damascus sit precariously adjacent to battle zones In the space of a few . al majdal Issue No 56 Autumn 2014 quarterly magazine of BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights Palestinian refugees from syria OngOing nakba OngOing DiscriminatiOn

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