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OGDEN AIR LOGISTICS CENTER,Air Force Armament Enterprise. Contingency Sourcing,Munitions Enterprise Challenges. What are We AF Doing,How Can Industry Help,BE AMERICA S BEST. Air Force Armament Enterprise,OGDEN AIR LOGISTICS CENTER. Hill AFB UT Oklahoma City AFB Pentagon,Air to Ground Weapons SAF AQ.
ACM ALCM CALCM,Air Intercept Missiles USAF HQ A3 A4 A5. CAD PAD JPO,Countermeasures,Indian Head MD,APF CAD PAD JPO. Small Med Cal AMMO,Kirtland AFB NM,Eglin AFB FL,Nuclear Weapons Center. Robins AFB GA,JASSM JASSM ER WCMD,Air Superiority Munitions. Expenditures of Fuzes,JDAM Handling Equipment,645M Annually.
SDB I and II Guns and Racks,Over 9 400 NSNs with Inventory. BE AMERICA S BEST Value 22B,Contingency Sourcing,OGDEN AIR LOGISTICS CENTER. HAF A4MW A5RW,For Cross Theater Support,Coordinate with Joint Staff. Review Options Make,r l d Decision,ACP 505 CBSS Sourcing. Develop Sourcing Options,Make Sourcing Recommendation.
e a Submit to AF CAT for Decision,Execute to Sourcing Decision. MAJCOM A4WM R UTC for JOPES PID,Assess Requests for Inter Theater Support. Submit to ACP for Unsupportable Requests,Shipping Information. Analyzes On Hand Assets to Requirements,Submits Re supply Requests For Shortages. BE AMERICA S BEST,The Real World,OGDEN AIR LOGISTICS CENTER.
Requirements are driven by the Warfighter,Can t always wait for protocol. FMS can be a Driver,Industry Partnering is essential. BE AMERICA S BEST,Munitions Enterprise,Challenges,OGDEN AIR LOGISTICS CENTER. Very limited vendor base due to explosive product,Majority of assets are time sensitive. Service shelf life considerations,Asset age outs lead to reprocurements.
Requirements for insensitive munitions IM,Data systems based on aircraft and flying hrs. Long term storage and condition maintenance,Growing unfunded demilitarization opportunities. BE AMERICA S BEST,What Are We AF Doing,OGDEN AIR LOGISTICS CENTER. Organizational Transformation,Consolidated Ammunition Control Point CACP. Established lean IPTs to work forecasting,allocation sustainment distribution.
Focused on reducing duplication improve flow,Implementing Item Unique Identification IUID for. improved asset management,784th CBSG has developed software tool that. assists munitions managers in deciding which,assets to mark. BE AMERICA S BEST,How Can Industry Help,OGDEN AIR LOGISTICS CENTER. Identify vendors capable of improving specialty,components GPS communications batteries etc.
Participate in development of improved more,reliable fuzes for weapons. Partner with us on production and process control,improvements for our systems. Knock down barriers that prevent information,sharing among the Services and our contractors. Assist with Item Unique Identification IUID,compliance. BE AMERICA S BEST,OGDEN AIR LOGISTICS CENTER,BE AMERICA S BEST.
CAD PAD JPO Countermeasures APF Small Med Cal AMMO Air Force Armament Enterprise SAF AQ USAF HQ A3 A4 A5 ACM ALCM CALCM CAD PAD JPO Nuclear Weapons Center Air Superiority Munitions Handling Equipment Guns and Racks JASSM JASSM ER SDB I and II WCMD SFW JDAM Fuzes Over 9 400 NSNs with Inventory Value gt 22B Expenditures of 645M Annually BE AMERICA S BEST O G D E N A I R L O G I S T I C

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