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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION,READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. SAFETY INFORMATION, This is the safety alert symbol This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others All safety. messages will follow the safety alert symbol and the word DANGER WARNING or CAUTION These words are defined as. DANGER Indicates a hazardous situation which if not avoided will result in death or serious injury. WARNING Indicates a hazardous situation which if not avoided could result in death or serious injury. CAUTION Indicates a hazardous situation which if not avoided could result in minor or moderate injury. For your safety the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion electric shock. or to prevent property damage personal injury or loss of life. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, This Zoneline must be properly installed in Replacing an existing unit. accordance with the Installation Instructions before it. For details see the Installation Instructions in this. is used See the Installation Instructions in the back. of this manual, Immediately replace all electric service cords that. have become frayed or otherwise damaged A,damaged power supply cord must be replaced with a.
new power supply cord obtained from the,manufacturer and not repaired Do not use a cord. that shows cracks or abrasion damage along its,length or at either the plug or connector end. Unplug or disconnect the Zoneline at the fuse box or. circuit breaker before making any repairs,NOTE We strongly recommend that any servicing be. performed by a qualified individual,These R410A air conditioning systems require. contractors and technicians to use tools equipment. and safety standards approved for use with this, refrigerant DO NOT use equipment certified for R22.
refrigerant only,READ AND FOLLOW THIS SAFETY INFORMATION CAREFULLY. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS,CONSIGNES DE S CURIT IMPORTANTES. LISEZ TOUTES LES INSTRUCTIONS AVANT L UTILISATION,SAFETY INFORMATION. Ce symbole repr sente une alerte de s curit Ce symbole vous avise de dangers potentiels pouvant causer vous ou au. trui des blessures graves ou fatales Tous les messages de s curit seront pr c d s du symbole d alerte de s curit ainsi que. des mots DANGER AVERTISSEMENT ou ATTENTION Ces messages sont les suivants. Signale une situation qui pr sente un danger imminent et qui si elle n est pas vit e entra nera des bless. DANGER ures graves voire fatales, Signale une situation qui pr sente un danger imminent et qui si elle n est pas vit e peut entra ner des bles. AVERTISSEMENT,sures graves voire fatales, Signale une situation qui pr sente un danger imminent et qui si elle n est pas vit e peut entra ner des bles.
ATTENTION sures l g res ou mod r ment graves,AVERTISSEMENT. Pour votre s curit veuillez observer les consignes de ce manuel afin de r duire le risque d incendie d explosion de choc. lectrique de dommages la propri t ou de blessures graves ou fatales. MESURES DE S CURIT, Avant son utilisation ce climatiseur Zoneline doit Vous remplacez un climatiseur existant. tre install correctement en conformit avec les, Pour de plus amples renseignements veuillez consulter. instructions d installation Consultez les instructions. les instructions d installation de ce manuel,d installation au dos de ce manuel. Remplacez imm diatement tous les cordons,lectriques us s ou autrement endommag s Un.
cordon lectrique endommag ne doit pas tre,r par il doit tre remplac par un cordon neuf. acquis aupr s du fabricant N utilisez pas un cordon. qui pr sente des fissures ou des marques d abrasion. sur sa longueur sa fiche ou sa connexion,D branchez le climatiseur Zoneline ou coupez le. courant la bo te de fusibles ou au disjoncteur avant. d effectuer une r paration,REMARQUE Nous recommandons vivement que. les r parations soient effectu es par une personne. qualifi e en la mati re, Les outils les quipements et les normes de s curit. utilis s par les entrepreneurs et les techniciens,doivent tre approuv s en fonction du fluide.
frigorig ne dont le syst me de climatisation R410A du. Zoneline est quip N UTILISEZ PAS d quipements,certifi s relativement au fluide frigorig ne R22. VEUILLEZ LIRE ET OBSERVER CES CONSIGNES DE S CURIT ATTENTIVEMENT. CONSERVEZ CES INSTRUCTIONS,INFORMACI N IMPORTANTE DE SEGURIDAD. LEA TODAS LAS INSTRUCCIONES ANTES DE USAR,INFORMACI N DE SEGURIDAD. ste es el s mbolo de alerta de seguridad El mismo alerta sobre potenciales riesgos de muerte o lesiones tanto para usted. con para otras personas Todos los mensajes de seguridad estar n a continuaci n del s mbolo de alerta de seguridad y con la. palabra PELIGRO ADVERTENCIA o PRECAUCI N Estas palabras se definen como. PELIGRO Indica una situaci n de riesgo que si no se evita resultar en la muerte o en lesiones graves. ADVERTENCIA Indica una situaci n de riesgo que si no se evita puede resultar en la muerte o en lesiones graves. PRECAUCI N Indica una situaci n de riesgo que si no se evita puede resultar en lesiones menores o moderadas. ADVERTENCIA, Para su seguridad se debe seguir la informaci n de este manual para minimizar el riesgo de incendio o explosi n. descargas el ctricas o para evitar da os a la propiedad lesiones personales o la muerte. PRECAUCIONES DE SEGURIDAD, Antes de iniciar su uso el acondicionador de aire Desea reemplazar una unidad ya instalada.
Zoneline debe instalarse correctamente seg n las, Para m s detalles ver las Instrucciones de instalaci n. Instrucciones de instalaci n Ver las Instrucciones de. en este manual,instalaci n en la parte trasera de este manual. Reemplace inmediatamente todos los cables,el ctricos que se haya pelado o que se hayan. da ado de alguna otra manera Un cable de,corriente da ado no debe repararse sino que debe. ser sustituido por uno nuevo que se adquiera del,fabricante No use un cable el ctrico que muestre.
evidencias de deterioro o da os de abrasi n en,su superficie o en cualquiera de sus enchufes o. Desenchufe o desconecte el Zoneline desde la caja, de fusibles o el disyuntor antes de realizar cualquier. tipo de reparaci n,NOTA Recomendamos en rgicamente que cualquier. servicio llevado a cabo en este equipo lo realice un. individuo calificado,Los sistemas de acondicionador de aire R410A. requieren que los contratistas y t cnicos utilicen. herramientas equipamiento y normas de seguridad,aprobadas para su uso con este refrigerante.
NO utilice equipamiento certificado s lo para,refrigerante R22. LEA Y SIGA ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES DE SEGURIDAD CUIDADOSAMENTE. GUARDE ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES,About the controls on your Zoneline. Temp Control 86 7 50267 7 This LED will light up when the unit is. The temp control is used to maintain the room temperature The controlled by a wall thermostat See page 9 for details. system will cycle on and off to keep the room at the same level of. Control Lock Out, The control panel can be locked out to prevent users from. Press the pad to raise the temperature changing the operation mode of the unit. Press the pad to lower the temperature While the unit is in the desired operating mode press and hold. NOTE The display shows the set temperature not the room the DISPLAY SHOW HIDE button for 10 seconds to lock the. temperature control and the desired setting Any key press after that will result. Fan Mode and Operation Control in the mode LED and temperature that was locked to flash 5. times and then go dormant, 1 Sets the fan operation for HIGH or LOW To unlock the control lock out feature press the DISPLAY SHOW. 02 22 For cooling HIDE button for 10 seconds to unlock and resume normal. 1 For fan only operation operation, 7 For heating NOTE The temperature display will flash if the control panel is.
2 Turns the unit off Power remains connected to the locked see Control Lock Out section. Zoneline The Freeze Heat Sentinel features still function if. active See the Freeze Heat Sentinel section on page 8 NOTE When switching between modes it may take several. minutes to completely change operation,Quick Heat Recovery. Activates each time the thermostat is switched from OFF or. COOL mode to HEAT mode Electric heaters are energized until. the thermostat set point is reached On heat pump models the. heat pump operation will resume at the next call for heat. About Your Heat Pump AZ65 only, Heat pumps can save money by removing heat from the outside There is a 3 minute minimum compressor run time at any setting. DLU HYHQ ZKHQ WKH RXWVLGH WHPSHUDWXUH LV EHORZ IUHH LQJ DQG to prevent short cycling. releasing that heat indoors, The fans start before the compressor and stop after the. To get the best energy performance from your heat pump don t compressor cycles off. change the room thermostat by more than one degree at one. time Raising the heat setting 2 3 degrees will cause the Zoneline When the outdoor temperature is lower than 25 F heat is. to use its electric heating elements in order to reach the new provided by the electric heater instead of by the heat pump. temperature setting quickly, The electric heating elements use more electricity than heat. pumps and cost more to operate,Other features of your Zoneline.
To Remove the Room Front, Additional controls are located behind the room cover. To replace Align and place the top rail of the room cover over the. To remove Pull out at the bottom to release it from the holding. chassis 1 Push inward at the bottom until it snaps into place 2. tabs on the sides 1 Then lift up 2,Air Direction, To change the air direction remove the room cover Remove the. 4 louver screws that hold the louver insert in place Rotate the. louver 180 reinstall and replace the screws and the room cover. Louver screws, Factory Shipped Louver Orientation Modified Louver Orientation. airflow 45 from horizontal airflow 85 from horizontal. Ventilation Control, NOTE Two shipping screws must be removed from the vent door. before use See the Installation Instructions in the back of this Remove the. manual If you do not plan to use the ventilation feature leave the shipping screws. two screws in place if operation is, The ventilation control lever is located at the lower left side of the.
Zoneline unit behind the room cover The position of the lever. can be adjusted with the wing nut, When set at the closed position only the air inside the room is. circulated and filtered, When set in an open position some outdoor air will be drawn into. the room This will reduce the heating or cooling efficiency. Energy Tip Keep the vent control in the closed position to prevent. unconditioned air from entering the room Vent Control. Not on Make Up Air Module,Auxiliary controls on your Zoneline. X LOLDU RQWUROV X 6HW XWWRQ, While the unit is preset to what most customers prefer. the auxiliary controls located behind the room cover. below the control panel Red, Remove the room cover See the To Remove the Room Button.
Cover section, If the owner modifies the auxiliary controls it is then the. owner is responsible for ensuring the auxiliary controls. are set to the desired function There are 10 different. modes that can be set using the auxiliary set button. To change operating or set up parameters first go to. the mode control and turn the unit off then press the. red AUX SET button AU appears on the display, Press the mode button on the control pad until the first. digit in the display shows the number corresponding to. the mode you are choosing and the correct HEAT COOL. LED is lit Temperature,Press the button to make the mode setting. selection where applicable shown in the second digit of. the display, Press the red AUX SET button to lock in the selection. and exit AUX SET mode,MODE 1 6PDUW DQ RROLQJ HDWLQJ.
Press MODE until a 1 appears in the first digit of the. display for Smart Fan cool mode The COOL LED light. on the main control will be on To change to heat mode. press MODE again The HEAT LED light on the main,control will be lit. Press the pad to set the indoor fan to cycle on off in. the heating or cooling mode selected, Press the pad to set the indoor fan to run continuously. in the heating or cooling mode selected, Press AUX SET to confirm your selection and exit AUX. SET mode or press MODE to continue setting other,The default setting for Mode 1 is as follows. Cooling Continuous ON,Heating Cycle OFF, Note In cyclic cooling mode the indoor fan will activate occasionally.
to verify air temperature in the room In cyclic heating mode the fan will. continue to operate for several seconds after the heating function has. stopped in order to increase unit efficiency 7,Auxiliary controls on your Zoneline. MODE 2 Fahrenheit Celsius, This feature allows the individual to switch the temperature. units between Fahrenheit and Celsius on the display. Press MODE until a 2 appears in the first digit of the display. for Fahrenheit Celsius mode F C, Press the pad to select Celsius or the pad to select. Fahrenheit The individual will see an F for Fahrenheit or a. C for Celsius in the second digit of the display based on the. The default setting for Mode 2 is Fahrenheit,MODE 3 Freeze Sentinel Heat Sentinel. With power to the unit and Freeze Sentinel activated the Freeze Sentinel OFF. unit automatically provides heat without user interface. This prevents potential plumbing damage by turning the. of this manual Immediately replace all electric service cords that have become frayed or otherwise damaged A damaged power supply cord must be replaced with a new power supply cord obtained from the manufacturer and not repaired Do not use a cord that shows cracks or abrasion damage along its length or at either the plug or connector end

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