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OPERATING MANUAL Do not start or stop the operation of this product. PART No 9381067206 by turning on or off the circuit breaker. Air Conditioner Duct type Do not use flammable gases near this product. Do not expose yourself directly to the cooling air. CONTENTS flow for many hours, SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 Do not insert your fingers or any other objects. FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS 2 into the outlet port or inlet port. CLEANING AND CARE 2 Do not operate with wet hands,OPERATING TIPS 3. TROUBLESHOOTING 5, SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Provide occasional ventilation during use. Always operate this product with air filters installed. To prevent personal injury or property damage read this Ensure that any electronic equipment is at least. section carefully before you use this product and be sure to 40 in 1 m away from either the indoor unit or. comply with the following safety precautions outdoor unit. Incorrect operation due to failure to follow the instructions Disconnect all the power supply when you are not. may cause harm or damage the seriousness of which is. using this product for extended periods,classified as follows. After a long period of use ensure to get the, WARNING This mark warns of death or serious injury mounting of the indoor unit checked to prevent.
this product from falling down, This mark warns of injury or damage The airflow direction and the room temperature. CAUTION should be carefully considered when you use this. to property, product in a room with infants children elderly or. This mark denotes an action that is PROHIBITED sick persons. Do not direct the airflow at fireplaces or heating. This mark denotes an action that is COMPULSORY, Do not block or cover the inlet port and the outlet. WARNING Do not apply any heavy pressure to radiator fins. Do not climb on place objects on or hang ob, This product contains no user serviceable parts jects from this product. Always consult authorized service personnel for re Do not place any other electrical products or. pairing installation and relocation of this product household belongings under this product. Improper installation or handling will cause leak Dripping condensation from this product might. age electric shock or fire get them wet and may cause damage or mal. In the event of a malfunction such as burning smell function of your property. immediately stop operation of the air conditioner Do not expose this product directly to water. and disconnect all the power supply by turning off Do not use this product for preservation of food. the electrical breaker or disconnecting the power plants animals precision equipment art work or. plug Then consult authorized service personnel other objects This may cause quality deteriora. Take care not to damage the power supply cable tion of those items. If it is damaged it should only be replaced by Do not expose animals or plants to the direct air. authorized service personnel flow, In the event of refrigerant leakage be sure to Do not drink the drainage from the air conditioner.
Do not pull the power supply cable,keep away from fire or any flammables and con. Do not touch the aluminum fins of heat exchanger,sult authorized service personnel. built in this product to avoid personal injury when. In the event of a thunder storm or any prior sign,you maintain the unit. of a lightning strike turn off the air conditioner via Do not stand on unstable steps when operating. the remote controller and refrain from touching or cleaning this product It may overturn and can. the product or the power source to prevent any cause injury. electrical hazards,This appliance is not intended for use by persons. including children with reduced physical sen,sory or mental capabilities or lack of experience.
and knowledge unless they have been given,supervision or instruction concerning use of the. appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they,do not play with the appliance. 9381067206 OM EN indd 1 2018 12 19 9 18 56,FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS CLEANING AND CARE. On start up the air conditioner will operate at maximum CAUTION. capacity to bring the room quickly down to desired tempera Before cleaning the unit be sure to stop the unit. ture Once the temperature in the room begins to achieve the and disconnect the power supply. set temperature the air conditioner will reduce its capacity Turn off the electrical breaker. and energy usage to the minimum capacity and input ratings The fan operates at high speed inside the unit. and could result in personal injury, ECONOMY OPERATION As filter cleaning involves work in high places. When Economy operation mode is operated the room please consult authorized service personnel. temperature will be a little higher than the set temp under Do not expose the unit to liquid insecticides or. cooling mode and lower than the set temp under heating hairsprays. mode Therefore the Economy operation mode is able to. save more energy than other normal modes When used for extended periods the unit may accumulate. dirt inside reducing its performance We recommend that. the unit be inspected regularly in addition to your own. AUTO CHANGEOVER, cleaning and care For more information consult autho.
The operation mode Cooling Heating is switched automati rized service personnel. cally to maintain the set temperature and the temperature is When cleaning the unit do not use water hotter than 104 F. kept constant at all times 40 C harsh abrasive cleansers or volatile agents like. benzene or thinner, WEEKLY TIMER If the unit will not be operated for a period of 1 month or. Use this timer function to set operating times for each day of more be sure to allow the inner parts of the unit to dry. the week Use the Day off setting to switch off timed opera thoroughly in advance by operating the unit in Fan mode. tion for a selected day in the coming week Because all days for half a day. can be set together the weekly timer can be used to repeat. the timer settings for all of the days NOTES,Filter sign. WIRED REMOTE CONTROLLER OPTION Select appropriate intervals for displaying the filter sign on. The wired remote controller allows convenient control of the indoor unit according to the estimated amount of dust in. indoor unit operation the air of the room, Please consult authorized service personnel when using this. WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER OPTION function, The optional wireless remote controller can be used For detailed instructions on how to operate please refer to. the Operating manual of the remote controller,WIRELESS LAN CONTROL OPTION.
The optional wireless LAN control be used,9381067206 OM EN indd 2 2018 12 19 9 18 57. OPERATING TIPS Mode operation, Instructions relating to heating are applicable only to. Cooling model,Heating and Cooling model Reverse Cycle. When AUTO auto changeover operation first selected. Heating performance the fan will operate at very low speed for about a few. minutes during which time the indoor unit detects the. This air conditioner operates on the heat pump principle room conditions and selects the proper mode. absorbing heat from outdoor air and transferring that heat Room temperature is higher than the defined temperature. indoors As a result the operating performance is reduced in temperature setting Cooling mode. as outdoor air temperature drops Also please consult with. Room temperature is close to or lower than the defined. your installation technician to ensure the unit is correctly. temperature in temperature setting Monitor operation. sized for the room space required, Heat pump air conditioners heat your entire room by recir. culating air throughout the room with the result that some Cooling mode. time may be required after first starting the air conditioner Defined tem. until the room is heated perature in Monitor operation. temperature, When indoor and outdoor temperatures are high setting.
When both indoor and outdoor temperatures are high during use. of the Heating mode the outdoor unit s fan may stop at times When the indoor unit has adjusted your room s tempera. ture to near the temperature setting it will begin monitor. Microcomputer controlled automatic defrosting, operation In the monitor operation mode the fan will. When using the Heating mode under conditions of low operate at low speed If the room temperature subse. outdoor temperature and high humidity frost may form on quently changes the indoor unit will once again select. the outdoor unit reducing the operating performance the appropriate operation cooling to adjust the tempera. In order to prevent this reduced performance this product ture to the value set in the temperature setting. is equipped with a microcomputer controlled automatic If the mode automatically selected by the unit is not what. defrosting function During the defrost cycle the indoor fan you wish select one of the mode operation Cooling. will shut down and the defrost mode will be indicated It. will take maximum of 15 minutes before the air conditioner. starts up again Heating and Cooling model Reverse cycle. After Heating operation stops if frost forms on the outdoor When AUTO auto changeover is selected the air condi. unit the unit will start Automatic defrosting operation tioner selects the appropriate operation mode Cooling or. At this time the outdoor unit will automatically stop after Heating according to your room s present temperature. operating for a few minutes When Auto mode is first selected the fan will operate at. low speed for about a few minutes during which time the. indoor unit detects the room conditions and selects the. The indoor unit prevents cold drafts when Heating operation proper operation mode. begins Room temperature is higher than the defined tempera. The indoor unit fan will not operate or it will operate at a very low ture in temperature setting Cooling mode. speed until the heat exchanger reaches the set temperature. Room temperature is close to the defined temperature in. Low ambient cooling temperature setting Determined by outdoor tempera. When the outdoor temperature drops the outdoor unit s fans ture. may switch to low speed or one of the fans may stop inter Room temperature is lower than the defined temperature. mittently in temperature setting Heating mode,Cooling mode. Defined temper Determined by,ature in tempera outdoor temperature. ture setting,Heating mode,When the air conditioner has adjusted your room s. temperature to near the thermostat setting it will begin. monitor operation In the monitor operation mode the. fan will operate at low speed If the room temperature. subsequently changes the air conditioner will once again. select the appropriate operation Heating Cooling to ad. just the temperature to the value set in the thermostat. If the mode automatically selected by the unit is not what. you wish select one of the mode operation Heating,Cooling Dry Fan.
9381067206 OM EN indd 3 2018 12 19 9 18 57,Use to warm your room. When Heating mode is selected the air conditioner will Controls the fan speed. operate at very low fan speed for about 3 to 5 minutes AUTO HIGH MED LOW QUIET. after which it will switch to the selected fan setting This. period of time is provided to allow the indoor unit to warm. up before beginning full operation When AUTO is selected the fan speed is automatically ad. When the room temperature is very low frost may form justed according to the operation mode. on the outdoor unit and its performance may be re Heating The fan will operate at very low speed when the. duced In order to remove such frost the unit will auto temperature of the air issued from the indoor unit. matically enter the defrost cycle from time to time During is low. Automatic defrosting operation the Heating operation Cooling As the room temperature approaches that of the. will be interrupted set temperature the fan speed becomes slower. After the start of Heating operation it takes sometime Fan The fan runs at medium fan speed. before the room gets warmer,Auto restart,In Event of Power Interruption. Use to cool your room, Should the power supply to the air conditioner be inter. rupted by a power failure the air conditioner will restart. Use for gently cooling while dehumidifying your room automatically in the previously selected mode once the. You cannot heat the room during Dry mode power is restored. During Dry mode the unit will operate at low speed in Use of other electrical appliances electric shaver etc or. order to adjust room humidity the indoor unit s fan may nearby use of a wireless radio transmitter may cause the. stop from time to time Also the fan may operate at very air conditioner to malfunction In this event temporarily. low speed when adjusting room humidity disconnect the power supply reconnect it and then use. The fan speed cannot be changed manually when Dry the remote controller to resume operation. mode has been selected,Fan Multiple remote controller optional. Use to circulate the air throughout your room An additional remote controller can be added up to the. maximum of two remote controllers Either remote controller. can control the air conditioner However the timer functions. cannot be used at the secondary unit,During Heating mode.
Set the thermostat to a temperature setting that is higher Group control. than the current room temperature The Heating mode will. KEEP THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE CONSERVEZ CE MANUEL POUR R F RENCE ULT RIEURE CONSERVE ESTE MANUAL PARA FUTURA REFERENCIA OPERATING MANUAL Duct type English MODE D EMPLOI Type conduit Fran ais MANUAL DE FUNCIONAMIENTO Tipo ducto Espa ol PART No 9381067206 AIR CONDITIONER ARU12RGLX ARU18RGLX ARU24RGLX ARU30RGLX ARU36RGLX ARU42RGLX ARU48RGLX 9381067206 OM EN indd 1 2018 12 19 9 18

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